Blonde babe blowjob small tits casting interview

Blonde babe blowjob small tits casting interview
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It was a warm sunny day in early summer. The sky was a clear unbroken blue and Sally's original ideas of shopping in the city centre seemed tired and boring. The City heat in the covered shopping area would be far too oppresive and yet the weekly visit to the supermarket could not be put off for another day.

Well, there were supermarkets everywhere, but the thought of making the trip to another town was not at all appealing. On the other hand, a drive out to leafy glades on such a day was a very attractive idea. Martine decided to drive out to the Forest and so she went up to her bedroom and changed into a light summer dress from the jeans she had been wearing and without giving a second thought to anything, jumped into her car and set off for the country The small villages and towns on the river bank road passed swiftly under her wheels until just as the radio programme she was listening to reached an interesting point, she had to turn it off to concentrate on the slightly unfamiliar approaches to the small market town which was her intended destination.

Up the hill and down the other side into the town centre and on to the smallish store at the far side of the town, partly masked, as she approached it, by its own brand name filling station. She parked and looked at her watch. Just after midday; perfect timing! An ideal time for a coffee.

She went into the cafe and bought a large cup and a bun and settled down at the back where she could look out of the window. As she looked round, she could see that the place was filling up. She had been lucky to get a table to herself and she saw that before long she would probably find herself being asked to share. She glanced at the queue of customers and wondered which of them would ask to share her space.

She didn't have to wait long to find out! 'Excuse me' a male voice said, 'but would you mind if I sat at your table?' 'Please'.

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she indicated to show that she had no objection and the man sat down and smiled at her; 'never seen it so busy in here' he said. His voice was not unattractive; slight trace of a London accent . quite deep. He looked up suddenly and caught her looking at him; she blushed slightly.


'Shall I move' he asked, 'I'm annoying you by sitting here'. 'Oh don't go' she said. So he didn't. In that curious way that perfect strangers sometimes tell each other all about themselves they started to talk and quite soon Martine had told him about the boredom she had felt that morning and how she had ended up in this particular store. He told her that his name was Bill and that he was supposed to be working a couple of miles away but he too had been bored and as his job gave him a lot of freedom he had come over to for a break, where he was most unlikely to meet anyone who would know him.

Bill said he was going to get another coffee and asked Sally if she would like one.

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'Love one' she said. When he came back with the two steaming cups he sat down next to her, not opposite. As they talked, she felt his right thigh press against her left one and returned the slight pressure back.

He looked at her and smiled.


She smiled back. They obviously had an understanding unspoken though it was and suddenly she felt his hand on her leg just above the knee; nothing special; just lightly resting there. What should she do? Accept it or jump to her feet and flounce out.

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Sally opened her legs slightly and pressed her thigh against him. She felt his fingers on her leg start to pull the material of her dress up and the hem start to rise. When it reached his fingers he slipped his hand under it and touched her bare flesh. She felt, rather than heard his sharp intake of breath and wondered whether he'd heard or felt hers. His hand started to rise up her thigh, slowly but ever so slowly. but she placed a restraining hand on it 'Not here', she whispered.

'come on then' he said standing up and taking her hand, led her out into the sunlight. Instinctively, she walked across to her own car but he walked her past that she saw that he had a large 4x4.

He opened the passenger door and climbed behind the wheel. 'I want you to know that I don't make a habit of this sort of thing' she said. 'I'm married, you know'.

'I know', he said, adding 'so am I, but this is a little adventure for both of us, so lets just enjoy it. while it lasts!. whatever happens!' He placed his hand on her knee and drove out of the car park! Before he could get out of second gear he grinned at her and said there was something he'd better get before they left the store and so saying he pulled onto the filling station forecourt,jumped out of the car and disappeared into the shop.

Five minutes later he was back. There was no visible evidence of his purchase but Martine had a pretty good idea what he had bought (and I suppose you have as well!). He drove out onto the main road, through the town before taking a left turn out and pretty soon they were out of the town and into the trees.

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It was still a beautiful sunny day but whereas the weather would have been opressive in the city at this time, out here in the forest it was fresh and green. They drove in silnce for a time and then his hand settled on her knee and stayed there for a minute or so before pushing under the hem of her dress and moving up to the mid section of her thigh and gently squeezing it.

Her legs parted slightly and her hand tentatively sought out the centre of his thigh and fondled that. He pulled off the road which by now was an unclassified forest road, and drove a short way along a forest track passing the picnic area for which the track was there and leaving that some 100 yards behind came to a halt under a large and majestic beech tree in full leaf. The silence, when Bill turned off the engine seemed at first absolute but after a minute or so, the sounds of the forest became evident.

The occasional chatter of sparrows, the liquid song of thrush and blackbird and away to the left somewhere, the tapping of a woodpecker. A light and gentle breeze caused a slight movement in leaf and grass; Bill put his arm round Sally and slightly turned her towards him and placed his hand on her left breast outside her dress. Encouraged by her lack of objection, indeed by her smile of encouragement, he slowly unfastened the buttons at the front of her dress and slid his hand inside, cupping her breast in its bra cup briefly before placing his hand on the upper swell of the flesh eased his fingers into the cup and held the nipple between thumb and fore finger.

Deftly, with his other hand, he located her bra clip through the thin material of her dress and snapped it open so that the elasticated material, now free from tension gave up the struggle of holding Martine's tits in place and let them swing free. His mouth closed on hers as he reached out to hold first one breast and then the other; fondling them, gently squeezing them, rolling the nipples round and round and when she least expected it giving them a little tweak.

He freed his mouth from hers, untwining his tongue from hers and reaching down placed his lips on her pertly straining left nipple.

He let a tiny amount of saliva dribble onto that nipple and swirled the tip of his tongue round and round that tiny stiffened bud; he sucked it and gently nipped it between his teeth before repeating the actions on her right nipple. Her hands in the meantime had left his thigh and had unbuttoned his shirt, and then had grown more adventurous and had found their way down to the bulge in his trousers and were fondling that. His breathing, like hers had increased in it's intensity and it got even more so as his right hand momentarily left her breast and reaching down his own body, caught hold of and lowered his own zip fastener.


Her hand stroked the pulsating bulge now straining up through the opening in his trousers over the dark blue cotton of his underpants. As she scraped a finger nail over what she calculated must be a particularly sensitive area though the material, his gasp of pleasure told her that she had calculated right. His mouth moved from her breasts and once again his tongue entered her mouth and wrapped itself round hers as his hand moved down between her thighs now open widely as her dress fell down towards her body with each increase in the tilt of her knees.

His fingertips lightly caressed her inner thighs, first one side and then the other from knee to knicker leg, time and time again until she was almost screaming for him to carry on across the dampening fabric.and the suddenly without warning he did just that. and more than that, he cupped the length of her fanny through the gusset of her panties.

Simultaneously, she clutched his erection through his pants and squeezed it hard, digging her nails into his straining cock bringing tears to his eyes.

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He gripped her more firmly, squeezing her labia firmly together before relaxing his grip so thsat he could run his fingertip along the length of her fanny lips, before sliding his hand inside her knickers and finally touching her swollen flesh directly.

Her labia parted easily and stickily as his finger pressure increased and at the first touch of his finger nail on her clit, her back arched, her buttocks clenched and she screamed out loud as her whole body spasmed. She clawed at his cock and he had to undo his belt and pull his trousers down to the top of his thighs to stop her doing him a serious injury. His cock, now free from the constraints of blue cotton swung drunkenly out of control seemingly, in front of him, a single drop of pre-cum glistening from the eye but eveidence down the shining shaft that others had gone before.

She lowered her head to his crotch and licked the drop off him and then took him in her mouth, swirling her tongue round the swollen purple glans, listening to his increasingly excited breathing and moans as he became more and more out of control. He pushed his own face beween her thighs and with his nose pressed up against her clit pushed his tongue inside her cunt and licked her as far as he could reach. From her reaction he thought he must have touched her 'G' spot!

Suddenly he reached out and she felt the seat she was sitting on flatten and she was lying on her back with her legs open. He reached down and pulled her knickers off in on easy movement.

With her help in the confined space his own trousers and pants were round his ankles and the purchase he had made in the garage was open on the dashboard and he was fitting with desperate urgency, a Durex 'Fetherlight'onto his straining cock.

He reached onto the back seat and produced a cushion which he thrust under her bottom and then pushing her skirt up her belly, lowered himself onto her and with one easy movement penetrated her to the hilt so that their pubic mounds pressed against each other.

His bottom rose and fell in increasing rythym and urgency and she met his thrusts with upward thrusts of her own, her bottom bouncing lewdly on the cushion. His hands reached for her breasts and held onto them as he fucked her.

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The long strokes were over and they had got to the short rapid thrusts. faster and faster. faster and faster. she knew she was cumming and he knew it as well.

faster and faster. he was cumming and she knew it as well. Suddenly he came with a huge gush. 'Don't stop DON'T STOP' she screamed and then she was THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

. After a period when it felt like time stood still, he eased himself out of her and removed the rubber, tied a knot in it and dropped it on the floor. He handed her some tissue and they wiped themselves down. He handed her a can of Coke from somewhere under the seat and they sat for a moment in silence after which he put his arm round her and pulled her towards him, but she looked at her watch and he looked at his and they both realised that for this day at least.

the moment had gone. He drove her back to her car. gave her light kiss on the lips and was gone. Did they exchange addresses and phone numbers? Well, of course they did.AND email addresses and cell phone numbers. Did they meet again and have further adventures? Well, what do you think?

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