My first cam jerk small cock

My first cam jerk small cock
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One year ago Alex snuck into his cousin Grace's room with a dog and a jar of horse urine. He sneaks over to her drawer that contains all of her clothes. He pulls out her only thong and the tightest shirt.


For some reason Grace kept all of her clothes in the same drawer. They were placed in such a manor she could stack them all and still allow half an inch from the mouth of the drawer.


Alex had spent the last three weeks studying how much the dogs her family owned urinate; and damn, they can piss. He tells the dog to sit as he opens the jar. He tips it over the clothes and makes sure every article of clothing in the drawer.

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He then uses a hanger to mess the clothes up. "in retrospect this would have worked better if I had mixed them up first" he thought as he left the room and closed the door. The next morning Alex woke early to feed the horses. His aunt and uncle's owned a ranch and raised horses…well they aren't exactly his aunt and uncle. He grew up calling them that since they are his real aunts best friends.

He then walked back into the house and hears Grace shouts "What the heck happened?why is there pee all over my stuff?". Alex smiles to himself before putting on a worried look and runs in along with his aunt. "what happened are you ok?" he asks in a faked worried voice. Alex looks at her drawer and begins to laugh. "looks like your dog had to go last night". Grace's mother Jakie looks around and says "well your lucky some clothes were saved, and it looks like you wont be leaving the property today".

Grace couldn't leave the property because yesterday Alex destroyed the cord to the washer and dryer.

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He looks at Grace and says "well I will give you room to change, cause it looks like you got dog pee on you as well".

Apparently the dog took it one step forward last night. As he left Grace's room he could hear her voice scream echo through the house. He pours himself a bowl of cereal and gets an instant boner when he sees his cousin walked in. Grace is a 5'6 red head with 36C tits, she has freckles on her face, and cannot tan with out burning. She was wearing a G-string that barely covered her slit, and showed off her fantastic ass.

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Her tits looked as if they were about to rip the shirt off of her chest. As soon as Aunt Jackie left Alex took off all of his clothes and left them on the floor of the Kitchen He walks over to Grace and watches her stare at his 8 inch dick. "see something you like,slut" Alex says as he strokes his member. Grace is backed up against the wall and dares not to challenge him, he is 15 and already has two black belts and 3 ko in the kick boxing ring.

He reaches out and rips off her shirt letting those oh so wonderful tits free.

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Alex looks Grace in the eye and delivers an order "give me a hand-job you worthless slut". As soon as he finished speaking Grace said "Yes Alex, this worthless slut will jack you long hard cock off". She gives him a hand job. Alex let's a slew of insults fly as she jacked him off.

He feels a pressure in his sack build until he shoots all of his cum onto Grace. "you will nit try to communicate these events to anyone; and now whenever you think of sex or anything related to it, me, or I touch you; you will remember this and think about it, finally this year of school take sex Ed". As soon as Alex finishes with the orders Grace runs into her room crying. Alex follows her and begins to roughly grope her breasts, he yanks on her nipples until he hears her scream.

He hears the garage door begin to open, runs grabs his clothes and puts them on. "you will say you ripped your shirt on the counter top". This time However his voice did not convey any special order but she listened. Alex graves his suitcase and hops in his aunt's F-150. Present "look you stupid bitch, I don't give a fuck about your issues with my behavior " Alex shouts from his mom's mustang as it sat on his cousins driveway. "now suck me off whore" he says to his mother, supposed to the normal response a mother would give she said "yes master, this cum dumpster will obey your orders".

She bobs her head up and down on his dick, as she went down he forced her head until his entire cock was in her mouth. As she blew him Alex thought of the past year. He found out that he could control the minds of others, both with and without his knowledge.

His first clues were the hand job from Grace and her not telling her mom. By the end of the school year he had fucked every girl worth fucking and most of the female teachers. He had become a straight A student and became captain of the wrestling team, tennis team, and boxing club. Alex came in his mothers mouth, wiped his dick on her shirt and got out of the car. He had already scanned the minds of the only person in the house.

It was his Aunt Jackie. She was a red head with tits just as large, if not larger then her daughters. She was 36 years old and just as sexy as she was in her early twenties. Alex reaches into her mind and begins to plant thoughts in her brain. "you will strip down and put on an apron, and answer the door. When you enter it you will get horny at the site of me and beg me to fill every single one of your holes".

Alex walks up to the door and rings the doorbell, he was wearing a sleeveless shirt with the words "I am not an American idiot" on the front, and on the back was a black hand holding a a red heart shaped grenade. Jackie opens the door and leads Alex into the foyer.

All she had on was an apron that says "in the lord all things are possible". The family was highly christian and Alex planned to use that to fulfill some of his fantasies. "Alex you have grown" Jackie says in a flirtatious voice.

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She sits down and motions for him ti sit next to her. He sits keeping a gap between them. "Um thank you?" he say in an awkward manor. Jackie scoots closer to Alex and begins to rub his leg.

"I bet you have grown in more then one way" She says as she unzip the fly of his jeans. Alex smiles and un buttons his jeans. He then gets up and pretends to be scared. "what are you doing?" he practically screams. Jackie gets on her knees and begins to beg for his cock. "please fill me in every hole, I want you to take the virginity of my ass.

I want you". Alex laughs and says "your a filthy whore, aren't you?".

She just pulls up her apron and begins to rub her clit. Alex walks towards her and tells her to suck his cock. She gets on her knees and begins to suck him off. She runs her tongue up and down his shaft, then takes his entire length in her mouth.

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He puts his hands behind her head and fucks her face until he cums. "that is all you get for now you horny bitch" Alex says in a sadistic voice. Alex then reaches out towards her subconscious and say "from now on my dick is the only thing that will satisfy you, and you will obey every order I give you.

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You will not care when I bring home a girl or fuck, molest, or do any other sexual act with your daughter. You will let her move into my room if she wants". Jackie looks at him and says "yes my lord.

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But you do not have a room any more. Yo will sleep in the old barn. It has been changed into a guest cottage". Alex laughs and says "perfect, that makes life easier. I will go put my luggage up and take a nap. Send Grace to come fetch me when it is time to eat". Alex picks up his bags and walks through the house into the backyard and into the old barn, apparently they put up a new one earlier that year. Alex lays down on a bed and falls asleep. He wakes up to a knocking sound.