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Fucking him in all fresh painfull poses
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About six weeks later my phone rang and I answered, "Hello". It was Monica. Monica said, "Hi Stan. I have been thinking about you for weeks and remembering our time together … I miss you." "I miss you too but you are there with Clark and I am here alone, and there is nothing either one of us can do about it," I said.

She sighed and said, "That's true … but things can change with time … can't we just wait and see what happens?" I didn't answer … this was turning in to one depressing phone call … why had she really called me at all?

I was about to find out.

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"I need a really big favor from you … you are are the only person I can trust … but I'll understand if you say no," She said. I paused and thought about it before saying, "I'm listening." "My niece Heather is going through a really nasty divorce. She is scared to death that her soon to be ex-husband is going to harm her. She has a protective order out against him but that may not be enough.

She needs a safe place to stay for two months until the divorce becomes final and she can move back." "I'm still listening," I said.

"Since you live three hours away and no one here knows you I was wondering if you would consider letting her stay with you? I know it's a lot to ask but I have no one else to turn to," she said. I didn't know what to say. I had lived alone for five years and the thought of having someone I didn't know around 24 hours a day for two months left me numb. I said "I'm not sure.

Let me think about it for a while. Is there anything else I should know … like how dangerous is her husband?" "He not dangerous and has no way of knowing about you or where you live. Heather was a wild child growing up but has become a good young woman. There is one other big thing … Heather is four months pregnant and will need some tender loving care. Do you think you can provide that?" she asked hesitantly.

Wow! This really was a big favor. Then I remembered how my sister had to cope with the same situation years earlier. Gina and I had opened our home to her and with a little family help we had seen her through a really bad time. "Are you sure I can handle this?" I asked Monica. "I am positive you can and I will send you as much money as you need to take care of her." I took a deep breath, sighed, and said, "Yes.

Heather can stay with me for two months. When will she be here? Will you bring her or do you want to meet somewhere in the middle?" "Can you meet us in Bloomington at the McDonalds at Exit 120 on Wednesday at 1 pm?" She asked. "Yes … it's only two days and I should be ready by then," I laughed and then said, "Monica, you are really going to owe me big time for this favor." "I know … I'm already planning something big later this year.

See you on Wednesday. Love you. Bye." she said. I left my house on Wednesday morning for the two hour drive to Bloomington. I arrived at the McDonalds at 12:45 pm and parked near the front. Monica and Heather arrived 10 minutes later. Monica got out of her car came over and gave me a hug and kiss. She introduced me to her niece and we transferred her luggage to my car.


Heather was thirty-something, about 5' 7", had blond hair, pretty, and dressed nicely. It was hard to tell that she was pregnant. While Heather went to the restroom in the restaurant Monica and I stayed outside in my car and talked. She gave me $800 for expenses and told me there would more if I needed it. She then leaned in and passionately kissed me. She said, "Thank you for doing this … I promise I will make it up to you.

I'll call you later." Things were looking up with Monica. "I'm holding you to it," I laughed. Heather came out gave Monica a hug and got into my car. The two hour drive home was uneventful. Heather slept for most of the drive so we really didn't get to talk much. I glanced over now and then to look at her features.

She had shapely legs and that golden pregnant skin tone. Nice I thought, very nice. We arrived home at about 3:30 and unloaded the car. I showed her to the guest room and we toured the rest of the house.

She then changed into shorts and a T shirt and came back out to the kitchen. "Let's get acquainted since we are going to be together for the next couple of months." I said. I told her that I was 65 and had been married to Gina for 25 years before she passed away 5 years ago. I was retired but doing some consulting to keep busy. I also told her I would never lie to her … about anything.

Heather told me she was 33 had been married for 10 years before becoming pregnant. Her marriage was breaking up because her husband didn't want kids and the baby she was carrying was totally unexpected. She didn't smile once … I could tell she was sad about the situation she was in. Monica called to see if we had made it home safely and if Heather and I would be OK.

I told her we were fine and that I was sure things would work out. She asked to speak with Heather so I handed her the phone. Their conversation lasted about 10 minutes before she hung up. Then I fixed us a light dinner and we both went to bed early. It had been a long day. It took about a week for us to get comfortable living together. She took over most of the cooking and cleaning chores and I did the laundry and shopping. Scheduling bathroom times was the biggest problem we had to solve.

She spent as much as 45 minutes in the morning getting ready. I only need 15 minutes so we worked that out. Then one day she finally started to smile … Heather had a great smile.

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The next morning at breakfast Heather said, "Thank you for taking me in. You really are the kind and gentle man Aunt Monica said you were. I don't know what would have happened to me without your help. I hope there is something I can do to repay you." She got up and gave me a hug and a real kiss on my lips … her first actual physical contact with me.

"You are welcome … I'm happy I could help," I stuttered. We settled into a daily routine. It didn't appear that her pregnancy would be a problem. That's what I thought until a few days later when she came into the kitchen for breakfast in just shorts and a T shirt. Her breasts and nipples showed through the thin material. I was ashamed of myself but I couldn't keep my eyes off of her … dirty old man I thought … I am twice her age.

I couldn't believe it but my penis started to get hard. "Heather did you forget to put something on this morning?" I asked. She replied, "My bras won't fit any more. My breasts are getting bigger every day. See …," she said as she lifted the T shirt over her head and laughed. I couldn't believe my eyes as I stared at her beautiful breasts and long hard nipples. She said, "I've seen you looking at them and I thought you might like to see them for real." I was beyond shocked … I saw that they were firm and the nipples were hard as rocks.

Then she held them in her hands and teased, "Would you like to kiss them?" What was she thinking? I stopped her and said, "Heather we can't do this … it's just not right. I'm supposed to take care of you … not take advantage of you." "OK, I was just trying to make you feel good about me being here," she said.

Then she noticed the erection in my pants. "Looks like it may have worked," she laughed and then fixed us breakfast. That was the beginning of what turned into a week of her constant sexual teasing. One day I noticed that she wasn't wearing panties under her skirt. She sat on the couch with her legs spread, saw that I was looking, and winked at me. I had another erection and again she noticed it.

I'd heard that pregnancy sometimes causes heightened sexual drives but this was getting ridiculous. We were going to have to sit down and talk this out. That night at dinner Heather was wearing a low-cut blouse exposing the cleavage between her large breasts. I couldn't take it any more … we had to have the talk … NOW! "Heather you are driving me crazy! What you are doing is totally wrong. I'm even starting to dream about you. Your teasing has got to stop. We cannot and will not have sex.

Do you understand?" I asked. She replied, "Yes I understand. I'm sorry but it's these damned pregnancy hormones that are causing it. I'll get it under control.


I promise." "Thank you, I know you aren't doing it on purpose," I said. Then she changed the subject and asked, "Would you like a coconut rum and coke to calm you down?" I said yes and she went to the bar to make my drink. We finished dinner and she made me another drink. After a while I started to feel sleepy so I excused myself and went to bed and fell asleep immediately. Sometime later I awoke with a start. My bedroom ceiling light was on and I realized that I was completely naked.

I tried to get up but my hands and feet were bound to the head and foot boards of the bed with panty hose. I couldn't move . I was spread eagle on my bed. I was in a daze … what was going on?

I saw Heather walk into the bedroom with a small bowl of hot water and all the shaving supplies from the bathroom. "What are you doing Heather? Please untie me." "No.

I'm in charge now. You must do what I say! I've decided to shave off all of your pubic hair … now be quiet and don't try to escape," Heather warned.

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This was bizarre … was she crazy? I was totally helpless to stop her. She took a warm wet washcloth and began to rub it all over my penis and balls. Then she pulled out a small pair of scissors and placed a bath towel under me. "I am going to trim your pubic hair as short as possible with these scissors before using the razor .

Don't move! I don't want to hurt you." I didn't have a choice … I complied. She clipped busily with the scissors, my pubic hair dropping on to the towel. Then she squirted some shaving cream on her hand. Grasping my penis with two fingers, she raised it up while she smeared the shaving cream all over my balls. I felt a tingle in my penis and realized that even though I didn't want to I was becoming aroused.

I asked her again to please stop, but she ignored me. She was in a world of her own. Heather was determined as she examined, moved, and manipulated my penis. She appeared to be fascinated by the wrinkles, bumps and veins in front of her.

"I shave my pussy all the time and now it's your turn," she whispered. I was in shock. Now I couldn't get the picture of Heather, with a shaved pussy, out of my mind. My cock thickened and rose, as if it had a life of its own.

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Heather stared at it as it got longer and thicker. I didn't know what to do. My groin was covered with shaving cream. Heather's face was about six inches away from my stiffening penis. And THAT made me get even harder. In the span of sixty seconds my penis was fully erect, straining toward Heather's amazed gaze, the tip poking out of its protective sheath of skin. Heather didn't look away. She was fascinated with it. Her hand came up and wrapped around it.

It was HARD! But it was soft too . silky . smooth. She licked her lips and looked up into my eyes and laughed, "Well that will certainly make it a lot easier to use the razor. Thank you Stan." Then she picked up the razor and, keeping her hand firmly wrapped around my penis she began to gently scrape me clean of hair. She soon discovered that holding onto my penis wasn't really helping but she didn't let go.

Finally she had to let go to work on my balls. "Hold very still," she whispered. I had been frozen with fear ever since she had wrapped her hot little hand around my erection. I watched her intently as she carefully swiped the razor back and forth. She was grasping the wrinkled skin of my balls and pulling it this way and that while she shaved the hair off my testicles. This was unreal.

Getting my balls smooth proved to be a lot harder for her. She worked for fifteen minutes before she was satisfied.

Then she went back to my penis and it's still hairy base. Again she wrapped her hand around it, pulling it down fighting the stiff rod, to stretch the skin at the base. I gasped at her touch. She must have been really turned on because I saw her nipples getting hard.

She leaned back, breathing deeply, trying to get back in control. She carefully began taking off the remaining hair around the base of my penis. Again, in the process of moving my prick around, her hand pulled up and down on it.

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The tip began to leak pre-cum, the milky fluid dripping off the tip and onto Heather's hand while she manipulated the razor. I couldn't believe what was happening. Heather was all but actively masturbating me now, but I could see that it wasn't her intent. I had to do something. I was about to cum on Heather's face. I bit my lip, but that didn't help. Finally she appeared to be done with the razor … done with the actual shaving.

How could this be happening? What was she going to do now? "Don't move yet, I'm not done with you," she whispered again. She re-heated the washcloth in the hot water.

"I'm going to put some lotion on you to control the razor burn. Your skin isn't used to being shaved, and it will get all red and hurt if I don't." She wiped the hot washcloth all over my genitals, removing all traces of shaving cream. Then she put a dollop of coconut scented lotion in one palm, rubbed her hands together, and began to massage it onto my penis and balls.

This time, when she grasped my penis, she did so at the tip, and then, holding on tightly, slid her hand to the base. My foreskin peeled back, unhooding the head. It was dark and purple looking now, and another streak of pre-cum oozed out. Then, holding the foreskin back, and with her other hand massaging my balls, Heather leaned forward and slid my penis into her mouth.

She sucked gently, and ran her tongue all around the sensitive head. I felt like I'd been struck by lightning. I stared down at Heather's blond hair, covering what I knew was happening down there. She'd put my penis in her mouth and was sucking me off!

Instantly I felt myself about to cum. "Heather" I murmured. "I'm going to cum". Her hand on my balls went to where my sperm tube entered my penis and squeezed.


Her other hand on my penis went to the base and also tightened. My orgasm was stopped in its tracks. It hurt a little, mostly in my balls. Where in the world had she learned how to do that? Heather pulled her mouth reluctantly off of my straining penis. She looked up at me and said innocently "You wouldn't want to do that, now would you?" She stood up and removed her shorts and let them drop to the floor.

My mind was in turmoil. I really didn't want this to happen. Why was she taking her shorts off? "What are you doing, Heather?" I asked. "I want to compare" she said.

"I told you I shaved . myself." I want to see if I did as good a job on you as I did on me." I should have known better but I stared as Heather lowered her panties and then pulled her T shirt up over her head. When she dropped those on the floor she was completely naked .

just like me . even though I was still tied up. I could see her firm breasts and rock hard nipples above her pregnant belly. Heather moved to the head of the bed and put her left leg on the mattress. Her clean shaven pussy was just inches in front of my face. Her wet pussy lips were full and bulging. I could see that she was fully aroused. She spread her legs wider and her pussy lips parted. Her pussy was perfectly smooth with not a hair to conceal any of her gorgeous, unblemished skin.

"See? Now we're alike, aren't we? Did I do a good job?" she asked as she seductively displayed her naked pregnant body.

I found myself slowly giving in . the overwhelming urge to cum were winning and were impossible to stop. I tried one last time to get Heather to stop but she wouldn't listen. She was in total control. She took her leg off the mattress and moved one hand to my penis and the other to her pussy and began rubbing both. This time it was obvious she knew exactly what she was doing.

She opened a bottle of KY jelly, put some on her hand and applied it to the head and shaft of my penis and then to the lips of her pussy. "See how nice and smooth we are Stan? Are you ready to feel our bare wet skin rubbing against each other?" I couldn't help myself as I nodded yes. I watched as she gently climbed on top of me spread her legs over mine and positioned her gorgeous shaved muff above my freshly shaved penis and balls.

My hard wet prick was just an inch away from touching her pussy. I looked at Heather's face. She was staring calmly back. "I want you now," she said. I felt my penis push against her slick wet vagina. "Oh Heather" I groaned. Then I pushed upward and slid into her as she slowly pushed down. The moist shaved skin on skin feeling was unbelievable! "Oh Stan" she moaned. As I went all the way in I tried one last time to stop. "We shouldn't be doing this." She leaned forward and said, "Yes, we should." The she bent forward and took my face in her hands.

She kissed me very deliberately. It was a kiss of pure unadulterated passion. "Now" she said between more kisses, "You can cum inside me." I stiffened as I realized what Heather had just said.

She was in charge and had spread her legs for me, inserted me into her pussy, and wanted this to happen. All of my misgivings were gone. She slowly rode up and down on my penis and moaning with pent up desire. She was driving me deeper with each push; I was going to explode inside of her. One final lunge pushed my penis against her cervix as I grunted loudly and unleashed my semen into her waiting vagina.

My cock gushed streams of sticky ivory fluid into her womb. I felt Heather's orgasm begin as her pussy tightened around my penis and drained every last drop of sperm. The orgasm went on and on. The pleasure was indescribable. After a few minutes Heather was basking in the afterglow of our orgasm.

"Thank you Stan. That was really good … I needed that," she murmured. She let me catch my breath while she stood up and began to untie me. I stood unsteadily as she used the washcloth to clean us off. "Did you put something in my drinks to knock me out?" I asked. She nodded yes. "Why?" I asked. "Why not? I had to be in control because I knew you would never let me do what I had planned … with you helpless I knew I could do anything I wanted and you couldn't stop me," she laughed.

Then she kissed me and hugged me crushing her naked breasts against my chest. "Let's go to bed now Stan … It's been a long day," she said. We slept together that night … the first of many to come.