BIG bathrrom break going hard

BIG bathrrom break going hard
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This one is completely the work of my depraved imagination. (With some inspiration from Jade Dragon and Eucher). I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Now onto the nasty sex, setting the scene is taking more pages than I first thought, never mind, the Sultan's humiliations might not be for everyone (M/f, nc, inter, oral, humil, bdsm) Secondly this is an adult story, if you are younger than eighteen DO NOT READ!!!

If you liked it drop me an email [email protected] if not fuck off. Chapter 3 : Slave of Kalah Kailya stopped deep throating the large black cock and sucked the head, her red lips glistening with saliva. She licked her clients euretha before wrapping her tounge around his shaft, licking and sucking down to his large balls.

"You want to suck my balls now?" he asked mockingly. "Yes master, please allow this fucktoy to suck your balls." Kailya answered automatically, Jarzia's ever present crop running up and down her back.

"You hear that Jarzia? What a depraved infidel! Yes I will definitely place a bid on your ass, your daughter will serve at our headquarters but her mother has a much better mouth, you will serve in my palace. I will enjoy having a queen beg to suck my cock every day." General Majid laughed with Jarzia. Kailya pushed her tears back as she wrapped her lips around the large sac and started to suck. The last four days has been a hell Kailya never dreamed existed, Nustress has truly abandoned her people.

She was on her knees on the once clean red carpet in her throne room, the large hall now reeked of perspiration and dried cum. Kailya's ass and back were crisscrossed with red welts from Jarzia's crop and the slave whip, luckily so far the Kalashite's had not realised she was an adept, her only chance of escape from this depravity.

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General Majid, the leader of the Sadarkaur, had taken a personal interest in the former queen and paid for her services at least three times a day.

The tattooed adept was insatiable and his dick was even longer than the Sultan's, eight inches and wide. The Galadrian whore house was open all day and night and the three hundred Sardakaur spent their coin when they came off duty. The women were rotated, their sore jaws aching, Kailya tensed every time the door to their room would open.

The soldiers would come in and drag them by their chains, some random, some requested to the throne room for another horrifying session. The blonde haired Galadrian queen was a favourite of the Sardakaur and was lucky if she was allowed to sleep for three hours. One the second night Jarzia had entered, her lip was cut and she was in a murderous rage. The guards had strung the Galadrain queen up. Kailya had taken the vicious beating stoically, her daughter's new mistress had escaped the Sultan's trap, she had to believe the woman would look after her precious baby.

In the morning a priest of Kalah had come to heal her wounds, the Kalashite's always left their slaves beaten and bruised and only healed them at sunrise. The matriarch had coolly informed him that another priest had already healed her wounds, she couldn't let them know she was an adept, it was her only chance to escape.

The cycle continueda brief rest with food and a bath before the door opened and the soldiers dragged them out for another session. Tessa and a few others had been given to the woman to train, the black soldiers sat on Kailya's leather chair, their legs spread, their crops never far from the young girl's ass. Jarzia had taunted Kailya informing her that next week would be her turn at pussy licking and that the women were even more demanding than the men.

General Majid had found a cheap tin tiara, the kind young girls wore pretending to be royalty. He had laughed and order Kailya to wear it at all times, her long blonde hair loose, held back by the cheap jewellery.

They had removed her handcuffs after two days so she could better service her clients, the matriarch no longer had any fight left in her to resist her abuse. Her ass and back constantly ached from Jarzia's crop, she was naked, except for a pair of golden high heels and her fake crown.

A chain ran from her collar to the ring in the floor, a constant reminder of her servitude. The General had found a comfortable chair, she knelt before him as he read troop movements and drank fruit juice. The slave's red fingernails gently ran over his thighs as the proud queen ran her tounge along the smelly balls.

Kailya wrinkled her nose at the smell and carried on sucking. A few girls had thrown up after swallowing cum, the other slaves were forced to watch their brutal whipping.

"Enough sucking, are you stupid whore? I want to cum now." Kailya wailed as Jarzia caned her already red ass. "Yes master, please let you slave drink your cum." The former queen blubbered. "Begin and I want your lips around the base." He sneered. Kailya quickly licked up the large black serpent before pushing it down her throat. The general grabbed her head, ramming his cock into her mouth. He groaned as it disappeared into her unwilling mouth.

"That's it slut, all of it, filthy whore, take it, take your master's cock. Swallow slave.". he grunted as he roughly fucked the busty slave's throat, the Kalashite groaned before exploding deep down her throat. Kailya quickly swallowed the river of salty cum, draining her hated client's balls. Eventually sated the large black man slapped her head.

"Thank you for using this slave's worthless mouth." The golden collared slave kissed the dick head and smiled, licking the seed for her lips, her fearful eyes eyeing Jarzia's cane.

The general threw his glass of juice in her face, laughing at her. The large tattooed man reached into a pocket and gave a gold coin to Jarzia. "Again slave, worship your master's cock.".

"Thank you for using this slave master." Kailya said with a smile. Khalim had to come, he promised he would, he had to come and save her she prayed as she opened her sore jaw.

A Sardakaur messenger approached the general, "Not now." The large black man growled as his fucktoy bobbed up and down on his shaft. "Suck infidel bitch, suck for Kalah's sake! Call that service?" he slapped the miserable queen's head. Jarzia took her que and the cane began to fall, "That's better, ugh, Jarzia stripe this slut, perhaps she will serve me better next time.". Kailya wailed as the thin wooded cane came down and again and again on her bright red ass, she looked up pleadingly sucking and bobbing as quickly as possible.

General Majid smiled and fondled her hanging breasts. "That's better, my slave trainer is going to enjoy finishing your training bitch." He groaned and leant back as the Galadrian Queen desperately tried to bring her client to orgasm.

Eventually he grabbed her head and grunted as she quickly swallowed another river of his warm cum. The general smiled at Jarzia before kicking Kailya away. "Wanton whore! Have you Galadrian's no pride? See your queen begs to suck your conquerors dicks, what a pathetic waste of flesh." He turned away from the queen to his messenger.

"My apologies General but the Army of Kalah approaches the city, they should be here by midday.". Kailya looked up from the floor, her army had been defeated, she had somehow already known, but what about Chandra? "This whore's daughter?" Jarzia asked with a smile. "Captured alive, General Farouk defeated her in single combat.".

"Farouk, that upstart son of a camel. Five years and a general! I should run him through with Sardakaur swords." Madij spat on the floor. "Be careful General, he and his brother are the Sultan's favourites.". Jarzia warned him.

The large tattooed man glared at her. Jarzia walked over to the queen and presented her high heel boot. Kailya had suffered too many of the sadist's beatings to resist, she crawled over and kissed the boot.

At least her second born was alive. "Hear that whore? Another daughter to torment you with, and no witch is going to take this one away, I hope the Sultan leave's some for me, the reports say she is very firey, I pray to Kalah she survives, I love breaking supposedly strong infidels.". Kailya said nothing, covering the leather boots in her kisses. Jarzia reached down, pushing the blonde matriach's face into her boot. "Kalah's faith, you stink like a cheap street whore! Have you no dignity?" Jarzia turned to two of the guards.

"Take her back, clean her up and present her, the Sultan will want her to greet her daughter.", Jarzia smiled evilly. Kailya shivered and wandered how much more she could endure, as the guards led her away a strange hope entered her, if Chandra and the army was here, surely Khalim would come for her now?

* * * Chandra looked up at Farouk, her eyes burning into his back, praying to Nustress to give her strength to strike the Kalashite down. The princess was at the head of a slave chain, the female officers had been collared and handcuffed with thick steel chains that ran from their manacles to the woman in front's collar, all the way to the princesses.

Her chain was attached to Farouk's stallion, Thunder. The prisoners of war had been sorted by the red robed priestesses of Kalah. A small selection of the shattered Galadrian army, some fifty woman and thirty men were chained and led away escorted by about five hundred Kalashites. She had spent the first day in to the healers cart, the Kalashites had brought large eight wheeled prison carriages with them from the Silver Dutchies, one of them had been converted for the wounded the black skinned conquerors considered worth saving.

On the second day she had been declared fit enough to lead the chain. Like all the prisoners, she had been stripped naked, Chandra had suffered this indignity with her stubborn pride, at least they had left her with boots. The march had been draining. They had been walking in the drizzling rain for a day back to the portal. Farouk had informed her that the General's aide had been captured alive as the high command tried to flee back through the portal, the old man himself had died fighting.

The priests of Kalah also served as the countries torturers and the aide had broken before sunset. Chandra had walked through the blue portal with a heavy heart, she had hoped the secret rune combination had been lost, forcing the conquerors to walk through the country side, a two week ride would have brought her mother time to prepare defences and call for aide. The Kalashite's were brutal to prisoners, any female who stumbled or tripped, officer or otherwise was whipped with slave whips until they stood.

Chandra looked sidewards at the male officer chain, the black conquerors valued women for their slave value but found little use in infidel men other than beasts of burden or to fight for the Kalashite's amusements in their blood pits. They were viciously beaten with sticks for the smallest misstep. At night a small bowl of food was placed on the floor and the prisoners expected to eat without hands. Later the temperature dropped and the slaves huddled together for heat in the cold.

As much she hated Farouk she was thankful when he wrapped her in a blanket to ward off the biting wind. The column stopped within eyesight of the capital. Chandra fought back her tears, somehow the city had already fallen, she could see Kalashite troops on the walls and entering the city's open gate. "I tell you brother, I should have ordered Ashara to abduct her and forced my flower to see the truth. I know in her heart she feels the same way." Khalim lamented.

His brother sighed, it had been a long trip to the capital. "Brother, Kalah knows she would never admit it, these Galadrian's are stubborn as mules and prouder than a Sultana. Now she is a slave, if it is Kalah's will.". Khalim sighed, a man full of respect for Kalah was not allowed to love an infidel slave.


His dick twitched a little, but her body could still serve him. In time the priestesses would teach her how to please him with her body and later the love of Kalah, perhaps then he could set her free, that was is she was still alive. "I hope Kalah heard my prayers brother and stayed the queen's hand.". "Look slave, your capital has fallen, not how I like to win a war but at least Kalah saved us the pain of a siege.

Maybe now you will accept your fate hmm?" he turned in his saddle and smiled at the walking brunette. "Chandra, Colonel, second star." She answered, her fiery eyes burning. Farouk chuckled, she had refused to give him nothing more than her name and rank since she woke up.

Khalim shook his head with a smile, his brother was itching to collar her and train her, first they had to meet the Sultan. "Call a halt, we wait for word from the city." The General called out. A group of messengers entered the city and the army waited. Eventually a lone rider returned. "General's the Sultan requests a parade.".

Farouk grunted, not unusual he wanted the Galadrian's to know they were defeated. The column began to move out, the reluctant Galadrian prisoners herded into their fallen capital, the occasional sounds of whip and canes breaking the silence.

The Sardakaur rode next to the generals he smiled hungrily at the beautiful brunette, hoping she was for service. "How did the city fall?" Khalim asked the messenger. The Sardakuar grinned, "We had a Hypathian witch General, she enslaved forest spirits or something, we hid on the hill and she made a forest grow around us! The foolish infidels fell swiftly before the might of Kalah and we were aided by their own king! He left the gates open and provided mercenaries.

The Sultan showed him what Kalah think of traitors.". the talkative rider jabbered. "The Queen?" Khalim had to ask. "Oh she's alive General, such a beautiful slave, three rings and a squirter!

Kalah blesses the man who can afford her. Thankfully the Sultan in his wisdom has allowed us to help with her blow job training." the young rider sighed as Khalim considered incinerating him. "Cost a gold coin and General Majid uses her all the time but Kalah's be praised she has a heavenly tounge.".

"Her eldest daughter?" Farouk tried to steer the rider away, his brother's eyes has narrowed and he was muttering to himself, always a bad sign. The rider grinned widely again, "The Sultan beat the bitch! Did you hear she actually refused his offer of marriage. He has given her to the Tatooed Order, there's a long line but I had a turn last night, the whore was still tight after five days fucking, she will last a long time in the fortress." "Her youngest daughter, the virgin?" Khalim pressed.

The messenger frowned, "She was an adept, awoke in front of the Sultan, never seen an awakening like that before! But then that bitch Hypathian poisoned us! She then threatened to activate it unless she was given the virgin. Kalah should strike down infidels like that.". Khalim exchanged looks with his brother. There was little they could do now. Chandra tried to hear what the messenger was saying but the clop of the horses drowned out the sound.

Farouk called for a halt just before the capital gates. A small group of slaves approached with bowls of water and some jars. Chandra looked confused, the slaves were carrying golden high heel stilletoes, the kind her sister Anjelica liked parading around in at summer balls. She shivered and balled her fists determined to survive whatever the Kalashite's threw at her.

"Now listen up slaves." A beautiful black woman commanded imperiously, she was one of the temple priestesses, Chandra had felt her slave whip more than a few times. "The Sultan, your lord and master wishes to parade his new slaves. All woman will be cleaned and presented, any who resist, five men will be executed. The male officers were forced onto their knees, a group of soldiers drew their scimitars waiting. The slaves approached Chandra, Farouk dismounted and stood in front of her.

"Your choice slave, do not try the Will of Kalah.". Chandra lifted her head defiantly and nodded to the first slave. The general watched with a smile on his face as they soaped the princess down and washed the dust from her firm breasts. They applied some blush to her cheeks and painted her lips red. Farouk now grinned, "Very nice slave, yes you are worth the wait, come brother we must see the Sultan.". "My mother and sisters?" The black general turned, he walked up to her very close.

"So now you want to talk to me? I." Chandra's eyes glared back, "Please." she finally said. "She is not yours yet brother and she did fight well." Khalim reminded him. Farouk nodded. "Very well, you did fight like a lioness so I will treat you with honour. Your mother is the Sultan's slave along with your sister Anjelica, your youngest sister has been taken by a witch as payment.".

Chandra face dropped, she desperately fought the despair building inside her. The soldiers entered the city while the slave were prepared but Chandra knew there would be no escape, even if she could somehow slip both her manacles and her slave collar, Farouk would catch her before she found cover. "Come we ride." Farouk turned leaving the princess to her dark thoughts.

The slaves finished beautifying the women before removing their riding boots and pushing their feet into the torturous heels. Chandra grimaced as she tried to balance on the uneven cobbles. "Don't break your ankle, I need you uninjured." Farouk grunted as he climbed onto his horse.

Chandra glared at him before the red priestesses cracked their whips.

It took all of Chandra's dexterity to avoid tripping on the cobblestones. Her slave collar jerked more than a few times as the women behind her tripped, the red priestesses mercilessly punishing the infidels. The citizens of Galandria had formed two lines down the main street and Chandra's cheeks burned red as the common folk stared at their defeated princess, their eyes oogling over her displayed body.

She held her head high refusing to be humiliated by these beasts. The Kalashite's soldiers joined the unwilling townfolk, laughing and jeering, pulling there pants down, showing their hard cocks and wet pussys. Chandra gulped and looked away, she had been with several men but none recently, she looked up at Farouk, was he going to take her as his slave? The thought disgusted her but she shivered wondering how the soldiers would treat her. The priestesses had a full time job keeping the horny soldiers away from the prisoners, something about being proclaimed slaves first.

Chandra did not understand the Kalashites and their strange laws. The soldier looked like a pack of horny dogs. She kept her eyes focused on Farouk's horse, trying to ignore their debasing insults. They passed the Cathedral and Chandra looked down, the beautiful building was a smouldering ruin, dead bodies littered the once pristine stone steps.

"I understand they are traitors and infidels, but must we treat this clergy so?" Khalim asked his brother sadly. Farouk shrugged, "You know what Kalah's faithful are likeShe alone can judge their souls.". Khalim nodded and turned his horse away. Eventually they arrived at the castle, Chandra noticed no signs of damage, she has seen the Mage's tower burnt down and the garrison demolished but the castle was intact. Her fingers curled as she suspected her step father was some how responsible.

Inside the castles courtyard the slave trains stopped, a priestess barked an order and the slaves kneeled and looked up. The Sultan stepped onto the balcony and looked down, he smiled at the angry Galadrian faces. "So this is the best the Galardrian's can offer? You are filth! Pathetic dogs that dare defy Kalah! You army barely resisted the might of Her faithful. I pronounce Her will, you are slaves, you women will be sold for your flesh, you men are useless to us, they can die in my bloodpits.

Enslave them." He spat off the balcony and turned around. Farouk took his que and stood in front of Chandra. "Accept your collar with pride slave, soon you will be mine." He wrapped the gold collar around her slim neck and snapped it in place. Chandra looked up helplessly, she briefly fought in her chains, but knew that her resistance was futile. He smiled into her burning green eyes and stroked her hair, she pulled her head back glaring at him. The black general laughed with his brother.

"Yes breaking you will be most enjoyable slave.". Chandra bit her lip and looked down, Nustress had abandoned her. "Come brother lets bargain for my filly and pick up your prize before your lamenting drives me crazy." Farouk grumbled. "Exactly where are you going?" a commanding voice demanded. The two brothers turned and fell to their knees. Sahfirah was the Hand of Kalah, the High priestess of Her order and the most powerful woman in Sherazad, more powerful than even the Sultan's wives.

The mage hoped young Gemma was safe, he would have suggested the High Priestess take her as a pleasure slave. It was a hard life but the young princess would have received the fairest treatment and the best chance of conversion. The woman extended her hand, the brothers took turn kissing her fingers. Jahfirah was dressed in standard priestess robes, covering her lithe figure from head to toe. A red veil obsecured her mouth, her ageless brown eyes noticed every detail, a red hood bearing a black hand concealed the rest of her head.

The High priestess was dressed for war like the others, enchanted bracers covered her wrists and Farouk could hear the soft chime of a chainmail vest beneath her blood red robes. A scimitar rested comfortably on her one hip, a leather slave whip on the other. It was difficult to tell the high priestesses age, channelling Kalah's will had a beneficial side effect, The Hand of Kalah was at least a few hundred years old. "Word of your victories has reached Kalah's ears, she is most pleased." The woman's commanding voice snapped the two brother's to attention.

"Thank you High Priestess." She smiled at the two Generals, before her eyes turned stern again. "Have you thanked Kalah yet?" she demanded. "No High Priestess, we just arrived in the city.". "And you were going where? Something more important than thanking our goddess?". "No High Priestess, it's just ah." Farouk started. "We wished to change and bathe, not wishing to approach Kalah unclean.", Khalim interjected smoothly. The woman's eyes calmed down slightly and she raised her head a little.

"Very well, we have converted a house in this foul land into a temporary temple, you may bathe and empty your seed as required by law.". she intoned. "Thank you High priestess." Khalim and his brother kissed her hand again. "Who is this?" she walked around, standing in front of the kneeling prisoner. "The second princess of Galandria, her name was once Chandra." The woman cast a critical eye over the princess and Chandra felt like a yearling horse in an auction pen.

"Hmph, well at least she is in good shape.". "I wished to ask Kalah if I can take this slave as my own.". Chandra eyes shot daggers at the black general. "I am not…" she began. The high priestess swiftly slapped her.

"Speak when you are spoken to slave!" her voice cracked. "She will require much training." her hand casually played with her whip handle, her eyes boring into the slave, the priestess waited for Chandra to lower her head in defeat. "She refused my offer of marriage." The ageless priestess smiled a little running her hand along the fuming princesses brunette hair. "What a foolish act, very well I speak with the Sultan after lunch join me then.". "I wish to ask her mother as my slave, if Kalah approves.".

Chandra looked at Khalim surprised, the High Priestess nodded thoughtfully. "General Majid has declared his intention to buy her already.". "She is wasted on the general." Khalim huffed, "The General had the sophistication of a street sweeper and the temperament of Kalah's interrogators.

She is strong and clever with a sharp mind, I will show her the love of Kalah.". The red robed woman stared into his eyes making Khalim flinch a little, she pulled Chandra's hair as the princess tried to escape her petting hand.

"Very well, I will think about it, tell Kalah the truth and She will tell me Her will." The two knelt again and the woman touched their heads before leaving, her high heels clicking across the courtyard.

Farouk breathed out, even after ten years in the capital the Hand of Kalah still made him uneasy. "Come brother, you heard her, if we don't." Farouk nodded, his brother didn't need to finish the sentence. Farouk took the chain hanging from Chandra's collar.

"Listen to me well slave. I have treated you with respect due to your courage, the Sultan will not be so gentle. Do not resist him, I need you alive.". he reached down and gently touched her cheek. Chandra's eyes burned back. "I fear no Sultan." She answered. Farouk retracted his hand.

"Come brother, she will learn the hard way.". "Pity, I wanted to be the first to discipline her." Farouk grumbled to his brother as they walked out of the castle. "She will survive the Sultan, she's strong of will and besides it will humble her for your training.". Farouk patted his brother on the shoulder with a smile.

* * * Kailya was led by her chain into her castle, the proud queen tried to hide her tears, the Kalashites had continued their vandalism, tearing all her descendants paintings down and disfiguring their marble statues. She looked into her library, mages in multihued robes were rifling through the books, looking for something?

Was that a map of her castle? The guards tugged her chain impatiently forcing her to follow them. Her escourt stopped outside Kailya's bedroom.

The two black guards smacked her ass and gave her a goodbye fondle. "See you later sweet lips, got a nice big load of salty cum for you to swallow." The two Sardakaur laughed and pushed her into the room.

Three slaves wordlessly descended on her. This was strange, usually the Galadrian slaves were washed down in a tub in the middle of their room, never in private. The dethroned queen looked over the three slaves.

Her eyes instantly read their collars, two bronze, young commoners most probably from the Dutchies both one ring and a silver also one ring, a little older. Kaila stopped herself and shivered, horrified at how much she had changed in just one week of hell. She offered a short prayer, promising Nustress she would survive this ordeal. The Queen opened her mouth and the silver quickly pushed a hand over her it, the three women look scared. "Please your majesty, they have demons listening, if you speak they will beat us.

Please do not say a word.". Kailya looked into the six terrified eyes before slowly nodding. The silver smiled and led her to the Queen's bathroom. The galadrian mother stopped shocked, her large double bed had been modified by the Sultan. Four chains ending in leather cuffs dangled from the bed posts.

A tray full of dildos and other sex toys Kailya didn't recognise was waiting nearby. A rack had been mounted above her headboard, well stocked with whips, crops and paddles. The silver gently tugged her hand again. Kailya looked away from the bed, whispering another silent prayer to Nustress. The servants washed her cum covered body down before drying her.

They found a bottle of Kailya's perfume and scented her before expertly applying her makeup. The Queen was impressed, they were well trained, even her handmaidens did not preen her as well. She frowned a little and touched the gold collar around her neck wondering why the Sultan was being so kind to her. Her golden high heels were exchanged for one of her pairs of metallic red heels and finally her hair was combed and the fake crown pushed back onto her head.

Kailya refused to allow herself to cry in front of the slaves but the silver gently squeezed her shoulder as she adjusted the demeaning jewellery.

Kailya was led back down to her throne room, the room had been cleared but still stank of cum and sweat. The queen stopped, kneeling next to the Sultan was her first daughter Angelita. The blondes eyes burned accusingly into her mother's. She was wearing the same red heels and a fake tiara like Kailya.

"I don't have to tell you what to do?" Jarzia purred as Kailya was led to the dais. The Queen's eyes followed the gathered enslaved nobles and Sardakaur soldiers.

She fell to her knees and kissed the ground, a slave greeting her master. The Sultan was sitting on her husband's throne, he smiled and waved a tray of fruit away, Kailya forced her hungry eyes not to follow the food, after a week of eating the disgusting slave food even a simple apple would be heavenly.

"Greet you mother." The Sultan jerked Anjelica's slave chain. "Welcome fucking whore." Her daughter said accusingly, what had Jarzia told her? Kailya controlled her temper, slowly flexing her fingers, practising the breathing techniques she had learnt as an adept. The Sultan and Jarzia laughed. "Excellent job General Majid, I take it the troops have been enjoying my gift.". Kailya gently bit her lip as her tormentor approached, his eyes devouring her naked body.

"Yes Sultan, we are flattered by your generosity.". The ruler of Sherazad waved his hand. "I have plenty flesh to keep me amused and I wanted this piece of shit to suffer everyday for her insult. I simply don't have the time." He laughed again.

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"Turn around shit bitch and show your mother your mark.". Anjelica's eyes silently pleaded with her mother's to somehow rescue them from this hell. She turned around. Kailya's slave training left her and her mouth dropped open, branded deep into her daughter beautiful white left ass cheek was a Kalashite symbol, the same the Tatooed soldiers wore on their chest.

Generla Majid smiled at the Queen's distress. "Do you like it slave? She belongs to the Sardakaur now." The soldiers joined their general laughter. Kailya's eyes found the Sultan and she desperately fought to control her temper, her hands were free, she could quickly animate a cushion and smother the smug bastard.

Control, she had to remain in control, trying to kill the Sultan would at best just result in her death. She had to bide her time. Kailya dug her long fingernails further into her palms, focusing on the pain. "Jarzia can you see that hate?

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Hmm, the General has offered ten thousand coins for your ass slave, I might grant his request, he can beat you into submission for me.". General Majid kicked Kailya's ass before bowing. "It would be an honour Sultan, by the time I am finished she will beg for a swift death.". "Not just yet General, I am still considering. Now slave, I expect you on best behaviour today, if you disobey Kalah's Will in any way, I will slit your pretty daughter's throat all over the carpet, do I make myself clear.".

Anjelica looked at her mother her eyes flashing anger, Kailya nodded wondering what more the Sultan wanted. The first princess heard a magically whispered voice in her ear and nodded. "Good slut, watch this slaves, watch your Queen whore herself." The Kalashite's laughed as the Sultan opened his robe. * * * Once Farouk and Khalim left, the soldiers handcuffed Chandra's hands behind her back and pushed a black hood over her head. The princess struggled but it was helpless.

In the darkness she felt the collar around her neck jerk upwards, unwillingly she was forced to her feet. Chandra was tugged through the castle by the Sardakaur. Blindly the princess tried her best to navigate the stairs and corridors until they stopped.

She heard a large set of doors creak open and realised they were taking her into her mother's throne room. There was a collective gasp and Chandra guessed the room was half full, then a loud laughter, the princess balled her fists determined to somehow have her revenge. "Kneel before your master." A woman's voice called out. Chandra stood defiantly.

A whip snapped through the air and her calves exploded in pain, grudgingly she fell to her knees. The hood was removed and Chandra stared open mouthed. A black man with short curly hair sat on the throne, he was not as well built as the generals, wearing a thin moustache and a Golden Turban on his head. The Sultan of Sherazad. He sat on her father's throne, half naked, his robe open.

A large black cock jutted from his lions, at least six inches. Her mother and sister were dressed as slaves, the blonde women wore gold collars, gold chains ran from them to the legs of her father's throne. Her mother was currently sucking the Sultan's balls while her sister gave a slow blowjob. The Sultan laughed at the princesses' fury. He tugged on the two chains, "Greet your sister and daughter." He snapped.

"Greetings fucking whore." Anjelica spat out nastily. Kailya tried not to look her daughter in the eyes, Jarzia ran a finger along her throat, the Galadrian Queen gulped and faced her daughter's shocked face.

"Greetings fucking whore." She finally said. The Kalashite's laughed again and started throwing insults. "Bitches, whore, infidel sluts, have you no pride?" the words twisted the dagger in Kailya's heart. "Now back to work slaves." The Sultan ordered. Kailya tried to warn her daughter with her eyes before the chain tugged insistently, she knew her daughter's temper. Sadly she opened her mouth and started sucking the other black ball sac. Chandra roared leaping up in her chains, the black Sardakaur held her down.

"You may have subdued my mother and sister but you will not break me! Nustress take you all to hell, I will have my revenge." She raged. The Sultan sipped a glass of juice, his eyes narrowed dangerously. "Gag this slut, I better start coming soon whores or else." He commanded.

Three more soliders approached, Chandra's eyes burned into the Sultan's. One grabbed her head and crushed her throat, Chandra automatically opened her mouth. Another pushed a piece of thick leather rope into her mouth and pulled down.

The last pushed another piece into her mouth and pulled up. Chandra desperately tried to bite down but found her mouth brutally pried open. A dark skinned woman wearing some kind of black corset approached. "Bad, bad infidel, time to teach you some respect." She showed Chandra some kind of leather accessory. It was a strip of black leather with a metal ring in the middle. Horrified Chandra could only watch as the woman pushed it into her mouth and wrapped it around her head, buckling it tightly.

Chandra tried to shake her head but knew it was useless, one of the soldiers pulled her slave chain down and attached it to the iron ring set in the floor, forcing her to look up. She stared at the black conqueror defiantly. The princess could see tears running down her mother's face.

"Lash the infidel until my slaves make me come, did you hear that Queen of whores, I better come soon, begin." Jarzia unfurled a slave whip in front of the bound slave, she smiled, the foolish infidel didn't look so brave now. She slowly walked around admiring the princess's well toned body, yes she hoped the Sultan kept her, training the arrogant infidel would be most rewarding.

Chandra gulped as the woman ran the thick leather stripes down her back, she prepared herself and tried not to listen to the sound of the strips whistling through the air. Her scream was distorted by the painful ring gag as her back ignited with pain. Kailya heard the dreaded whip sing and her baby cry out, she sucked on the Sultan's balls more insistently and looked up at Anjelica. Her daughter was slowly licking the black bulbous head, she smiled at her mother and carried on lazily sucking.

The whip found Chandra's back again and again and Anjelica showed no sign of bringing the Sultan off. Kailya cursed her first daughter and stopped sucking the balls, she pushed Anjelica's mouth away and swallowed the black cock, quickly bobbing up and down. Anjelica smiled at Jarzia before quickly looking down, the sadist nodded slightly, the little bitch showed potential, she obeyed her whispered suggestion, perhaps after the Sardakaur were finished breaking her in she could have use for such a malicious streak.

The slave trainer pulled back and lashed the bound princess's back, the slave cries were arousing her again. The Sultan groaned as Queen Kailya of Galandria sucked his dick like a starving street whore.

Her daughter's gagged squeals just aroused him even more, she would sing beautifully tonight in her mother's bedroom. He grabbed the pleasure slaves head panting, ramming his black serpent deep down her throat.

Kailya stroked his balls desperately trying to bring her hated master off, she did her best to block out her daughter's cries, focusing on pleasing the large cock in her mouth. Mercifully the black conqueror grunted, he pushed Kailya's head away, Anjelica joined her mother and opened her mouth. The Sultan jerked his dick off spraying the two slaves whites skins with his hot jism. "Fucking sluts, filthy infidels." He moaned as his covered their faces and mouths, eventually sated he presented his cock.

"Thank you master for using this slave." Kailya said automatically, Anjelica's high voice echoed her words. "Now kiss you daughter slave, lick each other's face clean." He ordered. Anjelica smirked at her mother's shocked expression.

"I'm sorry mother, I'm not your sweet little baby. Now kiss me whore, I am not going to take a beating for you." She demanded. Kailya was in shock as her eldest daughter reached forward and pushed her tounge into the queen's mouth, her eyes widened as Anjelica's right hand reached down and rubbed the queen's pussy.

"Filthy animals! They convort like dock whores! Pay them for their performance.". Jarzia jeered. Kailya felt copper coins pelt her ass and struggled to keep her tears from flowing again. The blonde princess finished kissing her stunned mother and licked the Sultan's cum off her cheeks. "Learn your new place mother or he'll make you beg for mercy. Abuse or be abused, I'm going to survive, trust me.

Hmm your pussy is wet already, what would father say?". Anjelica nibbled her ear. The Sultan stood slapping Kailya's stunned face and kicking Anjelica out of his way. He slowly walked down the dias, one of the soldiers grabbed Chandra's head, the ruler wiped his dick clean with her honey brown hair, the Kalashite's laughed mockingly at the insult.

"Take her to my chambers and call for a healer." he slapped Chandra in the face with his flaccid black dick before walking past her "Put these infidel whores to work." He waved a hand dismissively at the defeated Queen and her daughter before walking off, an army of advisors whispering in his ear. * * * "I tell you brother, the temple cock suckers are the best in the land." Farouk said with a broad smile.

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They had left their pleasure slaves in the Silver Dutchies before the battle as Kalah's law demanded, it had been a very long week. "True brother but I long to have my new slave's lips around my dick." Khalim sighed, the Shai-ir removed his white prayer robes and changed back into his mages robes.

Farouk whispered a prayer of strength to Kalah. "Come let's go to the castle before you sighs drive me crazy!" he grumbled adjusting his chainmail. "I haven't trained a slave in months." Farouk smiled at his brother, his twin smiled back "It will be some time brother, remember, honoured slaves." Farouk frowned but nodded reluctantly.

Khalim tossed his brother's scimitar, "She better be worth it." The black warrior grumbled.

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"You know she is, now come, I want to run rings around that ogre." Khalim prepared himself for battle. * * * The generals entered the castle, the Sardakaur reluctantly saluted them as they walked past. Ever since the two brothers had soared up the ranks of the Farii and Shai-ir they had made more than a few jealous enemies amongst the older adepts.

Khalim shook his head, the Sardakaur pleasure slaves had arrived with the army and the castle had turned into a pleasure den, the elite guard fucking their slaves in every room. Inside the throne room the mage frowned at the pleasure posts, it was Kalah's will that the infidels in the west be converted but the young adept was sure some of the older adepts had less noble intentions for the beautiful pale skinned women. A group of Galadrian's were being trained, Khalim was relieved Kailya was not one of them.

The Sultan was lounging on a throne, two of his harem slaves dancing for him. Farouk looked around, the Sultan was holding court as usual, he clapped his hands and the musicians stopped dancing. "There they are! Move it, whore!" he kicked the slave licking his feet away. The Draviti princess glared at the two hated generals.

Farouk smiled back, his leadership combined with Khalim's tactics had turned the protracted battle with Kalish's southern neighbour into a swift victory.

"My two favourite generals, come here, come here." The Sultan beamed a smile, arms spread wide. The twins bowed low to their ruler. "Read the numbers again Katah." Muburak clasped Farouk on the shoulders. Katah, the Sultan's chief advisor and scribe rolled out the scroll, "Ten thousand Galadrian's defeated great Sultan, we lost two squads of Silver mercenaries.", the Sultan huffed contemptuously "Our losses were less than a company.".

"You hear that Majid, a resounding victory with minimal losses.". The Sardakaur general scowled at the infallible brothers, "Yes Sultan, a great victory." He said with little enthusiasm. "My brother's tactics swayed the battle in our favour Sultan, the Galadrians were not ready for the Fist of Kalah.".

The Sultan clasped Khalim's shoulders, "A perfect combination, now what took you so long? I was expecting you three hours ago.". the Sultan returned to his throne. "They were giving thanks to Kalah as our law demands, she is well pleased.", the High Priestess glided past the two brothers. Mubarak glared at the Hand of Kalah, it was a well known fact that the two never saw eye to eye. "Kalah be praised." He said evenly, the Sultan returned to the Galadrian throne and extended his foot, the Draviti princess began kissing her hated master's feet again.

"Now how can I reward my favourite generals? Name it and it is yours." The Sultan swallowed some grapes. "The Sultan means Kalah will shower Her faithful with Her blessing.". the High Priest narrowed her veiled eyes at the Sultan of Kalish.

Farouk steadied his shaking hands and took a breath. "I have not asked Kalah for a gift this campaign Sultan.". The Sultan ignored the Hand and nodded, "Yes Majid took three in the dutchies but you have turned down all my offerings so far, waiting for the golden slave eh?". "One silver each in the Draviti campaign.".

Katah mumbled from behind another scroll. "I would ask Kalah, in her mercy to grant me the second princess of Galandria to be my slave." Farouk said firmly. The Sultan laughed and leaned back on the throne. "Excellent choice General, you have good taste. Unfortunately Jarzia prepares her for me as we speak.".

"She refused my wedding pledge.". The Sultan laughed again and shook a finger, "Of course, I forgot your escort service, I like you Farouk, my Sardakaur scurry whenever I say no, but you stand tall like a golem.

You would have married her?". "Yes Sultan, she is feisty and arrogant but she has a pure heart." Farouk followed his brother's advice. The black ruler smiled and slowly nodded. "She is arrogant, I so wished to beat it out of her, but very well, take her, this jungle whore is still keeping me amused." He rubbed his toes in the slave's face. "Isn't that right.". The Dravitian kissed his toe, "Yes master, I am a filthy jungle bitch, please beat me again.".

The Kalashite's laughed in her face. "I send her father regular memory crystals of our sessions, my spies report he curses my name every day." The Sardakaur joined the Sultan in his laughter. The Draviti campaign had quickly turned once the brothers took charge, King Dravinda had no choice but to sue for peace. The Sultan of Kalish had demanded a terrible price, the Dravitians had to surrender control of their rune portals, essentially crippling their military might and more humiliating, they had to give Dusindra, their eldest daughter to the Sultan as his sex slave.

Khalim calmed himself down, he had told himself when he first arrived in the capital that he could not save every infidel from their masters, that it was Kalah's will, but somehow he doubted the Sultan was even offering the young girl the chance to love Kalah.

"Thank you Sultan and praise to Kalah." Farouk said diplomatically. General Majid eyed out the young warrior, the arrogance! Asking for the Sultan's newest plaything, they had no respect! The large black adept balled his fists, someone had to show these upstarts. "And you bright Khalim? Your brother leads and you think, again you have turned down my offers." Khalim bowed a little, "Thank you Sultan, when we were escorting the ambassador I discovered a woman of such incredible beauty I decided Kalah had sent one of her angels.".

A few of the Sardakaur laughed the Sultan smiled a little. "Hah! Also waiting for the golden prize, I hope it was not the first daughter?", the Sardakaur laughed again. Khalim controlled his temper, reminding himself he couldn't save them all.

"No Sultan, I would ask Kalah in her great wisdom to grant me the Queen of Galandria as my pleasure slave.". There was silence in the throne room before the Sultan laughed again, General Majid spat out his piece of chicken. "What! That bitch is mine you little…", "Careful General, I have not in my generosity approved the sale. I like you Khalim, you speak your mind but Majid has taken a liking to the whore." The Sultan said slowly eating another grape.

"I have the slut nicely trained, these Galadrian need a strong hand not fairy words." Majid snorted. Khalim shook his head, "The Queen is clever, smart and strong willed, with a mind as beautiful as her body, completely unsuited for your general." Majid growled, the Hand of Kalah smiled behind her veil.

"You do not beat such a woman into serving you, you guard will lapse and she will slip a dagger across your throat and escape into the desert. No Sultan, to show such a slave Kalah's love you must master her mind.". "You little camel turd." Majid reached for his scimitar, Farouk stepped forward, his hand on his sword hilt. "Generals control yourself, Kalah does not approve her faithful fighting amongst each other." The Hand said, she turned with a smile at the Sultan.

It was the priestesses that determined a slave's owner during a dispute. "Now Khalim has asked no gifts from Kalah and he is more suited to showing Kalah's Will to the infidel. Take her Khalim, a blessing from Kalah." The Sultan returned her stare before waving a hand at Khalim, "Fine, take her but I want to parade them through Sherazad, you and your brother are to escort the Galadrian slaves to the ships.".

"Thank you Sultan, praise to Kalah." Khalim bowed low, Majid glared at the young mage before storming off. The young mage walked to a window. "Ashara, make sure my new slave is untouched." Khalim's words magically travelled to his waiting djinni. "But master, I don't know why you are giving so much time to this cow and I am sure you can find three young slaves for half the effort.".

"Just do it slave, I will not ask twice." Khalim snapped. Ashara rolled her eyes, lounging on a cloud of air outside the Galadrian slave quarters. "Yes master." "Good and bring her to the guest suite, then pack her dresses, shoes, perfume and jewellery and store them in my astral space.". Ashara waved her hand annoyed and a lightning bolt struck one of the crows on the roof.

"Yes master." She sung sarcastically before floating off. * * * Chandra was dragged through the corridor, herded by the collar around her neck. The second princess gulped as her eyes scanned the sex toys and whips above her mother's bed. "Fucking infidel bitch." The one guard kicked her in the ass, Chandra tried hard to balance on the high heels before falling heavily on the carpet.

"Careful Wazim, you know who's breaking her in for the Sultan, she doesn't take kindly to us interfering with her work." Wazim reached down and grabbed Chandra's face. "Hopefully when the Sultan's finished with you he will allow us to train that filthy mouth of yours. Your mother is a masterful cocksucker, I would love to choke that arrogant mouth right now." He spat into Chandra's open mouth.

"Come on let's hang her up.". The black guards uncuffed the Galadrain's wrists, Chandra tried to struggle but they were too strong. They lifted her hands over her heads and pushed her wrists into two waiting padded cuffs. Helpless the princess was hoisted up, left with just her tip toes to carry her weight. Wazim grabbed her waist rubbing his body against hers, Chandra felt his large cock bump against her hips.

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"Maybe I will just give you a quick fuck, hot flesh deserves to be fucked all day long.". "Come on, I am not getting whipped because of you." The other guard moved to the door, and instantly bowed. "What are you doing, my eyes must be deiceving me, because it looks like you are touching the Sultan's new pain slave.". Jarzia's voice cracked through the air. "Uh, I, of course not, Most Enlightened Concubine." Wazim bowed low, "I was just checking her cuffs.".

"Of course, now get out!" Jarzia cracked her whip. "Hello slave." The slave trainer purred as she ran a hand along Chandra's tight ass. "Two whippings in one day? Get used to it bitch, the sultan enjoys breaking the women that defy him. Nice and tight ass, army life is good for keep you bitches in shape, don't worry, I will work your body even harder all day long." She slapped the princesses pale ass.

"You will beg for a swift death by the time I am finished with you." Jarzia smirked as she showed her victim a large dildo gag. Chandra's eyes widened with horror as the black woman pushed it into her mouth.

The princess fought, trying desperately to keep her throat closed. The slave trainer growled and punched the hanging woman in the stomach. Chandra unprepared for the vicious blow relaxed her throat and the sadist pushed the punishment dildo down her throat and strapped it into place.

"Oh don't worry, it's magical, you will be able to breathe. Uncomfortable isn't it?" Jarzia licked her cheek before biting her ear lobe and pushed a finger into Chandra's cunt. "Tight? What is this? Such a frigid bitch?

Haven't been fucked in a while? Never fear, the Sultan's holy cock will change that? " Jarzia smirked, enjoying the look of fear in her victim's face. She ran her nimble brown hand around to Chandra's light pink asshole. The princesses eyes widened a little as the slave trainer proded her tight hole.

"A virgin? Excellent, you are going to scream tonight, the Sultan takes his ass virgins slowly as Kalah's law demands.

The pain is incredible but a faithful slave takes her master's cock gladly, I will have to gag your foul infidel mouth. Soon you will be begging for him to ass fuck you, I promise." Jarzia took few steps back and snapped the whip, Chandra steeled herself and prayed to Nustress for strength.

"Now shall we get to know each other better?" * * * Ashara stode in from the window, several Sardakaur drew their scimitars, the djinni raised an eyebrow. "The fat titted cow who was their queen is my master's property." She said imperiously in the Kalashsite's native tounge. The four guards laid their hands on their scimitar hilts, "The Queen is the property of our General djinni scum.". Kailya could hear voices outside the door, her heart beating in her ears, had Khalim finally come for her?

"Are you defying the Sultan's will?" Ashara replied folding her arms. "We don't believe your filthy lying tounge.". "Fine don't, but do not get in my way.", she specifically eyed the junior Shai-ir down, the young girl lowered her hands. "If it's the Sultan's will then fine, if not your master will suffer.".

"I would like nothing more in the world, but unfortunately my master just brought her, now open the door.". the djinni snapped. The Shai-ir signalled and the guards reluctantly opened the double doors. "Are you lazy or dumb, get up slave!" Ashara barked back in trade.

Kailya gathered her chain and stood, the other women looked horrified. "It's alright, Khalim had come for me." Kailya whispered to Tessa. Ashara snatched the golden chain out of the queen's hands with a nasty smile. "I do hope you disobey master, he likes me to discipline his slaves." She pulled the chain. Kailya glared at the Djinni, she stood tall and raised her chin.

"Khalim will sort this mess out, now do you want to keep your master waiting?". Ashara glared back at the arrogant slave before tugging the chain. The Galadrian allowed herself to be led away, no point in revealing to the sadistic Sardakaur that soon she would be free.

Kailya smiled, she had definitely worked her magic on the mage, Khalim must be head over heels in love with her. Excellent she would use him to escape this nightmare and then have her revenge. * * * Khalim and Farouk approached the former Queen of Galandria's quarters. Two burly Sardakaur guards were smiling, rampant hardons jutting from beneath their red loincloths. They straightened up sighting the two generals. Farouk grunted and motioned with his head, the Sardakaur stood firm.

The black general swiftly headbutted the one surprised guard and turned on the second. Instantly the doors were opened. "Brother must you be violent?" "He was in my way." "Yes but you could have just asked him to move.". "Your way brother, this is my way." Farouk grinned as his brother shook his head.

"Louder infidel pig, I want your mother to hear your squeals.", Jarzia's mocking voice carried from the bedroom, the whip was cracking again and again. Farouk's dick hardened as he heard his arrogant slaves little squeals. Khalim raised a hand, "You remember honoured slave." Farouk scowled, "You promised Kalah." His brother reminded him.

Farouk growled but bowed his head in prayer. "You like that! Oh you do you little whore! I am going to make your precious mother watch me whip your pussy to orgasm." Jarzia continued.

"Put the whip down and send for a healer." Chandra heard Farouk voice, he had come, finally! The princess was not sure how much she could take and the bitch was just warming up. "General I am preparing the Sultan's new fucktoy, do not interfere.".

Jarzia snapped back, small drops of perspiration forming on her breasts. "Do not talk back to me woman, I gave you an order, release my new slave now or else.". "New slave, oh you finally used your favour, waste on such disobedient flesh but that's your problem.".

Jarzia spat on Chandra's back and stalked off. The princess felt Farouk cut her down and lift her onto the bed, she curled into a ball refusing to let him see her cry. The black general sat on the bed. "I promised Kalah, if She would keep you from harm during the battle, I would present her to you untouched, you fought like a lioness, I respect that so I will not touch you until we have returned to Sherazad.

Do not test my patience and I will treat you well. Now get up." He ordered. Chandra pulled herself up, Farouk snapped a chain onto her collar before removing her punishment dildo and finally ring gag.

After so many years of waiting in was frustrating that she was right next to him, her beautiful body begging to be fucked, yet he couldn't touch her. "The promise." His brother reminded him as Farouk's dick spoke his body's need.

"It's going to be a long trip. Come slave." He gently tugged on her leash. With no choice a confused Chandra followed her new master. * * * The djinni lead Kailya to one of her guest suites, the same one the ambassador and his bodyguard had stayed in. The creature flicked her hair and walked to the window. Kailya took a deep breath, things were finally working out, she would use poor love sick Khalim to escape this madness, there was nothing she could do for her kingdom now. Her only hope was to persuade her puppy to use his influence to take her and Chandra to Ghuul, from there she could unite the inner kingdoms and take back her throne.

Kailya unclenched her fists, forcing herself to relax. The djinni was still by the window, the queen walked over to the dressing table and touched up her makeup, if she was to use her womanly charms she had to look perfect. A pity about the lack of clothes, Khalim might get the wrong idea, but she could use that to her advantage, showing him what she had to offer.

The queen smiled slyly, she may have to sleep with him to fully gain his assistance, but that was a small price to pay for her freedom. Khalim opened the door and his smile grew, he walked boldly forward. The naked Queen stood tall and smiled sexily, she watched the muscled black man's eyes rove over her body, enjoying her control over him.

Suddenly something was wrong, his lovestruck look of adoration faded and his eyes hardened a little. Khalim stood before her, watching the confusion on her face, "Slaves greet their master on their knees." He said firmly, gently pushing down on her shoulders. Kailya suddenly order world began to fall apart again, stunned she felt herself obey the command. "Perfect, Ashara, she is perfect, look at that ass and breasts!

Ah slave you will be the best pleasure slave ever once I have had you trained." Kailya's confusion turned to anger, she had been such a fool, Khalim had no intention of nobly saving her from the Sultan, he just wanted to put his own collar around her neck!

Kailya cursed herself for allowing a glimmer of hope to blind her to the truth! Ashara laughed mockingly from the window, "Not the welcoming you were expecting? You westerners are even stupider than the Kalashites!" "Djinni." Khalim growled, he turned and looked down into his slave angry eyes.

"You didn't tell her?" The tanned air spirit laughed with an arrogant smile, "Master did not order me to, you should have seen the look on her face!" she laughed again. "Quiet, do not speak another word." Khalim cursed himself for the hundredth time for taking a djinni as a channel. Khalim turned back, he took a moment to admire the Queen's magnificent breasts. "I understand you are angry, had I known the Sultan would use such trickery I would have never shown you my heart.

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I meant every word and perhaps you will make a worthy Sultana someday." Kailya glared back, how dare he! She would never be his sex slave, never! "But you must accept the fate Kalah has given you.

Either you can accept my collar," he produced a beautiful golden collar, intricate Kalashite runes were etched into the metal. "and I will treat you well, or you will be sold at the slave auction, the choice is yours.". Khalim eyes were firm, unwavering, Kailya took the only option available to her. "I accept you as my master." She said gulping. Khalim bent down and removed the training collar, "A wise choice, Kailya Queen of the Galandrians, I, Khalim Mus Rah Filidah enslave you.", he snapped the collar around her neck.

Kailya felt a shiver run up her spine, she calmed herself down, this was neither the time nor the place to show this arrogant Kalashite what she thought of his collar, no she would play along until the time was right. "Kalah has answered my prayers" he continued, he offered a hand and Kailya accepted it.

"I prayed to Her to give you wisdom, to show you the strength to survive and to keep you safe. I respect your strength slave, few could stand defiant in front of the Sultan, I will give thanks to Kalah by treating you as an honoured slave and presenting you to the temple in Sherazad. In time you will learn how to please your master and adore my every word.". He took her hands and gently ran his thumbs along them, Kailya noticed a very large hard on bulging in is pants. "Now where is my brother, we must begin preparing the slave wagons." Khalim finally managed to tear his eyes away from the beautiful blond woman.

Farouk entered, leading Chandra by a golden chain, "Ah brother, I see you finally used that collar." "I told you Faoruk, when I met a woman sent by Kalah I would use it. She is perfect!" Khalim grinned widely. "Kalah would not be upset if we quickly." Farouk started hopefully. His brother shook his head, "I would love nothing more but remember our promise, not until Sherazad.".

Faroul grumbled back. "Chandra, your back!" Kailya ran to her daughter, Chandra smiled bravely. "What did you do!" Kailya's eyes demanded from Farouk. The Kalashite's eyes narrowed, "Slave you need a lesson in respect." "Come brother, she is concerned for her daughter, remember the priestesses will help them understand our ways." Khalim gently rested a hand on his brother's arm.

"But he is right, you will call me master and Faroukmaster's brother. Now Farouk managed to purchase your daughter but Jarzia had already begun to prepare her for tonight, we have sent for a healer." The black mage said gently.

"I, thank you, master." Kailya decided to play their game for now. "Farouk, we will give them some privacy. Ashara, attend me.". The warrior smiled at Chandra's defiant eyes before releasing her chain. Ashara smiled amused at the Galadrians before strutting out of the room "Not a word until the healer leaves." Was the first words her mother said. Chandra watched the red robed priestess enter and nodded. The young cleric healed Chandra's back chanting in the Kalashite tongue, she finally finished and threw a contemptuous look over the two slave before leaving.

"Mother how could you willing debase yourself, like a whore!" Chandra asked. Kailya turned, her pride and guilt making her lose her temper, she swiftly slapped her daughter.

"Don't you dare call me that ever again." Her blue eyes flashing thunder.


"I, sorry mother, it's just." "Do you really believe I would willing humiliate myself before that beast? Stop being so naïve Chandra, he threatened to slit your sister's throat if I didn't obey.". Chandra was still trying to block out images of her mother sucking the Sultan's cock, she herself had given a few blowjobs but her mother had taken the entire dick into her mouth! "What have they done to you?" she asked tearfully. Kailya wrapped her daughter in her arms, softly soothing her.

"Come now, no tears, we cannot let them see us cry, okay?" Kailya wiped her own tears away. "What are we going to do mother.". Kailya stroked her cheek before walking to the window, the Sardakaur were training in the courtyard.

"These Kalashites have some strange law that they cannot touch us, we will use this to our advantage." "So we are going to escape, what about Anjelica and Gemma?". Kailya gulped and looked out the window again. "We cannot help Anjelica, she is in Nustress's hands now as for Gemma." Kailya suppressed a sob and as evenly as possible explained that her sister had been sold to some Hypathian witch.

"I will rip all their throats out!" Chandra's face clouded with rage, she had always been there to protect her baby sister. "I feel the same anger Chandra, but we have to think straight. We will find Gemma, I promise you but first need to escape.". "Tonight, we can use the escape tunnel." "No, there are too many guards and Valdis's mercenaries would have told the Sultan about the escape route, it would be trapped. We would never make it out of the city.". "Then what! I will not be his sex slave, I would rather take my life.".

Kailya stormed over and gripped her arms, "Don't you ever say that, whatever happens we survive, we are no use to Gemma dead. They are taking us to the sea, we will escape then and head for Ghuul, once there I will gather the Inner Kingdoms and have our revenge.". * * * Ashara heels clicked across the polished floor, her master would be happy. It was good he was so entranced with his new plaything, not that the djinni could understand all the fuss but it meant he would have less time to abuse her so she was happy.

For the thousandth time she ran her fingers around the Shai-ir earth bands trapping her essence in this mortal body. Farouk was arguing with the Quartermaster as Khalim checked the inventory. "Master will be happy." Ashara played with the Shai-ir. Khalim smiled and motioned to his brother. "Excellent, they did not detect you?" Ashara looked insulted and turned her fine nose up, "Of course not master, I was completely invisible and they were too busy plotting their revenge or something.

I am a noble djinni, not some first summoned gutter trash." Farouk shook his head, "Brother I do not know why you put up with this creature." Khalim tapped a long rod of earth against his thigh, Ashara gulped, "Sometimes I ask myself the same thing.". "She is planning to escape master, I will tell you everything.". Farouk pounded his fist triumphantly afterwards, "I knew it, I told you they would plan to escape." "Of course Farouk, and that is why Ashara listened in invisible, it is the logical alternative to our generous offers.

I must admit, I am very disappointed. "They already have broken Kalah's grace, now I can pound that arrogant bitch's asshole.". "Not yet brother." Farouk groaned, "What now, she has admitted to planning to escape, she openly disrespects me, now she's suffers.". "Brother, Kalah tells us an infidel speaks with her impure soul, so filthy words come from her mouth, my slave can speak of such disrespect and Kalah forgives them because they are unenlightened infidels.

But if she acts, then Kalah tells us we must fulfil our duty and punish them in accordance with Her law.". Khalim took the chess piece he had been playing with from his pocket and stroked the white queen. "The board is set, the players ready, your move my Queen.".