Creamy squirting my best anal vid yet

Creamy squirting  my best anal vid yet
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Introduction I couldn't believe it. I was finally on my way to the vacation of a lifetime. I never thought anything like this would be possible, let alone come true. First let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Bill and I'm in my early forties.

I've lived a wonderful life, but it has been a life spent alone. It is not that I haven't had relationships, but none have ever lasted and become 'the one'. My problem all revolves around sex.

I like it. A lot. Perhaps obsessed is the word. Worse, I have, um, tastes that might not be considered the norm. I'm bisexual, but that isn't a huge deal anymore, although it did kill more than one relationship. My bigger challenge is that I am very, open-minded shall we say, about the ages of my potential lovers.

I love men and women of all ages, but that love starts at an age some, well most, might find inappropriate. So you can't believe my thrill when I found out about the new Republic of Cockistan and their liberal policies around sex.

So liberal that they have made it the foundation of their tourist industry. The process is simple. You signup for one of their family tours.

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They match you with the perfect family and you spend your vacation living in the family's home and enjoying their pleasures. The questionaire to do the matching is quite extensive, and quite personal, to ensure your perfect match. With my interests it took a long time, over a year, to find the perfect host family for me, but I was finally on my way for my three week vacation staying with the Baryshev family.

Before my plane lands, I'll introduce what I know about the family from their profile and pictures. The Father and patriarch of the family is Gregori. From his profile, I know he is a 38-year-old construction worker.

His stats and photos show a very fit man, 6'2", 185 and nice abs. The pictures leave nothing to the imagination, so I know he has a nice thick 7 inch cock.

He professes to be versatile and bisexual, with particular skills as a top. The Mother is Galina. She is just my type. She is petite, at 5'3", and has a beatiful swimmer's type body, with narrow hips and small 32A breasts.


I'm a breast man for sure, but my preference is the smaller the better. Perhaps it is related to my love of younger boys and girls.

She is truly quite stunning and her list of sexual skills is quite lengthy. She particularly loves oral, both ways and says that her greatest pleasure comes from DP while also being orally stimulated.

Well, I want to be a part of that! Their oldest is a 17 year old boy named Anton. I'm not sure how the tourist office gets away with the photos of the children that they do, but perhaps it is as simple as their being hosted in Cockistan. From his picture, he is a younger, thinner, toned version of his Dad, with one exception.

He is unbelievably well-endowed. Not as big in girth as his Dad, but at least 10, or even 11, inches long. Also verstaile, he loves to both bottom and top.

Such experience for his age. Next in line is a 14 year old girl named Kira. Luckily she takes after Mom, with the silky blonde hair and small frame, but her budding breasts are actually a little larger, perhaps a B cup. What is particularly impressive is the nipples.

From the photo they look to be almost an inch long. Not as much detail on her preferences, just an apparent willingness to try just about anything. In the picture, she just has a little downy hair, but the lips of her beautiful nether regions are engorged and wonderful. How could I introdude the last two family members any other way than together. 11 year old Fedor, a boy and 11 year old Larisa, a girl. Twins. Oh my.

At 11, they look exactly as you would expect. He has a small cock, about four inches when hard. She has perky nipples, but no breast development. Both are completely hairless. They are simply stunning. Not as much information about them, but one of the photos shows them in an incredible 69.

Oh, the opportunities. The premise of the vacation is that you live with the family in their home. They are available for anything that you want, whenever you want. Anything. The cost is exhorbinant, but they end up with what is likely 10 years take home for Gregori.

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Either their profiles are misleading (which is possible), or the truth is they all love it. I'll find out soon. Chapter One My plane finally lands and I am met outside customs by Anton holding up a sign with my name on it. He is accompanied by Kira. Just the two of them. They are dressed conservatively in simple jeans and t-shirts. We go through the introductions and we all get in their car. They insist I sit in the back, and Kira climbs in beside me.

I have a feeling my vacation has already begun. Once we are out of the parking lot, Kira takes my hand and slides it inside her t-shirt. She clearly has a goal, as my hand is cupping her wonderful tit almost immediately. After some enjoyable rubbing, I hear a snap and the sound of a zipper and she slides my hand down into her now open jeans.

Ah, no underwear and I can feel that she has shaved and is already quite wet. My finger dips into the wet and then begins to gently stroke her clit. Her breathing changes, so I keep it up. It is a short ride, but our timing is perfect, as Kira goes over the top just as we pull into their driveway, letting loose her juices all over my hand. I barely have time to pull out my hand before the door opens and I'm almost pulled out by Gregori.

His firm hand shake is sticky with his daughter's cum.

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I suspect he knows it, from the huge grin on his face. He wraps me in a big bear hug, pulling me tight, and I can feel that his hard cock, and I mean hard, is rubbing up against me. I can already tell this is going to be the vacation of a lifetime. We go inside, with Anton carrying my bag. The entire family is assembled in the living room and Gregori does the introductions. His English is perfect (a requirement of host families) and he makes a point, repeatedly, of telling me that every wish I have can be fulfilled.

He finishes his introductions with a simple word in his native language that I don't understand, but it is a word that I should probably learn. As soon as he says it, the entire family starts to take off all their clothes.

He shares with me that they have decided that as long as they are in the house, they should really give me my money's worth and remain nude at all times, for my convenience. He encourages me to do so as well. Not one to ignore a hint, I stripped off right there. Seems like I didn't need to bring as big a suitcase.

Right in front of me, arrayed in order of age, was the most amazing sight of my life. Gregori and Anton were both hard. Galina and Kira's nipples were erect, and cum was leaking down Kira's leg.

Perhaps the best view was little Fidor and Larisa. They were side by side and Larisa was casually stroking Fidor's cock, which had grown a bit since the pictures and was a pleasant, hard five inches. I wondered if that meant he could also cum. I guess I'd have to find out. As a group, they asked me what I'd like to do first. Decisions, decisions. I had come prepared with fantasies though, so I thought I would start with one of my favorites.

We adjourned to the master bedroom. I laid on the bed, on my back, with my legs up in the air.

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I asked Gregori to get on the bed beside me, to feed his cock in my mouth. I asked Anton to lift my legs to give him access, so he could put that long monster right into my ass.


I asked the twins to get on the bed, one on each side, so they could take turns sucking on my hard cock. That left out Galina and Kira, so I asked them to get into a nice sixty-nice beside us to provide a nice visual.

I instructed everyone to get started, but to do whatever they wanted. They could switch off or join in, in any way they wanted, but there was one rule. I got to enjoy all the cum.

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So whenever anyone couldn't hold it anymore, they were to bathe me with cum, and make sure they aimed for my open mouth. Once that was done, anyone that was not engaged, was to use their tongues to clean me up.

I was unprepared for the stimulation. It started with Anton sliding his monster into my ass. I can't say I've taken it that way often, but certainly never to the depth he was hitting. I understand the concept of prostrate massage, but this was simply incredible.


So far, no one else had touched me, but my cock was harder than it had ever been. It was standing straight up and I could see Anton pounding into me. Just then, the twins leaned over.

Little Fidor started licking my balls while Larisa tentatively took the head into her mouth. She got into a motion, matching Anton's thrusts, and the visual was so hot. Her head bouncing, Anton thrusting, with Fidor licking anywhere and everywhere. I looked to my side at the beautiful 69, and they were really going at it. I turned my head the other way, just in time for Gregori to thrust his hard cock to the back of my throat. Sensations everywhere!

I knew none of us would last long, so I just laid back and enjoyed it. I could feel Anton swelling, so I could tell he was going to be the first. He pulled out and let out stream after stream of thick cum, hitting my face, Anton's cock and just covering the twins in cum. Gregori couldn't take it anymore and the first rope of cum hit the back of my throat before he pulled out and sprayed my mouth, face and chest.

The sight of the two of them cumming pushed me over the top and I shot straight up in the air, with the bulk of the cum landing on the faces of the twins. They laughed in delight and started licking each other's faces. It was finally time for Galina and Kira to join in, as they used their tongues to lick me from face to cock, cleaning the cum away. They spent time giving my cock more attention, which just caused it to raise up and get hard.

The must have liked the idea, as they each spent time bringing Gregori and Anton back to life too. At that point, I actually stopped them, as I did not want everyone too spent to enjoy ourselves later in the day.

We all got up from the bed and the girls all went off to make dinner. As men usually do, the four of us, including little Fidor, stayed behind to talk about what just happened. What an amazing start to my vacation.

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