Gay twinks An Appreciative Boy Gets A

Gay twinks An Appreciative Boy Gets A
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These stories contain sexual acts of two underage boys, from the british soap Eastenders, if you have a problem with this gay underage theme do not read on. Peter Beale, the 14 year old kid who has a tall, skinny athletic type body with perfect golden blonde hair, his cock is 6.5 inches and he has very little pubic hair.

Jay Brown, is a tough 13 year old kid, who is much shorter than Peter, he is not the best looking guy in the world but has a cheeky almost sexy type personality. He has short brown hair and a 6 inch cock.

He and Peter develop a relationship together and these are their stories. This is Part 2 read Part 1 first. PART 2 Late that evening, Jay turned up at Peter's house with his stuff. Peter had wanted to do homework on the front room table but Jay wanted to work upstairs in the bedroom.

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In Peter's room, Jay's first plan of action was to lock the door behind them.Jay emptied his school bag and ordered Peter to sit beside him and help him do his homework. An hour later they finished Jay's homework "Done thanks for your help. Anyway, enough of that. Need to talk to you. Fancy a Jay wank?" proposed Jay.

Peter nodded. "Get your kit off then!" Jay double checked the door was locked while Peter quickly stripped off.


Jay moved Peter towards the bottom of the bed, "What do you want to talk about?" questioned Peter. "Us," said Jay. He put his warm hand on Peter's genitals and began stimulating him gently. "Just a reminder, fag boy, you're the gay one -not me. And do not, and I fucking mean this, do not tell anyone aboutus.

So what's up, Peter - you seem stressed." "I am, actually. Its hard work fitting everything in my life in right now. I'll sort the homework; don't go to anybody else about anything. You help me with the homework, and you need me to help you wank yourself off." "I can wank myself off!" protested Peter. "But it feels a lot better when you do it." Jay gently tightened his grip as Peter's cock began to grow in his hand, Peter gasped as Jay sped his hand motions up slightly.

"Then you admit it. You need me so badly. Nobody else can help you. Swear to me you will not talk to anybody but me. If you do, I will chop your dick off." Jay's tough image wasn't ever changed ever, even during a sexual act! "I promise," whispered Peter, squirming about on the floor. He needed to shoot his load so badly but Jay wouldn't let him.


"Let me cum! Please?" "Imagine it," whispered Jay, milking the situation for all it was worth. He slowed his stimulation of Peter to an optimum speed - not slow enough for Peter to lose his erection but not fast enough to entice him towards ejaculation either. "Finish me!" pleaded Peter once again, now thrusting his midrift towards Jay in an effort to get the extra stimulation needed to end the agony.

Jay squeezed Peter's genitals once again. He sped his motions up and led Peter towards climax. The boy shot a big chunk of watery yet clearly white semen out of his penis and onto the lightly coloured carpet, shaking violently as he went.

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Jay had to cover Peter's mouth with his other hand to stop him screaming too loud. As soon as the load of semen had left Peter's body, he felt several pounds lighter.

"I am so yours," whispered Peter to Jay on his return. "Forever." He didn't know how else to feel. It was true, he really liked Jay as a person. Jay watched as Peter dressed himself and cleaned up his own mess on the carpet before settling down, up close to each other, to cuddle together.

Peter turned to Jay and they began making out, he slowly began to undress Jay and his right hand was going up and down at a decent speed on Jay's hardening cock. The bed creaked with each motion to a point where Jay was half-expecting it to fall to pieces. Peter grabbed Jay's penis and ordered Jay to "shove it up my ass".

As Peter spread his legs apart Jay began licking his ass to lube it up. Peter sucked on Jay's hard cock which sent Jay into heaven, this was the first time he had his cock sucked by anyone.

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After a few more minutes it was wet enough and Jay prepared to penetrate Peter with his hard, blood-filled, soaking wet penis. Jay was lying down and Peter bent over in front of him about to sit on Jay's hard 6 inch cock which was about to fill his ass to the max.

As Jay squeezed and patted Jay's backside, Peter could feel Jay's erect penis brushing against his anus. Jay gradually moved his hands further down and was able to run a finger down Peter's butt crack towards his anus.

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Jay began to slap Peter's buttocks firmly. The sound of hand hitting skin filled the bedroom Peter winced on a per-slap basis. He slowly slid his erect penis into Peter's perfectly formed bubble butt. At first Peter's hole was very tight and Jay could tell he was in a lot of pain but he insisted Jay to keep on going and as he got deeper into Peter he relaxed and Jay could tell that the pain was subsiding.

As Jay started to pump in and out of his ass a tight friction against his penis. It was better than a thousand hands. Combined with the tingling feeling this put Jay in a state of pleasure that he never thought possible.

Just riding on pleasure and instinct Jay continued to pump in and out of Peter's tight ass and it wasn't long before Peter was screaming in extacy. Jay could feel feel his orgasm fast approaching.

His boyish body got tenser and tenser as the pressure rose up his shaft and as cum exploded out the head of his penis he had the most violent and most pleasureful muscle spasms of his young life. Both boys lay their for about 5 minutes, hugging.

"We need to cleanup" said Jay "Shower?" replied Peter with a smile stretching the whole of his face. To be continued.

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