Heißen tropischen Meer melisa mendiny

Heißen tropischen Meer melisa mendiny
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Chapter Three After his aunt had left his room, Kevin cleaned himself up, got dressed and went downstairs for a tall drink of cola. He was totally satisfied physically, but emotionally he had needed to touch her, taste her, fuck her.

His aunt had a wonderful set of breasts and a magnificent pussy. Her waist was small and it gradually blended into a fantastic set of hips. She had a fabulous body and after the incident upstairs, he knew that she had special needs that he hoped she would let him fill. There was time for that however. He'd wait for the right time and then make his move. Kevin turned on the television and sat down.

His aunt soon came into the living room and sat down next to him. She looked at him squarley in the eyes and said, "Well Kevin, do you feel better now?" Kevin said "When you came into my room and caught me doing that to myself, I wished that I could have disappeared. I was so embarassed, I mean I was completely naked and there was nothing I could do.

I feel really comfortable about it now though. I'm glad it happened because now we can have a special understanding between us." Cheryl laughed and said "So you want to call it a special understanding huh? I'd prefer to call it a deal. Remember that I told you that we could do it again from time to time, but you can't tell anyone about it.

Not even your best friends. If you tell anyone, it's all over and I'll deny everything, and you can move out. Do you understand?" Kevin smiled at her and nodded in agreement. "I'm not going to screw a deal like this up, so don't worry." The next morning Kevin got up, showered and met Cheryl down stairs.

Over coffee she had asked him when he planned to develop the film he had taken at the beach. She actually said that she was anxious to see the pictures.

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Kevin told her that he had planned to develop them later that day. He said that he would be sure to show them to her after they were done. She smiled and said "Can we develop them now or do you have something else planned.?" Kevin had nothing planned so he agreed to start right away. They both went upstairs and he set up the darkroom.

He showed her how to mix the developer, the stop, and the rinse solutions. Then he set up the enlarger and cautioned her about the safety light and how it is used. She was a quick study and soon they were both processing the film into negatives. The negatives had been more of a success than he had imagined. He was a good photographer, and these were very good shots.

They were all crisp and clear and there were 180 of them to print. Kevin and his aunt went downstairs and took a break while the negatives were drying upstairs. Kevin explained how negatives are printed into positive photographs. Cheryl listened intently and it was obvious that they had found more than one thing in common. Kevin's cameras were 35mm models and Cheryl asked him how they are used. Kevin explained to her the settings.

focus and shutter speeds. She was genuinly interested and seemed to understand most of the instruction. He said they could go out next weekend and take a few shots if she wanted to so she could practice. Cheryl nodded in agreement. The film had dried sufficiently to be handled and they returned to the darkroom and started printing the photos.

The images of the couple fucking were incredible.

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Kevin enlarged one shot that showed the woman's pussy completely filled with cock and her legs were pulled back exposing her asshole to the camera. Aother shot had stopped the mans cream as it flew through the air while her hand had been pumping him off.

The woman's eyes were wide with startled amazement at what she had done and you could see her finger rammed up the mans ass. Cheryl stayed with Kevin through the printing of all the negatives. She said "I understand now why you were so worked up when you came home. The pictures are as seductive as any I could imagine. When they are all dry I'd like to see them if it's okay".

Kevin agreed and said "It'll take about an hour and then perhaps another hour to press them flat." Cheryl left the darkroom while Kevin finished the photowork. He came downstairs later and gave her an envelope. "Here you go Cheryl, altogether there are 220 photographs.

I've enlarged the best shots. Cheryl took the envelope and told him that she was tired and would look at them in the morning. She said "Good night, Kevin". She excused herself and went upstairs to bed. Kevin was a bit disappointed. He wanted to study her reaction to the photos as she looked at them.

Her reaction would have told him a lot about her likes and dislikes, about what turned her on and off. It was getting late though and he decided to go to bed too. He closed up the house and went upstairs to his room and got undressed. The house was very quiet when he lay down on the bed. It was too hot to cover himself with the bedding, so he just lay there naked and thought about his aunt.

He brought back mental images of her sitting on the chair in his room with her nylon clad legs draped over the arms of the chair with her fingers sliding in and out of her beautiful pussy. Her tits were jiggling as she trembled and her nipples were hard as rocks and totally erect. He imagined what it would be like to rub his face into her hairy cunt as she spread it open for him. Her voice would be telling him where to suck and how hard to do it. She would be swaying her hips from side to side while her hands held his head and pulled his mouth into her.

She would be pumping her crotch up and into his face and forcing his mouth up to her clit one moment and then down to her hole for his tongue to penetrate. He could almost hear her breathing and moaning as she got ready to cum. The moaning seemed to be getting louder and he could hear a bed creaking.

Kevin listened intently and realized that it wasn't his imagination. He could actually hear moaning, heavy breathing and a bed creaking. His aunt must be getting it on with herself.


The pictures did it to her just as they had fired me up. Kevin realized that this was the opportunity that he needed. He got out of bed and quietly walked out of his room and listened at her bedroom door. She was hot as hell and he knew what he had to do. He opened the door slowly and saw Cheryl laying flat on her back on the bed with her knees drawn up and she had a vibrator shoved up inside her. She saw him almost immediately and said "Oh my God Kevin, come here".

He lay down on the bed next to her and took the vibrator from her and slowly moved it in and out of her splayed open pussy. She just lay there shivering and moaning as it travelled in and out and then rose to vibrate her clitoris and pussy lips. The lust that the sight of her hairy pussy, spread open like it was and the way her pussy lips clung to the vibrator as it travelled in and out of her was too much for Kevin.

He pulled it out and turned it off. He moved closer to her and kissed her lips. Their tongues met and swirled in each others mouths and Cheryl moaned while her hips continued to gyrate.

Kevin kissed her neck and moved his lips down to her nipples and sucked first one then the other. His hands were wrapped around her massive tits trying to enclose them but they were too big. The sweet smell of them was driving him nuts. Cheryl held his head and looked him in the eyes and said "Kevin, we shouldn't be doing this, your my nephew". Kevin couldn't have cared less at this point. He said "Just relax and let me make you feel good." He moved his head down and started kissing her stomach.

His tongue slipped into her naval then travelled down further toward her hairy pussy. He rubbed his face first into her pubic bush and he shuddered at the lust he was feeling.

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He found it impossible to believe that he was finally going to taste her wondeful cunt. His face dropped down between her legs and his mouth made contact with the lips of her pussy. It was hot and wet and clean and smelled of her expensive perfume.

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She gasped and opened her legs wider giving him better access to her opening. Kevin pulled his face back to look at her cunt and slipped two fingers inside it. It felt warm and very wet inside and he could hear her juices as his fingers probed deeper inside her. He lowered his face and locked his mouth over her clitoris and started sucking and licking it. Her clit was erect but hardened even more as his mouth worked it. It was soon like a small nipple that needed sucking and he sucked it while she held his head and pumped her crotch up and into his mouth.

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Cheryl pulled herself away from him and said "I want to suck you Kevin, lay down on your back". Kevin lay down, his erect penis was throbbing with desire and was oozing cum from the tip. Cheryl turned and threw a leg across him and placed her pussy over his face and lowered herself onto his mouth. She said "Now suck me down there Kevin, suck me please".

Her hand wrapped around his cock and she lowered her mouth toward his cock and licked the cum from the tip and shivered with desire. Her lips opened and she lowered her mouth onto his dick, sucking the head into her mouth. She closed her eyes and sucked, then rolled her tongue around the head of the thick piece of meat that was throbbing hotly in her mouth.


Her head bobbed up and down and she made slurping sounds as she swallowed the taste of his cock and gave a lustful moan. She ground her crotch down onto Kevin's mouth and worked his dick with her hand while she sucked his meat. Kevin grasped the cheeks of her ass and pulled her cunt down onto his face and gently swayed his mouth back and forth into her crotch. His cock was getting ready to burst into Cheryl's mouth and he groaned with pleasure as she moaned above him.

Her orgasm was also approaching and Kevin could feel her legs start to shake while she straddled his head. Kevin paused just long enough to say "Cheryl, I'm getting ready to cum baby, make me cum." Cheryl had heard him but she continued to suck and stroke his cock. Her pace quickened and she felt Kevin's thighs stiffen and he started trembling as the first jet of cream splashed into her mouth.

She had never done this before. Cheryl had always wanted to experience what it was like to suck a man's cock, to taste it and feel it in her mouth. The last thought to occurr to her was how she would react if she had a man's cock in her mouth while he ejaculated. The thought was repulsive, but Kevins cock had boiled over in her mouth and she could feel the sticky, hot cream exploding in her mouth, filling it, and she loved it.

She loved the way it felt and she loved the taste of the silky fluid. She began moaning and she swallowed as fast as it spewed out from his cock. Her crotch was pushed down hard against Kevins face now and she was grinding her pussy in his face as she started to reach orgasm. Kevin couldn't believe that his aunt was actually swallowing his cum and moaning while she did it. She obviously was enjoying it as much as he was. Her pussy started convulsing and finally waves of her orgasm raced through her crotch.

She continued to suck Kevin and her hands were shaking almost uncontrollably as she milked the last few drops of cum from his balls. She raised her head and said "I'm cumming Kevin, I'm cumming now". Her head flew back, her body shook and she moaned "Ooohhh, Nnnggghhh, suck me, suck me, eat my pussy". She continued to roll her hips back and forth on Kevin's face while the spasms of her orgasm faded and then she lifted herself off him and lay down beside him.

She looked over at him and said "That was beautiful, that was absolutely beautiful". I've never had that done to me before, and it's not going to be the last time. Kevin looked at her and said "Youv'e never had what done to you before?" His aunt looked at him and said "I've never had a man suck me down there before. I've heard of it but even when I was married your uncle Fred wouldn't do it. I'm not sure I would have let him anyway. I've never even sucked a man's penis before.

I always felt that it was disgusting, something that only animals did. She said "I always felt that sexual intercourse was normal and that evrything else was abnormal. I felt that only animals licked each other down there. I must admit that there were times when I wanted to do something disgusting just out of sheer lust.

Now I know how exciting it can be, I'm open to any suggestions.

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Kevin admitted to his aunt that this had been the first time he had ever sucked a womans pussy before. He said "In fact this is the first time I've ever had any kind of sex with a woman. I can't tell you how excited I was when I saw your pussy.

The hair covering it and the way the lips were parted when you pushed the vibrator up inside it. I wanted to rub my face in it and taste it.

It was fabulous when I pushed my tongue up inside and felt the slippery wet lips part. I've only ever petted with girls on dates and then it only frustrated me because I couldn't get them to make me cum. I always had to jack myself off when I got home to get relief. Kevin looked over at his aunt and said "do you suppose it would be possible for me to fuck you?' Cheryl, paused, then smiled and said "you sure have become forward, haven't you.

Maybe tomorrow, Okay? We can do that tomorrow." Kevin smiled a salacious smile, kissed her on her nipples and went to his room and slept like a baby. The first thing Kevin starting thinking about when he woke up in the morning was fucking his aunt Cheryl. She had said that she was open to any suggestions. "Wow! What a deal this could turn into", he said to himself. They could both experiment with different raunchy, sexy things to do to each others bodies.

He imagined his cock slamming in and out of her hairy cunt, while her legs were raised in the air exposing her snatch to his ramming cock. Maybe she would even agree to them both doing a sex video for their own pleasure. They could lay in bed and watch the video. They could do scenes like the couple on the beach had put on. "Man! It would be a sight to see a video of my aunt sucking my cock.

Watching her lips circling my dick, while her long slim fingers are wrapped around the base of it, slowly pumping it up and down. The shock in her eyes as my cock fired it's first spurts of cum into her mouth." Kevin stopped daydreaming, took his shower and dressed for work. He met his aunt downstairs for breakfast.

She was dressed in a tight fitting red skirt, white blouse and a jacket that matched her skirt. Her sweet ass was accentuated by the skirt, while her large tits were straining under the silk blouse. He felt like putting the make on her right there. His cock was hard and it had grown large enough to create an obscene lump in the front of his slacks.


Chery walked over to the kitchen table and set down his breakfast. She noticed the lump in his pants and smiled. "I'm so glad to see that you are so glad to see me this morning".

Kevin stared down at the lump in his pants and said "Do you want to see how glad I am to see you?" Cheryl said "I don't think we have time for that Kevin.

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Keep it in your pants for the day and I'll make it up to you after work." Kevin said "I think I can deal with that Cheryl, I have a surprise lined up for us tonight." His aunt looked over her shoulder at him as she placed the dishes in the dish-washer and said"You are a randy one today aren't you?

What do you have in mind?" Kevin winked and said "Keep it in your skirt for the day and I'll make it up to you after work". They both laughed and Cheryl said "I'll be looking forward to it Kevin".