Free horrible gay porn xxx With his eyes closed Price started going

Free horrible gay porn xxx With his eyes closed  Price started going
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This is my story, any similarities to people you know by their names or actions are by accident. If you are under 18, stop reading immediately. If you don't like odd sex this story is not for you. Otherwise please read on and don't forget to send in your comments. Friday after a nice warm bath I made sure my pussy was ready for a night of fun.

I always keep it shaved; I didn't want anything between it and a nice hard cock, not even my own hair.

I lubed it with some special gel that would make it easy for a hard cock to slide in with no problems. My lover tonight had a very big cock and the head of it was very large, I wanted to make sure it would fit just right. I also put some gel in my ass in case that would be used also during the night. I slipped on my sexy black dress. This dress really showed off my whole body.

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It was very short, stopping about two inches below my pussy and the top was open down to my belly button. It was designed to accent my tits and legs, showing as much skin as possible.

Two small spaghetti-string straps, held the top up and a small clip held it closed at my waist. One pull on the clip and it would open to show off my nude body. After putting on a pair of spike-heeled pumps and my black leather collar, I was ready to go to the club. I was the star of tonight's show and wanted to look the part. My taxi was waiting and on the ride to the club the driver kept looking in his rear view mirror.

I sat with my legs open so he would get a good look. When we pulled up to the club, I got out and leaned in his window, making sure he got a nice view of my tits.

I handed him some money and asked him if he saw anything he liked. "Oh yea", he said. "Tell you what, pick me up here at two thirty, and you can do more then just look", I told him. He gave me a big smile and said "see you then". I walked into the club, it was really a house, but on nights like tonight it was used as a private club for special meetings.

I was greeted at the door by the butler/bouncer. He looked me over and told me how nice I looked. I smiled thanked him and went straight to the large double doors. I stood there and waited to be lead into the room I was a few minutes early and could hear the party on the other side.

I could feel my pussy getting wet as I waited, then the doors opened and a small nude girl stood in front of me. She had a nice body; her tits looked firm, her nipples, were big and hard as rocks. She held a leash in her hand and quickly hooked it to my collar. She led me into the room, and paraded me around so everyone could get a good look at me. Then taking me to the center of the room, she dropped my leash and walked away. I stood very still and waited for the host to tell everyone what I was about to have done to me.

I knew what was going to happen, as this was not my first time as the shows star and it was all rehearsed ahead of time like any good play. I looked around and counted twenty couples and ten single men, great a full house. That meant I would pick up a nice paycheck for my performance tonight. Mack (the boss) never let more then fifty people in to his special shows. I was always amazed that so many people paid, and paid big bucks, just to watch a girl get fucked.

I waited for Mack to start his normal story, telling everyone what a treat they were in for. The room lights dimmed and a spot light came on over me, bathing me in its bright light.

Mack began his story, "This young girl has found that she enjoys being fucked, but not by men, her lovers are my other pets. She will gladly give herself to them as you get to watch. They will fill her with hot cum, five times more then any man could, this is what she really longs for, loads of hot cum".

At this point he orders me to remove my dress, pulling on the one clip my dress opens and I drop it to the floor. The little nude girl that led me in picks it up and unhooks my leash. I stand there in the bright light with my legs wide open letting everyone get a good look at my nude body while I wait he his next order. Mack waits a few minutes till everyone has gotten his or her fill of looking at me before he speaks again.

"What are you and what do you want", he asks me.

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"I'm a bitch in heat, I want to be fucked," I reply. "If you're a bitch in heat, why don't you get on all fours, like a good bitch" he asks me. I quickly get down on my hands and knees, and again say I want to be fucked. I can hear the most of the crowd whispering that they don't believe I will go through will this act. Some of them have been here before and know I will, they enjoy watching me get fucked.


The big doors open and a second nude girl holding a leash brings in Bud. He's a pure breed German shepherd one big dog; she brings him over and lets him sniff my pussy.

The lube I used earlier not only lubed my pussy but also gets the dog excited. My pussy smells like that of a female dog one in heat. Everything has been planned ahead of time and the dogs have been trained to react to the smell. The dog begins to lick my pussy; it sends chills up my spine as I wait for him to mount me.

The dog wants me bad and soon jumps up to put his paws on my back while his hard cock probes for my pussy. I arch my butt up and open my legs a little more so he can find my wet and willing pussy. I feel his cock find it and shove back, sending him inside me.


His long hard cock penetrates me and sinks deep into my pussy. He doesn't need an urging and begins to hump me like he would a female dog. His long cock keeps slamming in and out of my pussy bring moans of pleasure of deep inside me.

Dogs fuck better then guys, they can keep going for a longer time and each stroke is as hard and fast as the first.


Slamming his cock into me for over fifteen minutes kept me climaxing over and over again. His hard cock with its ball head continued to push my juices up into my belly. He keep pumping me for another ten minutes before he finally came. His hot cum filled my womb as he pushed that deep into me with my juices. Dumping his load into me didn't stop him from humping me, he went on and on till finally he slide out, finished with my pussy. I fell flat on the floor as both our juices spilled out of my pussy.

The girls came over and put a low table in the center of the floor then removed the dog. I got on the table on my back and waited for my next lover. Lying there with my legs open wide my pussy kept dripping dog cum mixed with my climax juices. My next lover was brought out this was Max a Great Dane; he was the biggest dog we used.

He sniffed my pussy once and quickly hopped up to put his paws on my tits. His hard cock found my pussy on his first try. His cock was bigger and longed then that of Bud, he could also fuck for a longer time. He started to hump me immediately slamming his cock full length into me. I let out loud moans of pure pleasure as he fucked me. Standing up with his paws on my tits everyone could watch his cock as it moved in and out of my pussy.

His long cock had a large ball near the tip and each time he slammed it into me the people saw how it made my belly go up. Slamming that big ball cock into me had the same effect that Bud did but this one was by far bigger. I could feel and watch the large ball of his cock move in and out my belly giving my more climaxes then Bud had.

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He humped me faster then Bud and with a lot more force. The people watching, especially the women couldn't believe I being fucked by this big dog but they were enjoying watching it. My cries of pleasure let them know just how much I was enjoying it. The men for the most part had their cocks out and many of the women were bent over being fucked by them as all watched me being fucked. The single guys were getting their cocks sucked by the nude girls, for an extra charge of course.

Max's big cock kept pushing what was left of Bud's and my juices deeper into my belly and started to make it swell up. Max fucked me hard for a good twenty minutes before his cock grew some more. His cock ball must have been near the size of a tennis ball as he humped in and out of me. The guys in the crowd had finished fucking the women and some of them were busy licking the guys off long before Max even got close to his cumming.

Max just continued to hump away at my pussy slamming his cock in with speed and force. He humped me for fifteen more minutes before began to shoot his cum into me. When he did cum he pumped a bucket load of hot cum into my all-ready filled belly.

I felt his hot cum being pushed by that big ball of his deep into my belly. My belly bulged out, it had been expanded from all that cum he had forced into it. When the Max pulled out and I just stayed on the table and let all of the spent cum flow out of my pussy and down to the floor. The crowd thrilled with the show, telling Mack it was worth what they had paid. He then invited them to come down to see me if they wished. Its funny most of the men didn't ever come down to see me but always most of the women did.

Like normal some of them stated they wished they had a dog at home. Mack then ushered them into another room for free drinks before they left. The two girls helped me off the table and into a side room. After being fucked so hard it was hard to walk. Mack came in to pay us from the take, fifty percent for him, thirty percent for me and ten percent to each of the girls.

Mack rounded up the crowd, gave them drinks and used his house so he got the most.

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The girls also got to keep what they made from the blowjobs they gave during the show. For the next show I would be one of the nudes working the crowd. One of the other girls would be the star and get fucked by the dogs. We each took turns with the dogs and the crowd, so after three shows we all made about the same money. I got cleaned up a quick shower and used my summer's eve douche. I put on my dress and relaxed till it was time to go home.

The taxi pulled up a two thirty on the dot. When I got in the driver asked if I was going to give him more then just a look like I had promised him. I told him my pussy was sore but I would be glad to give him a blowjob. He made a face and said he really wanted to fuck me. I asked him if he would like to fuck my ass and his eyes lit up with delete. "Sure, your ass looks great," he told me. Pulling around to the dark side of the house, I got on my knees in the back seat and raised my dress up.

He came around, dropped his pants and pushed his cock into my ass. He didn't have the force or the stamina of the dogs but his cock felt great in my ass.

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He pumped it as hard as he could and in to short a time he shot his load into me. He pulled out and I turned around and grabbed his cock and slide it in my mouth. I first sucked on it then I licked it down to his balls, I continued to suck and lick it till he got hard again.

"Please fuck my ass again," I told him. This time he lasted longer and fucked my ass as fast as he could.

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He did fuck me longer then the first time before he unloaded a small amount of cum into me. It felt great having a cock fuck me but still not as good as the dogs. On the ride home he told me, "Anytime I needed a ride to call him" he gave me his name and his number.

"Tomorrow I will need a ride back to the house and if you pick me up at two thirty again then you can have my pussy", I told him. He dropped me at home, promised to see me tomorrow and didn't charge me for the ride.