Nanna Yang from Saint Paul Minnesota I just came

Nanna Yang from Saint Paul Minnesota I just came
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Here's the true part of my tale. Hajnalka is a 40 year old Hungarian woman who has been living in the same shared house as me for about a year now, she has a nice body (34c tits, probably the same size hips) but she has a rather, how shall I say it?, boring face.


Its not ugly but its not particularly pretty either, its not even plain! She has a tendency to stick her nose in the air like she's royalty or something, she wears the same boring clothes day in day out and eats the most bland and tasteless food I've ever known and by God is she thick! Her grasp of even the most basic things leaves a lot to be desired and believe me I'm not joking.

She is also incapable of holding down a job (she's had about 6 in the last year alone) as she is just so utterly useless (I heard that from one of our other housemates who used to work with her!

I've also heard from another that she thinks getting up the duff will solve her problems!).

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Now, to set the picture for my tale, she hasn't had a proper job for the last 3 months, she's fast running out of money and options. I run the internet in the house and she hasn't paid me (its only a fiver a month) for nearly 5 months and I did agree to let her settle up when she got a job or if she's got some spare cash. Unfortunately any spare cash she's had has gone on plants and 2 new mattresses for her bed (she didn't like the first one), so I decided to come up with a way she could pay, I just need to implement it!

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It is the basis for this story. Now for the fantasy. I call it: Ride my cock and get free internet! "Well the others are all up to date, I know I gave you some leeway as you don't have a job but I can't carry on doing that." I told Hajnalka. The dumb Hungarian bitch just stood there and stared at me blankly, my words not seeming to sink in.

I sighed inside as I knew this was going to be a long conversation.


"But I have no money!" She stated for the umpteenth time "what am I to do?" "Well, what are you prepared to do?" "What do you mean?" "Well, there must be some way you can pay it off." "I do not know what." Then it struck me, the perfect thing. I looked up and down her body, taking in the curve of her ass, her slim waist and the grapefruit sized lumps of her small breasts, true she was not the best looking (or brightest) woman I knew but she had a gorgeous body and I decided I wanted taste of it.

"OK," I said "I'll wipe off your debt if you do something for me." "What do you want?" She replied, her face as blank as her eyes. "To put it simply," I said "I haven't had sex with anyone in over a year now," I watched her face to gauge her understanding of where I was going with this, but there was none so I pressed on.

"You can consider your debt covered if you have sex with me." "I don't understand what you mean." She said, a strange frown furrowed her brow. "Its simple," I told her, "We have sex, you do not have to pay for the internet for the last few months." She continued to look blankly at me, she still didn't get it!

"If you let me fuck you, you do not have to pay!" I said, frustration getting the better of me.

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"You fuck me and I not have to pay?" She asked "Yes!" I said "You let me put my penis in your vagina and you do not have to pay anything!" "Oh OK." "Well?" "What?" "Are you going to let me fuck you?" "And I not have to pay money?" "Yes!!!!" "OK, I think. When?" "Now" "ERM, OK" (talk about pulling teeth!!) We went to her room, she stood in the middle of the room with the same blank expression on her face.

I started to take off my clothes and was down to my boxers, my rock hard cock pushing at the fabric and threatening to burst out from them, before I realised she hadn't started to strip.

"You need to take your clothes off." I said.

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"Why?" She asked blankly "Because we're going to have sex!!" "Oh, yes" She started to strip, taking her time almost as if she didn't know how to, finally she stood before me in just her bra and panties. "Get on your knees" I told her. "Why?" Blankly again. "Because you're going to suck my cock." "But that's disgusting" "And yet you're still going to do it" "Am I?" "Yes, its part of your debt repayment" "But you said you wanted to have sex with me" "And this is part of sex, its called foreplay" "Four play?" She held up four fingers.

"Just pull my boxers down and do it, for fuck's sake" She finally dropped to her knees and very tentatively reached for the waistband of my boxers.

Gripping it gently she slowly pulled them down, my cock springing out and pointing directly at her face. She slid them all the way down and I stepped out of them, she turned her attention to my rock hard dick and slowly reached for it with her hand. Gripping it gently she began to stroke it, making it grow even bigger and leak a little pre-cum which trickled down the back of her hand.

"Lick it off." I told her and, albeit dubiously, she licked it, swirling her tongue around her lips afterward. I took hold of her head and pulled her face towards my cock, she resisted at first but gave in when I pulled harder. "Take it into your mouth." I instructed her, she opened her mouth and slowly slipped her lips around my cockhead. I was in heaven! Her soft, warm mouth enveloped my dick and she started to suck for all she was worth, sliding in as much as she could before it hit the back of her throat and she started to gag.

For someone who didn't like this sort of thing she was pretty good at it! She carried on like that for a few minutes and I held her head tight, forcing my cock down the back of her throat making her gag.

She started to struggle but I held her head in place making her squirm and fight to breathe, the spasms of her blocked throat sending shivers down my cock and spine. Her face began to pale and eventually she passed out and went limp, I lowered her to the floor. I reached around her back, unhooked her bra and took it off, getting my first look at her beautiful breasts.

I took one in each hand a gently squeezed them feeling the small nubs of her nipples as they began to harden and press into my palms. I started to tease her nipples with my fingers, rolling them back and forth til they stood hard and proud. Taking them into my mouth in turns I suckled on them like a newborn, sucking them in and teasing them with my tongue and teeth.

I bit gently on them, making her gasp in her unconscious state (at least she was alive!) and began to flick the tip of my tongue over the ends. She began to move, her subconscious causing her to push them towards me and making her writhe on the bed. I played with them for a few minutes longer before kissing my way down her body to the top of her panties.

I slid her panties down her legs and feasted my eyes on her pussy. A soft black triangle of hair sat above it but the lips were hair free, looking freshly shaved or waxed. Gently I rubbed the lips with my finger, gaining a second large gasp from her. I started to explore with my fingers, feeling her start to get damp, dipping my fingers in her juices I lifted them to my mouth to taste their sweetness. I lent toward and started to tentatively lick around the lips, teasing and stroking with my tongue until I reached her clit.

I teased the sensitive little nub with my tongue and sucked it into my mouth, twirling around it with my tongue and gently nibbling on it with my teeth. Hajnalka's eyes snapped open and she let out a long pleasurable moan, taking that as my cue I slipped a finger inside her and teased the soft spongey flesh of her g-spot. Her breathing started to quicken and she let out a loud moan as she came, her pussy flooding with juice which I gently and eagerly lapped up.

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I lifted her up, placed her onto the bed and spread her legs before climbing between them and placing the head of my cock at her entrance. I entered her for the first time, her soft wet pussy swallowing me whole right up to my balls. I held there for a few seconds, savouring the feeling before I began to thrust, slowly at first, each one causing her to moan with pleasure. I took my time, relishing the feeling of her tight muscles gripping my cock, then gathering pace I began to slam into her, the force making her breasts wobble and her breathing quicken.

She began to thrash wildly, her moans growing steadily louder as my cock slid deep inside her, her eyes rolled back and she came heavily, her cunt muscles spasming around my cock and threatening to push me over the edge.

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I continued to pound her pussy hard, her orgasm continuing for several minutes until she stopped spasming and lay there gasping for breath with my hard cock buried deep in her pussy. When she recovered I told her to get on her hands and knees, to put her head down and her ass up. She got on all fours and then turned around and looked blankly at me asking what I meant, so I forced her head down onto the bed. I took my cock and slid it into her hot, wet and inviting hole, putting just the head in at first and holding.

"Do you want it bitch?" I asked her and she mumbled that she did, I thrust hard, burying my whole cock deep inside her and pushing her face into the bed. She screamed at me to fuck her and I did as requested, slamming my hard cock into her with increasing ferocity, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back hard, fucking her for all I was worth.

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My cock was pounding into her, smashing against her g-spot pushing her towards another orgasm until again she began to buck wildly, her pussy playing a symphony on my shaft as she came. She collapsed onto the bed, heaving for breath. I turned her over back onto her back, hooking my arms just below her knees and forcing her legs back, I once again slid the tip of my cock into her soaking wet hole.

She started shaking her head, saying she'd had enough and begging me to stop. "I haven't cum yet." I told her and again I slid inside her until my balls were touching her ass, the penetration much deeper with her legs held back.

I started to move in and out, her feeble pleas again becoming pleasurable moans. I thrust hard, feeling my cockhead hitting against the entrance to her cervix, sliding my cock nearly all the way out til just the head was inside then driving it back into that warm velvety hole.

I could feel my cum begin to rise and began to thrust even harder, quickening my pace until my cock was a blur. "I heard you want to get pregnant." I told her as I fucked her hard and fast.

"Not by you!" She managed to gasp as her next orgasm built inside her, "I want to be married to a nice man then get pregnant by him, not a fat pig!" This made me mad and i made my decision (i only wanted to see what she would say, now i was going to get her pregnant if it was the last thing i did!) I pushed my cock harder and harder into her, her gasps becoming more ragged. "Please don't cum in me!" She begged as her cheeks flushed and her eyes rolled back as her orgasm hit.

Again her pussy muscles played an angelic tune on my shaft, I rammed home as I felt my seed rush up my cock and I came hard inside her, thrusting my cock as deep as it would go, releasing huge spurts of cum into her fertile pussy.


When i was finally spent I collapsed on top of her and she tried to push me off but I was too heavy for her, I stayed there until every last drop of my cum had drained into her pussy. Finally I climbed off her, she was sobbing now and moaning that she could be pregnant by me. I looked at her and just thought " what a dumb bitch". "Debt paid." I said simply and began to dress, I turned to her.

"Tell you what," I said "you can have free internet all the time if I can fuck you whenever I want." She looked at me, a faint gleam of understanding in the dumb bitch's eyes. She nodded eventually, as she realised she would not only get free internet but some great sex out of the deal aswell. So, from then on, until about 6 weeks later when she ran out of money and had to go back to Hungary, that's how it was. I fucked her as much as I could, several times most days and not only in her pussy but in her ass too, shooting my seed into both.

She would come to my room naked at night and slide herself onto my shaft, riding me hard until i filled her with semen. About 5 months after she went back she sent me an email with a picture of her in her same old outfit, sporting a rather nice baby bump, the message said simply "it is yours".

I sent one back jokingly saying " that could be a pillow up there, you should send some naked ones." and to my surprise she did, stark naked (the bump was real) some from the side and front, some on all fours with her now milky tits hanging down, a few from behind and one (my particular favourite) lay on a bed, her legs spread and her hairy pregnant pussy on full display.

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She sent me pictures like these throughout the last few months of her pregnancy and eventually I sent her some pictures of my rock hard cock saying "this is what your photos do to me, its all yours if you want it." She's offered to cum stay with me a few days next month.