Catwoman vs Poison Ivy

Catwoman vs Poison Ivy
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Jeremy and his sister Katie lived together at home, but had very different lives. They didn't talk much, and kept to theirselves. They both had something in common though, that neither of them knew about. Katie had a fantasy that she had never been able to fulfill. She didn't want anyone to know what it was, so she had never asked any of the boys she dated to do it.

She had never had sex before, because she wanted to be taken. Her fantasy was to be taken and fucked by someone strong. She had been trying to find a way to make this happen for years, and finally got the idea to try to find someone anonymous on the internet. She went to craigslist, and created a post about wanting someone to fulfill her fantasy. Jeremy never had any luck getting laid, even though he tried with lots of girls, he never succeeded. He was browsing around on the internet, and saw something about craigslist being full of people trying to hook up.

He checked it out, and started looking. Most of the posts were people he'd never consider, but one post caught his eye. It was a girl trying to find someone to take her virginity by force, and he found himself getting really turned on by the idea.

He read the post, and he decided to go for it. The girl seemed really, really into it, and he was more turned on by the idea than he had ever been. She had posted a naked picture of herself from the neck down, and she was really hot.


She had amazing breasts, and her pussy was shaved. He sent a response, with a similar picture like she requested. Katie couldn't believe it, just 10 minutes after her post, she got a response. He was hot, and his dick was huge. She started getting wet thinking about him forcing that big thing inside her. She wrote back, and they started talking. They agreed on a place to meet, and that they would stay anonymous by not looking at each other's faces.

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He asked her about condoms, and she thought about it. She trusted him, he seemed very sincere, and there was something about him. She told him he didn't need to wear one. She didn't have any birth control, but the idea of possibly getting pregnant made her horny.

When he read that, he also thought about the fact that she could get pregnant, and that made him horny too.

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The night they had agreed on, Katie was downstairs waiting for time to leave. She had her bag with her clothes to change into after she left, and Jeremy came downstairs. He also had a bag with his clothes, and they were both surprised to see each other so late, it was close to 1 am.

They asked what they were doing, and both nervously made excuses. They were each so nervous, neither questioned the other's flimsy excuse. He left, and then after waiting a little, she left too.

She drove to the gas station truck stop about 40 minutes from their house that they had agreed on. It was far enough away from the highway that it was hardly used, especially this late. She parked behind the building, and changed in the car. She pulled her jeans off, and put on her black mid-thigh length skirt with a slit that came nearly up to her ass in the back.

She took off her shirt and bra, and put on her button up business blouse. She left the top three buttons undone, and her perky breasts showed amazing cleavage. She put her thigh high stockings on, and then her stilettos, and then decided to remove her panties as well.

They were completely soaked, and she put them in her purse. She felt her pussy and how wet she was, and couldn't believe she was really doing this. It was so dangerous, but it turned her on so much. She pulled her hair back into a pony tail, then put her blonde wig and sunglasses on to disguise her face, completing her outfit. She took a deep breath, and stepped out of the car. She walked into the truck stop through the back service door.

There was no one around, except a few truckers at the diner bar, and the waitress. The truckers turned and stared at her, and the waitress, a fat older woman, looked at her with jealousy.

She went to the women's restroom; the one she thought would be deserted tonight. She was right, and there was no one in the room. She bent over and looked under the stall doors, and saw no one. She sighed, and stood in front of the sink and waited. She looked herself over, admiring how attractive she was.

She barely recognized herself, and felt her pussy juices running down her leg.

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Meanwhile, Jeremy sat perched on the toilet seat, staying as silent as he could, and waited. He had heard the woman enter, and saw her feet as she checked the stalls, but he waited to be sure it was her. He peered out through the crack in the door, and saw her standing in front of the sink.

She didn't appear to be doing anything other than looking in the mirror, so he waited a few more moments. As she stood there longer, he decided that was it.

It had to be her. He cracked open the stall door silently, and slipped out. With two quick bounds, he was on her. She didn't see him until he was nearly on top of her. He took her by surprise, she had no idea he was even in the room with her. She almost screamed out of pure instinct, but one hand covered her mouth as his other grabbed her left wrist. Her scream stifled, she stiffened, feeling adrenaline pumping through her.

The feeling excited her. He whispered in her ear in a low coarse voice, "Don't scream again. Don't move, don't try to get away. You're mine." He pinned her waist against the sink with his body, and she didn't think she could escape if she wanted. He was much too strong for her. He slowly removed his hand from her mouth, and when she didn't make a noise, he reached back and pulled a handkerchief from his pocket.

She could see in the mirror that he was wearing a ski mask as he put the handkerchief in her mouth and tied it tight. She couldn't make any noise except a guttural moan. He grabbed her wrists, and pulled them together behind her back, and held them with one hand. He whispered, "You picked the wrong night to come out dressed like that you little slut. You look like you want to get fucked. You looking to get fucked tonight?" She shook her head, but he just laughed a low deep laugh, and stuck his hand between her legs through the slit in her dress and rubbed her pussy.

He pulled his wet finger up and stuck it under her nose and said, "Wrong answer." He pulled out a rope and bound her wrists, and then stuck his hand into the front of her shirt. He fondled her breast, pinching and pulling her erect nipples. She moaned, but tried to squirm away from him. He jerked her back into place and continued. Then he pulled her backward by the wrists, and she stumbled to keep up as he moved her to the changing table. She lost one of her heels as dragged her backwards, so she had to hobble to stay standing.

He lowered the table, then pushed her down onto it. Bent over the table, her ass stuck out and the tops of her legs above her stockings showed under her skirt.

He held her head down against the cold plastic table, and her rubbed her pussy. The slit in her skirt rode up her ass exposing her pussy to him. He ground his dick against her, and said, "is this what you wanted you slut?" She shook her head frantically, but in her head she was screaming yes! She was hornier than she had ever been. The anticipation of being fucked for the first time, and by a complete stranger with no choice in the matter, was exactly what she had been craving for so many years, and now it was about to happen.

She heard his fly unzip, and felt warm flesh rubbed against her slippery pussy. Time seemed to stop momentarily, then came crashing back down as he pushed his dick into her virgin pussy.

It was incredibly tight, but she was so wet it slid in easily. There was some pain, but it was overwhelmed by incredible pleasure. She cried out in lust, her voice muffled by the gag filing her mouth. He began thrusting into her deep and hard, giving no consideration to her, only trying to satisfy himself.

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He held her hips with one hand and pressed her face against the table with the other. She moaned as he quickened his pace, but he hissed, "Shut up bitch!" And then as quickly as it had started, he was cumming into her. She felt the spasms as he shot his cum deep into her pussy. The feeling of a stranger's cum in her, possibly impregnating her against her will tipped her over the edge. Her own orgasm crashed into her, sending her reeling. She hardly noticed as he lifted her from the table, and dragged her across the small room and thrust her against the stall wall.

He pushed her legs apart with his feet, and pinned her with his body. He slid his dick back into her inviting pussy, fucked her against the wall using one hand on the top of the stall wall to hold her. He lifted her off the ground enough that she couldn't move. He grabbed a fistful of her hair with the other hand, and pulled it, only to come away with her wig in his hand. He said, "What the fuck?" and threw it down.

Her pony tail underneath was an even better handle, which he grabbed to pull her head back, breathing heavy on her neck as he pounded her. Her arms bound, her feet off the ground, and her head held back, she was completely immobilized.

She had no choice but to let him fuck her, stretching her newly fucked pussy, a passive participant. She began cumming again almost immediately, this time in a slow prolonged wave. Each bounce on his dick renewing the spasms of pleasure that coursed from her pussy through her whole body. He fucked her for longer this time before cumming a second time into her pussy.

When he pulled his dick out this time, their mingled cum began to pour out of her pussy and leak down her leg. He let her down roughly, and ripped her shirt open, sending buttons flying to plink off the tile floor. He grabbed and kneaded her breasts roughly, pinching and pulling her nipples, squeezing and tugging her fleshy mounds. She enjoyed the pain, it heightened her already intense pleasure.

Then suddenly he let her drop and pulled her back. She landed on her one remaining heel, which unbalanced her, and she began to topple. Instead of catching her, he simply pushed her, sending her crashing to her knees. She felt caught off guard by the gesture, she was so unused to not being treated kindly. She enjoyed it, and he next pushed her over face down on the floor. Her ass stuck straight up in the air, and her face and tits pressed against the cold tile of the floor.

He pulled her skirt up completely over her ass and whistled, saying "Who would have expected such a sweet pretty pussy on a dirty truck stop whore like you." She enjoyed playing the part, and relished the dirty talk.

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She felt filthy and debased lying on the floor of the restroom, completely exposed to this stranger, and to anyone who happened to come in. She thought for sure that he was finished fucking her, but he knelt behind her and plunged his still rigid cock into her once again.

She gasped in surprise, her tender pussy was extra sensitive from the soreness of being fucked so roughly for the first time, and from her intense orgasms, which increased the intensity of his thrusts. The cold of the tile beneath her, contrasted against the heat radiating from his cock inside her; the pleasure of the fucking she was getting with the pain and fear of her situation all mingled together, sending her over the edge again.

He also came one last time, then stood up. He slapped her across the ass hard, the shock sending a shiver through her body. As the sharp pain of the strike faded, she was left with just the warmth on her bare ass.

She felt completely exposed and vulnerable, her most intimate parts exposed with nothing she could do about it. After pulling his pants back on, he suddenly shoved her over onto her side with his foot.

She went crashing down hard on her hip. She didn't see it coming, so the jolt of falling and then hitting the tile shocked her, but she felt it most in her pussy, which spasmed with pleasure. He reached down and untied her wrists after tucking his dick back into his pants. Now that he was finished fucking her, she had no idea what was going to happen.

Would he leave her here like this, would he take her with him? He said, "Come back any time if you want more of the same slut." She pushed herself up onto her knees, and pulled the gag out of her mouth, around her neck.

Her sunglasses had gotten knocked off as she hit the floor, and her wig was in the corner. She still faced away from him, and she stayed facing away as she heard him walk to the door. As he reached for the handle, he pulled his ski mask off, and felt himself caught in moment. He could either open the door and walk out, leaving her here, never to know who she was and probably to never meet her again, or he could break their bargain and turn and look at her.

He somehow felt that she was experiencing the same thing, and she might turn and look at him, desiring to know who he was, as he desired to know her. A few more heartbeats passed, which felt like an eternity, then he turned. He saw the back of her head as she picked up her sunglasses. He wondered if she would put them back on, hiding her face, or if she would turn too. She had been feeling the same thing as him, and she chose to turn as well. Their eyes met, and shock froze them both.

With their eyes locked, they recognized each other, and the weight of what had just happened crashed over them. Neither could speak, they just locked eyes, gazing at their sibling. He couldn't believe it, his own sister was the girl of his dreams. She had always seemed like such a reserved and private girl, could she really be the same person who wanted to be used and abused the way he had just done? What would she think of him now? Would she hate him for what he did to her?

Katie's mind reeled. 'Had I really just done that with my brother?' 'Could he really have been the one to fulfill my fantasy beyond my wildest dreams?' 'What would he think of her now that he knew her deepest secrets?' Her exhausted body and her overwhelmed mind were too much for her to handle, and she felt herself fainting. He saw her begin to fall, and with lightning speed, rushed across the small room and caught her, lowering her gently to the ground.

The next thing she knew, she awoke with him over her, a tender look of caring in his eyes. He said, "Are you alright?" the first words spoken between them since their revelation. She said, "Yes I think so, I'm just overwhelmed." He said, "I know me too." After a pause, he said, "I didn't hurt you did I?" She said, "No, nothing I didn't want you to do." He helped her stand up, and said, "I know this is a lot to take in, but we should get out of here before they call the cops, they may have heard us." Just then, the waitress from the diner opened the door.

She took in the scene, and said to Jeremy, "I knew something was going on in here, you stay right there and don't move." He said, "Come on, quick!" he grabbed her arm and ran past the waitress, pushing her aside.

He called over his shoulder, "Sorry!" as they ran down the hall. Katie said, "My shoes!" she was hobbling, still wearing one heel. He stopped long enough to help her remove it, and she realized her skirt was still pulled up to her waist, her pussy uncovered.

She worked at hiking it down as they ran down the hall. The truckers at the diner watched them run past, and one of them whistled at her. The waitress had picked herself up and was trundling down the hall after them. "Call the cops!" she shouted. The truckers didn't make a move, they were too distracted by the view of her pussy and ass as she ran by.

They made it to the exit, and she said, "My car!" he said, "Keys!" and she pulled them out of her purse as ran to the passenger side.

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She tossed them to him, and he jumped in the driver's seat. They pulled away as the waitress came out the door, doubled over winded. He sped away, and after a few miles, he slowed down, and the tension broke and they started laughing together. "We made it," he joked.


He pulled over into a secluded area and parked the car. In the silence, they sat, until she said, "I can't believe that really happened. Of all the people I could have found, for it to have been you…" then she said, "You didn't know it was me in the ad did you?" He said, "No, I had no idea, it was just luck I guess.

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Well, not luck, I mean…" He stammered, then he said, "Are you mad at me?" She said, "No, not at all. I'm the one that asked for everything that happened; I just didn't expect my brother to be the one to be the first to do it." He said, "Yeah, I didn't expect my sister to be my first either." She said, "Your first?

You mean you were a virgin too?" He said, "I suppose there's really no reason to be shy about sex with each other now, huh? Yes, this was my first time with a girl." She said, "Wow, both of us lost our virginity to each other.

I still can't believe this." He said, "Did you feel like you were in danger?" She responded, "No, somehow I felt that you wouldn't hurt me. Maybe I sensed something inside you. I really didn't think anything bad would happen." He said, "That's right, I wouldn't ever hurt you." They shared an intimate look between them, and then he said, "So, where do we go from here?

I promise I won't ever tell anyone this happened, and we can just forget this night ever happened." She interrupted him, "Forget it happened? I don't want to forget, it was the most amazing, special night of my life! I was actually hoping that you would want to continue this." She looked down at her feet bashfully, like she did when she was young, and he was amazed.

He couldn't believe it.


He didn't say anything, just stared in disbelief. She finally said, "Well? What about you?" he stammered, "Yes, I do want to continue this, it was an amazing night for me too." She grinned from ear to ear, and turned to him, "Oh Jeremy, I'm so glad you feel the same way!

I know that we can't ever go back to the way things were. I want to be yours to use forever. I want to turn my body over to you to do with as you please, at any time." He felt his dick stiffening even harder as she spoke those words like they were an oath, and not knowing what words he could say in that moment, he decided to let he actions speak for him.

He reached up and pulled her face close to him, and kissed her for the first time. He was gentle, but as she melted into him, he got rougher, until he was dragging her out of her seat and onto his lap. She spread her legs to straddle him, and he unbuttoned his pants to get his dick out as she continued to kiss him roughly as she grinded on him.

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As soon as his dick was out, she plunged herself down onto it, and he grabbed her, forcefully thrusting into her as she moaned and braced herself against the car roof. After they both finished cumming again, he pushed her back into her seat, her pussy dripping all over her car seat, and started the car to drive them home.

To Be Continued.