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Daddy Sex Son Handsome So Sexy
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The sky looked like it was on fire, there were varying shades of orange, red and violet mixed with greys to black shadows cast by the clouds. The wind was howling across the great expance of the Prairelands, it was keeping away the stench of the died and dieing.


The battle had been raging for days, the Armies from the Kingdoms had came to vanquish the creatures of myths and fairytales. These creatures had come to this world during its infancy when their world was on the verge of its own death, so through the portal they came. Through them the humans of this realm became civilized, brought out of living in caves and fear of the shadows.

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Now time and man thought them to have out lived there usefulness. Truth be told it was more for greed than anything else, for they held the balance amungst the world. The Dragonites once again opened a portal for the creatures, once an other realm was deemed fruitful the exidust comenced. To keep the portal open till all could make it through one would have to make the sacrifice and stay.

Dan-Elger chose to remain behind we felt his time waining (though for a Dragonite thousands of years could go by in the blink of an eye,) after the last of the creatures had made the customery sharing of their knowledge with him for his sacrifice they went through the portal and then it shimmered out of extistance.

Dan-Elger was truely alone, Dragonites may live a solitary life but are connected to eachother on a spiritual plain with the portal closed that plain was closed off to him now. With the creatures gone and the Armies of the Kingdoms still in a blood lust of greed and dreams of wealth and glory dancing in their heads they started to battle eachother.

The balance of the scales was tipping with noone to counter them. Dan-Elger went out to survey the battle and hunt for his meal. As he flew over the wasteland of the battle field he was struck by a glancing blew of a catipult it did not do much harm, but pushed him into the deathblow from a giant crossbow.

He came crashing down to the ground several days ride from the battle field, he crashed into a small cottage in a clearing of a small farm. His massive body claiming the life of the farmer and his farmhands immediately, the farmer's young wife had been seriously injured and would not live past the next day or two. Dan-Elger felt for the fragile young woman and picked her up and carried her off to the Dragonite's Grand Hall, he would make her time she had left as comfortable as possible. Dan-Elger went about closing off the enterances of the Great Hall to the world around him, he spoke in an ancient languege not from this world and the massive doorways change back into the face of the mountain.

When he returned to the Hall, he sat down across from the fair maiden who remaind unconsious from her ordeal.

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With out a thought to what he was doing Dan-Elger started to trickel some of his own life force into the maiden, even if he had been doing on purpose there would be no way of knowing the out come since it had never been done before. The sudden beating of a heart as sudden as a volcanic eruption and as loud as a massive thunderstorm rang out and woke Dan-Elger from a fretful slumber.

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Dan-Elger looked around unsure of how long he had been asleep, there was noone beside the maiden in the Hall with him.

He was using all his sences to search for the owner of this heart beat, he noted his own then the faint beating of the maiden's heart (sadly he know she would not last much longer.) As he realised were the heartbeat was emiting from he felt the awakening of a new life with the birth of its soul, it had a feel of a Dragonite yet it was different at the sametime.) The madien was with child how did he miss that, all Dragonites have always been atune to the begining of life no matter what race it was from.

As he felt the unborn babe is its mother's womb, he could not understand the feel of a Dragonite even if only a portion that flowed from it. This would take sometime to figure out, and he had pleanty but how long did she have.

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Even as the mother seemed to be lossing strength the babe was growing in multiples unheard of by mosts standards. Dan-Elger felt drained and faded off to sleep, it wasn't a peaceful sleep it was filled with visions of a stange no being that posessed a great knowledge not much unlike his own but it wrestled with mixed emotions of such intesity greater than any he had felt before.

Once again Dan-Elger arose from his slumber, this time he felt the life slipping from the maiden. What should he do, the babe was still in the womb surely once the life of the maiden faded away the youngling would follow with out her to support its life.

The maiden finally reaching the end of her mortality, released her last breath and entered the endless slumber of the here after. The babe however was still growing in strength, that is when Dan-Elger finally felt the minicuel flow of his life force into the maiden but it was not going to her it had been flowing to the unborn still in her womb.

What was this. how could it be. As Dan-Elger looked upon the body of the maiden laid out before him on the table in the Great Hall, he had a vision reach out and blast in to his veiw.

The maiden had been in the begining of her pregnancy with the child of the farmer when the unborn childs development went dormant (the farmer's babe had passed away,) after he crashed into the cottage and felt the sorrow for what had happened.

The ending of the bloodline of the farmer and that of his own eventual end from his injuries, his energy was joined to that of the still unborn corpes in the maiden's womb breathed new life into it and a being unlike any before came to be.

Suddenly Dan-Elger know what he had to do, he streched his index finger (well what most would take to be) and reached out to the maiden and using hes razor shape claw he cut through clothing and flesh.

Reaching in to the maiden he retreived the babe and brought it forth in to the world, we then placed the squawling babe to its mother's breast and let it suckle the milk that was to be had.

As the maiden's body cooled in the after glow of life the milk dryed up way to fast, with nothing else left for the new born man child Dan-Elger feed it on his own blood. When the youngling's appitite was quenched he laid it in a cushioned nest, a transformation suddenly took hold of the babe.

Track of time seemed to lose itself as the transformation took place, where once a soft pale white helpless babe once lay a lad in his early teens (human age) with a flesh as strong as a Dragonite's body armor with a brownish red hue as if made of earthen clay.

The lad had a muscular physique though it was long and lean it screamed of untold power, his hair was a feiry mix of hues in red and down to the center of his back.


Not much more could be told of his qualities in the position he laid, now Dan-Elger would just have to wait.

And wait. and wait. and wait.

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