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Uno de rapido a la flaca
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You could cut the atmosphere with a knife, there was tension in the air. The atmosphere was civil yet tense at the same time, in the meantime Matthew and Sarah Jones were just waiting to explode. They had quietly bit their tongues and watched their words, ensuring not a word was said out of anger but it couldn't last. Something had to give.


They didn't know what to expect but the result surprised both of them. It all started when Matthew came back to the house angry and irritable, Matthew couldn't stay still. He was always pacing or fidgeting, never able to relax. His sister, Sarah had noticed and gave him time and space to let him get over it. She had wondered what had upset him, exams were coming up and maybe he was nervous about that?

Their mother was seemingly away all the time with work, could he be missing her? Was it just a teenage mood swing? Was it something to do with a girl? Matthew couldn't explain it, when he had left school on the Friday he was a different person, a black mood had descended on him and stayed there.

He had been studying hard for his exams, maybe he had worked too hard and needed a release. He thought about his mother and missed her but he had got used to her not being around after all this time, besides he was old enough to know that was what she had to do to pay the bills.

It could not have been a girl as he had been too busy, maybe that was the problem, maybe he needed some female company. The closest he got to it was when he accidentally saw his sister naked in the shower, that had been an awkward moment as he liked what he saw but had to remind himself it was his sister! He crept away without her noticing him. He could not put his finger on why he was in such a bad mood but tried to at least control it, so as not to upset Sarah.

By the end of Friday night Sarah decided to leave her brother to fend for himself, Sarah did not need this nonsense, she had other things on her mind.

She had a date with a guy she had slept with sometimes and had planned something really kinky, there was planning to do. She had her list for her special night and just the thought of buying those items could moisten her knickers.

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She decided to get out of the house on Saturday, it was better to get out of that atmosphere, she didn't want Matthew's mood to bring her down from her high. The next day came and she left early to do her shopping, fortunately for Sarah she looked more than her sixteen years, this helped her when she need to do her shopping, especially for some items. She had fun doing her shopping, had a bite to eat while she was out, and took her time before returning back to the house, glad to see it was empty.

She was delighted she managed to buy everything on her list. She laid it all out on the bed, closing the door first, this she didn't want Matthew to see.

From the local supermarket she had a small bottle of champagne, two strawberry yoghurts and some chocolate spread. Food, alcohol and sex could make a great combination.

From the Ann Summers shop she had bought some lubricant (she had just discovered how much she loved anal sex), handcuffs, a blindfold, a small whip and some ropes. Nothing too frightening, just enough to play around. From the same shop she found an outfit she absolutely adored, a really tight black leather one piece outfit which clung to her body. With this outfit she wouldn't need any underwear and fortunately she had a nice tight body that allowed her to wear it without looking ridiculous.

This outfit had a low cut top (which showed off her cleavage perfectly) and a zip that started from just to the side of her right breast, running diagonally down to her left thigh. When she tried it on in the shop she swore she got more attention from the female assistant in the shop, just taking the outfit off turned Sarah on. Sarah was planning on a good night on Sunday. Then all her plans fell apart. It all started with a text message saying that her date had to cancel their special night on the Sunday.

Sarah did not take this very well, the bastard didn't have the balls to phone her up and tell her. She phoned him immediately to get some answers and he palmed her off with some rubbish, she could smell the bullshit.

There was a small argument but it didn't last long as he put the phone down very quickly. Sarah was irate, she had built up to this night and gone to all that trouble, the asshole couldn't even face the music. Even worse, Sarah was sexually frustrated which no end of masturbation could get rid off. Now both of them were in bad moods and things had to come to a head and as always it had to be something trivial to start it off.

It was a Saturday night and all it took was a simple CD. Sarah realised she had to chill out a little, she went to get her favourite CD but couldn't find it, this bugged her. She was sure she could hear it coming from Matthew's bedroom, she began to question whether he had taken it from her bedroom without asking. This irritated her even more and scared her a little, he should have asked permission but he could also have found her newly bought shopping.

Sarah did not want Matthew to find those. She was angry and couldn't control herself, she moved quickly to confront Matthew. Matthew had just showered and only had a towel wrapped around him, playing on the stereo was the CD he had borrowed from his sister, he was sure she wouldn't mind! He thought about going out and having a drink or meeting up with friends, that might help him relax or he could masturbate, that would help him relax! Matthew closed the door and tried to think of an image to help him get excited, the picture that kept returning was of his sister in the shower.

He couldn't get rid of that image however hard he tried, but it worked and now he was excited, his penis standing to attention. With just the towel struggling to stay on him, he looked like a human coat hanger. His face was a picture when his sister burst in to the room. Sarah was angry, all the negative energy and frustration coming out.

She burst in to his room and was so irate she did not even notice his erection. Sarah vented all of her anger on Matthew accusing him of anything she could think of but mainly his moodiness and taking the CD without asking. Matthew was embarrassed about this situation, Sarah hadn't noticed his erection and he had tried to hide it but that was a waste of time. He was also in no mood for rubbish from anyone, he had tried to stay away and didn't want any conflict but here was an argument he did not start.

Some how Matthew did not fight back but all this did was make his sister even more mad. When she started to push him the situation changed completely. The pushing started lightly at first and got heavier until he could take it no more and had to push her back to stop her, Sarah was positioned near the bed, her legs just touching it.

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She had pushed him too much and he fought back, she went backwards and fell on the bed, as she fell she somehow managed to pull the towel off Matthew and now he was naked with a full erection, extremely embarrassed and the picture of his sister in the shower playing in his head. He was even more amazed that his sister had not noticed his hard on. Did her rage make her blind or had she simply decided not to make an issue of it?

Sarah was still angry, although she knew things had got too far, she sat up and to her amazement came face to face with her brother's erect penis.

Those couple of seconds lasted a lifetime and both of them were shocked, Matthew could not move, not knowing what to do. Sarah was in the same position, what was she supposed to do? The answer shocked both of them. What went through Sarah's mind is anyone's guess. The only logical thing would have been that all the sexual frustration that had built up inside her could now be released.

After a couple of seconds of coming face to face with her brother's penis, to Matthew's amazement, Sarah put her hand on his penis and started to play with it, stoking it up and down. It was not long after that she started to kiss it, starting at the head before using her tongue to lubricate his penis. Now Sarah was in automatic pilot and without thinking put her mouth over the head and slowly moved down until she was taking the whole thing in her mouth.

She built up a rhythm till she was going faster and faster, when she played with his balls Matthew knew he would not last long and put his hand on the back of her head, keeping it in position.

Matthew was finding it difficult to breath as he neared his orgasm and kept his hand on the back of her head. Finally he could take no more and exploded in her mouth, with a little force keeping his penis in her mouth as long as he could.

He was surprised that Sarah took every drop and swallowed it. Then the realisation kicked in. It took a minute for both of them to understanding what had happened, when it did Sarah ran out of the room and straight to the bathroom.

Matthew didn't know how to react and sat down on the bed taking in all that had happened. He had just had a great blowjob and he was more relaxed but why did it have to be his sister?

More importantly where did she learn all that? His sister clearly had something of a social life outside or should that be sex life? He could hear his sister brushing her teeth for what seemed longer than usual, while he waited for her to finish he decided to give her time and space until it was a good idea to deal with this situation.

Sarah left the bathroom and entered her bedroom, Matthew gave it a minute or two after he heard her door close and went to the bathroom to clean up. Neither of them would sleep properly that night.

Sarah had too many thoughts going around her head that night. What did she just do? She enjoyed what had happened but felt guilty about it, her brother was handsome in a certain way and if it wasn't her brother she would have done it anyway, but the guilt still ate away at her.

It wasn't her fault, was it? She would have to talk to Matthew and sort it all out but first of all some sleep was in order, if she could. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep but all she could do was replay the blowjob she had just given her brother, she couldn't get rid of the image. She was even more shocked when she found it was turning her on, when she put her hands between her legs she found her pussy was soaking. Sarah played with herself for a bit and brought herself to an orgasm but in her mind all she could see was Matthew's penis in her mouth and worse things than that.

Matthew also was restless, the picture of Sarah in the shower stayed in his head but now he had a new sensation to accompany it, the feel of her mouth going down on his shaft, the kisses and the licking of her tongue all played out in his mind.

He knew it was wrong but liked it too much and had to masturbate as his penis was getting erect again. Better to get rid of it and get some sleep, if he could. Of course, he knew what his dreams were going to be. The next day both Sarah and Matthew looked tired and restless as if they had the weight of the world on their shoulders, they had to talk but neither of them was ready yet.

They kept out of each other's way looking for jobs or things to do, maybe some time and space away from each other would do the trick. That time and space helped clear their heads a bit and they both knew they would have to deal with it that night.

People would notice at school if something was wrong, better to get it out the way. The last thing they needed was any attention at school. Matthew sat on the sofa watching the television. He was not really watching anything but it was a distraction.

He didn't notice Sarah walk in to the room until she sat next to him. She picked up the remote control and turned off the television. "I think we need to talk, don't you?" Sarah's face reddened. Matthew just nodded, not sure what to say. Sarah continued, "What happened last night was wrong, you know it and so do I. We need to forget about the whole thing, OK?" "I don't think I can, it felt too good", Matthew responded quietly. Sarah was shocked, Matthew was not making it easy.

It was obvious the problem was not going away lightly. Matthew was more confident now and was more vocal, "I think you enjoyed it as well, I mean you took ." Matthew could not finish the sentence but got the feeling Sarah understood what he was trying to say. "Sorry Sarah but I could not stop thinking about last night, it really turned me on.

I didn't sleep much at all last night and I don't think you did either. Tell me the truth, what do you really think?" Now it was time for Sarah to be in the spotlight.


"Matthew, I'm ashamed to say I enjoyed it and it did turn me on but I don't know why. It is wrong and it never should have happened.

I don't know what we do now. I'm scared. Hold me please." Sarah started to cry and Matthew held her sister to comfort her but both of them could feel the same feelings returning from last night. Sarah was getting turned on but didn't want to say anything, for Matthew it was a lot more difficult to hide his feelings on the subject.

Sarah could feel how it was affecting her brother but really didn't want to mention it. Sarah broke away, "Matthew what do we do about this? Can we stop it?" Matthew didn't know what to say, his body was giving him away but he didn't know how his sister was reacting. "Sis, I don't think we can" then Matthew took his sister's hand and put it on his penis, lifted her head so they were face to face and kissed her softly on the lips again and again and again.

To his amazement Sarah reacted and slowly opened her mouth so they were kissing for real, their tongues exploring each other's mouth. Her hand was stroking his penis, slowly at first but afterwards quicker and more confidently. Matthew started touching her body to see what he could get away with, feeling the outline of her breasts through her t-shirt, before slipping his hand under her clothes and feeling her breasts.

He moved on to her nipples pinching and tweaking them, soon her nipples were standing to attention. He could hear her breathing had changed and he felt more confident, moving one hand down towards her thighs.

His hand felt the inside of her thigh before moving on to her pussy. Sarah allowed him access and Matthew started to feel the shape of her pussy lips, stroking up and down from her clitoris down to almost her anus, soon he could feel how wet she really was.

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Now came the test, Matthew stopped kissing her and whispered in her ear if she wanted to stop all she had to do was to say so. She told him to shut up and fuck her. Sarah took his hand and led him to her bedroom. Now they could show each other their real feelings. When they got to her bedroom it didn't take long for them to get undressed. Sarah's tight body was amazing especially her tight little ass. Her breasts were the size of a grapefruit and her nipples were standing to attention, demanding some serious attention.

Sarah's flat stomach showed off her curves in all the right places. Down below her pubic hair had been neatly shaved while below it a couple of lips peaked out, her pussy lips were visibly moist desperately eager for some action.

Matthew remembered he could only see a silhouette of his sister's body when he had seen Sarah in the shower, now he could only approve of her in her full glory.

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Matthew was still developing for his age but there was no doubting he had fully matured sexually when it came to his reproductive organs. There was a mess of pubic hair although it was difficult to tell having been hidden by his thick 6" erection. There was no missing what head he was thinking with. Sarah had sort of seen him half naked but now she liked what she saw. Matthew made the first move, walking towards his sister. He approached her and kissed her.

Sarah responded in kind and soon they were holding each other, hands fondling either each others ass or her breasts or his penis.

It was a free for all. Matthew broke off the groping and softly whispered into her ear that it was time to return the favour from the other night. He led her to the bed and told her to lie down and close her eyes and keep them closed, reassuring her everything would be fine.

He kissed her softly on the lips teasing her by pulling away when she wanted to get too involved, moving quickly down to her neck and her ears he softly kissed her looking for all the spots that turned her on.

Sarah's breathing changed and now she was panting, finding it more difficult to breath. In the meantime Matthew raised his knee and placed it next to her pussy, softly rubbing the lips in time with the kisses. He could feel just how wet she really was, her juices were soaking him. Sarah felt his hands touching her breasts playing with her erect nipples, she was taken by surprise when his mouth began sucking and kissing her breasts, first one then the other.

She loved the feeling and was getting more and more turned on but knew what she really wanted, she didn't have long to wait. Matthew loved exploring his sister's body but couldn't wait to get to the real treasure, quickly he moved down kissing her stomach then one hip and the other before lingering his mouth over her thighs. He kissed her thighs moving closer to her tight little pussy but staying a frustrating distance away from it.

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He was overpowered by the aroma from her sex and he couldn't wait to investigate more but he knew it would be so much more pleasurable with a little teasing. Sarah could feel the pleasure building up inside her. She loved the kisses on her thighs and just how temptingly close he had got to her using his tongue on her pussy, now she was desperate for Matthew to investigate her pussy lips and clit and to probe deep inside her vagina. There was a tinge of disappointment when Matthew moved his face away from her thigh but she exploded when she felt the first touch of his lips on her pussy.

Matthew's tongue had started slowly but the momentum had overtaken him and now he was working overtime, his tongue had easily found her clitoris and he heard gasps from Sarah when he was licking and kissing it eagerly. Sarah had responded and lifted her ass, giving him easier access. Matthew responded by grabbing her ass and holding it up and soon Sarah responded in turn by pushing her body towards him when she felt his tongue doing it's work.

He moved down a little and started to kiss her pussy lips, soon he was sucking and nibbling to see just what she loved. She seemed to love all of the attention.

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She was soaking and he could feel the juices escaping, it was time to find the source of those juices. It didn't take a lot to open that entrance, in fact it seemed to open with just a hint of his tongue touching it. He quickly found his tongue licking inside her, his mouth and chin were soaking as he licked up the juices. Sarah must have liked it as now she was bucking wildly, rubbing her pussy on his face eager for more.

Matthew could have done this all day but now he was desperate to fuck her. Sarah could feel every lick, she didn't know how many times she had orgasmed but knew there seemed to be an explosion of pleasure all the time now.

She loved the feel of his tongue but knew it was no substitute for his prick inside her. Matthew was relieved when Sarah pushed his face away, it was hard work licking pussy but good work, when she told him to fuck her he was over the moon.

His prick was rock hard and he moved quickly not wanting to lose any time. He soon had the head of his penis rubbing her pussy lips, Sarah gasped in anticipation. Slowly he rubbed her pussy lips before finding the entrance to her vagina, the entrance felt tight. He slowly pushed his prick inside, he loved the sensation as he entered her and her juices welcomed him inside. Starting slowly at first he fucked her carefully but was soon told by Sarah to go faster, this he did eagerly.

He was fucking his sister forcefully now and the more he did the more she loved it, she pushed her body down to meet his strokes and now she was gasping for air.

She could feel her muscles tightening inside milking his prick, he didn't know how much longer he could last. It didn't take long before he could feel the anticipation of his orgasm, he had no time to warn her but Sarah could feel him swelling up and her body reacted to it.

Her vaginal muscles seemed to tighten a bit more and the orgasms were deeper. Matthew came inside her and he fucked her for as long as he could, not wanting to waste a moment. Sarah felt him cumming inside her, her body exploded and she orgasmed. Their juices combined deep inside of her. When they could take no more he took his penis out of her and fell on to the bed, they held each other unable to speak.

After they recovered from their exertions Matthew thought it was all over until he heard the words every man loves to hear from a woman. "Matthew, would you take me up the ass?" How could he say no? Sarah kissed her brother and told him to wait a while, she had something to do. When Matthew had fucked her pussy it was more than lubricated, taking it up the ass was something else, if it was done incorrectly who knows what could go wrong?


She wanted to be able to sit down afterwards. She went to one of her draws and grabbed the lube. She then left the room and went to the bathroom. She quickly put some of the lube on her anus and forced a finger inside, then two pushing them as far as they would go.

It felt good but her brother's prick would be even better. When she was ready she put some lube on her hand and walked back to the bedroom. Matthew had not quite recovered from all that exertion and neither had his penis, he didn't have to worry too much about that as his sister had the answer. Sarah returned back in the bedroom and told him to lie down and close his eyes. He did as he was told. He liked surprises.

He felt the touch of her hand on his prick but it was freezing. His sister explained, "Matthew, I'm putting some lube on your prick or otherwise you are going to kill me with that thing. Now let's get you nice and hard and we can play again." Sarah stroked his penis until he was rock hard, Matthew loved the cold sensation on his prick and wondered why he was thinking about ice cubes?

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It didn't take too long to get him ready for more action, when he was ready Sarah told him to stand up and wait for her instructions. Matthew had the treat of his life, in front of him his sister was on all fours, her head on a pillow and her ass in the air. He could see his sister's open pussy that he had just violated and now her anus all shiny and slightly open. Sarah told him to put his prick up her ass slowly at first and to wait a little bit till she was ready, he did as he was told and could immediately feel just how easy it went in and how much more tighter her ass was than her pussy.

After a couple of minutes her body had got used to his prick inside her and she told him to fuck her as hard as he could. He had never done this before but now he was fucking her as hard and fast as he could, if only every woman could be so accommodating.

Sarah knew he would be good and she loved it rough, there was a little discomfort at first but now all she felt was pure pleasure. Somehow he had managed to fit all of his prick inside and she could feel his balls hitting her pussy. For some reason she loved it up her ass more than her vagina in some ways and when he pushed she pushed her body back to meet him. She could feel her breasts swinging in time with the thrusts. It didn't take long for the pleasure to overcome her, her hands grabbed at the sheets and her face was in pillow biting for all it was worth, otherwise she would have screamed the place out.

She didn't want the neighbours to talk, did she? Now it was a question of how long Matthew could last. He fucked her hard and fast, loving just how tight she was and how accommodating her ass could be with his prick inside her, now he didn't mind that Sarah had put the freezing cold lube on his prick.

Knowing just how much his sister loved rough sex he had nothing to hold him back, the fact he had already emptied his sacks once already let have more time inside her the second time round, he took full advantage. It all had to come an end though and when it did his orgasm seemed to last longer and deeper, he was sure it was the same with his sister although he didn't want to change places with her in order to find out.

When they were done all he could do was lie on the bed breathing hard, trying to recover. Sarah's legs had turned to jelly and she collapsed on the bed, her pussy and ass were a mess and her thighs were soaked with her own juices. After she had recovered a little, she found her brother and held him. Her head was on his chest, one arm held his side tightly and her legs, slightly open draped over his thigh.

Her soaking wet pussy was still leaking and made his thigh sticky, he liked that position and if they had more energy they would have fucked again but now all they could do was sleep, holding each other tightly. Matthew woke up a few hours later on his own, time to get cleaned up and to see how Sarah was. He showered, got changed and went downstairs eager to see his sister, when he saw her she looked serious and troubled.

She seemed keen to get this over and done with. "Matthew, sit down and listen to me. What we did was wrong but what's done is done, there's no changing that.

Don't worry about me getting pregnant, that won't happen, I've taken precautions to cover that. We don't want to give mum a heart attack do we! Matthew you were great and if you weren't my brother it would happen a lot more times but it can't." Matthew had expected this talk but was perplexed by what she did next.

Sarah leant over so they were face to face, really close and looking in to his eyes told him "this must never happen again! Right?" She walked off with a big smile on her face and shook her ass at him.