Hot schoolgirl with pigtails fuck in the study room

Hot schoolgirl with pigtails fuck in the study room
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HOW IT STARTED (The Handjob) My mother-n-law (Mrs. Brown) called me one early afternoon and asked if I would come pick her up from work because of the snow, she was afraid to drive in it. I said yes no problem, I was on my way.

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Now before I go on with the story, let me tell a little bit about my Mrs Brown and my relationship. I flat out don't like the bitch!

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I think she likes me BUT she is such a bitch I would'nt know if she liked me or not. The fact that I hate her makes this sound off the wall.

I BADLY want to fuck her! LOL Now, back to the story. I pick her up from work. she is in her work clothes which is a long wool coat, knee high boots, black nylons and a black skirt.

I did'nt pay any attention to what type of shirt she was wearing cuz the boots got me right off the bat!

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We were slowly driving because how bad the snow was when traffic came to a stand still. We sat for a little bit and she said she was getting hot so she took off the jacket.

I kept checking out her legs and boots and she caught me and asked " see something you like?" Im sorry I told her, just like your boots. she smiled with an evil type of grin reached over put her hand on my inner thigh and whispered "how about I thank you in a special way, that we keep between you and I" I looked at her and said."how is that?" She started rubbing on my cock "I think you know Jamie". OMG. my mother-n--law is rubbing my dick and I instantly turned hard as fuck! Just sit back, pay attention to the traffic, be quiet and i'll take care of you.

she undid my jeans, worked my cock out of my underwear and started stroking me.with her other hand she reached down into her purse and pulled out some lotion put some on the head of my cock gripped tightly and went to town on my dick. I was SO fucking turned on. as she stroked me she just starred at my cock. OH FUCK, IM GONNA CUM (only about 2 mins into Shoot that fucking load she said outloud in a rough mean sounding way that turned me on even more.

she stroked harder and faster and I blew a nut all over. up on the steering wheel, all the way up on the dash, all over me, all over the fucking place.

She smiled, and said. my first white cock. not bad. not bad at all. SECOND ENCOUNTER (EATING AND FUCKING) My mother-n-law Mrs Brown called me over to help flip her mattress so I threw on my shorts and shoes and headed that way. When I got there she invited me in, she was in a housecoat which made no sense because it was 90 degrees out but she is strange sometimes anyhow.

We headed up to her bedroom. I walked in she shut the door behind her took off the robe and said. "now, get down on your knees and eat this black pussy" (If you remember our first encounter, was nothing more then her giving me a handjob in the car and nothing else was said for nearly 2 months). HELL YES I thought to myself, it's about time, i've been wanting at that redbone mature pussy for a while and it's exactly how I pictured it.

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hairy but trimmed. I went right to my knees and took my tounge from the edge of her asshole up to her clit but she was'nt playing around.

she grabbed my head and said, fucking eat that pussy white boy. OMG was I turned on.

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she grabbed my head with both hands and shoved me into that sweet black pussy.damn did it taste good.I started flicking my tounge and smashing it into pussy which had become so damn wet. "there ya go fucker, eat momma's pussy good, tounge dat shit baby"she said to me. I wanted to cum right then, dirty talk makes me fucking HOT! . i put my tounge inside her wet hole and started flipping it and smashing it in her.she gripped tight on my head and moaned out in a mean voice that made me hot .

"just like that. JUST FUCKING LIKE THAT. DON'T FUCKING STOP, OH FUCK YOU MUTHER FUCK DON'T YOU FUCKING STOP. oh fuck. OH FUCKING SHIT! Im gonna squirt, IM GONNA FUCKING SQUIRT, she pushed my head back and started fingering the hell out of her clit."uh uh UH UH UH UH UH. OH FUCK. OH FUCK she screamed out right before she gushed all over my face and I mean it was a fucking waterfall! (like mother like daughter, they both I dove right back in.

she squirmed and her whole body twicthed as my tounge went back into that pussy and my thumb went on that clit, wiggiling it fast. that dick hard. she asked.

with a mouth full of pussy im mumbled mmmmmhmmmm.I want that white dick, give me that shit now. fucking fuck me!.

she turned around, bent over the bed and said. fuck momma baby, fuck this fucking pussy hard you son of a bitch! I yanked my shorts and underwear off, grabbed my throbbing hard cock and put the tip to her hole and HOLY SHIT she was fucking tight as FUCK! I am almost cam as I pushed it in her. FUCK that pussy is tight I said.FUCK ME DAMN IT she yelled out. I grabbed a hand full of hair, yanked back and slammed the fuck out of that hairy wet black pussy!

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OH FUCK she screamed out LOUD!. HURT DAT PUSSY, she said, FUCKING HURT THAT PUSSY! I started fucking slamming that shit.


Is that what you want you bitch, is that what you fucking want. FUCK YES, FUCKING FUCK ME GOD DAMN IT!! She was almost in tears, throwing her ass back on my cock in ryhthm with each fucking thrust! DAMN that some good fucking pussy I told her.I was'nt even five minutes into fucking that tight ass pussy when it was time.

OH SHIT. OH FUCKING SHIT, IM GONNA CUM!.she reached back grabbed my hip and said. FUCKING CUM IN MY PUSSY, CUM IN THIS BLACK CUNT YOU FUCK, FUCKING CUM IN ME. SPLASH, I let it all go up inside her. OH FUCK YES she said. I FEEL IT.


I FEEL THAT FUCKING CUM. keep it in me, FUCKING KEEP IT IN ME.i pumped her pussy full thick hot creamy cum and she fucking LOVED IT. I pulled my cock out which was still throbbing ass hard, covered in both of juices and she flipped over onto her back slid her ass back on the bedpulled her pussy lips apart and said. now ya gotta eat that shit out.

gotta get rid of the evidence. my reaction and reply was. SERIOUSLY?? you want me to eat my cum out of your pussy? If you ever want this tight black pussy again, you'll get that tounge down here and clean your shit out!

So what did I do? I tounged the fuck out of her pussy, licking and eating both of our cum out of her. She laid there loving it, thrusting her pussy up as I tounged her hole and she pushed that shit back out into my mouth. I looked up at Mrs Brown and said. "You're a fucking freak are'nt you" She smiled and said, you aint see nothing yet, just wait. We both got up, she looked down at my cock that was still hard as fuck smiled and said, "if we only had some more time", She threw her houscoat back on, gave me one of the best kisses I have EVER had.

(she has a set of lips that puts angelina jolie to shame) Then asked, "So, is the momma better than daughter) You know what, YES, FUCK YES. She grinned gave me a little kiss on the lips and said "that's what I thought" Cya soon she told me, then I left Here is the funny part of the story.

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I get back home and the wife ask me "So, what else did mom have you do, it was more then just flip the mattress was'nt it?" She has you do every fucking thing for her.

hell im suprised she does'nt have you fuck her. we all know Tyrone (Mrs Browns husband) does'nt do a damn thing around that house. I laughed and told the wife, if you mom wants me to fuck her, she is gonna have to pay me damn good for that!

The wife laughed and said, "Oh you know you wanna do my mom" YOU DAMN SKIPPY I DO.LOL