Asian BBW Twilight Starr Gets Juicy Cunt Filled With Meaty Black Cock

Asian BBW Twilight Starr Gets Juicy Cunt Filled With Meaty Black Cock
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Incest Vacation This story is told from the view of Fran, the daughter, but there are parts where she was not present. Those parts are told from what she was told or from more of a third party point of view. Hope you enjoy it. _____________________________________________________________________________________ My twin brother, Bobby and I were fucking in the back of our minivan as Dad drove and Mom rode in the passenger's seat.

We were on our way to the beach condo that we had rented for the last week of summer before we went back to college. The back seats were folded down and we had the luggage piled to the side so we had room to do our thing.

Bobby was on his back. I had my pants and panties off and was squatting above him bouncing up and down on his rock hard seven inch prick. It was hard to get a steady rhythm with the van bouncing on the bumps and swerving around other traffic. He popped out a couple of times. Dad was so busy watching in the mirror that he almost ran into the back of the car in front of us. Every time one of us would moan, Mom would turn around and look at us.

"Oh fuck Fran, you're the best fuck in the world. There's nothing I like better than having my cock buried in your tight cunt." Mom looked back, "Hey, I feel insulted. What about me?" Bobby replied, "Sorry Mom, you're a great piece of ass too." Mom and Dad both laughed. We pulled up alongside of an eighteen-wheeler.

The driver sat high enough up so that he could see in the side window of our minivan and get a good look at what was happening.

I looked him in the eyes and smiled and waved. Fortunately the road was three lanes wide so other cars could pass because he matched our speed and kept watching Bobby and me fuck. I felt my orgasm hit me.

I bit my lower lip and clenched my vaginal muscles around Bobby's hard cock as I shuddered thru an earth shaking orgasm. Bobby always made me cum hard. Mine caused his. Bobby moaned, "Fuck, I'm coming Sis. I'm gonna fill your wonderful cunt full of my spunk.

He held me tightly down on him as he blasted his load deep in me. I counted five times that his cock pulsed and poured his hot sauce into me. Each time it spat a shot of his seed deep in my convulsing cunt.

I love the wonderful sensation of my brother's, or anyone's cum filling me. I am sure happy that I am on the pill. I would not want to miss that feeling for the world. We came to a sign that said we were near a rest stop.

The truck driver tooted his horn and pointed at the sign. We dropped behind him and followed him into the rest area. He pulled way to the back of the lot and stopped. Dad pulled up next to him. Mom got out and went to his passenger's side door. Ten minutes later, Mom came back and got in the car. She still had cum on her chin. She used her finger to scoop it up and push it into her mouth.

Dad started the car and we continued on our trip. About six pm we arrived at the resort. Dad went in and checked us in. He got a key for each of us. The unit was wonderful and had a great view of the beach and lake.

It was a one bedroom with two queen sized beds in the bedroom. We all grabbed our swim suit from our luggage, stripped out of our clothes. Dad stood there with a half hard erection and said, "You guys all had fun on the way here but I was driving and didn't get to join it.

Who wants to help me catch up. Mom and I both raised our hands and loudly said, "Me." Bobby said that we should have fun but that he was going down to the beach and check out the 'fresh meat.' Mom and I walked up to Dad and he reached out and grabbed two handfuls of tit, one of mine and one of Mom's. "Fran, you're a carbon copy of your mom. Even your tits are the same size and just as wonderful." He bent down and sucked back and forth from my tit to Mom's and back again.

As enjoyable as that felt, we pushed him back onto his back on the bed. His thick eight inch cock stood up in the air like a flagpole. Mom and I jumped onto the bed and started the fun by licking Dad's shaft, Mom up and down one side and me up and down the other side. Each time we would meet at the tip, we would kiss and swirl our tongues together.

When we felt his balls tighten we backed off and let him settle down. We weren't ready for him to come just yet. After a couple of minutes of all three of us sharing some hot kissing, I lay on my back with my knees pulled up and spread wide. Dad got between my legs and rubbed his cock head across my clit several times making me shiver and moan and beg him to shove his prick in me.

He didn't hesitate. One hard shove and he was buried balls deep in my cunt. He put his hands on my tits and started pounding his cock in my cunt. Each time he slammed forward I let out a grunt. Then Mom, on her knees, lifted one leg over my head so she was squatting above my face.

I could see that her pussy was soaking wet. She bent her legs, dropping her pussy down onto my face. As soon as her crotch touched my face I stuck my tongue out as far as it would go and started lapping at my mother's clit. She moaned and pressed down harder. I dug my tongue into her fuck hole and made like my tongue was a cock. With a loud moan she started rocking her hips, rubbing her cunt across my face.

Mom and Dad were kissing. Mom came first and sprayed girl cum over my face and in my mouth. I swallowed her sweet girl honey.

I always admired how much cum Mom made when she had a hard orgasm. We shifted positions. Dad was on his back and I was on my back on top of him with my legs spread wide. His cock was buried in my fuck hole and he was shoving up into me. I held my outer lips open and Mom got between my legs and lowered her face to my wide spread pussy.

Her lips wrapped around my clit and she started massaging it with her tongue. Dad was fucking into me while Mom attacked my clit. I screamed out in lust.

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Dad pulled out and Mom took him in her mouth. Then he slammed it back in me. He went back and forth several times. Dad put just the head of his cock in my puss as he came so I would have a nice cream pie. He unloaded a large quantity of his baby sauce into my vagina. Then he moved away out from under me.


You could see his jizz starting to leak out of my fuck hole. Mom took his place at my love tunnel and lapped up what Dad had given me. She dug her tongue deep into my quim to drag out as much as she could. I squeezed my vaginal muscles to push out more to where she could get at it.


Finally we had had enough. Dad looked at the clock and said that it was supper time. He went to the balcony and looked for Bobby. Finally he spotted him on a blanket where the grass met the sand. He was with a girl and you could see that he had his hand under her bikini top playing with one of her tits. Dad yelled down to him to come up and get ready for supper. Bobby yelled back and asked if his new friend could come with us. Dad yelled back, "Sure." Bobby and Sue came up to the unit.

Sue was a real knockout. Five-six, long blond hair and a figure that could get her on a Playboy centerfold. She had her beach bag with her and she went into the bathroom to change from her bikini to her clothes.

Bobby changed in the bedroom. We went to a seafood restaurant that we had been told was good and it really was. We Bobby asked Sue to come back to our condo and hang out for a while but she said she had already promised her family to spend the evening with them but she said that she could see Bobby again the next day if he wanted.

They made plans to get together.

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"Good pickup Bob," Dad said. I bet you're going to enjoy getting between her legs. I bet we would all like to get between those legs." Bobby just smiled. In the morning our family drove to the large public aquarium in town and enjoyed several hours looking at the critters and watching the shows.

They had a dolphin feeding and petting pool which was a lot of fun. Mom pointed out one that she noticed that had an erection. "Now that's a big cock.

As much as I like big cocks, I don't think I could handle that one. Maybe I shouldn't go swimming naked when there are dolphins around." On the way back Dad said that he had heard a good story.

"One day this guy called his boss at work and told him that he was not feeling well and would not be in to work that day. The boss said that it was bad as they really needed him to be there. The boss told him that when he wakes up and doesn't feel well he has his wife give him a blowjob to completion and then he feels better and is able to come to work. He said that the employee should give that a try. About two hours later employee called back and said that he did what the boss had suggested and it did help and he would be in to work soon.

Then he said, "Oh, buy the way, you have a very nice house." Mom, Dad and Bobby all had a big laugh but I said that I didn't get it. Dad teasingly told me that I was thick and then explained that the employee did not have his wife suck him off but went to the boss's house and the boss's wife blew him. Then I got it and laughed. We had lunch and then went for a swim in the lake. The lake water was very clear and we were in up to our shoulders when Bobby stripped off my top. Dad commented on how any woman's tits look great when swimming topless because the buoyancy kept them from sagging no matter how big they are.

He said the only place that would be better would be in space with zero gravity. Bobby, Dad and Mom took turns dipping under the water and sucking on my nipples. Bobby said that it was time for him to go pick up Sue, the girl he had met the day before, so we all got out and went back to the condo. Bobby had threatened not to give me my top back and make me walk up the beach topless. I said that if it were a clothing optional beach I would love to do it but doing it now could get us kicked out of the resort so he gave my top to me.

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Bobby took the family car and the rest of us decided to just relax for a while. While surfing around on the TV, Dad discovered that there was an adult channel so he put it on. We all sat on the couch and watched as two girls that looked to be in their late teens were having a great time with their professor in his office in order to get a better grade. Before long were all naked. Dad was between us and was rubbing each of our pussies.

Mom had her hand around Dad's thick eight inch prick and was slowly masturbating him. Before the movie was over, Mom and I had each orgasmed on Dad's fingers and Dad had shot a big load of cum on his stomach.

Mom and I licked it off. Meanwhile Bobby had picked up Sue and taken her to a nearby amusement park where they spend the several hours.

She was going to have dinner with our family again. On the way back to the condo Sue leaned over and put her head on Bobby's shoulder and her hand in his lap. He slid his right hand up under her skirt and up to her panties. Her crotch was soaking wet. The conversation got very sexual. When my brother asked if she was a virgin she just laughed and gave his package a squeeze. During their drive, Sue said that she thought Bobby was really cute just like his father.

He then asked her if she had ever had a threesome and she said once and that she had enjoyed it. When they got to the condo everyone was dressed and acting like a normal family.

That night we went out for Italian. When Sue left the table to go to the ladies room, Mom and I went with her. I have often wondered why women always seem to go together. We asked what she thought of Bobby and she said she thought he was a really cute and a fun guy but she did not say much else. Back at the table, Bobby told Dad what she had said about him and about having been in a threesome and liking it. They made a plan. After being back at the condo for just a few minutes, Dad gave Mom the car keys and a twenty and suggested that she and I might enjoy going to a movie.

Mom looked at him quizzically and he motioned with his head in a way that sort of said, get the fuck out of here. Mom and I left.

Sue sat on the couch and Dad and Bobby sat on either side of her. The sundress that she was wearing was held up by the straps being tied around the back of her neck. Bobby reached back and untied it. Sue did not try to stop him. He lowered the top till it was down at her waist and her very firm C-cup breasts were uncovered. She was not wearing a bra.

She didn't need to wear a bra. Dad and Bobby bent over and each took one of her erect nipples in their mouths and nursed like two babies. Sue leaned her head back against the back of the couch and pushed her boobs forward.

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After a few minutes and a small orgasm, Sue stood up which allowed her dress to fall to the floor. Now she stood there in just a small red pair of bikini panties.

"OK, which one of you studs gets to take my panties off?" Dad quickly dropped to his knees in front of Sue, took her panties in his teeth and pulled them down till they fell to the floor with her dress. She stepped out of them and sat back on the couch with her legs pulled up and spread. Dad wasted no time in planting his face firmly in her crotch. His tongue spread her outer pussy lips and made a hard wet lick across her clit and her fuck hole.

Sue moaned loudly and pushed her pussy to him. Bobby went back to sucking on one of her tits while squeezing the other one. Dad kept eating her pussy till she had a good hard orgasm. Then both guys stood and stripped. "Get on your hands and knees." Sue got off the couch and into the position Dad had just told her. Dad got down behind her and Bobby got on his knees in front of her face.

Sue looked back, "Are you putting on a condom?" Dad replied, "No. I don't have one and it feels a lot better without one." Sue pulled away briefly, "Then you guys can't come in my pussy.

I'm not on any birth control. When you're ready to shoot, come to my mouth and let me suck it while you do." Bobby and Dad smiled at each other and agreed. Dad slid two fingers into Sue's snatch just long enough to make sure that she was good and wet like he knew she would be. Then he lined his prick up at the entrance of her fuck hole, held her hips and slowly but steadily slid his full eight inches full depth into her till his pubic hair was pressed firmly against her butt cheeks.

Dad was amazed at how tight her fuck tunnel was. She was the tightest he had had his cock in a long time. It was almost as tight as some of the assholes that he had fucked.

This was one of the largest cocks Sue had ever taken. She let out a loud Ohhhh! as she was stretched wide. When her mouth opened, Bobby placed his cockhead between her lips. She closed his lips around it and slid forward taking half of his shaft in her mouth. Bobby put his hand on the back of her head.

Dad pulled back and then slammed forward driving Sue forward onto Bobby's rod. He felt himself touch the back of her mouth. He was delighted when she did not gag so the next time Dad's cock slammed into her, Bobby pulled her head to him and every inch of his prick disappeared into her mouth and he felt his cockhead enter her tight throat.

Sue sucked like she was trying to get a thick milkshake thru a straw. You could see her cheeks pull in as she did. Dad placed his thumb at Sue's anal opening and started to work it into her to get her ready for some ass fucking but she reached back and pulled his hand away. When he did it again she pulled it away again and he got the message.


For several minutes the hot three-way continued. Sue had two orgasms and moaned and shook as she came. Finally Dad announced that he was about to come. Sue pulled off Bobby's cock and reminded him not to shoot his load in her. Dad and Bobby switched places. Only seconds after Dad had put his manhood in her mouth he exploded. He felt his sperm exit his balls, rush up threw his cock and empty into Sue's mouth.

Sue sucked hard and swallowed the five hard blasts of cum that flew into her mouth without losing a drop. She managed to suck a little more from the drained cock. Bobby had taken Dad's place in Sue's cunt and he started pounding away but he was so close from being sucked that after less than a minute he had to move back to her mouth to be finished off. When she had finished Bobby off, Sue sat up and licked her lips.

"That was great guys.

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I'm sure glad I met Bob on the beach. I wish we could do it more but we are leaving in the morning and we live five hundred miles away from you so I guess this is thanks and goodbye." Bobby spoke, "The girls will be home any time now. I'm sure they will be looking forward to getting to know you the way we did.

Does that sound like fun?" Sue smiled, "Thanks guys but that's not for me. I'm not bi. I only like guys." When Mom and I got back to the condo, Dad, Bobby and Sue were all dress and sitting on the couch. We were disappointed when Bobby said that he was taking Sue home and took the car keys. It took longer than we expected for him to get back and he explained that he had gotten one more blowjob from Sue before she got out of the car.

"I hope she did not wear you guys out. You had better have saved some for us." Dad said that we would flip a coin to see who would sleep with which guy that night.

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I won and picked Bobby because being young I figured that he was more likely to have another good fuck left in him to give me. We went to bed but Dad fucked Mom longer than Bobby fucked me.

But he gave me a good hard orgasm before filling me with a smaller than usual load of nice hot cum.

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Then everyone got some sleep. It must have been a couple of hours later when I woke up because I had to go to the bathroom. The first thing I recognized was that I heard fucking sounds. When I rolled over to get out of bed I realized that Bobby was not in the bed.

My eyes adjusted to the dim night light and I could see Bobby on the other bed ass fucking Mom while she sucked Dad. What the fuck, I was tired and there were still five more nights left on our vacation. I went and peed and went back to sleep. 815