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Not long after I cut my grandfather off, an older male friend of mine invited me to go along with him one night to visit some girls who were going to be 'camping out' at the home of one of them. I made arrangements to spend the night with him, and we were supposed to be 'camping out' as well, on his large front lawn. After everyone else had gone to bed, he and I slipped out of our tent and headed off to the house where the girls were 'camping out', just a couple of blocks away. The 'campout' was actually taking place in a detached garage, where five girlfriends had gotten together, planning to spend the night having sex with their boyfriends.

The other boys were already there, and my friend quickly paired off with his girlfriend, leaving me alone with Clara. Clara was the youngest of the girls, as I was the youngest of the boys, and it was clear I had been selected to be her partner for the night.

She was our host, Olivia's, younger cousin, and that was about all I knew about her. We had met before, and she lived just up the street from me, but we were really just passing acquaintances.

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That was soon to change. Clara was twelve also, very plain looking, and from a poor family. Well, I guess we were all poor, but her large family was poorer than most. Her dresses were mostly hand-me-downs, and though she had a nice, young body, her face was a bit disfigured by a nose that had obviously been broken and badly set sometime in the past. Still, she was as sweet and good natured as anyone could expect a girl to be.

As we found a blanket in a corner to curl up in and we started petting a bit, I wasn't sure if she really knew what was going on. She seemed so sweet and innocent as we talked, while all around us in the dark the other couples were in various stages of undress, and at least one was happily fucking away.

She surprised me by pulling her dress off over her head, exposing her small breasts, and asking if I thought they were too small. I told her no, I thought they were just perfect, and cupped one in my hand and began to finger the nipple. She giggled and almost threw herself on top of me, scooting up so she could rub her breasts in my face. I licked and sucked one breast, then the other, as my hand found its way down to her panties.

I slipped my hand inside, and was surprised to find her little pussy was already quite wet. I fingerfucked her a bit as she continued to rub her titties in my face, then finally began to unfasten my own pants. She sat back and helped me get them off, and my underwear, and I stripped my t-shirt off to complete the job. Still in her panties, she pushed me back again, then began licking and sucking my nipples.

This was the first time I had ever had a girl come after me so aggressively the first time I had sex with her, and I was a bit surprised. Clara reached down and stroked my stiff cock a couple of times, and took the drop of pre-cum that had formed there on her finger and licked it off. She then stripped her panties off, and told me she wanted me to fuck her now.

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She started to roll off me so I could fuck her missionary style, but I held her in place and told her to just lower her pussy onto my cock.

She had obviously never tried that before, but as she lowered herself onto me, I guided my cock inside her. Once it was firmly buried in her pussy, I told her to just bounce up and down a bit, but not so much that my cock slipped out of her. She learned quickly and was soon riding my cock like she had been doing it all her life. A few minutes later, she leaned forward and put her hands on either side of me to help support her as she rode me at a more forward angle. She was still riding me a few minutes later when someone shined a flashlight on us.

I heard Olivia, her cousin who lived at the house where we were 'camping', begin to ask Clara if everything was all right, then gasp as she saw Clara riding my cock.

I saw the look of absolute determination and ecstasy on Clara's face, and in the dim light I could see the other couples, those who weren't caught up in their moment, turn to watch us as well.

A moment later I could feel Clara beginning to cum, and I coaxed her to keep riding my cock as I neared my own orgasm, and Olivia, entranced, kept the flashlight turned on us. Clara began to moan, louder, then call out as she started to cum, and now all eyes were on us. I was humping upwards to meet Clara's pussy as she rode my cock, and as I felt her begin to cum, my cock began to twitch and throb as my own orgasm hit me.

Clara, still cumming herself, continued to ride me, and her pussy juice and my cum flowed down my cock and onto my balls. It was, quite simply, an incredible fuck, and easily one of the best I have ever had. Even though Clara had cum as she was riding me, I had always considered it a duty, I suppose, to lick and suck a girl's pussy after a good fuck. One reason is that I had found that not every girl would cum from penetration alone, and I liked to make sure my partner always got a good cum.

It kept the girls coming back for more, since in those days I was one of the few boys I knew that would actually eat a pussy, especially one that had just been fucked. Another reason is, well, I just loved eating pussy, especially one that had just been fucked.

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I rolled Clara off me and lay her on her back, and buried my face between her thighs. Olivia had finally turned the damned flashlight off and gone back to her boyfriend, satisfied that Clara was okay, and I began to lick and kiss Clara's juicy slit. She had a light muff, this being back in the days when very few females that I know of ever shaved their pussies, and soon I had my tongue and a couple of fingers working at her slit.

She had, she told me later, never, ever had her pussy eaten before, and she wriggled and squirmed as I went after it, licking around her clit, running my fingers in and out of her pussy, licking up and down along her slit, and finally giving her clit itself a good licking and kissing. She had eventually put her hands behind my head, trying to force my face deeper into her pussy, and once I started on her clit, the juice began to literally gush from her pussy.

I thought at first she was pissing, but I licked and lapped up as much as I could and kept licking and kissing her clit as she trembled and moaned, even louder than she had while she was fucking me. Her climax hit her full force, and her moaning got even louder, and a few seconds later Olivia was back with the damned flashlight to make sure Clara was okay.

This time she saw what was going on, that Clara was perfectly fine and just having an incredible climax, and Olivia switched the light off and went back to her partner.

As Clara's climax peaked, I eased off a bit, and began to just slowly lick up and down the slit of her pussy as she came back to earth. I licked my way across her belly and began lightly sucking and nipping at her tiny titties, and then began to lick one of her underarms. This, I discovered pleasantly, was also covered with a bit of hair, since Clara had not yet begun to shave her underarms, and there was no trace of any deodorant to ruin the taste.

I loved sniffing and licking her underarms, and paid quite a bit of attention to them before I went back to sucking her titties for a few minutes, then once again started on her pussy. I loved the way she had reacted to this the first time, and was eager to make her cum again. Within a few minutes, she was moaning and bucking again, her hands on the back of my head trying to push my face deeper into her pussy. I licked and kissed and sucked her pussy furiously, and she was rapidly on the verge of another climax.

This time, as she began to cum, I quickly mounted her, and began thrusting my cock in and out of her sweet pussy. She wrapped her skinny legs around me as I humped her, and I soon unloaded my cum into her pussy while she was still cumming herself.

We both lay there for a while after that, pretty much spent, and talked for a bit. She told me when she had found out Olivia was having this get-together, she had begged to be allowed to come, even though she didn't have a boyfriend. Olivia had asked if Clara had anyone in mind to pair up with, and Clara had mentioned me a couple of her girlfriends had been talking about me one day, and how they had enjoyed fucking me, and she asked Olivia to see if she could get me to come.

Olivia didn't really know me, but she knew my friend, and had gotten him to set it up so Clara would have someone to fuck her too. That was really the first time I realized I had gotten a bit of a reputation among some of the sexually active girls my age.

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This was the mid to late 60's, when kids my age generally weren't very sexually active, but I was, actually, an aberration. I loved sex, with boys and girls, and that by itself was rare. I also loved oral sex, and always used it to insure whoever I was with had an orgasm, if they didn't get it any other way.

Most boys then only wanted either a blowjob or to fuck their girlfriends, and most could care less about giving them oral sex in return, or making sure they had an orgasm too.

Even rarer, I didn't mind eating a girl's pussy after I, or someone else, had cum in it, and the fact that I was willing to eat a girl's pussy after I had fucked her, or even eat her pussy at all, kept the girls coming back for more. I had very few 'one night stands' most of the girls I fucked were more than happy to keep coming back for more.

Clara had heard some of the whispers about me, and had wanted me to fuck her for quite some time. She had been too shy to ask me herself, so she had come up with the idea of meeting me at the 'camp out'.

She had, I later found out, been molested repeatedly and gotten pregnant by an older cousin, and her parents had taken her for a back alley abortion. Something went wrong, and the operation had left her sterile, but whether it was the botched operation or the experience of being fucked to start with, she had begun to crave sex.

She was so plain, though, and poor, and some might say even a bit ugly, that no one had paid much attention to her. At the time, though, all I knew was that she was the best fuck I had had in a long time. I held her close and we napped for a bit, finally waking up about an hour before sunrise.

I knew my friend and I had to get back to our tent at his house, and the other boys were starting to get up and head out before Olivia's parents got up and came out to check on the girls. I hugged and kissed Clara a few more times, and gave her sweet pussy just a few parting licks, then I got dressed and my friend and I left. The next day, I walked by Clara's house and saw her out in the yard.


She saw me, and came over to the fence, and I asked if she could get away from the house for a while. She replied she could go pretty much anywhere she wanted, she wasn't noticed very much even at home, and I asked her to meet me at the railroad station in half an hour or so.

Our town was at a Y junction, where railroad tracks from the north came together with another set of tracks from the east, and the tracks came together and continued on south. There was an old railroad station right in the middle of the Y, and right across the tracks from the east was an old water tower, that had been used for steam locomotives back in the older days. Down the tracks about a hundred yards south of the station, a small creek ran under the tracks, under a concrete tunnel built under the tracks.

At the edge of the creek, on the northeast side, was a small shed that had been built many years before to pump water from the creek to the water tower. The pumps and anything else of value had long ago been removed, but the sturdy shed was still there. When I found it, the railroad hadn't even bothered to put a lock on the door, or someone had cut it off, but there was a perfectly good hasp on the door to put a lock on.

I dug up an old padlock at home and put it on the shed, and began to use it as a hideaway. I had used it as a hideaway for several years, and taken a couple of girls, and a male friend or two, there for sex. Clara met me at the station, which was usually unmanned, and we simply walked down the tracks, climbed down the embankment, and went into the shed.

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I had, over the years, collected a few old blankets, some porn magazines (left over from a former girlfriend), and a lawn chair and an old cable spool, a small one, that I used as a table. Somehow, I seemed to be the only one that knew about the shed, except for the very few friends I brought there, and no one else had ever come through and disturbed anything. Clara liked the set up, and we were soon naked, running our hands all over each others' bodies.

She pushed me back over the cable spool, so that I was sitting on the edge with my legs hanging off it, and told me she wanted to give me something she hadn't gotten to give me the night before. She dropped to her knees between my legs, and began to fondle my cock and balls, then gently lowered her lips and took my cock into her mouth.

She hadn't had a lot of experience at sucking a cock, having only sucked and fucked her cousin a few times before they got caught, but she was more than willing to take some instruction, and by the time I had cum in her mouth, I decided it was one of the more enjoyable blowjobs I had had. She stood up and I saw she still had my cum in her mouth, unsure what to do with it, and I pulled her closer to me and kissed her full on the mouth. I used my tongue to probe her lips open a bit, then probe her mouth, tasting my own cum, sucking some of it into my own mouth, and swallowing it.

She followed my lead, and licked her lips as I stepped back. I told her from now on, she could simply just swallow the cum, or hold it in her mouth to pass to me, and she said she had usually just spit it out, but she would do as I asked.

She giggled as I licked a bit of cum from her chin, and I turned her around so I could lay her back on the cable spool, and told her it was my turn to please her. I began licking and kissing her sweet pussy again, using the fingers of one hand to gently part her pussy lips. She was already very wet, and I licked up and down the slit a few times, savoring the flavor of her pussy, then slipped a couple of fingers inside and began to move them in and out as I licked and kissed her pussy.

After a couple of minutes, I moved up and gently licked around her clit, and her pussy began to get even wetter. I got my fingers as wet as I could, then moved atop her, and kissed her lightly on the lips.

As she kissed back, I took my fingers from her pussy and rubbed them across her lips, telling her to lick them off and taste her own pussy juice.

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Her tongue flicked out as she licked my fingers, and I gently put both of them in her mouth, so she could suck them clean. She moaned, and I took my fingers from her mouth and asked her if she loved the taste of her pussy as much as I did, and she mumbled yes. I slid back down her body, pausing a moment to suckle her small breast on the way down, then trailed my tongue down her belly.

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I licked her navel, circling my tongue around it a few times, then licked my way back down to her pussy. She was moaning and squirming a bit now, and I again licked up and down her slit a few times, my fingers working their way in and out of her pussy. I licked around her clit again, and felt her begin to tremble in anticipation, then I hit her clit with a couple of quick flicks of my tongue.

She bucked and arched her back upwards, and as she did, I took my fingers from her pussy, trailed them along the juice that had seeped from her pussy down to her ass hole, and slipped one finger up her ass as I gave her clit a couple more quick licks. She bucked again, and again, and her pussy juices began to flow very heavily as her climax hit her. She grabbed my head and tried to push it into her pussy, and I sucked and licked for all I was worth, still working my finger in and out of her ass.

Her climax lasted for a few minutes while I licked around her clit, flicking my tongue directly over it every few seconds, and working my finger in and out of her ass hole.

She had grabbed her nipples and was rubbing and squeezing them as I sucked her, and one of her hands reached down so she could put a finger on either side of her clit and squeeze a bit, pushing it up and making it more accessible as I licked it. I slowed down a bit, content to simply lick up and down the slit of her pussy for a few minutes, lapping up as much of her juice as I could as she gradually came back down.

I didn't let her get all the way back, though, and soon started sucking her in earnest again, building her toward another orgasm. It hadn't taken me long to learn this trick, with my passion for oral sex, and it was one I loved to use on someone who responded so well to having her pussy eaten. Within minutes, she was at the peak of her climax again, and I kept her there a bit longer this time before easing off and letting her back down. After she had caught her breath a bit, I stood and slipped my cock into her pussy, and began a nice, slow fuck.

I was already close to cumming myself, just from kissing her pussy, and I tried to pace myself to make it last longer.


After several minutes of slowly pumping my cock in and out of her pussy, I sped up a bit, and within a couple of minutes I had shot a load of cum up her pussy.

We lay together on the spool for a bit, and I asked how she liked it, and she said it had been fantastic, better than the night before. The only thing I had really done different was to put my finger up her ass, and she said she had really liked that. I was glad to hear that, because I loved anal sex, and I was eager to get my cock into her ass.

As we snuggled and talked a while, I had one hand over her pussy, feeling the sticky wetness of it. I hadn't licked her pussy clean after I had fucked her, and her cum and mine had seeped out and was slowly oozing toward her ass.

I played around and helped it along a bit, making sure I spread it around her ass hole a bit, and running a wet finger in and out of her ass a few times. Finally I asked her if she had ever been fucked in the ass, and she said no, so I asked if she would like to try it. She said she had never thought of it, then realized I was still running one finger in and out of her ass hole, and said, well, that felt good enough.

I put her hand on my already stiff cock, and asked if she thought she might let me put that in her ass, as well. She stroked my cock a few times, saying it might hurt, and I promised her I would do it very slowly and very gently, and if it hurt her and she told me to stop, I would. She asked if I had done it before, and I told her yes, many times, and most of the people I did it with liked it.

She had only really met me the night before, but she and I had somehow clicked together sexually, and she had quickly trusted me. She agreed, and asked when I would like to try it, and I told her right now. Clara still was a bit hesitant, but I lay her on her back again on the cable spool.

I kissed her on the lips and thanked her for trusting me, then moved back down and began licking her pussy again. She was wet again within a few minutes, as I built her toward another climax, and this time, rather than licking her juices and swallowing them, I used my tongue to push them along her slit and down toward her ass hole. There I smeared them around with a finger, making sure I lubricated in and out of her puckered hole a bit, and continued to eat her pussy as I inserted one finger.

I worked it in and out a bit a few times, then inserted another finger alongside it, and worked them both in and out for a few minutes, stretching and relaxing her ass hole. Finally I had three fingers in her ass, working them in and out as I continued to eat her pussy and lick a bit more of her juices down to her ass. Finally ready, I stood up and positioned myself between her legs, and slipped my hard cock into her wet pussy.

I stroked it all the way in and out a few times until it was good and wet with her pussy juice, then lined the head of my cock up on her glorious ass hole. It took a bit of pressure to get the head of my cock into her ass, and I paused there and asked her how it felt. She said it hurt just a little bit, but she was willing to go on, so I began to slowly push the rest of my cock into her. Finally I had it all in, and I paused again and told her so, and asked how she felt. She said it felt okay, and told me to go on, and I slowly eased my cock back out, then back in again.

I did this several times, pausing each time to be sure she was all right, then I began to increase the pace. I told her if it hurt, to let me know and I would stop, and she said okay, and began rubbing her pussy and clit with one hand.

As I picked up the tempo, she began to try to rock back and forth onto my cock, moaning and grunting as she rubbed her pussy and fingerfucked herself. A few minutes later, I was going all out, thrusting my cock in and out of her ass as fast as I could, and she was moaning and grunting even louder, but still hadn't signaled for me to stop.

Finally, I leaned over her to push my cock as deep into her as I could, and shot my load of cum deep into her ass. I stroked it in and out a few more times, and she had another cum herself, though not as powerful as the ones she had had before.

As I slipped my cock out of her ass, I knelt down and began to lick up the cum that was seeping out, as well as her own pussy juice that had flowed down from her slit. I ran my tongue around the rim of her ass, cleaning my cum off her, and finally lay down beside her again. To my surprise, she rolled onto her side and eased her way down my body, and began giving me a blowjob.

She licked and sucked my cock, completely oblivious to the fact I had just been fucking her ass with it.