Sehnig nassen Fotzen knallen und in einem Orgasmus pulsiert

Sehnig nassen Fotzen knallen und in einem Orgasmus pulsiert
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One Friday evening, Ginger was fed up. She was sitting there on the couch, watching her favorite TV show, a box of cookies on her lap.


Her favorite character was being dumped by her boyfriend. This man had found a skinner, prettier girl and was done with the sweet, kind protagonist that Ginger had grown to love.

Ginger cursed in frustration and threw her cookies at the TV. She stood up, walked over to the bathroom, stripped down to her panties, and stared at her reflection in the mirror. Staring back at her was a girl with sad, chocolate brown eyes, rich brown hair, and smooth pale skin.

But the only thing Ginger could see was the enormous belly poking over the top of her underwear, the stretch marks on her sides, and her huge butt and thighs. She hated it. Ginger quickly threw back on her clothes and scowled. "Tomorrow, you stop complaining and you go to the gym," she said to the girl in the mirror. The next morning, she woke up and pulled out her laptop, searching for gyms nearby with good reviews. Most of the ones nearby had pretty good reviews, like 4-5 stars, but one in particular had 58 5-star reviews with glowing feedback for the staff.

"The staff here are drop-dead gorgeous and so supportive!" said one. "I would never go to another gym again! This one changed my life," reported a second. Scoffing in disbelief, Ginger resolved that she had to at least go over and take a look. She threw a shirt and stretchy yoga pants into a bag, grabbed her purse, and took the elevator down her apartment building to her car. When she reached the gym 20 minutes later, she found a huge building with a flashy sign out front spelling "New Life Fitness".


She walked in the front doors and up to the front desk, where a petite girl with sleek blonde hair and a pink top with breasts bulging out the top was beaming at her. "Hi there!" the girl greeted. "I'm Sabrina.

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Are you interested in setting up a membership with our gym?" Skeptical that this gym was really going to be any better than the embarrassing attempts she had so far made with other gyms, she replied simply, "Yeah", with a blank and unpleasant expression. She shifted nervously to pull her shirt down to hide more of her body and put her gym bag in front of her.

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This made Sabrina beam even brighter. "That's wonderful!" she squeaked, "we'll set you up with a trainer right away and you can get started on sculpting the new you!" Immediately, Ginger was offended by Sabrina's assumption that she wanted to change herself, but all thoughts of Sabrina flew out of her head when she saw the man that Sabrina was beckoning out from the staff room behind the front counter.

His brown hair was smoothed to the side, and his face was exquisitely handsome with a chiseled jawline and sensuous lips. His collarbone was visible above his sleek black t-shirt, where his hard pecs and what she could only assume were perfect six-pack abs were visible. Oh, and that butt and perfect, sculpted legs were visible under those navy blue shorts. He walked over to Ginger and held out his hand.

"Hi miss, I understand I'm going to be your new trainer! What is your name?" "G-ginger," she stammered out. He gave her a delicious, warm smile and said "Nice to meet you, Ginger!

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I'm Scott. Right this way." That morning, Ginger and Scott went over the rules of the gym and their workout plan that they would start with. The whole time, Scott did not stop giving her the warmest and dare she say it?

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very sexual looks. Ginger couldn't handle the confusing and completely inappropriate attention that she looked at her hands in her lap the whole time. Soon, Ginger started working out. Scott instructed her on how to use the weights and then she moved to the elliptical. When he asked her at various intervals how she was feeling and if she needed to stop, Ginger pushed through the sweat and the pain and said she wanted to keep going.

After two hours, she was exhausted and made her way home. Later that evening, after showering and looking at herself again, she was so immensely disappointed by her progress that she curled up by the TV and cried.

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The next week found Ginger visiting the gym as much as she could. She was so engrossed in her task of losing weight, but she couldn't help but notice that Scott kept giving her more and more attention. At times, he looked exhausted, but when he looked at her, there was a hungry gleam in his eye and a clear attraction that Ginger knew she had to be hallucinating.

One night, when she was the last gym patron around, Scott was on closing duty. He wasn't, however, doing a very good job of hiding his exhaustion. She walked over to him and asked, "Are you feeling okay?" He responded, "I'm okay. But you, I can really tell you want this. Do you… How much do you want it?" "Losing weight?" Ginger asked.

"It's everything.

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I can't even look at myself." The look in Scott's eyes was immediately ravenous, but then it vanished just as quickly. "How about a private session upstairs in the yoga studio before we go?" Ginger shrugged, agreed, and followed Scott up the stairs after he locked the front door. He threw a couple yoga mats on the ground and motioned for her to sit down next to him.

He started talking. "You seem to be one of our most dedicated patrons, Ginger. I really admire your passion for exercise and it is something that New Life Fitness really tries to nurture. I think you're ready for the next stage of your progress." As he said this, his hand moved to stroke her arm. As soon as his fingertips touched her bare arm, her head grew pleasantly foggy. He continued, "We have a special technique for helping our best customers, and I think you're ready." As her head started to tingle with delightful, pleasant sensations and her skin joined in the wonderful tingling, Scott gently pushed Ginger down onto the yoga mat.

When he started to pull down her pants and take off his own, Ginger knew she should be worried, but the last time she had sex was so long ago… and she was feeling so good… and his abs were as perfect as if sculpted by a god. With a gentle caress, Scott slid his finger into Ginger's pussy, and it immediately became soaked with anticipation. He slid it in and out until she was moaning with pleasure and her back arching in delight.

He touched his finger to his hard cock to rub in her fluids. Then he leaned down to Ginger's ear and whispered "Tonight, your life changes." Then he thrust his dick into her sopping wet pussy and a feeling of joy, of radiance, passion, and pure light rocked her entire body.

Her eyes flew open and her vision was clouded with rainbows and stars, but her body was in the most potent ecstasy she had ever imagined. He continued to pound her, racking her body with pleasure with every mind-blowing thrust. And Ginger was gasping, crying in delight with lungs that had never seemed so full of life and energy.

Her muscles felt invigorated, infused with tingling and strength. When she looked down at herself, through the multicolored lens of ecstasy, she could swear her body was… tighter.


The longer she looked, the more it was becoming clear that her stomach was tightening into lean, hard perfection. She looked sideways at her arms, and the fat was gone, replaced by a thin layer of lean muscle. Her chest was changing too. She maintained the large breasts obtained with her fat, but they were filling out, becoming firmer and more perky. Scott noticed her looking at her body, and through his own ecstasy, gave her a smile that was both satisfied and predatory.

His body was tense with the effort, his biceps straining and abs bulging with every thrust. With a scream of joy, Ginger felt his cock tense up and become slick with his cum as he filled her up.

When their bodies stopped vibrating with pleasure, he rolled off of her and laid next to her on the mat, propping up his head in his hand. "Thank you," he said, "I feel much better." "You?" said Ginger, "What about me? What happened to me?!" "I fed on your body hatred, Ginger," he explained.

"Those of us who work here, we're a different sort of human. We need sustenance, but food does not completely satisfy. The only thing that really gives us energy is the feelings that other people suppress, the aspects of their bodies that are so unsatisfying that they take up their thoughts and fill them with self-loathing.

We feed on those feelings, driven down into the body parts that you hate. We leave nothing but perfection in our wake, and feel energized for weeks. Really, I don't understand why our leaders don't let us feed all the time, because we're doing a great service to people everywhere." "You did… this is real? Will this stay?" said Ginger. "Yes, but I shouldn't have fed so much at once. But when my superior finds out, I will be in serious trouble. You're going to have to take on a new identity, I'm afraid." "What??" cried Ginger.

"I have a life! You can't just fuck me and take that away." "Well, it's that, or I keep you locked up until we decide what to do with you, but that would be such a shame. You have so much potential," he said, grinning confidently.

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"I'll let you go home for now, but try not to interact with anyone, because they won't recognize you." Ginger put on some clothes that Scott handed to her and wandered back to her car in a daze, so confused by her new predicament that she couldn't form coherent thoughts. She climbed into her car and looked down to see her tight stomach a foot farther from the steering wheel, and her slim legs barely filling up the seat. She shook her head and drove the 20 minutes home.

Walking from her car to her apartment, she ran into her neighbor, a man of about 30 who was always polite but never looked twice at her. She felt his eyes on her and her breasts but quickly scurried away and was sure that his eyes lingered on her tight, plump ass as she retreated.

Man, her body was brimming with energy. She decided to take the stairs instead of the elevator up to her apartment on the 5th floor, and by the time she reached her floor, she was not breathing hard in the slightest. She plopped down on her bed and drifted off to sleep.

The next morning, Ginger opened her eyes groggily and had a faint feeling that something weird happened yesterday. Snapping back into focus, she ripped off the covers and saw her pristine new body lying there, not an imperfection in sight. She jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom, where she stared in wide-eyed disbelief at her slim shoulders, her perky C-cup breasts, her skinny waist and perfect stomach.

Her arms and legs were slim but powerful like a well-toned athlete's. Her grin, when she realized that her dreams had come true, was bright enough to light up the room. She decided to go for a walk, it being a 75-degree Spring day.

She walked past a dozen people, all of them giving her admiring looks. She had a bounce in her step with confidence and pleasure, but was soon distracted by the blue aura coming from a woman walking her way. The woman's clothing was boring and nonsexual, her hair cropped short. She was petite and had a pretty face, but all was obscured by her baggy clothing and sad expression trained on her phone. As Ginger moved closer, she kept staring at the stranger. The woman didn't notice her, still engrossed in her phone, but Ginger felt herself drawing closer and wanting to talk to the stranger.

She was fighting the odd sensation when the woman suddenly tripped and dropped her bag and phone on the ground.

While she was struggling to put things back in her purse, Ginger bent down to pick up the phone and hand it to the stranger. When she did so, the woman was reaching for it too and their hands brushed. Instantly, Ginger's whole body was given a rush of light and tingly pleasure. The woman, too, appeared to be affected and looked up at Ginger.

"Hi, here you go," said Ginger, handing her the phone. "What is your name?" "Raleigh," said the woman. "Thanks." Then Ginger noticed that the woman's pants were scraped up and blood soaking into the fabric around the hole. "Oh my god, you're bleeding!

You should come up to my apartment with me and I can clean it up for you," she said, touching Raleigh's hand again. As if dazed, Raleigh smiled and said sure, appearing oblivious to her surroundings. Ginger put one of Raleigh's arms over her shoulders and walked her back to her apartment. Inside, Ginger sat Raleigh down on the couch and grabbed some rubbing alcohol and gauze.

She reached to tend to Raleigh's leg, and had just grabbed Raleigh's ankle when she realized that this would be better if Raleigh didn't have pants covering the cut. Without thinking, she said "Hey, can you take off your pants? I need to get at your cut better." And Raleigh immediately slid them off and sat back down.

Ginger started dabbing at the cut again, and found her hands sliding up and down Raleigh's leg, feeling the smooth skin and how the touching gave Ginger a wonderful feeling of pleasure. Her hand slowly slid up to Raleigh's panties and under the fabric, caressing her pussy lips. Raleigh's eyes were glazed over and she had a gentle smile on her lips. Overcome with desire, Ginger shifted so that she was straddling Raleigh on the couch, pushing up Raleigh's shirt over her head. She kissed Raleigh's neck and breasts and kept kissing all the way down to Raleigh's lap again.

Encouraged by moans coming from her partner, Ginger pushed Raleigh down onto the couch and pulled off the woman's panties, then put her head in between Raleigh's legs. She started caressing Raleigh's clit and pussy lips with her tongue, tracing the curves and sliding her tongue into the opening.

Raleigh was gyrating with pleasure, but Ginger kept going, rubbing her tongue firmly into the most sensual spots. Soon, Raleigh's hard clitoris seemed to get harder. And harder. And soon it was growing into a rod, and growing larger. Ginger's mouth was wrapping around this hard clitoris, sucking on it as Raleigh bucked in ecstasy. It was becoming clear that Raleigh's clitoris was strongly resembling a dick, so Ginger decided that the only natural thing to do was to lift her mouth off of it and put the new dick into a better location her own vagina.

Ginger lifted her head and looked up at Raleigh, who was staring down at her with a curious look. Raleigh was not a woman anymore. Beneath that new dick were brand new balls, nestled in between muscular, hairy legs. His hips had narrowed out into a man's, with hip bones poking out next to an impressive V under his hard abs. His arms, too, had filled out and were bulging with new muscle. His face had the same blue eyes as before, but the sharp jawline, manly brow, and devlish grin made him so much handsomer than before.

Raleigh's rumbling bass voice spoke up, "Come here, and let me properly fuck you," as he grabbed Ginger's hips and threw her down onto the couch while he ended up on top, hard cock pointing down in between them. And without more thought, he thrust his penis into her soaked pussy, making her arch her back in startled delight.

She reached up to cup his muscular, tight ass in her hands while he pounded her and they both moaned in pleasure. When they were done, Raleigh sat next to Ginger on the couch. "I don't know what just happened," he said "But I've always dreamed of being a man and never had the courage to go through with it. I have hated my body for years and today, well, this is a dream come true.

Is this real?" "I think so. The same thing happened to me yesterday.

I don't know what's going on. But I'm glad… I'm glad I could help you," she said, smiling shyly. He grinned and grabbed her face in his strong hands, kissing her on the mouth. Ginger melted with the sensation and ran her hands over his arms. "I'm going to find out what happened to us," said Ginger.

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"Can you stay here until I get back?"