College gay sex wallpaper and story with man fuck white boy As Riler

College gay sex wallpaper and story with man fuck white boy As Riler
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If you would have told me this morning I would be fucking my sister by the end of the day, I would have looked at you like you were crazy. Not that it was a crazy idea, just an unexpected one. Jill and I are 17 and happen to be twins. We also have been as close as brother and sister can be. We were also raised in a pretty sexual liberal household by most people's standards so it wasn't unusual for us to walk around in front of each other wearing very little or nothing at all. It happened two days before Christmas.

Mom and dad left early to go to a private party leaving Jill and I home to entertain ourselves for the night. A fire was roaring away in the fireplace and we sat on the floor playing games on the x box.

There was friendly competition happening and as the room started to get warm from the fire, we found ourselves stripping down to just our underwear to cool off while we continued our game. Jill was stripped down in her skimpy black panties with the pink trim and matching bra that I have always loved seeing her in, and I in my boxers.

As the game progressed, the competition grew fiercer and the room grew louder. "Hey! You are cheating" Jill yelled. "You are just a sore loser" I laughed. She then reached out and slapped my arm then proceeded to wrestle the game controller away from me. The more she tried to pin me, the more I laughed and I have to admit this wasn't the fist hard on my sister has ever given me but I was growing more aroused by the second.

I don't think Jill was aware of it quite yet but she finally managed to climb on top of me in wrestling pin fashion as I was lying on my back on the floor. Usually I would put up more of a fight but with her sexy petite five feet two frame, I couldn't resist letting her win.

She grinned down at me as she straddled my body but her smile turned to surprise as she sat back and then felt the head of my hardness finally when it was poking her in the crotch of her panties. She looked down between her legs and saw my cock was poking out the fly of my boxers. She smiled once again then surprised me by reaching down between her legs and pulling the crotch of her panties aside and sliding her wet pussy down onto my dick. Surprisingly even with our up bringing, Jill and I have never had sex and until now, I can't recall giving it much thought.

I was amazed that she was brazen enough to finally do it but I was more amazed at how tight she was. "Are you sure we should be doing this?" I asked as I thrust into her- repeatedly feeling the wet heat from her pussy caressing me. "I don't mind if you don't" she whispered with a sexy yet satisfied moan while staring hungrily into my eyes.

Still sliding up and down on my dick, Jill reached up and undid her bra and let her beautiful firm teen tits fall free. Her nipples are dark brown and very erect and were illuminated beautifully by the only light in the room which was the glow of the TV from our now forgotten game and the warm glow from the fireplace.

I have seen her beautiful perky young tits many times and I have admired them each time but I have never seen them looking so stunning, tanned and almost translucent bathed in the glowing light as they are now. As I continued to thrust, I reached my hands up and caressed each of her soft milky globes while occasionally tweaking her erect nipples.

Her moans grew louder while she met me thrust for thrust really getting into it. After several minutes with her on top of me, I grabbed her ass cheeks and rolled her over to where she was now on her back and I was on my knees between her legs. With the single quick motion, my hard dick never left the inside of her pussy.

She squealed in delight as I was now fucking her missionary style. Her legs were raised in the air while my hands gripped both of her ankles. As I looked down between our legs, I could see my dick sliding rapidly in and out of her beautiful snatch.

She was clean shaven except for the small tuft of jet black hair she kept neatly trimmed just a couple of inches above her clit. I have also seen her pubic mound many times before but always found her style of grooming to be incredibly sexy. Jill soon went stiff and started to shudder as she let out a loud squeal and started to orgasm.

I then started to feel myself quickly approaching my own orgasm when I picked up the pace a little bit. "I am going to cum Jill. This is all kind of sudden, I never brought a condom." "Please cum inside me Aaron.

Mom put me on birth control ages ago so it's ok." That was all the words I needed to hear. As I tensed up, we heard a loud crack of thunder and a brilliant flash of lightning bathe the inside of the room surprising us both before the power went completely out. It could have added to the intensity of the orgasm but I came like I have never came before. My cum was filling her pussy in spurt after intense spurt before we collapsed sweaty and spent.

As we lay on the floor catching our breath, we talked briefly of what had just happened as the power was still completely out. The only glow now remained in the still crackling fire.

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"I can't believe we actually did that." I said softly while caressing Jill's naked abdomen. Her small fingers wrapped around my dick that was still semi erect and still poking out my boxers. "I can't either but I think it was a long over due. Do you have any regrets Aaron?" I looked into her big beautiful eyes and replied, "None at all.

I am very glad it happened because I love you. That and I have always been a big fan of your sexy body." Leaning in, I kissed her passionately on her small pouty red lips.

She responded by leaning in, wrapping her arms around my neck and returning the kiss. Her firm breasts pressing against my chest felt incredible as my hands found their way to her tight little ass and I gently squeezed. Our loving embrace was momentarily disturbed though by the sound of my cell phone going off.

I forgot where it was sitting but Jill found it first as she sat up and handed it to me but not before looking at the display. "It's Mom" she said as she handed me my phone. "Hi Mom. How is the party? Is everything ok? By this time the rain was really coming down in buckets and the wind was sounding fierce. "Everything is fine Aaron. The party was a lot of fun" replied Mom.

"Dad and I were just on the way home and the road is blocked by some fallen trees because of the storm. We had to turn back around and go back into town.

We will be getting a room for the night so we just wanted to let you know. How about you and Jill? Are you guys doing ok?" "Yeah Mom, we are fine. We were sitting here playing vids and the power went out just a little while ago. We will be fine tonight, just make sure you get out of this storm ok? Love you Mom." "What's going on?" Jill asked out of concern. "Mom and Dad were on their way home but couldn't get any further because of some downed trees so they are going to turn back around and get a motel room for the night.

It looks like we are on our own tonight." I got up and left the room for a minute." Where are you going?" Jill asked. "Well, I figured if the power is out and we are on our own for the night, I may as well get some things to help us out." I returned shortly carrying our huge inflatable mattress a couple of pillows and some blankets.

I was not really surprised to find Jill had slipped off her panties in my absence and was now sitting Indian style completely naked in front of the fire. "Good idea." She said while still standing. I got out the mattress from the carrying case and the foot pump to start blowing it up. As I did this, Jill scooted over, gripping the waistband of my boxers and slid them all the way down exposing my semi hard dick once again. I helped her by stepping completely out of them so we both were completely naked.

She then took hold of my dick and wrapped her lips around it taking my length down her throat. As I was blowing up the mattress, she was blowing me. Her mouth was so warm and wet as she sucked my dick like a true champion. I have never had a girl suck me before until tonight but she apparently had some practice and I was enjoying every minute of it.

I was figuring that by blowing up the mattress while she was doing her thing, I would last longer with the distraction. Almost done with my task, I felt the familiar feeling of my balls tightening. "I'm going to cum again Jill!" She kept her lips wrapped around my shaft while pumping me with one hand. Her other hand caressed my balls as I unleashed my milky cum into her throat. I was surprised she took every drop without any problems as she then looked up at me with those big green eyes and grinned.

By now the mattress was fully inflated. I stood her up, took her into my arms pressing her hot soft body to mine and kissed her like lovers. Our tongues swirled together and I could taste myself still lingering in her mouth. Gently I lay her back onto the mattress letting her legs dangle slightly over the edge I got down on the floor on my knees between her and spread her legs apart.

Her pussy was the most beautiful and inviting thing I have ever seen and I couldn't help staring at it for a moment to admire it in all it's perfectly trimmed glory. Parting her lips with my fingers, I could not only feel how wet she was but I could see the moisture glistening from the glow of the fireplace.

I ran my tongue up and down the center of her slit, tasting her delectable juices as I went. My tongue tracing an outline around her lips before it found its way inside of her. I tongue fucked her for several minutes before withdrawing. Her breathing was now very rapid and she arched her back off the mattress when I replaced my tongue with my finger and commenced to sucking on her clit. By now she was so wet; I went from finger fucking her with one finger to inserting a second and a third.

This sent her over the edge and she gripped my head with her knees and cried out "I'm coming!!" Her creamy juices coating my face as I lapped up as much as I could.

I let her catch her breath and then took her by the hand and led her back down to the floor where I positioned her on her hands and knees. Kneeling behind her, I placed the head of my long hard dick at the entrance to her pussy and slowly guided myself in. She rested herself on her elbows with her tight little ass sticking straight up in the air.

I heard a slight moan echo from her as I entered her. She now grabbed handfuls of carpet as my hands gripped her slender waist for support. Her wet pussy felt incredible as I slid in and out for several minutes. I knew I was getting close and then she straightened up, raised her arms and held my head in her hands. My arm now wrapped around her waist while my other hand caressed both of her tits while I continued to fuck her from behind. It wasn't long before I felt her tense up once again while still wrapped in my arms and I held her tight as she came.

Feeling her body shudder was too much to handle as I buried myself as deep inside her as I could and filled her with my cum. As she caught her breath once again, she took my arm that was wrapped around her breasts and brought it up to her mouth and sweetly kissed my hand.

Judging by the clock on my cell phone, I saw that it was well after midnight. Jill and I had a most enjoyable night that we would not forget for the rest of our lives. We left the fire burning in the fireplace and laid the blankets and pillows on the air mattress as we both climbed in to go to sleep for the night. The room a soft glow and the only sound was the storm still kicking up outside. The rumble of a distant thunder would echo occasionally but it only added to the atmosphere of the evening for us.

It wasn't long before we both drifted off to sleep with our naked bodies pressed against each other. We must have been exhausted because we both fell fast asleep and even though it felt like we had been sleeping for hours, we were both in the same position as we were when we drifted off.

The thunder and the storm seemed to have died down finally. Jill was still fast asleep but the glow of the TV from the power coming back on caught my attention. Against my better judgment, I released my hold on Jill's delectable soft and warm body and quietly got out of bed to shut the TV off. I also noticed the fire looking pretty low so I added a couple of more logs before climbing back into bed to reclaim my position against Jill.

As I quietly got back into bed, Jill was laying on her side with her back to me. She let out a contented sigh as I snuggled into her back and placed my arm around her once more. Moments later while enjoying the quiet and the moment itself, my cock became erect against Jill's taunt little ass.

She appeared to be sleeping but my hard on didn't go unnoticed as she started to wiggle her butt against my groin until my hard shaft worked its way between her legs. When she got it where she wanted it, she rocked continually back and forth on it so my dick was gliding between the folds of her wet pussy lips for a little while.

I suddenly felt her hand grip my cock as she gently stroked me when I would exit on the front end of her crotch. When she reached maximum lubrication, she gave a slight twist of her hips so the head of my cock found her entrance.

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I met her by sliding in the rest of the way while reaching my hand around in front of her to massage her clit as we fucked once more.

This must have been doing the trick because she started bucking wildly while having her orgasm. I thought she was going to snap my dick off inside of her as violently as she was slamming back in to me but I kept time, never losing rhythm with my hand until she finished. Soon after, I was still humping away as my dick tightened up and started to spurt deep inside of her again.

" Good thing mom put her on birth control." I thought to myself. I really don't remember falling back asleep after Jill and I last had sex but it was now daylight and my eyes opened to see mom and dad standing over the two of us. We were still naked and barely covered.


I on my back and Jill now on her side pressed up against me with her arm draped across my chest and her head resting on my shoulder. My morning erection was covered only by a thin sheet. "Mom. Dad. You are home early." I wasn't quite sure how to react but on hearing those words, Jill was now awake. My first instinct was to reach in and hold my erection down.

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Jill's first reaction was to bring the sheet closer to her chest. Not sure why. We have all seen each other naked many times but this is the first time Jill and I had been in bed together in this particular state. Both of us unsure how they would react, Mom broke the ice a little. "Glad to see you two managed to get along just fine last night.

And it looks like you lost the bet honey" she said as she looked over at dad. Jill and I looked at each other with confused looks on our faces. "Bet? What bet?" Asked Jill. Dad finally spoke up and we both noticed he and Mom didn't seem too upset about finding their two kids in bed naked together.

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"Your Mom and I had a little bet going on that you two would finally end up having sex with each other last night." Jill and I looked at each other then back at Mom and Dad. "You were actually predicting that we would have sex?" I asked. "Sure honey. We both knew it would happen. I am just surprised it took this long" said Mom.

"You mean you're not angry?" Jill asked. "Rather the opposite actually" said dad. We are more relieved than anything. Relieved that the family is much closer now and that your Mom and I can finally be honest and up front with you two." "Honest how?" I asked.

Mom and dad were silent for a moment when Mom finally laid it all out. "You know that party that you're Dad and I went to last night? That was actually a swinger's party. We have been living the lifestyle for quit a while and we did want to tell you. We just thought it best that we waited until you both were old enough to understand. I mean we have always been a close family and have always been very uninhibited around each other.

We have even had sex with some of our own family members so you aren't alone." Jill and I couldn't believe what we were hearing.

It came as a relief to us on one hand but still, it was a little bit too much to hear that early in the morning. "So how was it?" asked Dad. Before I could answer, Jill spoke first. "It was unbelievable!" "I'm not going to lie," I said "It was the best thing in the world.

Jill is incredible." "I hope you saved enough for your Mom and Dad" replied Mom suggestively. I guess I have never given it that much thought to having sex with Mom. Until last night, I didn't give much thought to having sex with my sister either. I can't speak for Jill but now that I think about it, Mom does look pretty fantastic still. Having seen her naked many times growing up, the thought of having sex with her was sounding better by the minute.

As I was still momentarily lost in thought, dad suddenly changed the subject. "Scott, Sonja and the kids are going to be here this afternoon. It's probably time to get up and get things in order before they get here." Scott and Sonja are my aunt and Uncle. Scott is Moms brother while Aunt Sonja is also Dads sister. Their kids are Keri and Molly. Keri is 18 and Molly is 17 and we hadn't seen them for a few years even though we always got along great when we did see each other. Feeling a little more at ease than I was 5 minutes ago, my cares were no longer.

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I swiped the sheet aside and got out of bed to go upstairs and have a much needed shower now that the power was back on. My cock was still semi hard and I noticed mom taking much closer notice of it than usual.

Jill climbed out of bed and followed suit preparing to go upstairs too. Dad was busy checking her out as well. On the way up the stairs, I felt Jill's hand reaching from behind me and grabbing my dick while giving it a gentle squeeze. She kept the grip till we got to her doorway then ducked inside while I kept walking to the bathroom.

When I walked into the bathroom, I remember thinking to myself that there really is no need to lock the door anymore now that we are officially an open family. The hot shower spray felt like heaven against my skin and it wasn't long until I started feeling brand new again. It also wasn't long before I heard the bathroom door open and shut. I was thinking for sure it was Jill coming to join me. I was somewhat surprised when the shower door opened to reveal mom standing there stark naked.

"Mind if I join you?" My eyes traced its way down the full length of her body and back up again before holding out my hand to help her inside. Mom's tits were slightly larger than Jill's and almost as perky. Her pussy hair was also a little thicker but she kept it neatly trimmed. I got to hand it to mom. For a lady her age, she still has it going on. When she was fully inside, I watched as the water soaked her long dark hair while it clung to her shoulders and back.

She slid one arm around my neck while her other hand reached down and grabbed my cock. I grabbed her soft ass checks with both hands and pulled her closer to me. Our lips met and her tongue began swirling around in search of mine. As she kept stroking my cock, I felt myself harden in her hand. Just when I thought the sensation couldn't get much better, she got on her knees on the shower floor and took my dick into her mouth.

Now I know where Jill got her cock sucking talents from. Mom was flat-out amazing at giving head. She was taking me all the way down her throat while licking my ball sack when she reached bottom. My hands gripped her head and I tried hard not to cum so soon as I threw my own head back. I hated to cut the fantastic blowjob she was giving me so short but if I didn't I was probably going to blow her head off.

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I grabbed her by the arm to help her back up to her feet. Now it was my turn to drop to my knees because I was dying to taste her pussy.

She got the hint as she rose one leg up on the shower seat in the corner to give me better access. I started off inserting my middle finger and my index finger into her slit. When she was good and wet, I brought my face to her clit and inhaled her scent before flicking her little love button with my tongue. My fingers continued to work their way in and out of her and by now I could hear her breathing grow more labored.

I alternated between tongue flicks to sucking on her clit while trying to gauge which was drawing the most response from her. She then gripped my head tight with both hands as she started to spasm. This is when I found out mom was a squirter. I have heard about it a few times but have never seen it first hand. At first I thought she was peeing all over me but she started to yell out loud enough for dad and Jill to hear wherever they were in the house.

"Oh God!! I'm coming! Don't stop, please don't stop! I had no place to really go since she had my head and fingers in a death grip so I was forced to drink in some of what was coming out. It had a slight tang but overall wasn't that bad. I secretly made it a personal goal just then to make Jill squirt like mom just did. When she finished, I got back to my feet and mom not wanting to break the rhythm, bent over and grabbed the very seat she had her leg propped up on just a minute ago.

She was now in front of me ready and waiting as she spread her legs slightly for me. I needed no further invitation as I grabbed my hard fuck stick and guided it into her wet pussy. She started moaning again as I rode her deep and hard. My hands held her hips for support and occasionally I reached in front of her to fondle her big soft globes. After a few minutes of non stop fucking, she looked back at me and asked me to put it in her ass.

I was intrigued by now as it was yet another first for me but just seemed to be a perfectly natural thing to do. I withdrew my dick from her and positioned the head at the entrance to her puckered asshole. Guiding in slowly, I took a little time to let her get used to it at her pace.

It took just a couple of minutes before she was stretched and relaxed enough to finally take my entire length. It felt incredible. Not much different from a pussy just tighter. Her sphincter muscles gripped and pulled me with every thrust as I couldn't hold back any longer. My dick shot ropes of sticky cum deep into her bowels. I gripped her waist tight as to make sure every drop was ejaculated inside of her ass. When I withdrew my cock, mom turned around and kissed me deep again as finished our shower in a soapy lather.

Little did I know just what was happening in the next room while mom and I fucked for the first time. Dad had followed the rest of us upstairs but made a detour at Jill's bedroom door.


He knocked lightly on the door but heard a slight moan for an answer. Dad opened the door only to see Jill lying on her bed still naked from earlier. Her legs spread and she was massaging her clit while listening to mom and I next door. She didn't bother to stop when dad came into the room. She only smiled at him seductively while she continued. Dad wasted no time getting undressed himself as he walked over to the side of the bed.

His fingers replaced hers on her now very wet pussy and her hands quickly took hold of dads cock as she took it into her mouth. Her tongue licked up and down the shaft before taking his dick into her mouth once again. As his thick finger fucked her to a frothy boil, dad felt himself getting close to the breaking point because of Jill's oral skills.

He took lead and slowly removed his dick from her mouth like a baby being forcibly weaned from a pacifier.

She didn't want to give it up at first since he was obviously teasing her but she was curious as to what he planned to do next.


Dad suddenly climbed up onto the bed between her legs and held her open by the back of her thighs while he aimed the head of his hard dick at the entrance to her little pussy. She gave a loud moan as he pushed roughly forward until he was all the way inside of her with one single stroke.

Jill's short toned legs wrapped around his waist as much as possible and held him tight as he pumped repeatedly into her like it would be the last fuck he would ever have in his life.

By this time mom and I had finished our shower so as we made our way down the hall and stopped at Jill's bedroom door as it was wide open. Together the two of us stood in the doorway and decided to watch the action. We watched as Jill started arching her back and I knew from experience just last night what was about to happen. She threw her arms around dads neck cried out as she came loudly.

As she finished, her petite body went limp from exhaustion and her legs removed their death grip from dad's waist while he continued to fuck her like a love doll. Suddenly dad threw his head back. His face red and dripping with sweat and it was easy to see that his daughter was wearing him out.

He then withdrew his cock from her reddened pussy and jerked his huge load onto her belly and her luscious tits in spurt after creamy white spurt.

Mom and I started to clap at the free show which suddenly got their attention. "I hope you two had as much fun as we just had" said dad. Jill just smiled and remarked, "I think I like this new openness.

Now that you two are out of the shower I can finally have mine. I hope you saved me some hot water." As she got to the doorway, Mom stopped her suddenly. "Hold on young lady. Not so fast." Jill stood for a second slightly confused. "I think you have something of mine" said Mom.

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With that she bent her head down to Jill's naked chest and slowly started licking off all of dad's spunk that he had deposited just a minute before.