Maria ozawa fuck and old man

Maria ozawa fuck and old man
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AN UNDERSTANDING AUNT, PART 2 My pussy was still tingling as I donned a thin t-shirt and bikini panties.

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I noticed that the girls were barely dressed as well, their cute little behinds showing around the thin lines of their bikini swim suits and their budding breasts poking saucily out from their tiny tops. They were busy playing at a board game, crawling around on the floor and letting their hot little bodies show themselves off to my lustful gaze.

I just had to have a taste of these sweet morsels, but that would have to wait until after lunch. I prepared sandwiches for the girls and had a salad myself, serving them soft drinks while I had a generous gin and tonic (easy on the tonic!).

We laughed and joked together, as we all sat on the floor, and I kept catching glimpses of their soft, fuzzy little pussies around the edges of their bikini briefs.

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When we had all finished eating, I suggested we go into my bedroom for another lesson in girl love. They jumped up eagerly and raced to my room. By the time I got there, having refreshed my drink, they were bouncing on the bed, already naked and teasing each other by noodling their nipples and poking at each other's crotches. I told them to settle down, and then had them lie flat on their backs next to each other.

Then I proceeded to lie down with my head between Connie's legs and stroked my fingers up over her thighs until I reached her sweet, girlish pussy. Meanwhile the girls leaned in and embraced each other, kissing, their tongues slipping into each others' mouths. Finally, I worked my head up between Connie's thighs and licked at the luscious slit that opened easily to my tongue, already juicy with her girl pussy sap.


I tasted the nectar and ran my tongue as far into her little cunny as I could, savoring the sweet honey of my niece's delicious pussy. I grabbed Connie's ass cheeks in my hands and pushed her cunny up into my face, and she responded by wriggling eagerly onto my mouthing, moaning her pleasure into her friend Linda's mouth. I felt her tense and throb as I continued laving her pleasure place, and then, when she began to relax, I moved over to between Linda's legs and repeated the action, not bothering to wipe Connie's pussy juice off my cheeks and chin.

Linda's pussy tasted distinctly different than Connie's but just as delicious.

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.like the difference between strawberry and grape jam, both sweet and savory, but hard to decide which was better. Linda responded much as Connie had, but she grabbed my head and pushed my face even harder into her sweet pussy, making it difficult for me to breathe, but sending me into a heaven of juicy joy jam.

As I felt Linda tense for her orgasm, I noticed that Connie was moving, and the next thing I knew, she was lying down under my bottom, reaching up to lick my cunt, which was dripping from the excitement of sucking Linda's pussy. I pushed my bottom down into her face so she could reach my pleasure palace more easily.

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Her mouth worked eagerly at my labia, then she plunged her little tongue into me so that it felt like a small cock fucking me. I began to feel the thrill of orgasm as Connie continued licking, playing with my ass cheeks as she did, letting finger wander over and stroke my anus.


This sent me over the top, and I moaned my orgasm into Linda's honey pot as she came all over my face. When Linda and I had settled down from our orgasms, I lay in the middle of the bed, a girl on each side of me, and we kissed and snuggled, tasting one another's hot pussy juice and licking it from one another's faces.


I fell asleep then, the result of cumming and of having had two gt's. When I awoke, both girls were making love to me, Linda at my breasts and Connie at my pussy.

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Their tongues and mouths brought me to a wonderful climax, after which I kissed both girls and sent them off to play with each other.

Connie's visit turned out to be one of the happiest times of my life, and I was pleased to have had a part in teaching her and her friend, Linda, something about the pleasures women can have without the mess of having men in their mouths and vaginas.

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After Connie had gone home I was surprised, one day, to answer the doorbell and find Linda standing there with another girl about her same age. I welcomed them in, but was curious about why they would be visiting me since Linda knew Connie had gone home.

When the girls had been seated on the sofa in the living room and I had given them each a lemonade to drink, Linda told me that she had enjoyed her session with me and Connie so much that she had told her friend, Susan about it, and Susan wanted to learn more about the kind of fun girls can have.

Linda said she was too shy to try to teach Susan all that Connie and I had taught her, so she had brought her friend over to see if I would show them how to have girl fun together. Even if they had not been so forthright in telling me of their sexual interest, I would have been turned on as I looked at these girls, both wearing short shorts and tank tops, and showing their sweet, developing bodies to good advantage.

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After we finished our lemonade, we retired to the bedroom and I instructed the girls to undress each other, and then to take my clothes off as well. When Susan saw my adult pussy she couldn't resist running her fingers through my pubic hair, and I couldn't help hugging her young body to me and holding her plump little ass cheeks in my hands.

Linda came up behind Susan and rubbed her little cunny against Susan's ass cheeks, and we stood like that for a few minutes until I had to taste the delectable delight of Susan's almost hairless cunny. I sat her down on the bed and spread her legs apart, then knelt down and ran my fingers up her thighs and into the soft flesh of her pubic mound, my mouth following the trail made by my fingers.

Her pussy tasted just as delicious as I knew it would. As I licked and sucked on Susan's pussy, Linda bent down and lay her head under my pussy and began to suck and lick on me, her hands moving over my ass cheeks as she brought me to a sweet orgasm with her young mouth. Then I directed the two girls into a sixty-nine position and let them lick each other into orgasms while I played with my sopping cunt and waited for them to finish before having both girls climb on top of me and pleasure me with their mouths and hands.

What a glorious feeling it was to have two young girls crawling over me and treating my body to a mouth and hand massage. I came several times before deciding that this was enough for that day. The girls seemed satisfied with their lesson, and I told Linda that if she had any more friends she would like to initiate into Lesbian sex, that she should bring them over and I would be happy to teach them.

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