Hot femdom fetish action with sexy babe thrashing dude

Hot femdom fetish action with sexy babe thrashing dude
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TIM'S POOL PARTY As the sun set, only a handful of friends remained at the party. Don, two sheets to the wind, hung onto his scotch and soda in the shallow end of the pool. He was watching his wife Katie flirt with Tim who was playing it cool but ogling her tits when he could. Don knew Tim's love for big tits, and his blonde wife had a great set.


Don's cock twitched at the thought of Tim titty fucking his wife. But it was nothing new, he often thought about threesomes with Tim and all the various permutations it suggested. One of his favorites was eating Tim's cum as it shot between Katie's tits.

When Tim shot him a glance at that very moment it nearly stopped his heart. When Tim looked away Don had to scratch the itch. He rubbed his slowly growing penis under the water with his free hand. The edge of the pool hid his movements he knew, but later he would be in for a shocking surprise. As he watched the action he thought he detected a bulge in Tim's black bathing suit, but he wasn't sure.

Still the thought aroused him further and his cock was nearly fully erect. He had to rub it much harder and then he dipped lower in the water and gave it a few feverish strokes, all the while watching Tim talking with Katie. What Don didn't know was that a new security system had just been installed in the home.

It included two external cameras, one covered the back yard and pool. As luck would have it Tanya had gone into the house for a Tylenol. On the way to her bathroom she passed the computer where the backyard camera was fed live.

She gasped at what she saw. She fumbled with the unfamiliar controls and zoomed in to see Don jerking off in the pool. Tanya zoomed in closer and when the camera focused properly she saw his pink cock head being slowly worked between his thumb and forefinger.

She started breathing heavily and a warmth spread in her loins. When Don put his erection back in his shorts Tanya went to her bedside and took out her purple vibrating dildo. When her climax hit the earth moved.

It was the first time she had frigged herself while watching someone in real time, and she would never forget it. Tanya replayed the recording and again zoomed in to see Don's huge erection.

It reminded her of something. She went to her husband's e-mail and fielded through the old files.

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There…on Feb 20th, she saw the anonymous e-mail sent to her husband with the picture of some guy's huge cock. They had laughed about it and although the e-mail suggested some disgusting things, somehow it was never deleted. The face had been hard to make out but Tanya now recognized the cock and she was shocked at the implications. Then she used the photo software to improve the image and before long, Don's face was clear to see. Tanya had taken a while getting the Tylenol which she somehow no longer needed.

She hurriedly went down and whispered in Tim's ear. Then they went into the kitchen. Don could see them through the window but it never occurred to him that they might be talking about him. Then Tim went upstairs to look at the enhanced e-mail photo. There in plain sight was a picture of his friend. Tim swallowed hard then licked his lips. He immediately went into the bathroom and dropped his trunks to the floor. His cock was like a piece of steel and he leaned over the toilet and came within seconds.

It was a gratifying cum but it only served to calm him for the moment. Tim's mind was racing. He went to the computer and reviewed the pool monitor. It was all too much at once.

He saved the recording to a private file that even Tanya didn't know about. He couldn't let her know his true feelings for Don or the other thoughts he'd had over the years. Tim was under control but the memories came flooding back to him in a torrent. He'd been interested in sex with Don for a long time and once he'd gotten a blowjob from a salesman in a hotel room. Tim returned to the party but his mind was on other things.

He thought he'd put bisexuality behind him, he thought that internet porn would be enough to satisfy his urges.

Then he remembered what the real thing was like, the memory of the salesman in Cleveland was vivid. They'd met in the hotel bar. His fifth beer tasted just as good as the first and the stocky redheaded gentlemen next to him was good company. They had little in common really, Tim was in insurance and Jerry sold costume jewelry to department stores.

But the conversation was lively and intelligent and when Jerry asked Tim if he wanted to smoke a join he readily accepted. In Jerry's room he put the TV on to a rock music station. Then he removed the pillows from the bed and they sat against the headboard and got high while listening to a string of 70's hits.

With nothing but blue screen to accompany the music the conversation remained focused. "Too bad they don't have blues" Tim said. "Oh you like the blues, so do I.

What else do you like"? Jerry asked with a coy smile. And as he took the stub of the joint his hand lightly covered Tim's. Tim could have rejected the overture by pulling away but he let the touch linger a second or two.

Jerry gave a slight squeeze before letting go and Tim drew in a quick shallow breath and his heart beat faster. He'd given Jerry a sign, then he cautiously looked him in the eyes.

Jerry looked to Tim's crotch and the large bulge he'd noticed in the bar. If Tim's cock normally took up that much room in his pants he wondered how huge it might be when it was really hard. So he decided to use an old trick to see if Tim was really interested. He had to know if he would go for it without being too overt. He began looking back and forth from his crotch to his eyes.

Back and forth, back and forth. Tim looked away. The jump from thinking about sex with another man and doing it was a giant leap. He looked at the blue screen, then the ceiling, and as he looked back at Jerry he saw a lusty smile. Tim let out a huge breath and Jerry's eyes went back down there again. He was staring and Tim's cock was responding with a mind of it's own. The old trick had worked and if Tim had any thoughts of holding back, his cock was making up his mind for him.

It was still so hard to cross the line even though he'd been thinking about it for years and years. Tim glanced at his growing cock and put a hand over it. "No don't" said Jerry. Then very softly…"I want to watch it grow". And grow it did. Tim's cock was about eight inches long, and fairly thick. Now it strained against his confining underwear and pants…"Let me do that for you".

Again their eyes met, but briefly, just long enough for Jerry to be sure there would be no resistance; one had to be careful in such matters. But he was sure. He reached for Tim's belt and the buckle popped open. Tim was breathing heavily and he shifted to get more comfortable. He thought of turning the lamp off but changed his mind.

Suddenly Jerry put his face in Tim's lap and his mouth went right to the shaft. Tim put a hand behind Jerry's head instinctively and lifted a little to grind into his face. Tim moaned loudly. Jerry put his hand under Tim's balls and slid his fingers back and forth.

Tim thought he would cum right then but thankfully the position wasn't right. He went over on his left side and unzipped his pants. A moment later they were below his waist along with his jockey shorts.

His long hard flesh was exposed to the cool air and Jerry wasted no time in putting his mouth to it. Tim felt the warm wet mouth cover the head of his throbbing erection. And the urgency in his balls was somehow mollified by the soothing warm mouth. "Mmmm, oh god, oh". But as soon as Jerry flicked his tongue around the head of his member a wave of lust overcame him. "Oh god I'm gonna cum". Tim wrapped Jerry's head in his arms and thrust into his mouth.

Jerry's mouth was cavernous and he took him deep into his throat. Tim fucked Jerry's head several times, bucking harder and harder and then let his first shot of hot sperm go deep into his throat, then another and another and another.

"Ughhh" Several more streams went into Jerry's sucking mouth. Now Tim held Jerry's face in his hands and looked down. "Oh…I love it…mmmph' The feeling of warm sperm in Jerry's mouth kept Tim fucking it.


His cock was in a lip lock and Jerry's tongue licked furiously. "Ughhh, oh, oh, oh". Tim's stopped cumming but Jerry kept sucking and licking and savoring the flavor of it. Tim looked down and their eyes met. He let go of Jerry's head and reached for his cock. He felt the rock hard mass through his trousers and it turned him on to no end.

He kept feeling it and he started to rub it.

It seemed very large. Another orgasmic wave was building deep in Tim's groin. Was it was part of the first one? He couldn't tell.

As he looked around the room Marty Balin and Grace Slick sang 'Miracles'. Pretty please, with sugar on it, that's how I'd like you to… And Tim had a handful of cock and he wondered what it was going to be like when he…But Jerry looked at him again and Tim was wild with lust.

"Suck me yeah, I'm gonna cum again, oh fuck. Don't stop, mmm, fuck oh, oh, ughhh, mmm. Then he collapsed on his back and breathing heavily he looked up at the ceiling and the sea of tiny bumps in the stucco. "How was that"? Jerry asked. Tim couldn't respond.

He managed a little laugh between breaths. "You gotta be kidding" he said finally. "I want to…" But before he could finish the sentence Jerry had removed his clothes and Tim couldn't believe his eyes. Jerry's cock was huge, ridiculously huge. It was gigantic. Jerry leaned back and Tim gawked for a while, unable to say anything.

He just stared and stared and the sight of the enormous cock. It was his to suck and it felt dreamlike just looking at it. "Are you afraid"? Jerry asked. "Of what"? asked Tim. "Sucking a cock for the first time or sucking that thing"? They both laughed. "I know, it's always been a problem.

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A gay guy has it rough. I can't exactly expect anyone to take it up the ass and my ex wife had a hard time screwing me." "Jesus, I can see why" said Tim. "Actually I find it very enticing." "Do you"? "Yes" Tim answered. And he moved beside Jerry into the 69 position. Even after his multiple orgasm Tim was aroused just by the sight of what he was about to have in his mouth.

He put his hand around the massive member and felt up and down the huge shaft with his fingers. He did this several times and used both hands and he ran his fingers over the head and looked at Jerry's closed eyes. Tim wanted to please his partner the way he had done but he knew it was impossible.

Still he was determined to please the man and he leaned in and sucked and licked the head. After a few minutes of this Jerry was moaning and Tim was starting to get into it. He opened his mouth as wide as he could but all he could manage without scraping his teeth over the skin was to suck on the head.

It took a while but soon Tim found a nice rhythm. He stroked his left hand up and down the shaft and sucked the head of this big warm penis. It seemed like ages before Jerry was close to cumming. Finally a hand was on Tim's head. He was glad to be pleasing Jerry. He used his tongue as Jerry had and as so many girls had done to him.

Jerry was moaning and moving his hips so much that Tim had a hard time keeping his mouth on the head. But it was wonderful having that warm dick in his mouth and he grabbed on with both hands. Tim's lips were around the head, his tongue lapping at the flesh and as he stroked he felt the sperm move up inside Jerry's cock.

His main vein was pulsing spasmodically and then there was a rush of soft hot lava. Jerry almost screamed 'Yeahhh' But the first gush was nothing like what followed.

Tim squeezed Jerry's balls with his left hand and stroked him with the right. Suddenly a shot of cum like water from a garden hose that was left in the sun filled his mouth. He managed to swallow almost all of it but he pulled away slightly. The next explosion went up his nose until he closed his mouth around the flow. It wasn't the bitter taste he expected. It was more neutral and slightly salty. Another long hot spurt went into Tim's mouth but he couldn't hold it and it spilled down Jerry's cock and onto his hands.

Then another spurt almost choked him and he had to pull back. Jerry was gasping for air and moaning with delight as Tim continued to stroke and milk minor gushes of cum. Again Tim lowered his head and sucked and licked, not wanting to waste any of the nectar.

"Tim honey are you alright?" Tanya had come into the kitchen where Tim had been standing at the wine rack. "Are you drunk babe? What's up"? Tim snapped back to the present, the daydream was gone.

"I'm fine, I just can't decide what bottle to open." "What about Don"?

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She asked. "What about him"? "Well I don't know, but I think you need to confront him. I didn't know he was gay"! "Not really, maybe bisexual". Tim offered. "Whatever, anyway you better straighten him out and I don't like the idea of him getting off in the pool." But secretly she really did.

"I'll talk to him tomorrow" he answered. As his wife went out to the pool Tim put his fingers around a magnum bottle of Chardonnay and mindlessly stroked it.

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'White' he said to himself, 'definitely the white nectar'. * * Sunday morning 10:04 * * There was no alarm in the room where Katie and Don slept. Tanya had come in and roused the buxom blonde at nine. The girls went for a shopping spree and lunch in the city leaving the guys to lounge around till dinner. Don woke to Tim's voice yelling at him from the kitchen.

"Get up you lazy bastard…get up the coffee's hot". Don showered but didn't bother to put on anything more than his blue boxers. They were so much more comfortable than briefs, especially in summer. As Tim handed him a cup of coffee he couldn't help imagining the photo he'd seen the night before. And when he had gotten up to pee in the middle of the night and switched on the computer he looked at it again. And it made him cum again. "The floor's cold in here" Don said moving to the living room.

Tim followed and he wondered what if anything he would say about the pool video. Tim switched on the TV to Sports Center but he wasn't able to concentrate on it. The thought of his friend entertaining homosexual thoughts about him was foremost in his mind. It was after all Tim who had made the suggestive comments over the years.

Like asking Don jokingly to suck his dick while in separate rooms at Don's house. Don passed it off of course but he didn't know Tim wasn't smiling at the time.

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He was stroking his cock in an upstairs bedroom. Then there was the time they shared a hotel room on a golf outing. Again Tim said something about having Don suck his dick.

Later, in the stillness of night, Don heard subtle movements from Tim's bed and then the unmistakable sound of cum shooting onto the sheets. It was pooling up and it made a squishy sound. He wanted Don to hear that hadn't he? There were other, more suggestive things too. Like when they shared a bed after a drunken night out. Tim had put his leg across Dons and made a slight humping motion on the bed.

It was just play, but could that have started Don on his way to bisexuality? Or maybe it was the night Don stayed over and they watched some porn on cable. He'd left him a box of tissues on the couch and told him the porn channel number…just in case he wanted to watch later? Don had in fact woken up. He was watching porn. And Tim had seen the light under the door. He opened it a crack and watched Don jerking off. The strange thing was Don's hips were raised, his eyes were closed and he was aiming his cock at his bedroom door.

Later, when Tim was masturbating, Don heard the bed creaking. It was all so wasteful; this convoluted hidden desire between them. Sports center ended and Tim put on a movie. "Behind Enemy Lines" about Russian and German snipers at Stallingrad. But it was time to say something. "Uh, you didn't see our cameras did ya"? "What cameras"? Don asked. 'Well here goes nothing' thought Tim. "I had a new security system put it last week".

"Oh yeah? Where is it"? "The controls are up in our bedroom". "No I mean where are the cameras I don't see anything." Don started to worry a little.

"They're on the roof. One in front and one in back over the pool." Tim clearly read a worried look on Don's face. Don was replaying the scene in his mind. Holly shit! Of course he had been visible from the roof and a camera might have seen everything he did. "Want to see the video"? "Not really" Don said stiffly. "Come upstairs there's something else I want to show you". Don followed Tim feeling only slightly relieved.

Perhaps Tim was talking about something entirely different or at least he would refrain from displaying what might be on the tape. When Tim touched the space bar on his computer there was his e-mail photo. But in the enhanced version there was no denying who it was or what it meant.

"Oh shit" was all Don could say. But Tim refused to torture his friend. "It's alright…I kinda like it, you have a nice dick Don." Don, half petrified. half wondering, felt his nice dick starting to grow uncontrollably in anticipation.

"Sorry about the uh…you know those e-mails". "I kinda like them too, except they were sort of brief, you could have elaborated some". Don smiled nervously. He had said some very racy things in those e-mails about wanting to take a shower and suck Tim's cock, eat his cum, and many variations on the theme.

"So have you indulged"? Tim asked "No.have you"? "Once…so what prompted you to send those e-mails"? Tim started stripping his clothes off before waiting to hear an answer.

Then he motioned for Don to do the same. "I don't know really, but I gotta tell you. You have no idea how close I came to going down on you once" said Don who was staring at Tim's growing member in his underwear. "When"! Tim asked excitedly. "That time at your house, we were up late and then we golfed early, we took a nap together in the guest bedroom. You could have used your own room but… anyway I took it as some kind of signal and it got me thinking." Don took off his tee shirt and his pants hit the floor as Tim exposed his cock.

Two seconds later the men were facing each other stark naked with raging stiff boners. "I was going to get under the covers and go down on you. I was about five seconds from doing it but when I turned towards you I guess our faces were a little too close and you pushed me away". Now the two stood in the middle of the room naked and Don reached out and fondled Tim's cock. "I can't wait any longer" he said.

Then Don went to his knees on the rug and began kissing and licking Tim's shaft; it was the way he had imagined it a hundred times.

He started moaning and Tim followed suit. They had both waited for this for many long years. Don looked up and Tim's eyes were closed. Then he drew in closer and engulfed a man's penis for the first time. He had fantasized about it so many times that the real thing was wonderfully close to what he expected, but much better of course. He started bobbing up and down, enjoying the warm hard flesh in his mouth. "Don I'm gonna cum, oooh, you're sucking my dick, oh god".

Then Don stood and they went to the bed. Tim laid on his back and Don's head went over his cock again. The brief interruption stopped a premature orgasm but there was a flow of precum and Don savored the taste. It was different from his own and the sample made him wild with lust for more. A hand brushed over Tim's chest and the other squeezed his butt cheek.

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Tim's loud moans were encouraging although he really didn't need encouragement. Don fantasy's flashed through his mind as he mouthed his friend's warm cock for the first time. There was the shower scene; Don pulled back the curtain and caught Tim with his cock in his hand and ready to come; he got in and went to his knees. But he could never imagine what Tim's cock would tasted like. The real thing was so much better. There was the one where Tim was fucking Tanya while Don lay over her doing a 69.

Then he would offer his mouth and Tim would remove his cock from his wife and put it into his waiting mouth. But the taste of Tim's cock was so much better than the fantasy; even better than the camping scene. It had rained and much of their gear was wet.

They had to share Tim's sleeping bag. During the night Don felt Tim's huge cock on his ass and an arm went around his waste. Then he felt fingers and a hand caress his growing penis. Then another hand pulled down his underwear and he felt the cock on his skin. The hand worked his cock up and down with wonderfully soft, yet firm strokes.

He bucked into the hand and yelled into the wooded night "Yes Tim fuck me, suck my cock"! And Tim jerked onto his ass until he shot warm sperm all over it and up his back. It filled his crack and the lubrication help as Tim continued humping merrily and jerked him off at the same time.

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Then Tim turned him over and put his head down there. A tongue flicked at his balls and slowly slithered upward and licked just under his head, then wet lips went over it and down the shaft and the tongue teased the hole in his cock head. He shot his cum into the face, he held Tim's head there as the flow increased and went into his mouth almost without end. And still the real thing was so much better. Don moved over his friend into the 69 position.

As he did so Tim took his cock and guided it into his waiting mouth. He sucked hard and it was much better than his own fantasies. Don came, it was surprisingly fast, he hadn't anticipated the sudden burst of cum. Don shot so much cum into his mouth that he couldn't swallow it all. He choked a little and spat some out and still more hot flow filled his mouth.

Then Don rolled over on his side and Tim wiped his face and licked his fingers. Try as he might Tim could no longer hold back. He warned his friend. "I'm ready, here it comes…here it is Donny, drink my cum"! Don opened wide and pressed his face to Tim's belly, taking the huge cock down his throat. He held it there gasping for breath from the sides of his mouth and through his nose.

But he felt no gagging sensation and stayed open to his friend's hot pole; then he was rewarded with hot jizz shooting down his throat. Tim grunted with delight and Don stayed with it and squeezed his balls. Then he pulled away slowly and with stiffened lips bobbed on Tim's bulbous head. His lubricated lips slid over the spurting head several times and two, three, four more bursts of cum filled his mouth.

This time he savored the taste and he started licking Tim like a lollipop with long wipes of his tongue. When it was over the two men talked about getting their wives in on the fun. It wouldn't be all that difficult to do. Tanya thought Don was cute, Don loved Tanya's pretty face and delectable ass. Tim adored Katie's amazing tits and he couldn't wait to get a hold of them and suck away like mad.

And Katie had once admitted to a fantasy dream she'd had about Tim. It was all there for the taking. For the next hour or so the men relaxed by surfing for porn on the web. It wasn't hard to find what they wanted. And then they showered together, it took almost an hour.