Video porno gay emo xxx movies Josh Osbourne takes it upon himself to

Video porno gay emo xxx movies Josh Osbourne takes it upon himself to
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Fbailey story number 438 My Wife Is A Voyeur For Me My wife is the greatest gal in the world basically because she puts up with me. I had looked at other women for years and she lets me. She not only lets me but she points them out to me. She told me years ago that any girl could excite me, as long as she got to fix it. It has been that way for forty years now. I'm sixty-two and my wonderful wife is fifty-eight, we were married when she was eighteen, she was very mature for her age.

Nowadays you can find anything that you want on the Internet. Well I found a very nice purse for my wife and bought it for her. It was not an ordinary purse, it contained two digital video cameras in a false bottom.

One pointed out the front and the other out the right side. There was an on-off switch built into the handle and there were two tiny monitors just inside if there was a need to see what she was aimed at. I bought the camera purse for her because she had often told me about a woman at work that changed into her jogging clothes to run on the track next door on her lunch hour. Then afterwards she would strip to take a shower before getting dressed again to go back to work.

She didn't care who was in the lady's bathroom when she did it either, as long as it wasn't a male employee of course. Anyway she agreed to be in there for both scenes and record it for me. I was anxious all morning long, then on my lunch hour I was nervous as hell, and then when my wife called me and said that she had gotten what I wanted, I was very excited.

I rushed home after work and was waiting for her to arrive. I grabbed that purse out of her hands and rushed into my computer room with it. In no time at all I had both discs transferred into my computer but my wife told me that everything should be on the front camera. I hit play and watched as the screen filled with a view of the inside of the lady's room where she worked.

Soon Jessica walked into view and opened her locker. I watched as Jessica casually undressed and carried on a conversation with my wife about me. My wife was telling Jessica that I would love to be a fly on the wall and watch her undress. Then Jessica started narrating her movements, "So he would like me to take off my blouse and show him my sexy red 34-C bra. Or I'm sure he would like me to remove my skirt and show him my red matching panties." Then she did a slow turn, "Or my bare ass cheeks split by a thin string." Then she faced my wife and the purse, "I bet his cock would stiffen if he saw my beautiful breasts and my very hard nipples.

I'm sure that he would want to suck on them. Better yet, he would shoot his load if her saw me remove my panties." With that said she turned to show me her fine ass, she bent over as she pushed her panties to her ankles, and then stood to face me again. She asked, "Do you think he would like my used panties?" My wife replied, "I'm sure he would love them, especially when I tell him whom they belong too." Jessica said, "I'll take them off just before we go home so that they will have a strong fresh odor for him." Right then my wife handed me Jessica's panties.

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I held them to my nose as I watched Jessica pull on her spandex running shorts and jogging top. Then the recording ended. I quickly fired up the next file. There was Jessica again at her locker and she was quite sweaty. She peeled out of her clothes, grabbed her soap and shampoo, and headed into the shower room. It was a big shower that six women could use at the same time. Jessica was in a position under one of the showerheads that I could see from my purse location.

I watched as she lathered up and rinsed off washing her hair, her breasts, and her pussy thoroughly. She came out and was handed a towel by my wife. After drying her body quickly she dried most of her hair. I saw her big breasts hang down as she bent over and I liked the view. Then she dressed in the panties that were in my hands and the rest of her clothes before the file ended. My wife told me to hit the next file. It was of Jessica lifting her skirt and removing her panties. My wife took them and slipped them into her purse.

The file ended. All together it had only lasted less than fifteen minutes but it was very exciting. I took my wife into our bedroom and made love to her. She knew perfectly well that in my mind I was fucking Jessica and she didn't mind. The next morning my wife mentioned that one of the beaches that we have been too had a large changing room for the women and that she had seen lots of girls in there changing in and out of their clothes to swim or to go home.

In essence no one had any privacy in there at all. I liked the idea and asked her if Saturday would be a good time. She smiled and said that she just might have to go in a few times to change her bikini for me. She could put six bikinis in her purse if I bought her some new ones. Okay, that was it, she wanted to get paid for her efforts.

Hey, why not, she was certainly worth it. +++++ So the following day I met her at a restaurant for dinner after work and then took her the mall. She knew exactly which shop she wanted.

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I was amazed at all of the young girls in that store. They were high school and college age. My wife grabbed six bikinis and took them into the back to try them on. She was in there forever. Then she came out and handed me two of them, she grabbed six more, and then she headed back into the changing room. She tried on bikinis for an hour picking out one more occasionally. I had to admit that every one that she put in my arms was a winner.

I tried to hurry her up once but she whispered in my ear that there was just one big changing room and that all of the girls used it. She told me that I wouldn't be disappointed and that both cameras were getting most of the action even in the mirrors on the walls.

I was in no hurry after that and even tried to get her to purchase some more. She laughed but eventually I paid for eight very sexy bikinis. At home I viewed what my wife had filmed for me.

It was outstanding to say the least. There must have been twenty girls in there changing and all of them from fifteen to thirty years old. Thanks to the mirrors I got front views, back views, and side views of almost every one of them. I saw a variety of breasts, butts, and pussies. There were a surprising amount of tattoos on those girls. There was one sixteen-year-old pregnant girl that asked my wife to help her tie her top. My wife turned her toward the camera and got behind her. Her puffy pussy was right in my face.

She needed a shave and told my wife that she couldn't do it herself any more. So my wife told her to come over to our house after work the following day and that she would be happy to shave her pussy for her.

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The girl was so happy about that. Then the bottom came up and I could certainly see why she needed it shaved. My wife then said, "My husband does a much better job at shaving me than I can. Perhaps you would consider having him shave you.

If he gets hard though I want him to fuck me. His Viagra doesn't quite do it for him anymore. I said, "What to fuck. I don't need Viagra." My wife said, "You and I know that but she doesn't.


Just listen." Then I heard the pregnant girl say, "Why not, I've let a whole bunch of guys poke around down there. My gynecology doctor had a class of 'almost doctors' at one of my visits and asked me if they could examine me. Little did I know that there were twenty of them. I was in there with my feet up in those stirrups for almost two hours while they fingered me. My legs were numb when I tried to stand up.

I'm pretty sure that one of them jerked off while fingering me, but he did give me an orgasm too. +++++ Sure enough the next day the pregnant sixteen-year-old arrived shortly after we got home from work. She was eager to let me at her pussy so my wife took her into our bedroom while I got a bowl of water, my shaving cream, and my razor.

I smiled when I entered the bedroom and saw her laying there completely naked with her head up on two pillows and her knees bent and feet wide open. I smiled and said hello to her and then I positioned a folded bath towel under her butt while she lifted it for me. I then put a chair right in front of her pussy and sat down. She let out moans of pleasure as I ran my fingers over her pussy smearing the shaving cream around.

I let my fingers slide up her slit until I touched her clit. She moaned so sweetly and then asked me not to stop. I was pleased to give this young girl an orgasm. Then she asked me if she could have another one. Of course she could, and she did. I held the razor, sloshed it around in the bowl of water, and started shaving her mound in short choppy strokes. I would rinse her tiny hairs out of the razor and go back to work. I had her completely shaved all too quickly so I lathered her up again and shaved her a second time.

Then I used a nice warm wet washcloth to clean her up. I squirted out a small puddle of baby oil in my palm and rubbed it all over her freshly shaved skin. I slipped my finger back in between her lips and fingered her clit for two more orgasms.

She thanked my wife for letting me shave her and said that she might need another shave in a week. My wife told her that I would at her service any time that she felt she needed another one. She noticed my hard-on and remembered that if she got me hard that my wife was the one that wanted it in her pussy. However, it didn't stop that pregnant sixteen-year-old from asking my wife if she would let me fuck her instead.

She told my wife that once her father found out that she was pregnant that he chased her boyfriend away. She was in desperate need of a good fucking. My wife smiled at me and told me that I should fuck the girl. She told me to make her proud too. Then she smiled and pointed at her video purse sitting on the bedside table ready to capture all of the action. I undressed and showed her what she was going to get.

To her it seemed big but then I realized that she had been fucking a boy that was younger than her. I knew that my six-inches was quite normal but I enjoyed her comments anyway. Since I had given her a few orgasms and had coated her with baby oil, I simply lifted her feet up onto my shoulders as I leaned in and slipped my cock into her.

The girl liked the feel of my rock hard cock in her and asked my wife what it felt with Viagra. My wife told her that it felt the same but that it lasted longer. The girl asked her to give me one of my pills. I laughed knowing that I didn't have any. However, my wife smiled and produced a little blue pill with a V imprinted on it and a glass of water.

I wondered where she had gotten it but I didn't say anything. I slow poked that pregnant girl until the pill kicked in. I remember the advertisements about if your erection should last more than four hours call your doctor. Hell, if my erection lasted four hours she was the one that was going need the doctor. I fucked that young girl until I couldn't move my hips any more.

She had countless orgasms. She was thankful for the best fuck of her life. I was thankful for the very same thing. My wife smiled at me and patted my back. She ran her hands down my ass and cupped my balls as the very last drop of cum entered that girl. I looked over at the clock and saw that two and a half hours had passed. I rolled onto my back next the girl and my wife mounted me. She didn't want to waste a good erection like I had and helped herself knowing that I had no more strength left.

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My wife rode me for an hour until she too was exhausted. All three of us agreed that we would never forget the intense pleasure that we had given and received that day. +++++ On Saturday we got an early start for the beach.

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Surprisingly we stopped to pick up Jessica on the way. As I drove, Jessica asked me how I had liked her panties and the video of her changing and showering. They had staged it for my benefit. Jessica knew all about the purse cameras. It seems that those two don't keep secrets from one another. My wife even told her about the pregnant girl and the Viagra pill. Jessica wanted to be there, the next time I took one. Anyway it seems that Jessica wanted to help my wife out in the changing room and had some ideas of her own.

+++++ My wife relayed this part to me. As Jessica and I entered the rather large changing room we saw a dozen girls in various stages of undress. I quickly positioned my camera purse and started undressing myself.

Jessica did so in view of the camera. Then in a fairly loud voice so that it would carry Jessica said, "Oh my God, I can't believe that your husband wants to photograph me for the cover of New England Beaches.

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There are prettier girls." Then Jessica pointed at a girl that she had seen getting out of a car and then the driver speeding off afterwards. The girl had her bikini bottom on but otherwise she was naked. Jessica praised the girl's beauty to my wife. She pointed out how perfect her breasts were, how rounded her ass was, and how beautiful her face was.

The girl's complexion was flawless, her hair was a dark brown and hung just past her shoulders.

She told my wife that she should be the one on the cover. They finished getting into their bikinis and then Jessica had my wife watch their stuff while she took the girl out to meet me. After I met the girl and took a few test shots Jessica took her back in for a bikini change. My wife produced a model release and had the girl fill it out and sign it.

Her mane was Amanda and thankfully she was eighteen. The model release covered all types of photography taken of her on that day, which included the purse video camera. Jessica also filled one out, her age was thirty-four the same as her bra size. Jessica picked out two more bikinis and helped Amanda into hers.

Jessica explained to her that sex was what it was all about. Then Jessica slipped her finger up Amanda's pussy tucking the material into her slit causing a rather nice camel toe. Jessica told her to do that to herself before each picture and to tweak her nipples to get them hard too. Amanda said that there were people out there watching and that she would be embarrassed to do that to herself. Jessica just smiled and said, "That's okay sweetie, I'll do it for you." Then they came out to me for some more pictures.

I could hardly believe it when Jessica ran her fingers up Amanda's pussy slit and then gently twisted her nipples for some fantastic pictures. Back in the changing room my wife asked Jessica if I was ready for the topless pictures yet. Amanda turned white at the prospect.

Jessica reminded her that at that beach topless was permitted. Amanda was very hesitant until Jessica leaned in and sucked on the girl's breasts and slipped her fingers into Amanda's pussy to give her an orgasm.

After that she was willing to walk out to me nude if Jessica had asked her too. I took a lot of pictures of them topless and then sent them back in for a bottom change.

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In the changing room Amanda was so excited that she jumped around like one of those small yapping dogs. She was telling my wife how great it had felt to pose topless for such a great photographer like her husband.


She told her all about Jessica sucking her nipples and fingering her pussy in front a thousand people on the beach. The orgasm that she received was tremendous thanks to Jessica doing it right in public while I took pictures. It was her very first exhibitionist experience and she loved it. She couldn't get changed and back out to me fast enough.

Meanwhile my wife had captured almost two hours of girls and women coming into the changing room. +++++ During our ride home Jessica told me that she had eaten out Amanda's very wet and dripping pussy before she got dressed and went out to meet her ride.

Jessica enjoyed more than one Viagra session with my wife and I. She continued to help with my voyeur wife. The pregnant girl came by to show us her baby after its birth. Amanda our topless beach girl went on to become a Playboy Centerfold.

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Life was good. The End My Wife Is A Voyeur For Me 438