Milkenema milf assfucked and jizzed on tits

Milkenema milf assfucked and jizzed on tits
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I like to believe I am a good person.

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I do chores around the house, get decent grades in school, and pretty much stay out of trouble. My name is Pat. I am 17 years old, and live in Amherst, Massachusetts. I started babysitting for my neighbors at the age of 16, taking over for my sister who went to college. My neighbors have two daughters, Chloe and Casey.

Chloe is 13, Casey is 10. Now, I am not a petifile by any means, but I must admit, I have always found the 12 year old a little attractive. We had our own special relationship where I would kid her about boys and dances at her school, and she would ask me about girls, and we never really got anywhere. We were just fooling around. Well, it was as I started babysitting for them more and more that I realized how developed her body was beginning to get. I admit, I had jacked off a few times to the thought of her bald, virgin pussy, or my dick in her mouth with her big blue eyes staring up at me, but I knew nothing was going to come of it.

Maybe… Well, it was a Friday night, I knew that my neighbors were going out to dinner that niht and I thought that Chloe was old enough to babysit Casey by herself now that she was almost 13. Well, I was wrong. I was a home, and I get a desperate call from the mother asking if I can sit in for 4 hours while they go out. I said, ok, but asked why Chloe doesn't babysit.

She said, "Funny thin, I asked her and she said she would rather I come over. She never really sees you anymore, Pat and she is afraid that when you go to college, she will never see you." I said, "ok, sounds good. 7?" "Yea, that would be great," said the mother. So here I was thinking in my dirty mind that this is another night I will get to jack off to Chloe So I get to the house at 7, the parents give me the rules.

You, know, what they can and can't eat, watch on TV, and bedtime. We chat for a little bit, and then the y leave. "So, what do you guys want to do," I say. Casey said, "Hannah Montana is on. Lets watch that!" So we watched, and watched that damn show for 2 hours, and then I noticed that Casey was getting a bit tired and was practically asleep. I suggested she go to bed. "Noooo!!" she wined.

"Casey your tired, you need your rest," I said. "Ok, fine," mumbled Casey. And so I took her in my arms and walked her up the stairs to bed, read a quick story, and then kissed her goodnight.

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I went back to downstairs to where Chloe was sitting there watching and episode of "My Boys. "Your parents let you watch this?" I asked. "No, but they're not home. What are you going to make me turn it off!" she asked jokingly.

"Haha, no," I said. I was a sucker. So we watched My Boys for 20 minutes and then out of the blue, Chloe asks me… "Matthew, just out of curiosity, what is a cock?" I froze. I looked at her with a curious glance and asked slowly, "Why?" "I heard one of my friends say it in Health Ed. Today and I didn't know what it meant. I knew it was a dirty slang word, so I didn't want to ask my parents." My dick moved a fraction of an inch towards the sky.

"Chloe, I don't know if it is my place to tell you." "Please!" she looked at me pleadingly. I looked at her for a good 10 seconds before answering, "Ok, I'll tell, you, but you cannot tell your parents I told you." "Of course not." A cock is that thing you learned in health about males. The thing we use to pee…" "It's a penis?!" she said with a look of pure shock on her face.

"Yea, a penis." "Oh, ok. Silence&hellip. "So, you have a penis." It was not a question, but a statement. "Yes,," "I'm just curious, how big is it?" Now we had gone to far. "Chloe…" "Just curious!!" Her line for the night.

"I don't know, Chloe." "Well, can I see it?" I stared at her for a good minute I think. All my dreams and fantasies were starting to come to life. If I said no to this girl, she could possibly hate me forever. But I am safe. If I say yes, I could be facing terrible embarrassment. Even jail time. But the pleasures I could have… "Ok, fine.

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But do NOT tell your parents." "Oh, Pat, I would never do that." So, after another long stare down, I told her if she wants to see it, she has to come over to me and take my pants down herself. So she walked willingly up to me. I was on the couch, sitting up, she was on her knees on the floor looking up at me.

"If you want to see it, you have to unbutton my jeans," I said. So, Chloe took her small, curious fingers, and moved them upward towards the zipper of my jeans. She nudged on my dick, just a little bit which caused me to fly into a frenzy of excitement. She slowly pulled my zipper down and then moved to the button and unbuttoned them.


"Now, pull it down." She placed her hands inside the crotch of my jeans and slowly pulled my jeans down to my ankles. I lifted off the couch a little bit so she could pull me jeans off. Now I was in my boxers.

She then placed her fingers around my semi-hard dick through my boxers. Chloe then put her hands inside of my boxers, and began playing with my pubic hair.

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She worked her fingers down to the head of my cock, then grasped it in her tiny hands. With her other hands, she went in again down my boxers and grabbed my balls. Gently, and began to touch and feel my balls.

She slowly released my dick, and pulled down my boxers so she could see my dick. "Now this, Chloe, is a cock," I said. "Wow, Pat." "Now," I said "I want you to take your fingers, like you did before, and rap them around my cock and simply stroke it up and down." And so she did, with her right hand around my cock, she began to stroke, and with he left hand, she resumed the feeling of my balls.

I was in heaven. Up and down she went with her right hand. Her left hand roamed to my ass hole while the palm of her hand was still on my balls. The feeling was unbelievable. At this point me cock was in full form, standing nice and tall for its companion. Chloe stroked my dick, all the while with the same innocent look on her face. "Now, you can make me feel even better if you suck on it," I said. "Suck on it?" "Yea, try it." "It is called a blowjob." So Chloe moved her mouth cautiously to the tip of my dick and wrapped her warm lips around it.

I closed my eyes with pleasure. This little girl who I had a secret crush on had her lips around my penis! She looked uncertainly up at me.

When I nodded, she slowly began sucking on it. I was in heaven. She continued slurping on my dick, up and down her head went in a silent rhythm. I know she was an amateur, but damn, she was amazing! The feeling of her warm mouth against my innocent dick was unbelievable.

I was getting really exited and started to feel precum coming out of my mouth. Chloe felt it to. "Pat, what is this?" she frowned as she put a finger to some cum. "I'll explain in a second, honey just keep going." And so she bent over in between my legs, but my dick in her mouth and resumed her pace.


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Chloe… OHhhhhhhh. AHHHHHHHH!!!" My dick sprayed this innocent girl's mouth with semen.

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She looked up at me, shocked as I continued to pump my penis. After all settled down, I told her to sit next to me on the couch. She hopped up next to me and looked at me with deep interest.

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"That was called semen, that came out of my penis. And it felt so good…" "I'm glad that felt good, but I'm a mess," she said "Let's go to the bathtub and we can get you all clean." So we walked to the bathroom, her cute butt wiggling side to side in front of me.

"Uhhh," she said. "You got it everywhere." "Ok, it ok. But Chloe, your going to need to take your clothes off so we can wash them." "What!" Her face immediately became contorted with embarrassment. "But I don't want to!" "You have to, otherwise your parents will find out.

And then you need to take a bath." She looked like she was about to argue, but the thought of her parents finding out convinced her otherwise. She slowly lifted her polo shirt over her shoulders. While it was over her eyes, I sneaked a peak at the small bra that was covering her perky tits. They were a decent size considering she was 13.

They were going to be like her mothers'. "Turn around please," she said. "I need to take my bra and the rest of my clothes off." "I'm going to see it all anyways, Chloe." I said patiently. Chloe looked into my eyes as she nodded and unbuttoned her jeans and pushed them to slowly to the ground. I could see the outline of her pussy through the underwear. It did not look like she had any hair down there yet. That gave me an idea. "Chloe, you know how you made me feel really good, just a minute ago," I said.

"How about if I return the favor," I asked her. "How are you going to do that?" "Do you trust me?" "Yea" "Then let me show you." I walked over to her and behind her. I wrapped my hands around her bra and squeezed her tits a little bit. "Pat, what…" "Just relax, I promise everything will be ok." I massaged both of her tits through her bra with my hands and then with my right, I reached inside of the cup and touched the flesh.

Its' amazing how soft and warm a girls' skin is. I ran my hands across Chloe's small right breast, while the other remained on the cloth of her right breast. Then, I took my hand off of her right breast and wondered my way down her stomach rubbing her belly button, and found the cloth of her underwear.

I traced the outline of it with my finger, squeezing her right butt cheek when I got there, and then wandering back to the crotch area of her underwear.

With my index finger, I felt the slit of her pussy behind the protection of the cloth. Then, with my thumb, index finger, and middle finger, I gently squeezed her crotch.

She shuddered the tiniest of shudders. "Doesn't that feel good." Heavy breathing was her reply. With two fingers I rubbed her vagina up and down behind her underwear, all the while caressing her left and right breast.


I pulled out the front of her underwear so I could see her pussy for the first time. I then put my right hand in there and rubbed her pussy while the left held the underwear out.

I slowly took my left hand and unhooked the clasp to her bra, letting it fall to the ground. I then put one hand in her vaginal area and one in her pussy from the back while squeezing her butt.

I began rubbing her pussy. With both hands, I made a circular motion simultaneously. I then reached back towards my crotch to wear the buckle of her underwear was and slowly undid it.

I slowly dropped to my knees with the panties in both my hands, guiding it down her legs all the way to her feet. When my mouth was level with her but, my tongue automatically when to her pussy lips only for a second. I then removed the hand in her pussy from the back and worked my way back to my feet and slowly pressed my thriving cock to her butt hole, but put no pressure, I just let it rest there while my hands returned to her vagina.

Now that I had her completely naked, I put my index finger in between the flaps of her pussy. I rubbed up and down, up and down her bald pussy as I heard the slightest moan escape the mouth that just sucked me off. I let my left arm move all the way up her body, feeling her stomach all the way, until it got back to her left breast, which I slowly began caressing.

"Oh…oh…oh," she said rhythmically.

I continued to rub her pussy back and forth. She was really enjoying this I thought. This must be her first time. "OHHHHH!" Chloe screamed. And the next thing I knew my fingers were covered in the result of her very first orgasm. I continued to devour her pussy lips with my finger until I was satisfied I had leaked everything out, and then I removed my hand and put it up to her mouth. She opened her mouth automatically and sucked my fingers.

I put my arms around her and gave her a big hug. My dick touched the outline of her pussy lips and my hands roamed to her butt cheeks and I gave them a little squeeze. "Now, Chloe you need to take a bath!" "Ok, Patrick, but your coming in too!" "My pleasure!" I turned on the water and as soon as it was filled, I helped Chloe into the tub.

As she lifted her right leg over the tub, I sneaked a peak at her asshole, which widened in a presenting way. I followed her into the tub and we both sank in the water together. I grabbed the soap and told Chloe to stand up so I could wash her. She stood up, facing me and said, "You know, I fantasized being with you. I just didn't know how to do it." "Well, whenever you think about me, just take your fingers and put them in your pussy and think about me." "Do you do that?

Do you jack off to me, Matthew?" "Yea, I gotta say I do sometimes!" "So… its ok to have these feelings?" "Absolutely! It's perfectly normal." As I said this, I knelt down so her pussy was eye level with me. I took the soap in my hands and ran in silently up and down her pussy lips. I did this for a little bit until she started moaning and then I pressed a little bit and made circles.

Then, I took the edge of the bar, and put it between the flaps of her pussy, making it all soapy. I was really getting exited. I wanted to be inside her. I wanted to fuck this girl.

Dropping the soap, I picked her up so that her legs were wrapped around my waist, my hands holding her butt cheeks securely. We stared into each other eyes. With one of my hands holding her, I took the other and gently pushed her back so that her stomach was flat, her eyes staring at the ceiling. I then stared down at the hairless vagina that was inches from my dick.

I took my free hand and placed on my cock and guided it so that the tip was touching her pussy lips. "This is going to hurt a little bit," I told her. "But then it will be fine." I looked back down at my cock and her pussy and gently pressed my cock forward into her pussy lips so it spread them. She was so tight; her vagina was squeezing my dick so hard, I felt that if it were a human down there, they would suffocate.

I pushed a little harder into her pussy and felt her hymen. "You ready for a twinge of pain?" She nodded. I pushed in and I could physically feel her hymen breaking. Chloe sobbed just a little bit. I now had full access. I started pumping in and out of her pussy very gently at first. This was also my first time, so I wanted to savor every moment and every feeling of having my dick in her pussy. I pumped in and out of her pussy, speeding up all the while.

I took my free hand and wondered it up her stomach and felt her beautiful, young, perky tits as I continued to have sex with this innocent young child. I looked down to see a trickle of blood oozing out of her pussy and on to my dick, but no matter.

I watched as her lips spread open for me, allowing me in like a king. "AHH," Chloe yelled and a second later I felt and saw, not blood, but cum. For the second time tonight Chloe had climaxed. This must have triggered something in me because I could go no longer either. I pumped in and out of her and then I pressed in as far as I could and exploded in her pussy. I then laid her down in the bathtub and stared down.

And I thought to myself I had just fucked this girl. And then horror and panic struck. I didn't wear a condom…