It is complicated this relation

It is complicated this relation
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E had always watched D, sitting in class next to him, exchanging shy glances from one to the other. She would brush her knee against his leg, or stroking his hand under the table. D was a tall and handsome, no bigger than 6'1" with short shaven brown hair and dark sea-blue eyes.

His smile was always inviting, teasing and sexy especially during school hours when it was more than hard to resist. His broad shoulders and big hands always indicated to E that he must of been well hung. Whenever they would hug she could feel his semi-hard package brushing between her petite thighs. It was a sunny Friday, and since it was last period everyone was eager to go home except for E.

She knew she had to stay around for an hour or so after class to finish off some overdue work from English, it seemed she could never keep up with doing so many classes at once since it became so stressful. E heard the bell ring and loosened her tie and untucked her shirt as she headed over to start finishing her work. The thoughts in her head about schoolwork and finishing her final year of school became overwhelming. She needed a release of some kind.

 "What are you doing here?" D sprang up behind her, tickling at her sides just a little, making her giggle. 

"I thought you had already gone home, baby." E was confused, D wasn't the type to stay back on a Friday afternoon. He usually would have already been halfway home by now.

"I wanted to say goodbye to you, but I couldn't find you." He said, slightly confused as to why she was still at school. E explained to him, and told him about her frustrations. 
 "Come over to mine, we can go out to dinner or stay in, whatever you want." D smiled as E stood up to leave.

He saw her fully, her red, short hair slightly messy and looking flustered. He found it hard to resist her, he loved how she looked in her uniform. Her legs exposed by her short skirt and sheer stockings that she wore underneath. She hugged him tightly and kissed him on the cheek, then smiled a devilish smile that could only mean one thing to D. 

He took her by the hand, and they walked together across the school on the way to a parking lot. As we were walking past a school building entitled "D-Block" he stopped abruptly and dragged E in.

The block had several rooms within it, one of which was the room where E and D had been in roll call together the previous year, the room was called D-block 12. D walked into the open door of the room and let his bag fall off his shoulders onto the floor. 

"What are we doing in here? Did you forget something?" E still looked flustered, and slightly concerned.

If anyone caught them in this room after hours they could be in a lot of trouble, especially because they had been known for breaking rules previously. Still, E followed him into D-Block 12 before he shut the door tight and put a school table up against it so that he would know if anyone was trying to get in.

 E was trying to guess what D and her were doing in here, and if her guesses were right, she was going to be in for an earth-shattering time.

"You're okay with this right?" D questioned her, raising an eyebrow. 

"Uh. yeah, of course I am baby, I trust you, right?" E gazed down towards the ground, and looked up again only to notice the bulge that had formed in D's school pants.

He loosened the buckle and undid it only slightly, not taking his pants off quite yet. E took off her school jumper, D was surprised he could see her lacy black bra under the sheer material of her blue school blouse. She unbuttoned it slightly, so that her collarbones were exposed.

She walked up to him and stood on her tippy toes to kiss him, ever so gently as first. Her lips played with his gently, and occasionally E would softly bite at his bottom lip. The kissing became more intense, as D slid his warm tongue into her mouth, pushing against each other until it almost became a sort of wrestle.

D stopped to breathe, but only for a short second before he began to kiss softly down her jawline and nibble on her ear before leaving long, hard kisses on her neck that would become swollen hickeys the next morning.

The feeling of his tongue against E's neck made her wet, and a gentle moan escaped her lips.

D moved back up to her ear, "I'm going to take you." He whispered these 5 words back in her ear, which sent shivers down her spine.

That's when he began to button down her blouse, exposing her small but firm breasts that were trying to escape her lacy black bra. He kissed them down before unclasping the bra, and using his hands to massage E's breasts softly. Her nipples became hard and she could feel the wetness below her belt intensifying as he moved his mouth to her breasts to suck on them gently.

D moved slowly down, and undid the zipper on the side of E's skirt, and pulled it off, leaving only her stockings and panties on. He admired the look of her lengthy legs as he removed her stocking slowly, then her red panties. 
The look of her wet, glistening pussy made him even harder. 

E undid his belt in a hurry, there was now a sense of urgency and primality between them. All they wanted was each other, he wanted to dominate her and let her know that he was the only man that she would ever fuck.

E pulled off his pants, then his shirt quickly and stepped back to admire his body. His arms were nicely built, and his back was broad and well-shaped. She then slowly lowered herself to the ground, so that her face was right next to D's package.


E peeled his underwear off, so that his long, hard and thick cock was right in front of her mouth. He must have been at least 8-9 inches, and he had a good girth that would make E's pussy throb with pleasure. 

He pushed her face onto his cock, making her gag hard on his 8 inches.

E massaged her hands against the shaft whilst licking the head of D's cock hungrily, his breathing was getting heavier. She continued, taking more and more of him into her mouth every time until she couldn't take it anymore. He shoved it down her throat, not letting her stop to breathe. He knew that E could take it, and he had always wanted to dominate her like this, in a place where they could easily be caught. D had to hold back from cumming straight into her mouth, as he had other plans for her.

E gasped for a breath as he released her hair, and she smiled up at him, eager to know what would happen to her next. 

D pushed her to the floor, so that she was laying face-up with her body fully exposed to him. He grabbed her tie that she had taken off earlier and stuffed it in her mouth so that no-one would be able to hear her moan. The thrill of getting caught was so exciting, but D knew that what he would do next could make her scream.

He crawled to the ground too, to kiss her on the lips softly, then all the way down her chest and belly until he reached her freshly shaved pink pussy. He ran a single finger up and down her soaking slit, he did it so lightly that E couldn't take it, she needed him inside of her. He opened her lips slightly with his finger, and licked lightly up and down her throbbing clit. He spelt out the alphabet with his tongue, something that he knew E loved more than anything. She lay relaxed, enjoying the sensation of him lapping her wet pussy, she then felt a single one of his fingers enter her opening slightly, stretching her.

He moved this finger in and out, feeling her incredibly tight teenage pussy grip around his finger.

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E moaned a little, but the sound was muffled by the tie in her mouth, D smiled at her and finger-fucked her harder under she was flooded with juices. He moved his finger further in, and touched her where she loved the most - her G-spot. The come hither motion in her pussy drove E to the edge, he body trembled and she held back the temptation to cum hard over D's hand. He was so skilled at doing this to E, like a musician playing an instrument, he knew exactly how to please her petite body.

They lay, bodies pressed hard together, kissing in ecstasy and the thought of what was coming next.


D ordered E around, smacking her ass as they took turns touching each other, E stroking his hard cock that was dripping with pre-cum, and D fingered E's tight cunt. She lay on the ground and spread her legs, so that D got a full view of what he was about to experience. It looked so inviting to him, and he instantly knew how much he was going to enjoy pounding E's pussy.

D moved in between her legs, and teased her by rubbing the tip of his cock against her inflamed clit, making her beg with the tie in her mouth for him to enter her. She wanted it more than anything. He lined up his cock with her pussy, and shivered.

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D pushed hard into her body, completing his act of domination and claiming her body as his own. E lifted her legs straight up into the air, whilst still laying on the ground, so that D could get deeper and faster. The muffled moans became louder and louder with every single thrust, her eyes watered with the amount of pleasure she was feeling.

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D held one of her arms to the floor, and growled and moaned as he pounded into her pussy as hard as he could. D could feel how close he was to cumming, but he wanted this to last forever. His cock was milked by her tight pussy, squeezing his shaft and head every time that he entered. He held her down on her chest and neck now, and she began to scream and tremble under the force of his cock. 

"Don't stop, please don't stop," E was now so loud that he could make out her pleads and screams, and he forgot all about the dangers of being caught.

He didn't care anymore anyway, all he wanted to do was be inside her. 

D picked her up, and made her get on hands and knees with her ass and pussy in the air, begging for his cock to enter once again. She seemed even more eager this time, and he knew that E was so extremely close to cumming. This position hit E's G-spot perfectly, every thrust made her moan and scream in pleasure.

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D could feel his package tingle, he became so breathless and he knew he was about to release inside of her. 

"Cum with me," he said in a panic, knowing he was going to at any second.

The final thrusts were the most heavenly, going as deep in her pussy as he possibly could. He felt her body tremble as her pussy tightened and clench against his cock, and knew he was about to come. 

"Fucccccckkkk, babbbbyyyy, fuckkk me." E's words let D know she was coming, and then she screamed loudly, spitting out the tie that was bound around her face.

Her pussy contracting around his cock made him cum ever so easily, and he shot his goodness into her warm and soaked pussy as she rode waves of pleasure over and over. It seemed like they would never stop cumming together.

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As D released his final strands into her, he pulled out, and rolled over to look at E, who's face was bright red, but she smiled as D leaned over to kiss her. 

"I love you, baby" D said as he looked down at her pussy that was covered in his white cum.

"Let's get out of here before they lock us in," he laughed. He dressed E and E dressed him before they ran out of the room. They both noticed the cleaner, who must have heard their entire escapades, they giggled and ran faster into D's car. 

"So, how was that?" E asked, still chuckling a little. 
"Just like living out a fantasy." D kissed her on the cheek before he started the car home.