Ultimate cumshot and handsome blowjob purse snatcher learns a lesson

Ultimate cumshot and handsome blowjob purse snatcher learns a lesson
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Acre of Freedom Pt. 1 Kevin absolutely hated living in this shitty little town. After living in a city of a few million people all his life he was forced to move here when his Dad got a job as chief surgeon at the local hospital.

This retched town that served no more purpose than as an interstate stop, where 10,000 people had for some reason chose to waste their lives. His life had been a near constant nightmare ever since he got here.

Sure, the first few months he was here had been fine. He'd always been a straight A student, so all the teachers loved him. He was a great pitcher and had become pretty popular after throwing two straight no-hitters. He'd even had a beautiful girlfriend, Steph. It was partly Steph's fault, though, that his whole life had turned to complete shit.

Now, Kevin contemplated if he could spend another month cooped up in his house, unable to leave the property. He'd barely made it through the first two months without losing his sanity. His house arrest was really starting to take its toll on his mental well-being. At first, spending day after day doing nothing but watching t.v. and masturbating had been fantastic, but after the first week he'd started having vivid dreams and then constant fantasies about just walking off the property and disappearing.

Like that was really an option. The second he walked over the property line his ankle bracelet would let the cops know he was breaking the terms of his house arrest and he'd be taken to prison.

At least here his life wasn't being completely controlled. ******************************************************************************************************************** Currently, Kevin was thinking about the mess that got him involved with all this crap. Steph had called him pretty late at night, sounding panicked and distraught. Like any good boyfriend he immediately agreed to meet her at the school parking lot when she asked. There she curled into a ball and cried her eyes out for what seemed like hours.

After an exhausting amount of coercion she'd finally told him what happened. Steph had been walking out of the bathroom at home after a shower and her father was walking down the hallway. She felt embarrassed with only a towel wrapped around her body. She tried to walk down the hall and into her room, but her father stepped in front of her, blocking the path. "Where do you think you're going?" he slurred.

Immediately, she could smell the alcohol on his breath. His rough callused hands grabbed her shoulders and forced her against the wall. Grabbing the towel above her breasts he ripped it off her body. Steph's large DD tits flopped free and the rush of cold air made her nipples hard.

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Her father instantly took notice of this. One of his bearish hands began mauling his daughter's left breast while his mouth inhaled the nipple of her right. "Daddy, stop! What are you doing?! Oh, please Daddy, stop!" Steph screamed and pleaded, but to no avail. Steph slapped and scratched at her father's back, but that only pissed him off.

Pulling his mouth away from her breast, he back-handed her across the face."Knock that shit off you little bitch. Stephanie slumped to the floor, crying into her hands. Her father grabbed her long blonde hair and dragged her naked body across the floor and into her room.

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Forcefully he threw her small frame against the side of her bed. The hard wood of the frame slams into the small of her back and pain shoots up her spine. Her father advancing on her, she tries pleading with him again, "Daddy, don't do this. I'm you're little girl.

Don't do this to your little girl. Anything but this Daddy." If he hears the words he doesn't give a fuck. Now standing directly in front of her he unbuckles his jeans and pulls down the zipper. Pulling his cock free he speaks again. "You bite, you die slut." He tries shoving his dick into her mouth, but its clamped shut. Her father leans over and twists a nipple hard. Screaming, her mouth shoots open and he buries his 6" cock in her mouth, the head forcing it way into her throat. Furiously he humps in and out.

Afraid of her teeth even touching his cock, she holds her mouth open as wide as possible and minimalizes her movements while her father fucks her face. With each inward thrust her head flies back against the bed. He buries his cock to the hilt and clamps two fingers down on her nose.

Gagging continually, she can longer breathe. With both her hands she pushes hard against his thighs, but he's too strong for her. His body doesn't even budge.

Her face starts turning blue and images are becoming blurry. She can practically feel her brain cells dying. Finally he withdraws and she keels over to the floor, inhaling large gulps of glorious, precious air. Steph is incredibly afraid. Her father had always been a loving man and he hadn't drank in years. She had no idea where this was going, but she feared the worst. Her fears would soon be realized. Grabbing her around the neck, daddy dearest pulls her to her feet and then tosses her body onto the bed behind her.

Stripping out of all his clothes he lightly strokes his cock and stares down at her pussy. Steph can see his mouth practically dripping with drool looking at her sweet pussy. He steps up to the bed, placing his knees against the side and she now knows for sure he plans on invading her private area.

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Extremely scared Steph kicks her feet out hard, hitting her father square in the chest. He doubles over and she tries to make a break for it. As she runs towards the door she feels a hand close around her ankle and she hits the carpet hard. "You stupid little bitch. I'll teach you to fight what's coming. Just remember you made me do this." A strong hand holds her head tightly against the floor and a knee on her lower back effectively pins her down. The next instant she feels something long and slim slap firmly across both ass cheeks and she cries loudly.

Looking out of the corner of her eyes she sees her father's belt as it swiftly rips through the air and down onto her ass again…and again and again. Her ass feels raw by the time he finally throws the belt away from them. "You gonna behave now whore?" "Yes daddy," she cries, "Please just don't hurt me anymore." "Oh, what I'm gonna do will hurt, but if you resist I'll make it hurt a helluva a lot more." He roughly shoves two fingers into her tight pussy.

It's bone dry, though, and hurts like hell. "What's wrong slut? You don't like this? Well that's too damn bad…for you…" Her father spreads her legs wide apart and lines his cock up with her pussy. He rubs his knob up and down her lips, but she still hasn't secreted one drop of juice. Without any concern for his daughter, he shoves his dick in till he bottoms out.

"Ahhhhhh Daddy. It hurts so bad! I can't take it!" "You'll take it and if you don't learn to shut the fuck up I'll ram my cock up your ass!" Taking the threat seriously Steph stifles her sounds and cries in near silence. Her father humps in and out, slapping alternate ass cheeks on each in stroke.

The pain is incredible and Steph doesn't know if she can handle very much more.


She feels a slight amount of wetness around her pussy now, but she can't figure out if it's pre-cum or blood. Her pain is so intense that it must be blood.

Finally, her father unsheathes and hearing him grunt loudly and feeling warm liquid splashing on her back and ass, she figures he's blown his load. Before she can scamper away, he passes out and lands directly on her, squishing her to the floor. After listening to his even breathing for several minutes she crawls out from underneath him. When Kevin heard this he nearly lost it in the parking lot.

"You wait here Steph. I'm going to go have a talk with your Dad." Hopping into my car I hear her yell, "Don't do anything stupid Kevin." That's exactly what I had in mind, though, but that bastard deserved it.

Anyone who would rape their daughter and toss her around like a ragdoll deserved it. This asshole was going to get exactly what he deserved and learn his lesson the hard way. Arriving at her house I strode straight up to the doorway and opened it without knocking.

Her father was sitting in a comfy chair in the living room. When he saw me he got out of his chair. "Good seeing you Kevin. Unfortunately, Steph isn't here right now." He had a sick, crooked grin on his face as he extended his hand.

Approaching him I extended my own and grasped his in a firm shake. Then, without warning, I swing my left as hard as I can. My fist connects squarely with the side of his jaw. He wildly swings back at me, hitting me in the sides.

I barely take notice as I cock my right arm back and punch him in the nose. Immediately I know his nose is broken and blood begins gushing down his face. The force of my last punch knocked him pack into the chair.

Using both hands I grab the back of his head and bring it forward into my raised knee. He crumples and falls to the floor. I kick him hard in the ribs before I stomp down on his balls and dick, hoping I crushed them into uselessness. The bastard screams loudly and both his hands shoot to his crotch. I jump on his chest and start pounding his face with my fists.

Each punch knocks his head harshly into the hard floor. My mind is completely blank accept for the image of him violating his angel of a daughter. I sit on top of him punching him for I don't know how long.

Smashing his face in for the umpteenth time I feel something large and hard smash against the back of my head. Falling to the floor on my back, the last image I saw was Steph standing above me holding a laptop and feeling blood rush from the back of my skull. ******************************************************************************************************************** That was months ago now.

I still couldn't believe that Steph refused to admit her father had raped her. It had just looked like I beat the shit out of her father for no apparent reason. That was fine, if she wanted to live with a rapist, then that was her business. I just regret ever caring for her. It was the biggest mistake of my life.

I didn't regret kicking his ass, though. He did deserve it. Using the breathing techniques my anger management counselor had taught me, I slowly return my heartbeat to normal. I hated having to have private sessions with her at my house, but these techniques were useful. They were about the only way I could calm down when I thought about that fateful night. Walking onto the deck out back, the fresh air tasted glorious.

It got so stuffy inside sometimes. Plus I like watching the neighbor girl swim around in her pool. From the deck it was easy to see over the privacy fence and spy on her. She was about the only attractive girl my own age I had the opportunity to check out these days (besides the ones on the computer).


I was in for quite a surprise today, though. She wasn't out back, but two girls I'd never seen before were playing around in the water. Their breasts looked like a good handful and their wet, light brown hair swung around sexily. The best part of all was that they were naked as the day they were born! This was the best entertainment I'd had in months. I couldn't believe my luck.

Several times it looked like they stole glances up my way, but I didn't care. If they didn't want me to stare at their sexy bodies, then they'd cover up or go inside. After watching for quite a few minutes, I noticed that my 8" cock was rock hard in my shorts. These girls were too much for me and as much as I didn't want to, I went inside.

As soon as I felt the coolness of the a/c I took off for my room at a sprint and beat one off as fast as I could.

A huge load covered my chest and pubic hair. A few spurts had even shot as high as my underchin and neck. ******************************************************************************************************************** "Hey, honey! How was your day?" my Mom asks as she walks into the living room.

"Oh, not too bad. I practiced some of those breathing techniques the counselor wanted me to work on." "That's good. You have another session tomorrow, right? And did you remember to mow the lawn?" "Yes, Mom I do, but I forgot to mow the lawn," I reply and smile, remembering I forgot because I got distracted by those two beautiful girls. "Well, you'd better do it after your session tomorrow. Also, get the guest room all cleaned up. Aunt Sarah is coming to visit this weekend, in case you forgot." ******************************************************************************************************************** The doorbell rang at 10 sharp the next day.

Lori, my counselor, walked right into the house, not even waiting for me to invite her in. As her fiery red, curly hair waved as she walked past me, I thought about how good she was looking today. I could never determine how big her breasts were, because they were always stuffed tightly into her dress shirts. Her thin skirt was making her juicy ass look amazing today. I wasn't sure how old she was, but I doubted she was a day over 25.

The skin on her face had no wrinkles and her blue eyes had a beautiful sparkle today.

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I thought she was damn sexy, but maybe my lack of contact with the female species was making me think that way. We both went and took seats in the living room, the two of us getting comfortable. Lori quickly crossed her legs and readjusted her glasses. She then pulled out a notebook and pen, before looking over and closely examining me.

"So Kevin, how've you been? Have you been practicing the anger management techniques I taught you?" "I've been alright. Just bored. There's not really a whole lot to do when you can only go 40 ft. away from the front door.

And yes, I've been working on the techniques." "Have they been working well for you? Are you able to calm yourself down?" "They've been working alright thus far, but I'm still not sure if they'll be able to do the trick when I'm back out there in the real world, with real problems.

House arrest is like being trapped in a bubble. I have no interactions with people that could actually upset me." "I understand your frustration with not being able to figure out if these techniques will help you once you have a normal life again, but that's why it's important we teach you as many different techniques as possible and that you practice them all.

That way later, when you truly need them, you can try them out until you find the one that will work for you." By this point I wasn't listening to anything that Lori had to say. I was too distracted by her long, slender legs.

I wished they were parted so I could see farther up. I was imagining what color and type her underwear was. Hopefully a small, little thong. She wasn't very old, so there was a good chance. God, I wished I could slide those panties to the side and attack her pussy, her legs wrapping tightly around my head and pulling me in further.

Reality finally drew me back in as I looked up at Lori's face. Her glasses had slid to the end of her nose and she was staring at the large tent in my shorts. My boner was pressing firmly against the material and I could feel a wet spot growing in my boxers. My utter embarrassment was obvious from the flushing of my cheeks.

"Um, I'm gonna go get a glass of water, Lori. Would you like something to drink?" I ask, eager to get out of the room to give my hard-on a chance to die. "Uh…uh." she stammered, slowly recovering from her transfixed state, "Y…yes, please.

Water is fine." In a flash I escape from the living. Shit! I'd embarrassed myself pretty badly. Lori probably thought I was some sort of pervert now. Even worse, I had no idea if this boner would go down.

It seemed any interaction with females now was too much for me to handle. I felt like a college freshman who'd gone to an all boy's school my whole life and now the girls in my class were too much of a distraction for me to pay attention to the professor.

After I got two glasses of water I realized that there was no way the blood was going to reverse out of my penis. Thinking of no other solution, I tucked my dick up into my waistband and went back to the living room. Lori had moved over to the couch where I'd been sitting and I sat down next to her, leaving a few feet between the two of us. "Well Kevin, I think we should work on a new technique today. It's great for relieving stress and calming you down.

It's also good for getting rid of your pent up energy, so it should be especially helpful as long as you're unable to leave the property. Do you think you're ready to test it out?" "Yes, if you think it will help, I'm willing to try," I reply, thankful that she seemed to have forgotten about my overt staring. "Ok, here's what I want you to do: close your eyes and think about whatever makes you angriest." Instantly, that night with Steph and her father flashes before my eyes.

In a few moments my fists clench and my blood begins to boil. "Now take a few deep breaths." I do as she says and my fists half-way unclench, but I'm still lost in thought. Images from that night flood my mind. All the consequences of my actions are now let loose in my brain. I'm so distracted by my thoughts, that I can't even notice what's going on around me. The only thing I can focus on right now are my own thoughts.

That quickly changes as I feel a small hand pulling my penis through the whole in my boxers. My eyes shoot open and I look down just in time to see Lori lick a small dollop of pre-cum from my cock head.

I hadn't even noticed her get between my knees or pull down the zipper on my shorts. I moan softly as I feel the small bumps on her tongue swipe across my knob.

Then her head shot down my cock, enveloping the first four inches. Lori bobbed up and down on my cock several times. Then she pulled back and sucked hard on my knob. My head immediately rolled back on the couch and I let out a deep sigh. She pulls her mouth off my cock and seductively asks, "Is your anger subsiding? Do you think this technique is working?" "Oh, yes!

I'm feeling way more relaxed, but you better keep going so we can make sure." Again my pole is in her hot mouth and now she's working on my shaft with one of her petite hands. With her free hand I can see her undoing the buttons on her shirt.

When she has the last one free, I quickly pull the shirt off her shoulders and away from her body. Lori has a small lacy black bra on that can barely contain her large 34 D breasts. I force a hand inside and start playing with her bountiful beauties. The skin is incredibly soft and smooth as I run my hand over the entire surface of her boobs.

When she unclasps her bra and lets it fall to the floor I flick her nipples with my forefinger until they're completely hard. Then I begin rolling both her nipples between my fingers. My ministrations seem to be provoking Lori into a frenzy and she's wildly fucking her throat with my cock, managing to take a good 6 inches in before gagging. The feeling of her gagging and moaning around my cock sends tingles throughout my body. Scared of cumming so soon, I lift her off the ground and guide her onto her back on the couch.

Lying on top of her, I peel her lips apart with my tongue. She responds with equal passion, grabbing a chunk of my hair and pressing my lips concretely against her own. I snake a hand up her skirt and rub her clit through her panties, her moans reverberating throughout my own mouth. Breaking from the kiss, I gently nibble on her earlobe. Progressing downwards, I plant kisses on her neck and chest until I reach the high peaks of her breasts.

I suck in the left nipple and use my tongue to play with it. Once I'm content with its stiffness, I bite down firmly and then do the same to her other breast. Eager to taste her pussy, I finish kissing my way to her waist. I fumble trying to undo her skirt until I say "fuck it" and just lift it up her body and out of my way.

I'm excited to see the small black thong she has on and quickly rip it from her body, the tiny strings snapping easily.

The sudden roughness elicits another moan from the gorgeous woman. Looking at her pussy for the first time, the abundant juices on her puffy lips are readily apparent and her large clit is easily visible as well. There's also extremely short red hair covering her crotch.

Wasting no time, I shove two fingers into her pussy and begin lapping at her sweet nectar. She's delicious! I yank my fingers out of her cunt and offer them to her as my tongue delves deeply between her folds, anxious to get at more of her juices.

Her hands grab my wrist as she licks her own juices off my fingers. When she's sucked them clean, I use both hands to attack her large tits. With my tongue buried deep inside her pussy, her body begins writhing on the couch. Knowing she's close, I insert two fingers back into her twat and move my mouth to her clit. "Oh fuck! Keep going Kevin! Don't stop! I'm…almost…there," she pants loudly. With no intentions of stopping, I work ever more vigorously.

Ready to push her over the edge, I clamp my teeth down tightly on her clit and flick it with my tongue. "Yessssssss!" she screams while locking her legs tightly behind my head. I feel a geyser erupt against my chin and she wildly humps upwards, experiencing an extremely powerful orgasm.

After she's had a few minutes to cool down and her breath returns to normal, her leg clamp slackens on my head. I stand for a moment to strip out of my clothes and then hop on top of her. She giggles slightly as my large cock slaps against her belly. Moving my hips back, the head of my dick drags lightly across her body, leaving a trail of pre-cum behind. The moment I feel my cock reach her opening I thrust forward and bury 6 inches in her surprisingly tight twat.

Lori's upper body rockets off the couch and she moans loudly. She throws her arms around me and draws me into a kiss while I withdraw a few inches, before going balls deep in her sweet pussy.

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"Oh my God, Kevin! I've never felt so stretched and full! I…feel…so…FUCK!!!!!!!" she screams as my now rapid humping propels her into a second orgasm. I don't stop plunging into her depths throughout her orgasm. "Please, I need a moment. I'm suffocating on my own breath.

My hearts pounding so rapidly," she begs in need of air. "You'll work through it," I reply, but still pull out. I allow her to regain her breath while she gets on her hands and knees on the floor. She turns and gives me a devilish little grin and I shove my long pole back between her nether lips and to the base. Fucking her doggie style, I begin slowly.


Within a few minutes, though, I'm jackhammering in and out. Lori's thrusting her own hips back towards me, matching my pace and creating sensational collisions each time I bottom out. My stamina is quickly running out now, though. Not quite yet ready to cum, I grab her hips and fall back on my ass, pulling us into a reverse cowgirl.

Lori is clearly enjoying riding my pole. She lifts herself until only my knob remains in her folds, before dropping her weight down hard. Occasionally she grinds down roughly against my pelvic bone, making me hump forcefully upwards. When Lori grabs my balls and runs them through her fingers, I sense that familiar boiling. Wanting to get her off one last time too, I reach around and frig her clit furiously with my fingers. "Oh, fuck…shit…Lori…I'm cumming!" "Me TOOOO!" Several long, hot spurts of jizz hastily discharge into her womb as we both shake violently in pleasure.

Wrapping my arms tightly around her waist, I pull Lori down on top of me.

I lightly kiss her neck and shoulders, feeling absolutely exhausted, but completely content for the first time since my house arrest. Finally fully recovered from our passionate fuck, Lori gets up from the floor.

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Making sure I can clearly see what she's doing, she digs her fingers into her pussy and extracts several mouthfuls of cum. She gurgles my cum in her mouth for a while before swallowing it. "Ahh, delicious!" she says as she begins pulling on her clothes. "I had to do something about that cum. Some bad boy ripped my thong and it would've been leaking down my legs all day," she teases. Realizing that our little sex session is over, I pull my clothes on as well. "So Kevin, do you think that was a very effective technique?" she asks.

"Oh, absolutely. I feel much better now." With that, Lori blows me a kiss and goes out the front door. ******************************************************************************************************************** Mowing the front yard, I'm completely lost in thought at what had just happened a few hours ago with Lori.

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If the rest of our sessions were anything like that, I think I'll like the rest of my anger management very much. Seeing movement from the neighbor's house I look up. Their front door is just now closing and the two beautiful girls I saw the day before in the pool are walking towards their car. Spotting me, they both wave with huge smiles on their faces. I wave back and for the first time can clearly see their faces and am surprised to see that…they're twins… Thanks for reading Acre of Freedom Pt.

1! I hope you all enjoyed it! As with my other stories, comments, critiques, and suggestions are welcome and appreciated. I'll have at least one more part to this series up this weekend. Thanks again! College Bum.