Nacktbilder von angelina jolie

Nacktbilder von angelina jolie
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Have any of you out there had to work with people that were just miserable human beings? I'm sure that we all have. This is the story of two that I had to encounter day after day, and how I trained them to be nice. Well to me at least. I started to work for a retail company about 5 years ago and all in all it wasn't a bad job.

Most of the people were positive, good, hard working people. Then I met Patricia and Kristina. Both have worked for the company for twenty plus years and had prima donna attitudes because of it. Patricia is a tall brunette with cropped shoulder length hair and a great body. Her face isn't the greatest, but her body makes up for it. She can fill a pair of jeans like they were made for her. Kristina on the other hand is medium height, round and has very short blonde hair.

She's not fat, but she carries her weight in her ass. She always has an angry look on her face so you can't determine her mood. The first encounter I had with both of them showed me their colors. Just mean and miserable. For the few years I just tried to avoid them. Then one day, it hit me. Give them a taste of their own medicine. Show them what it was like to have a little negativity thrown their way.

The first part of my plan was to kill them with kindness. Regardless of what they had to say, always have a compliment for them. I started my plan the next day when I first ran into Kristina. "Good morning Kristina" I gushed with a cheerful look on my face. "What's good about it" she replied with her usual sour look.

"It's a beautiful day and the weekend starts tomorrow". I responded. She came back with "Well I guess that's a good way of looking at it". Next was Patricia. "Hi Trish" was my opening line. "Patricia please" she said showing full attitude. "I never did like that preppy sounding shit". "I apologize. It won't happen again Patricia". I said with a flirty smile on my face. She looked at me and although she tried to hide it, I could see just a hint of a smile trying to come out.

This phase lasted for about two weeks and then they would start to have short conversations with me. I ramped it up a little with a little flirting directed at both of them.

Now since we worked in the same department, dating was against the rules. Knowing that these two would probably not hesitate to stab one of the other in the back helped out even more. They wouldn't be able to team up and sink my plans. Time for the next phase. A month later on my lunch break I left a rose with a note on Kristina's car asking if she would like to have a drink with me some time and my phone number.

The next day it was Patricia's turn. Later in the day, I ran into them separately. "So what do you think"? I asked Kristina.

"Well were both off tomorrow night. I'll call you and let you know". Next I ran into Patricia. I asked her the same question, and she responded "I think I would like that a lot. Call me when you want to go." With that she gave me her number. Just before I left work, I seen the two of them talking. They were having their usual bitch fest and were oblivious to what I was up to.

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The next night I called Kristina and inquired as to her plans for the evening. "I was going to just sit around the house, but I guess we could go for that drink" she replied.

I suggested that she meet me at a little restaurant/bar just a few miles outside of town. Living in a small town, everybody know everyone else's business and I wanted to keep this out of the public eye. "That sounds good" she said. "How about around 8 o'clock". "Sounds great" I replies.

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"See you then". We met at the bar and chose a booth in a dimly lit corner. After ordering our drinks we got down to the small talk. She told me that she had been divorced for quite a few years and that her children were all grown and living their own lives elsewhere. She lived alone with her two cats and really didn't get around much.

As we talked, I slowly moved my hand over to her arm and started to gently caress it. She didn't object, so a couple minutes later I moved on to holding her hand.

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We both had a few drinks and talked for a couple of hours until last call. It was time to head for home so I walked her to her car. She gave me a friendly hug and thanked me for the evening. It was time to move on to the next level.

When she released me I put a hand on her cheek and gave her a long slow tongue less kiss on the lips.

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When I broke the kiss, she looked me in the eye for a second and initiated a very long open mouth kiss. As our tongues swirled together, I could feel myself starting to grow stiff, so I stopped the kiss and told her "Let's do this again soon Kristina".

"I can't wait" she replied softly. I didn't want to rush my plans and take a chance of them falling apart, so I told her good night. I couldn't believe that I was actually getting a hard on from kissing that witch. Once at home, I jerked off to relieve the tension, had a few more drinks and went to bed. The next day It was Patricia's turn. I called her in the afternoon and made the same proposal as the night before, except in a bar at the opposite end of the county.

"Sounds great" she said. "See you at 8". We met at the bar and it was pretty much the same routine as the night before. As we drank she confided in me that the had been divorce for about 18 months and had two teenage boys that she shared custody of with her ex, and that I was the first guy that she had gone out with since.

Again I slowly slid my hand over to her arm. Only this time Patricia pulled her arm away. "I'm sorry" she said, "It's just been a long time since I've been touched by a man". With that she reached over and began to hold my hand. For about a half second, I actually felt sorry for her. I squashed that feeling when I remembered that she had been a real nasty person long before the divorce and that that was probably why she was single now.

After a few more drinks and a couple hours of chatting, it was time to go. At her car rather than a friendly hug she reached out and gave me a long wet kiss. I pulled her to me and she started to feel me stiffen.

She broke the kiss and pulled back some so that my hardness wasn't pressing against her pelvis. "Hon, if we go forward, let's not take it too fast. I don't want to ruin it". "No problem, I'm a patient man. I'm sure you're worth the wait". I told her. Heading home, I again couldn't believe that I had become aroused by someone so negative. This was followed by a few more dates for drinks, then dinner, then making out in the car before taking them home.

Kristina was a little more aggressive grabbing my ass or dry humping me as we kissed. By the third date, she had undone her bra and pulled my hands up to her bare tits to fondle them.

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They weren't too bad for a woman her age. They were still perky with hard nipples that I twisted between my fingers like I was adjusting a radio station. By the forth date she was unzipping me and stroking my hard dick while I licked and sucked her bare tits. On the fifth date she invited me over and made me dinner. After we ate we were on the couch petting pretty heavy. We both had our tops off making out when she slipped down to her knees pulled my shorts down and stated giving me head. "Tell me before you cum,I don't want it in my mouth".

"Will do". I replied. I've always had excellent control over my orgasms making them takes as long as I liked to occur. It was time to strike, but not in this manner. Kristina slowly took my cock in while stoking it at the same time. She was no deep throat artist, but knew how to handle a dick well. As she bobbed up and down on just a couple inches of my organ, she worked her tongue on the head swirling it in one direction then the other.

After making her work for it for about 5 minutes, I finally announced to her that I was cumming. She removed her mouth and pumped it slowly with her hand. Jet after jet of hot sperm shot out, landing on my belly and running down her hand.

"My goodness that was great" I said. I offered to return the favor know that it was her time of the month and knowing that she would decline. "How about next weekend when you know who isn't here" she said pointing at her crotch.

"You can count on it. I'm going to pay you back like you'll never believe". I said with a devious smile on my face. We continued to make out for a little longer, watched a movie then I went home. Patricia was a different case. We made out in the car, but the farthest she would go was caressing my back.

Every time I reached for a tit she pushed my hand away. She was a great kisser though. Finally on the forth date she let me rub her tit through her shirt. They felt great, but I wanted to feel them bare. I drove her home and she asked if I wanted to come in for a little bit.

I agreed and we went inside. We kissed in the kitchen, our tongues mashing together. I held her close and she could feel my erection throbbing through my pants. She took my hand and led me to the bedroom. Pushing me on my back I moved my way to the middle and she straddled me. Sitting up, she pulled her top off but left the bra on. After reaching down and kissing me for another minute or so, she reached behind her and undid her bra pulling it off and letting it fall to the floor.

Her tits were perfect. A solid C that could still pass the pencil test. I reach up and fondled then thinking to myself that this must be what titty heaven is like. Rolling off of me, she then unzipped and pulled my pants down.

Reaching over to the night stand, she retrieved a bottle of KY and applied some to my hard cock. Coming back up face to face with me, she reached down and slowly started to stoke me as we kissed. She had just the right amount of grip as if her hand were a pussy. Stroking for a little longer she could feel my dick start to tense up. Stroking just a little faster, I told her that I was about to cum. As the sperm began to fly out of the tip, she slowed the strokes milking every drop she could out of me.

Looking me in the eyes she said "Just because I gave you this little treat doesn't mean that we are going to have sex and time soon".


"That's ok I replied "I know you're worth the wait". We showered together exploring each other's wet bodies, but she wouldn't let me go below the waist. I spent the night there and we slept holding each other's naked bodies. Her soft warm skin felt good against mine. As I ran my fingers through her hair as she slept I thought to myself that her turn was coming soon. The next weekend was Payback time for Kristina. After a light dinner at my place we made out for a few minutes on the couch.

Taking her by the hand, I let her to the bedroom.


As we tore each other's clothes of Kristina told me "I want you inside me tonight". Soon enough my little pretty I thought. Jumping into bed, we kissed and groped each other like teenagers. Kissing and licking her neck was making her moan, so now was the time. I slip down to her tits kissing and licking them as she gripped my hair. Going even lower I peppered he belly with kisses, tracing her navel with my tongue. Further down I paused and pulled her pubes with my teeth. "You ready"? I asked.

"Oh yes" she said half pouting. I dove into her muff licking and sucking the lips but ignoring the clit. I couldn't believe how wet she was as I probed my tongue in and out of her hole. Once in a while I would flicker the clit with my tongue just enough until I could tell that she was starting to tense up, then I would stop.

"You are such a tease" she said with a little chuckle. "Just saving the best for last babe" I replied. I crawled back on top of her and mashed my soaked face against hers my tongue probing hers giving her a taste of her own fluids. Lifting my hips slightly I found her wet opening and plowed myself in effortlessly.

I would give her a few pumps then stop. A few more pumps, then stop. "You feel so good inside, I want to make it last" I lied to her.

After about ten minutes of this she was starting to reach the point of no return. She cried "I think I'm going to cum". I yelled "NOT TONIGHT LADY" pulled my dick out, straddled her chest and began to jack off on her face. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING"? She hollered and I began to erupt. My jizz shot out in several spurts splattering her cheeks and the bridge of her nose as she wiggled her head trying to escape the flood of sperm assaulting her.

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There was still a wad hanging of off the tip to I tapped my cock on her chin and it dropped in her mouth as she gasped for air.

I rolled off of her onto my side and said, "Now that was great babe". She rolled of the bed grabbed her clothes and ran into the bathroom.

A couple of minutes later I heard the front door slam as she stormed out. One down I thought to myself.

One more to go. Since it was a holiday weekend the store was closed on Monday. That gave me an extra day to rebuild my spunk supply before having Patricia over for dinner and a little surprise. She came over that night at about 7 and we had a quick dinner.

As we retired to the couch to watch a movie we began to cuddle. I slowly ran my hand up and down her left breast and her nipple responded by perking it's self-up. Listening to her purr as I did this was kind of relaxing. Putting my lips by her ear, I gave her a little peck on the lobe and said "Ya know sweetie I'd kill for a blowjob".

She rolled over to face me, looking at me with those soft brown eyes, and said "You've been so sweet to me in the last few months. I feel alive again. I'd love to do that for you". My plan was to let her blow me for about a half an hour and once she was about tired out, I'd grab her by the hair nut all over her face and then jam my cock back in her mouth to gag her.

Once done, I would push her away and tell her to make herself useful and get me a beer. It was going to be perfect. So I thought. As she slowly pulled my shorts down she would kiss the skin as it became exposed. Once my equipment was clear she let my shorts fall to the floor and really started to go to work.

Looking up au me she licked her lips and then started to give short sweet kisses. Starting at the head, she moved her way down the shaft and all over my sack. Her tongue then came out and she worked her way in the other direction licking up the length of the shaft to the head again. Wrapping her lips around the head, she lifted my hard organ with her lips she began to ingest my manhood slowly about an inch at a time with every rise and drop until her nose was buried in my pubes.

She kept up the pumping slowly moving her head and tongue while her hands gently massaged my balls. I couldn't believe it. She wasn't giving me head; she was making love to my dick!

As she did this my thoughts drifted back to our last few time together to try to keep her from making me lose control. The teenage make out sessions that went no farther than maybe a little groping. The hand job and the shower that were less than innocent, but we still didn't "go all the way". Then the night that she slept in my arms. I slept so peaceful that night. In the morning I didn't want it too end. The work she was doing on me brought me back to reality when I realized that I wasn't far from my climax.

Then it hit me. I couldn't do something that cruel to her.


"I'm about to cum babe" I said breathing deeply. Rather than removing her mouth, she continued to taking it in just a little slower. Thinking maybe she didn't hear or understand, I said "Patricia I'm cumming"!

Still she never missed a stroke. Then I went over the edge. As my cock started to pulse she took me in all the way burying her nose in my pubes as I began to ejaculate down her throat. I felt her throat gripping the head as each jet of sperm launched against the back of her mouth. I was in ecstasy, my body jerking and shaking. Tightening her lips around the base, she pulled her mouth up pulling out every remaining drop. Sucked dry, she pulled my shorts back up and lay back down next to me.

"Thank you Patricia" I said my voice almost cracking. I was falling in love with this woman. "You're welcome" she said kissing me.

As we lay together on the couch, I had to ask her a question. "Where did you get this reputation as such a bitch"? Her answer said much. "Kristina brings it out in me. I don't know why but when I'm around her I just feel so negative. But she has seemed really mellow lately if you know what I mean".

Then I pressed the issue. "I heard that you were divorced because your ex couldn't stand to be around you". "No" she replied. "We're divorced because I was too old for him even though he's ten years older than I am". We put in another movie and as I caressed her hair and arm rather than a tit, dozed off together once again holding each other. The next day at work I had no idea of what to expect from Kristina. I didn't have to wait long.

I was over by her station when she approached me and said, "You know if you wanted to do something kinky like that, all you had to do is ask". I told her that it seemed like the thing to do and shrugged my shoulders. She countered "Well I wanted to talk to you before you did that to let you know that we shouldn't see each other anymore. It could get too messy. I was hoping for a great evening first, but that went out the window".

"Sorry" was the only thing I could say. "Well thanks for a great time anyway" she told me giving me a quick hug. The rest of the day was uneventful aside from loving stares between me and Patricia. A week later I resigned and went to work for a company a few miles down the road from the store for more money than I was making and I started to publicly date Patricia. Six months later we married with Kristina being her maid of honor. We never did go all the way until the honeymoon and when we did, it was GLORIOUS!!!!!