Teen and babe suck cock in threeway

Teen and babe suck cock in threeway
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SSex had become a little stale over time,if we were both going to be honest. After 2 kids and 12 years of marriage the passion was lacking. I had tried to interest my wife Elaine in porn movies and she had seemed to enjoy it using sex toys for a while, but then we would find ourselves back to the hum drum routine. The fact that Elaine had been brought up strictly and was educated at a convent school,had instilled inhibiting ideas and values into her,such as " Sex is for producing a family.

It's wrong to use contraception or it's sinful for couples to stray after getting married". The problem with the contraception rule was that it limited sex to a safe time after Elaine's period when she was least likely to conceive.

It made spontaneity difficult,to say the least. I had raised the idea of "others" a couple of times, but Elaine's shocked reaction soon stopped those idea's. It wasn't that she didnt like sex, or that she failed to find other men attractive.

When Elaine had alcohol, another personality was waiting to get out.

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She did not drink often, but when she did, it was really "let your hair down time". If music came on, she was up and dancing. If men were around, she was flirting.


One time I had to rescue a shocked priest from a corner after a family wedding. But it always stopped short of Elaine really "getting" with someone and the next day she would be back to being faithful, little, wifey again.

Last year Elaine's sister had a girl and a family Christening was coming up. On the day, celebration started eary as usual in the old, Irish, family tradition.

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Elaine had downed several vodka's before the service and quite a few more afterwards. We ended up going into town and passing a bar were a band were playin. Elaine dragged me inside. I am not much of a dancer,but Elaine knows that and immediately threw herself onto the floor and got going with the hip action.

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Elaine is 32 years old and has kept her looks and figure very well. Slim, with nice,firm, breasts and great legs, it was no surprise to see men looking at her as she gyrated on the dance floor.

One in particular was really giving her the once over.

There were alot of strangers in town and I presumed he was one of the Polish or eastern European men who had been taken on at the meat packing factory during the pre Christmas busy period.

The man was older than us, maybe mid 40's or so, with black hair and glasses. It was his clothes that singled him out as eastern European. They were just a different style to ours and somehow more practical, the sort you could go to work wearing. He was dancing lose to Elaine near the front of the stage and was staring almost intently at her, never taking his eye's off her. I kept Elaine's glass filled all evening and when the man approached the bar to get a drink I struck up conversation with him.

He had only limited English,but I found out he was Dimitri from Rumania. He was working at the meat packing factory to support his wife back home. H e produced a picture from his wallet of a rather plain,serious looking, middle aged,woman, with 5 children of various ages grouped around her .

He enquired about my family and I pointed over to Elaine. Dimitri said "You are lucky man. She is beautiful woman". He paused winked and said "Sexy woman".

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I suddenly found myself lying and saying that Elaine enjoyed coming to dance with men. My new friend Dimitri said 'You like wife to do the dancing with the men.

Maybe get sexy, sexy, eh" ? I kind of laughed and said "Maybe" That gave the man a big, green, light to get back on the dance floor and he was soon really close to Elaine, boogying with her. By the time another hour had passed Elaine was pretty drunk and getting unsteady on her feet.

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She came towards the bar, followed by Dimitri. Elaine's speech was slurred and Dimitri was taking a few liberties,putting his arm around her and moving in close.

Elaine's eyes were a little glazed and she was giggling and telling him he was "A naughty,naughty man".


I said I would get a cab and despite Elaine's protests that she wanted stay there, I called one. When the cab arrived Dimitri helped me get Elaine out of the bar.

She was staggering and we got each side to walk her in a straight line. I said to Dimitri " Would you like to come back for a drink" ? Dimitri gave me the same sly wink he had earlier. Leaning towards me, he said in a low voice,"We have drinks then we make sexy with Elaine (he pronounced it as Elan).

Yes" ? I nodded and said "Lets see". We got Elaine into the back seat and on the way she was talking away. Her voice was so slurred it was difficult to understand, but the jist of it was that she was happy to be in the company of 3 sexy men.

She was including the cab driver in that number,who in his 60's, overweight and balding, appeared very flattered. When we arrived Elaine had to be almost pulled out of the seat. Dimitri helped me stand Elaine up and the cab driver got out and asked if we needed help. I gave a nod and we half walked,half carried Elaine into the house and sat her on the sofa. I paid the cab driver and as he was turning to leave I said "Why not stay for a drink." ? He hesitated,then looking over at Dimitri who had sat down next to Elaine and was kissing her neck, he said, "Well maybe just the one".

I went into the kitchen,got out the vodka and poured 4 shots before going back into the lounge. Elaine was slumped back on the sofa. She was mumbling incoherently and her eyes were glazed. Dimitri had unfastened the buttons of her blouse and his hand was inside, caressing Elaine's breasts through her bra. The cab driver was sitting in an armchair next to the sofa looking on. I handed him a vodka and he took a good gulp. Dimitri removed his hand from inside Elaine's top and he pulled her forwards.

I moved towards the sofa and the cab driver leaned across to hold her while Dimitri unsnapped the clip of Elaine's bra to release her breasts. Then his hands were all over them,cupping and squeezing. The cab driver was saying "Oh jeez.she is stacked. Beautiful just beautiful" as Dimitri lowered his head to suck on Elaine's prominent nipples. Under the weight of Dimitri's attentions Elaine had falllen sideways and I knelt down and lifted her legs onto the sofa ,so she was laid on her back.

I stood up to get a drink and the cab driver got out of the armchair and shuffled across on his knees. He pulled Elaine's skirt up and turning towards me said "You ok with this fella" ? I just nodded and he immediately hooked his fingers into the top of Elaine's panties and tights, before tugging them down to her knees. The cab drivers licked his lips as his piggy little eye's feasted on Elaine's exposed mound, now only by covered her triangle of soft auburn hair.

Dimitri continued to enjoy Elaine's breasts ,while the cab driver lifted one of her legs to move them apart. He leaned further,sniffed and said "That pussy smells really good". Then his wrinkled, podgy, hand slid between her legs and he started to stroke and explore Elaine's sex.

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I sat on a chair and took a big hit of vodka. I could not believe how the day was working out and it seemed kind of surreal to be watching two strangers performing sex acts on Elaine in our own lounge. All I knew was that it was mind blowingly exciting and I knew I was not going to call a halt.

Dimitri suddenly sat up, got to his feet and began unfastening his trousers. He pulled them down and for some reason noted he was wearing old fashioned,baggy,string underpants, before his large,erect, penis sprang out from a thick bush of black,wiry,pubic hair. He reached down and took the tip between thumb and finger, sliding his foreskin back to reveal his shiny, engorged,plumlike, glans.

The cab driver moved back and sat himself in the armchair to watch. It was obvious the Dimitri had had enough of the foreplay.

Elaine was laid,eyes closed,mouth half open,breathing deeply, as Dimitri got onto the sofa and kneeled between her parted thighs.

He moved her legs wider apart and lowered himself on top of her. As he guided his cock between her legs, I knew that this was the moment I should do the right thing and say "Hold on,you need to use a condom", but I did not speak. I sat watching as the this total stranger nudged the big, purple, tip of his cock between my wife's pussy lips and with a firm but gentle push,penetrated her. Elaine did not give any response as Dimitri pushed again, getting deeper inside her. I found I had been holding my breath and I suddenly scked air in and was almost panting like a dog as I continued to take in the scene in front of me.

Dimitri pushed again and was fully up Elaine's pussy now. He began to thrust at first slow, then faster and deeper. The cab driver was encouraging him " Thats it. Fuck her. Push it right up her cunt". I knew this first mating was not going to last long. The Rumanian was just too turned on and impatient to wait more than 30 seconds. The thought that Elaine and I had made love in the middle of the previous week popped into my head A seperate part of my mind calculated and told me their was a big risk of Elaine getting pregnant, but I heard my voice join the cab driver's "Yes.

Go on, she is ready for a good fucking". Dimitri was thrusting hard and fast now.Elaine was making small moaning sounds but not moving as he fucked her. Then he pushed his cock really deep, groaned and then his arse was jerking as he started to cum.

The cab driver had his cock out and was masturbating as he watched.

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He was saying " Yea beautiful. Go on give her it. Spurt right up her pussy". My voice sounded strange,sort of high pitched and breathless. I said Yes, go on .Cum in her. Its ok. Go on give her your baby".The man eagerly filled Elaine's pussy with his warm, slippery semen. (To be contnued if anyone is interested ?