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Super sexy young brunette stepdaughter taken hard in wet pussy
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My name is Lt. Emily Hadley. I am a crew member of an interstellar spacecraft.

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We are light years from Earth and were exploring a solar system that been identified as a source of some recent alien aggression. There had been some minor attacks against some of the member planets of the Federation we belong to.

I was aboard a scout ship that was patrolling some moons of a Federation planet looking for signs of any alien presence.

I was the science officer and the only female on the crew of six. We were in orbit around the largest moon and had just gone around the dark side so we would be out of communication with our Mothership for a while.

I was taking some readings and noticed something odd. I was about to tell the Captain about it when all of a sudden our ship was hit by some sort of force beam.

Everything went white and it felt like I was frozen in time. I lost consciousness. I slowly started to wake up. My eyes were closed but I could tell I was breathing.

I didn't know where I was. There was oxygen in the air but at a lower level than normal. I was lying flat on my back on some sort of metal. I tried to move my arms and legs but couldn't.

I forced myself to blink my eyes open. My head hurt and I had a funny metallic taste in my mouth. I tried to figure out where I was but there wasn't much light and nothing made sense. I knew this though. I wasn't aboard our craft and I was naked. My arms and legs were stretched out in an X pattern on what I could only describe as a table. The only thing I could figure out was I must be aboard an alien ship. I had no idea what kind of alien since the Federation had no contact with any new ones up to this point.

I sensed I was being watched and gradually the room I was in got brighter. There was definitely somebody or something near me. It was behind some kind of shimmery curtain of some sort. It was difficult to make out its shape but I could tell it was large and definitely not human. I felt very alone and had no idea what it wanted from me.

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I was looking around trying to figure out more about my predicament when I felt something touch me. I looked down and saw that it was some kind of appendage or tentacle. It moved across my stomach and lower abdomen and felt slimy.

Soon there were two of them touching me. They moved up and down my body. They began to touch my large breasts and touched and lingered on my nipples. A thought crossed my mind that they maybe had never seen breasts and didn't know what they were for. The tentacles stayed on my breasts for some time but eventually started to move down my belly finally ending between my legs.

One of them touched and moved around the lips of my pussy. It felt around my clit and lips as if it was figuring out what they did. I guess it was satisfied because it stopped playing and the tip pushed into the opening of my pussy. Somehow in the back of my mind I knew this was going to happen. It pushed deeper and deeper inside me. It swelled up stretching me, almost testing me as how far I could stretch.

I felt the tip touch my cervix and poke into it. While all this was going on in my pussy the second tentacle touch my anal opening. It was slimy and easily entered my ass. I felt it moving around inside me figuring out what that hole was for. I felt the tip of the tentacle in my pussy push harder into my cervix. It was stretching it open and finally pushed past it entering my uterus. I could feel it probing around in there.

I was being examined for sure. I had almost forgotten about the tentacle in my ass when suddenly I felt something in my stomach. The tentacle had gone that far and was moving around in my stomach. I felt it move up to top of my stomach and push into my esophagus. Up and up it went until I felt it in my throat. I started to choke some and involuntarily opened my mouth. It pushed up and was now sticking out of my mouth. It had entered my ass and travelled all the way up inside me and come out of my mouth.

I could see it in front of my face. I also couldn't breathe. I started to thrash around some and it then withdrew far enough so my airway was open.

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Slowly both tentacles withdrew out of me. I guess the alien lifeform had found out what it needed. One of the most difficult things in space is judging the passage of time.

You could say I have an internal clock. Literally actually. Back on Earth in the Academy all the cadets had a microchip implanted that kept time in Earth seconds, minutes and hours. My brain could access it and I could tell how much time had passed from certain events. I was glad I had it because there were no clocks on this alien ship.

I was thinking to myself, "What are they going to do to me? Why am I the only one of our crew here?" I started to get some flashes of images in my head if I closed my eyes. I also started to hear a voice but only in my head and it wasn't my voice. The alien was communicating with me through telepathy. It could understand what I was thinking and was responding to me.

It spoke to me in my head and I understood it. They were a species whose home planet had been destroyed by an asteroid. They had been travelling trying to find a suitable replacement planet but had been unsuccessful. At first there had been many ships. They had both males and females on the ships and had reproduced generations of their kind during their journey. Somewhere along the journey the females lost the ability to get pregnant and produce offspring.

They thought it might have been a virus that spread but they never could find the reason. Their numbers dwindles over the years and now this was the last ship remaining. There were five males and two females aboard. Their only hope was to find a female of another species that could get pregnant by mating with one of the alien males and carrying the offspring and giving birth to them. So now I knew why I was in the situation I was in.

They had tried females from many different species and none of them had worked.

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I was the first human female they had captured and from the probing they just did it seemed I had a better potential than any other. Nothing was for sure and it could kill me. The alien communicating with me was the leader of his species and this ship. It was going to be him that would breed me. If this worked I would be allowed to live and continue to be bred to repopulate their species.

I kept getting flashes of images in my head and I knew that this was about to happen. I felt the alien leader move closer to me. The tentacles had been withdrawn but something else was coming closer to me. I closed my eyes and an image came into focus. Something was getting closer to the entrance of my pussy. It had an opening at the tip and what looked like 3 fingers surrounding it. The shaft was thick and long and ended at the alien's body.

I kept thinking words like cock and penis but another word entered my mind, ovipositor. It pressed into the opening of my pussy. Slowly it stretched me open and pushed inside.

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All kinds of feelings were going through my head. I was afraid but also extremely turned on. My pussy was soaking wet. I wasn't sure how sex with an alien worked. I couldn't move in my restraints so it was up to him.

The thing inside me was thick and seemed to be getting thicker. It now filled me completely and slowly started to thrust in and out. So fucking was similar to our species. I couldn't believe how thick it was getting and then I felt some raised bumps start to form on it which stimulated me even more. I wasn't sure what the climax was going to be like. He was going to shoot something into me I just wasn't sure what. He was fucking me hard and fast now and I knew from the images in my head he was getting pleasure from doing this just like I was.

I got an image in my head of where the shaft of this cock thing attached to his body. There seemed to be a large sack of some kind that hung down. It was the equivalent of a scrotum I guess. Instead of two balls there seemed to be many. I could sense him straining and the picture in my head one of the balls from his sack started to rise up and it went into the shaft.

It started to travel up the length of the shaft as he kept thrusting inside me. I couldn't bend down to watch but I could see it in the picture show that was going on inside my head. I could also feel it because the ball like thing was at the point where it paused just at the entrance of my vagina. I thought to myself, "What is that?" I got a one word answer, EGG.

I felt the alien thrust deep inside me. The tip was right against my cervix. I felt and saw the tip open up inside me. It was like a little mouth was sucking my cervix inside it. It was pulling it and stretching it and I felt something like teeth bite into my cervix.

Tiny sharp teeth that held on to it. There was an initial sharp pain but then I felt a warm feeling and a sensation that we had connected. His ovipositor had locked itself to my cervix. I was breathing hard and sweating knowing I was about to be changed forever. Everything stood still for a moment then I felt him shudder.

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It felt like a cannon had gone off and the egg like object had shot up into me. It felt like someone had punched me in the gut. I knew he had an orgasm and so did I. His egg was now in my uterus. I felt the mouth of his shaft detach from my cervix. I was breathing hard and thought that this wasn't so bad. One egg was no big deal.

I was wrong. The cock thing started to thrust inside my pussy again. The process started over and soon another egg had risen up his shaft from his sack. It paused inside his shaft at the entrance to my vagina just like the other one. I felt the same shudder and then the egg was shot into me like the other one. In my mind I was shown an image of his sack. There were many eggs in it and I knew that they were all going inside me before we were done. My internal clock told me about one hour Earth time had gone by and his cock thing was still inside me.

This was apparently taking a lot out of him. He shot one more egg into me and I hoped it was the last. He detached from my cervix and slowly pulled his cock thing out of me. So that was the last one. I was pretty sure there were 12 eggs inside me. My belly was swollen from all of them. After I had gotten over the initial shock and discomfort of how the eggs entered me I actually started to enjoy the mating process.

I was really tired though and I closed my eyes. I woke up and I was in another room. I was laying on some sort of padded cot or bed thing. I was still very naked and I sat up and looked around.

The lights were low but when I thought about them being brighter they were. That was weird. I looked around and noticed a container of some sort on a shelf on the wall.

I got up and walked over to it. It contained about a pint of a thick gray liquid. I picked it up and smelled it. It had no odor. Something in my head said I should drink it or consume it. I smelled it again and the suggestion was repeated. I didn't remember the last time I had anything to eat or drink and I was both hungry and thirsty. I raised the container to my lips and tilted it back letting it flow into my mouth. It was about like drinking a milkshake with no taste. It didn't have any flavor.

The voice in my head said I needed it for my children. I assumed that meant the eggs in my uterus. I drank it down and set the empty container on the shelf. I sat down and was rubbing my hand on my swollen belly when I felt a sharp pinch inside me.


That was soon followed by another and another. I wasn't sure what was going on but it seemed the eggs were getting active. A voice in my head told me that they were attaching themselves to me. They needed my blood and fluids to live and grow. So the eggs were alive in me and they were going to get nourishment from me as they grew.

I had no idea how long this process was. I sure hoped it wasn't 9 months. I was getting a new container of the gray stuff every 8 hrs. I wish I could get some real food but at least this stuff was keeping me alive. The eggs inside me kept moving around. I would feel bites or something now and then. I was sure they were not only drinking my fluids but they were also taking small bits of my uterine wall. A voice in my head told me this was normal and that they leader's offspring need to feed.

Two Earth weeks had gone by and I was huge. My belly had swollen to an enormous size. I had seen some women who were 9 months pregnant and I was larger than them. I asked in my head how long this was going to take. The answer I got was that my body would know when it was time. The offspring were moving around inside me constantly.


I tried to get some sleep but that was difficult. Almost three weeks had pasted since the mating. My belly was so big that I couldn't stand up. If you looked at it you could see the undulating movement of whatever was inside me.


I closed my eyes since I was so tired and when I opened them I was in another room. In the middle was a big vat like thing. Like a big pool or hot tub. It was circular and about 20 ft. across. It contained a liquid substance. It was clear but I didn't know if it was water. Tentacles grabbed my arms and legs and I was lifted up and suspended over this pool. I guess it was time.

I was lowered closer and closer to the surface of the vat. I knew something was happening because I could feel it in my uterus and vagina.

I was feeling these cramps starting but I also felt something growing down there. Something was pushing itself out of me. It was coming out of my vagina. It was growing and swelling. I could feel it spread and stretch my labia lips and start to hang past them. I closed my eyes and I could see it. It was my cervix. It was huge. It had pushed out of me and was hanging down. It looked like an elephant's trunk hanging out of me.

It hung down at least a foot below me and was almost touching the surface of the liquid. My mind was full of questions as to what was happening to me. A voice came into my head and said, "This is your birthing tube. All females need this to give birth to our kind's offspring.

When our Leader was inside you he injected you with his "venom" that would change your body." So I had mutated. My cervix was bright red and had to be 4 or 5 inched across and a foot long. My offspring had to come out of it but I wasn't sure what was going to happen. The voice spoke to me again, "Your children need to be born or they will begin to eat their way out of you and you will perish." That didn't sound good.

My huge belly was rolling and undulating. I felt a cramp and I bore down and pushed. I felt some movement. Something was going to come out. I pushed again and saw this big glob of goo slowly emerge from my cervix and fall into the water below. It had a pink tint to it which I suppose was from my blood.

Another cramp hit and I pushed again. I felt something move inside me. Something was trying to get out. Something alive. I was being stretched open. Something big was coming out of me. My cervix wriggled back and forth as a large mass stretched it trying to pass through it.

I could see the mouth of my cervix being stretched open. Something the size of a football was trying to get out. At this point I couldn't help it. It was going to do this on its own. I closed my eyes and I could see it.

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It was getting close. My cervix opened just a little bit more and it started to slide out. I heard a splash and saw one of my offspring hit the fluid in the tank. It was covered in goo but that dissolved in the fluid. It kind of looked like a whitish grey salamander but without legs. It paused for a moment then swam to the bottom of the tank. Another one was right behind it and I pushed it along until it entered my large cervix then it was on its own until it too came out of me and hit the fluid.

The cramps continued and I kept pushing them along. I hadn't really kept count. I was really tired and was having difficulty pushing. I thought I was done. I was so tired. All I wanted to do was sleep. I was still being held above the vat. There was one more to go. I pushed and pushed and pushed and got it into my birthing tube.

It was too weak to wiggle out on its own and there was nothing I could do. It was then when I felt some tentacles reach out and wrap around my cervix. They squeezed it and helped the last offspring move along until it pushed out of me and fell into the fluid.