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Perfect ass blonde gf bangs huge dick
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Twin Japanese Nieces Pt24 Kayko and I just stood for a moment staring at each other. What in the hell was Mark doing? Apparently he had something going with Eric, and whether or not Shiori was involved had yet to be determined. All I knew is that Kayko looked pissed, and I mean really pissed off. We had trusted Mark to keep the relationship with Shiori in the house, and now it appeared as though he had broken that trust.

This was an issue that could potentially bring the whole house down. I looked at Kayko. "Go find him Mike," she said with sternness to her voice that I did not want to mess with. "I'll bring the girls in from the pool and get them dressed." I didn't stick around to hear if anything else was said. I immediately headed for the door. From what I could see, this situation was not heading in a good direction.

It's amazing the scenarios that will run through your head when you have a little time to think. As I worked my way through the woods all kinds of visions popped into my head and not many of them were good. What were we going to do if Eric HAD been down there and participated in whatever Mark and Shiori were doing? I wasn't coming up with many answers and I was quickly approaching the fort.

As I got nearer I could hear the two boys talking inside. I could not make out what they were saying, but there was definitely a discussion going on. "Mark!" I hollered as I approached the make shift fort. "Come out here!" There was only a momentary delay before Mark and Eric emerged from inside.

"Yes dad, what is it?" He responded as he came out of the doorway and stood up. "What are you guys doing in there?" I asked as I stepped right up to them and stopped. "We were just talking," Mark replied as he gave a quick glance at Eric who nodded his head in agreement. What to do, what to do? The boys had come out almost immediately, and that negated a quick search of the fort.

If I did go in, they would want to know why I wanted to look around and that might push them to more devious plans. "I'm getting ready to start cooking so come on back to the house." I said in a rather stern voice.

"Come on, let's go." I left no room for argument. The boys stepped past me and quickly started up the trail in silence. I looked at the fort before I turned around to follow them. Whatever secret they had in there was just going to have to remain a secret for now.

By the time we got back to the house the girls were dressed and sitting in the living room watching TV. Erin and Saki were sitting next to each other and discussing the show they were watching while Shiori sat on the end of the couch with a somewhat dejected look on her face. Kayko was in the kitchen setting out the hot dogs and hamburgers I was going to cook on the grill.

The boys left their shoes at the door and headed in to join the girls. "Watch them like a hawk," I said as I picked up the plate of meat and prepared to head for the grill. "What were they doing?" Kayko asked quietly as she watched Mark and Eric plop down on the couch almost on top of Shiori. "They were inside the fort talking but I could not tell what they were saying," I responded. "But when I told them to come out, they appeared almost immediately.

So whatever it is, it's in that fort." "Didn't you look?" Kayko asked as she popped the top off a beer for me. "I didn't want to make them suspicious," I replied as I picked up the beer and took a big swallow. "If I did, then whatever it is will never turn up, or they might do something even more ridiculous." Kayko paused for a moment.

I could see the gears turning as she thought about what I had said. She then looked up at me and smiled. "You did good honey." WHEW!!! That could have been bad. This situation was already becoming a bit of a mess, and I definitely did not want Kayko pissed at me.

Granted we were making some assumptions here, but who knows. This could still be a great big misunderstanding. The evidence did not point in that direction, but what if my observations were wrong and we accused Mark of something that he didn't do?

This could blow up into a mess and Mark and Shiori would no longer trust us, and Eric would know what was going on here in the house. I swallowed hard as I walked out onto the patio.

I was hoping that I was wrong in a catastrophic fashion. I stood at the grill and cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs melting in the late afternoon sun. It might have been 6:30, but it felt like noon with the thermometer still showing 96 degrees.

I looked to the house to see about getting another drink. Kayko was still in the kitchen, but her gaze never left the living room for more than just a second or two.

When she did glance my way I held up my empty beer bottle and shook it. I saw her nod before I went back to tending the food. A few moments later Saki came out the door carrying my refill. "Hey pet," I said as she approached carrying a very cold looking bottle of suds.

She was dressed in one of her nice skirts and a nice fitting T-shirt. She looked really good. "How is my little pet doing?" I asked as I took the beer from her and drank about half of it in one pull.

Saki looked over her shoulder at the house before she looked back at me. "I wish we could be alone," she said while rubbing one foot with the other. "I'm sorry sweetie," I replied with a little pat on her shoulder.

"But we have a house guest and we can't let him know what we do here." I knew she wanted to spend time with me. After all, I did still 'owe' her the rest of the evening due to the bet I lost at the pool table.

But the issue with Mark, Shiori, and Eric was going to take some close monitoring if we wanted to prevent a catastrophic and legal disaster. Having the alone time with Saki was just going to have to wait. As I shoveled the cooked burgers and dogs onto the plate Kayko called the rest of the kids to the table.

It was going to be interesting to see how everyone reacted when directly under the gaze of me and Kayko. Everyone sat and ate like they were hungry. Shiori sat between Mark and Eric, but all three of them behaved. Nothing outstanding happened, in fact, the three of them ate in silence. They didn't speak to anyone else; they just shoveled in their food and then waited quietly to be excused from the table.

When they were excused, the first thing they did was head for the door to go outside. Kayko stopped that. "Everyone go and watch some TV before we go and see the fireworks," she said as she neatly placed her fork next to her plate. You could see the look of disappointment on their faces as Mark protested a little.

"Aw mom," he said as he came back to the table. "We were just going to go down to the fort and mess around for a while." Yea, I'll bet they were.

Kayko placed her hands in her lap and turned to look at Mark straight in the face. "No," she said sternly. "Stay here in the house, it's too hot outside. Besides, it's almost an hour drive for us to go and see the fireworks." Ever see a balloon deflate by sticking a pin into it?


It just instantly disappears. That is how quickly the expressions changed on the faces of Mark, Eric and Shiori. Clearly they already had something in mind, but Kayko stopped them dead in their tracks. The three went and flopped down on the couch in the living room.

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They were kind of grumbling to each other, but they didn't make too big of a deal of it. Erin and Saki joined them on the other end of the couch and all five of them watched the TV while Kayko and I cleaned up. Kayko spoke quietly to me while we cleaned the dishes. "We need to find out what is in that fort," she said as she vigorously scrubbed the dishes.

"I'll see if I can ease out the front door and go and have a look." I responded as I stacked the dishes in the drying rack. When we finished the dishes Kayko went and sat with the kids, taking up a position between Saki and Shiori. With her there, ease of exit was guaranteed. I slipped out the front door and made my way to the path.

I couldn't take long or else I would be missed in the house. Luckily the trail was well used so I had almost no obstacles to navigate. I have to admit that my heart was pounding a bit as I approached the fort.

I had no idea what I was going to find in there, but my search was going to have to be quick. The boys had made a pretty good structure. Granted it looked like chewed bubble gum from the outside, but it was solid. I pushed open the small door and stepped inside, knowing full well that I was now violating the private space of the boys. The inside was nothing spectacular either. They had a pretty good amount of space inside, almost enough room for me to lie down across the middle of the floor without my head or feet touching either of the two sides.

The floor was dirt, and they had one old chair in the corner that looked like they had fished it out of the creek.

Aside from that, the only other thing in the room was an old wooden box that was sitting on the ground right next to the chair. Bingo! Whatever it was that they had must be in the box. I picked it up and gave it a quick once over. It looked like an old Wells-Fargo strong box only not as elaborate. It had good solid hinges on the top and a big hasp with a combination lock keeping it closed.

It was a bit heavy, too. I could tell it had stuff inside it, but with it locked, there was no way for me to see the contents. I gave the box a shake. I could hear something metal bang against the inside. Well…fuck! I wasn't getting in it. I placed the box back where I found it and looked around one more time. The only other item in the fort was a neatly folded blanket on a small shelf against the back wall.

At least Mark was thinking about Shioris' comfort even though he was disregarding everything else. My trip had turned out to be a little fruitful. As I headed back up to the house my mind raced trying to figure out what was in the box. What could they have in there that was metal? And why would it be so important that they had to lock it up? If anything the trip aggravated me more than it gave me answers.

Back at the house, everyone was still watching TV when I slipped back in. I grabbed another beer from the fridge and headed toward my office. As I walked by the end of the couch I looked over at Kayko who was looking at me like she was expecting kittens.

I shook my head no and continued on to my office. The boys had gotten the better of me, but I sincerely hoped it was nothing that they were hiding. At 8 o'clock we all piled into the SUV for the trip to the fairgrounds to watch the fireworks. Mark, Shiori, and Eric clambered into the very back seat with Shiori sitting between the two boys.

There wasn't much to see, and they behaved well during the drive up. Even at the fairgrounds they behaved well. I had opened the back of our car and Kayko and I sat and watched the fireworks with the kids sitting on a blanket on the ground in front of us. We had done this very thing every year since we were married. It was almost like a ritual. I gave Kayko a kiss and told her that I loved her as the finale lit up the sky. But our usual passion was quelled this year, making the kiss short.

Those rascals on the blanket were the foremost thought on both of our minds. The trip back was equally uneventful. All five of the kids were squawking back and forth about the fireworks and the colors and the loud bangs in the night sky.

It made keeping track of what Mark, Shiori, and Eric were doing easy because both Erin and Saki were turned sideways in their seat so they could talk to the kids in the back. Kayko and I got to relax for just a bit as I approached the neighborhood. I stopped at Eric's house to let him out. Considering how well all of them had behaved I started to put the day's earlier events out of my mind.

Maybe I was just dreaming, or possibly reading too much in to the events. In either case the day's events started to fade a bit from my mind and my anxiety level began to drop.

When I pulled in to the garage, the unloading of the kids seemed the same as it had been any other time we had pulled into the house. The kids filed out of the car and I certainly felt better about the whole situation. In the house, I went to my office to put away the travel documents and the rather large check from my boss. I know I didn't have any worries at the house, but just having that kind of money lying around would make anyone nervous.

As soon as I turned the corner and came through the door of my office I could see the missed call light on my phone blinking. I also had a message. I pressed the button and listened as I put the papers away in my desk drawer.

It was David, my boss. He had another trip lined up for me on the 6th and needed me to come in to the office in the morning to get a few things and to have a little briefing.

'No rest for the weary,' I thought to myself as I pressed the reset button and stood up. It is the life I chose. I would just have to deal with the good and the bad as it came. ………………………………………&hellip. Ever had one of those dreams that are rather freaky in nature, but you cannot tell if it is real or not? That is what happened to me in the morning.

I was having this dream that I was inside a woman. And I don't mean that I was having sex with her, I mean I was INSIDE a woman. All of me! The sensation was that I was floating around inside a woman's vagina, almost like I was swimming underwater. I could smell that musky feminine scent and I could feel the soft inner walls of her brushing against all sides of me as I floated around in this dark pink cavern. It really was quite vivid, and extremely arousing. I looked at my surroundings and spotted what looked like a giant doughnut protruding from the ceiling.

It was the biggest cervix I had ever seen! I moved up to it and shoved my raging boner in through the small hole, instantly feeling the hot warmth of the woman it was attached to radiate throughout my entire body. I felt like I was in heaven as my hips were drawn into it. It was the most arousing sensation I had felt in a long time. I began thrusting my hips forward and back, trying to feel more of the wonderful sensations. If felt like it was trying to draw me in deeper, pulling at my member like a sensual tug of war.

And the overpowering musky feminine scent that accompanied the sensations from my groin sent me flying over the orgasmic ledge like I had a rocket strapped to my ass. I woke up when I fired the first shot up into Kayko who was straddling my cock and sucking on me with her pussy like a hoover vacuum.

The overpowering scent was Saki who was straddling my face and rubbing her clit back and forth on my nose. In a sudden fit of realization I did the only thing I could.

I grabbed Saki by her legs, stuffed my face as far into her pussy as I could, and screamed at the top of my lungs while my nuts emptied into my wife.

Saki gasped at my sudden movements and quickly grabbed two hands full of my hair as I began licking her at a furious rate. I could hear Kayko moaning as she was filled with the warm juice of her husband, her hands grasping the sides of my hips in an effort to hold herself in place as my orgasm filled her full. It really is a wonderful thing to have your wife, or your pet wake you up by making love to you. But one of these days these two are going to give me a fucking heart attack!

Having the dream while this was happening must have been my bodily defenses doing their job to protect me. But this sort of stimulus in the morning is not only hard on the system, it can twist your brain loose!

I raised Sakis dripping pussy up so I could look between her legs at Kayko. She had her eyes shut and her mouth open as she accepted the last few shots from me.

When she looked down and saw me looking at her she got this nice warm smile on her face. "Good morning baby," she said as she brought her hands up and began rubbing the pit of her stomach.

"Mmmm, that was nice," she cooed, relishing the feeling of warmth inside her. I looked up at Saki next to see her looking straight down at me. "Good morning Uncle Mike," she said with a big grin on her face. "Did you enjoy your dream?" I was just about to answer when Kayko spoke up first. "Oh yea!" she responded as she ground her hips back and forth and continued squeezing me inside her. "He enjoyed it!" I wasn't about to argue with her conclusions because she was exactly correct.

I had enjoyed it. But now I was going to have to disappoint both of them. "Yes, it was great sweetie," I said before extending my neck to give her a kiss on her pussy. "But I have to go into the office this morning." Kayko looked at me with a bit of a frown on her face as I moved Saki down to my stomach so I could prop myself up on my elbows.

Sakis wet pussy felt hot against my belly button as she leaned back against Kayko and waited for my explanation. "Why do you have to go to the office?" she asked, sounding very disappointed.

"I had a message on the phone in my office," I explained as I looked from one to the other. "David has another trip for me and he needs to give me a briefing before I go." Both of my beautiful girls looked sad as I explained what was going to happen this morning.

"I'm sorry girls." After almost 13 years of marriage Kayko had become used to this sort of thing happening. Granted she was still disappointed, but she knew what my job was like, and the demands it put on me. She squeezed my cock a few more times before she pulled herself up and off and stood up by the side of the bed. "Well, we can't have you going to work a mess," she said as she turned to head into the bathroom.

"Saki, keep him company while I prepare his bath." I couldn't even get my head turned back around before I felt Sakis tight hot pussy sink down over my shaft. I looked up at her just as her groin came to rest against my pelvic bone. She had a big smile on her face and a look of extreme pleasure as she was filled completely by me. "Now it's my turn!" she said enthusiastically as she began squeezing me and sliding up and down my shaft.

"So you want some of this little girl?" I said playfully as I sat up to look her face to face. Saki put her arms around my neck and placed her feet on the top of the bed just outside my hips as she began pumping herself against me. "Yea," she giggled, enjoying the playful manner in which we were enjoying each other. I grasped her by her hips and began pulling against me, helping her to slide up and down my shaft. "So you like this, huh?" I said again playfully as I held her against me for a moment before pulling her almost completely off.

Saki looked at me before she put all of her weight on my hands, daring me to let her drop and slam down on my cock. "You like it too," she retorted with an exaggerated grin on her face.

"Oh yea?!" I responded as I let her drop to the sheet between my spread open legs. As soon as she landed on her back I started tickling her. "You think I like this?" I joked as I tickled the shit out of her. Saki twisted back and forth with my cock acting almost like an anchoring point. She laughed and giggled with her elbows pulled in tightly to her sides as my relentless assault on her ribs continued.

She brought her knees up to her stomach in an attempt to defend herself, giving me an outstanding view of my cock sticking in to her. With only one quick move I pulled on her hips and sank the last inch and a half of my cock into her, embedding myself deeply inside her.

It didn't matter to Saki who was still laughing from the previous tickle assault. She was thoroughly enjoying herself, and I was definitely enjoying the interaction with my pet. As she finally began to calm down and realize that I was so deeply inside her, Kayko came back to the bathroom doorway. "Ok you two," she said as she stood and looked at us with definite amusement on her face.

"Think you can spare the time to take a bath?" It was fun to play with Saki for a bit, but Kayko was right, I needed to get cleaned up and head out the door. "Come on you little rascal," I said as I put my arms behind her back and scooped her up, bringing her up to my chest in a big bear hug. "Let's go and get clean." Saki wrapped her legs around my back, not yielding an inch of my cock, and hung on as I stood up and carried her into the bathroom.

She smiled at Kayko as I walked past her like a kid in a candy store. "You guys are going to make it tough on me aren't you?" Kayko said as I positioned myself over the stool and sat down with Saki still riding me. "Yep," replied Saki, not willing to give up her hard seat. "Ok," Kayko said as she set the bucket of soapy water and the sponge down next to us. "But you will have to get up so I can wash Mikes cock." Saki nodded her head and hung on as Kayko washed the two of us. My little pet is really something, and she truly enjoys every second she has with me when we are having sex.

The only time she came off me was when Kayko scrubbed my dick with the sponge. Not wanting to deprive my little pet of any more cock time than necessary, Kayko immediately rinsed the soap off me and allowed Saki to resume her seat. It was a bit of a task for Kayko but we got through it. When I went and sat down in the hot pool with Saki still on me, we both watched Kayko bathe.

When she inserted the hose to wash out her pussy Saki began squeezing my dick really hard inside her. "You like that?" I asked as I first looked at Saki before returning my gaze to my wife's wide open pussy with the tapered end stuck in it. "It reminds me of you being inside me," she responded before she squeezed me really hard again.

"Well you had better enjoy him now," Kayko said as she put her wash stand away along with the bucket, "because you are about to give up your seat." Saki didn't hesitate for a moment as Kayko waded into the pool. She lifted herself off me and sat down to my right as Kayko eased up and took her place, sitting down completely on me. It felt so good to be inside my wife again. Granted the girls are getting better at pleasuring me, but nothing could replace my Kayko and her talent and care for making me feel good.

"So how long will this take you today?" she asked as she began milking me again. "It shouldn't take too long," I replied as I took her right breast in my left hand while I dug into Sakis pussy with the other. "I will probably spend more time in the car than at the office." Kayko looked over at Saki who was squirming around on my fingers like she had ants in her pants. "Well," she said as she switched her pussy into hyper-drive, "You just hurry back because you have us waiting for you." I knew exactly what she was talking about.

Today was basically an open day. I was supposed to have the day off, and no real plans were in store for the family. My guess is that Kayko and the girls planned on screwing me all day.

I could deal with that. It could be worse. I could have to mow the lawn in the blazing heat.


But the prospects of spending the day in the sack with Kayko, Saki, and Erin did have a really nice appeal to it. As Kayko lifted herself off me and headed for the side of the pool, I decided right then to make this trip as quickly as possible. I was supposed to be home anyway. When the three of us were dress and heading down stairs, Mark and Shiori appeared from his room right behind us.

They were both dressed but looked like they had been wrestling all night. "Where are you going?" Mark asked when he saw me in my good dress shorts and golf shirt.

"I've got to go to the office for a bit this morning," I replied as we all filed into the kitchen. "You guys stick around.

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It's going to be really hot today." I wasn't making it up either. The drought was in full swing and it was blazing hot outside. It had been almost a month since the last time we had any rain, and even then it was only just enough to make it miserable outside. If it were not for the sprinkler system in the yard, our yard would look like everyone else's, brown and almost dead. I guess now I was finally able to justify the expenditure. As Kayko started making breakfast for everyone I scarfed down a piece of toast and a cup of coffee.

I wanted to get this over with so I could spend the rest of the day waist deep in some pussy.

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I gave Kayko a kiss and patted everyone else on the head before I headed out to the garage. I was so looking forward to my nice quiet afternoon. About 20 minutes up the road my cell phone rang. "Hello." "Mike, its David." What was it now, I wondered as I set the cruise control? "I hope you haven't left yet." "Not really," I answered while looking for a place to pull off the highway.

"Good," he responded with a noted bit of relief to his voice, "Because Carol can't make it in today. She's in Ohio visiting her family and we need her here to go over this briefing." I spotted an exit coming up and decided to take it.

"So you don't need me in this morning?" I asked as I hit my turn signal and started up the exit ramp. "No, just enjoy your day," he answered. "We'll tackle this tomorrow morning before you leave for Sydney." HOT DAMN!!! No work today!!! I was going to spend the rest of the afternoon waist deep in my girls!! Yahoo!! I politely concluded my call with David as I took the on ramp back onto the highway for my return trip to the house.

The beast started stirring in my pants as I thought about all the fun I was going to have. This afternoon was going to be great! 20 minutes later I pulled back into the garage and parked the car.

I didn't know what or who I was going to do first, I just wanted to be inside someone and soon. I walked back into the house to find Kayko on the phone. "No Deborah, they're probably just out playing. We'll take good care of them." Kayko looked pissed but sounded pleasant on the phone.

"Thanks. Enjoy your day…ok, goodbye." And she hung up the phone. I already had that sinking feeling when Kayko turned to me with a rather angry look on her face. "Mark and Shiori are not in the house," she said while drumming her fingers on the kitchen counter and looking out the patio windows.

Damn it! I was just about to cut loose with a string of 'more colorful metaphors' when I saw Sakis head appear over the back of the couch and look into the kitchen. "Hang on just a moment honey," I said as I stepped past her and walked over to the couch.

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Saki and Erin were sitting side by side watching TV when I approached them from their left. "Hey Saki," I said as I leaned down and placed my hands on my knees. "Why don't you go and teach Erin how to play pool?" Saki smiled and looked over at her cousin. "Wanna go?" she asked with a smile.


"Yeah, that way maybe I can win something too," she responded while clambering to her feet. The two girls headed into the den and I closed the door behind them. I needed to talk to Kayko and figure out just what it was she would have me do. As I approached her in the kitchen she spoke up again. "Deborah says Eric headed this way about 20 minutes ago," she said as the drumming in her fingers increased in intensity. "And he did not come up here to the house." That left only one other option.

They were at the fort. "What do you want me to do?" I asked as I started to feel my heart beating in my chest and ears. Kayko looked me straight in the eye and gave a simple answer. "Go get them." And she absolutely was not fucking around either. I nodded my head yes and started for the door.

"And if Eric IS with them," she continued, "bring him up here too." Wow! Kayko was pissed! And I can't say that I wasn't a little upset either, but I tried to remain positive as I headed off through the woods. This had the outline for becoming a really big mess in a hurry, and I hoped like crazy that it would not come to that. Mark and Shiori had behaved so well last night that I had almost put this whole thing out of my mind. But now, as I approached the fort, I started to get that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach.

What was I going to find? I didn't bother calling out in advance this time to let them know I was coming. I walked right up to the fort, pushed the door open and stepped in. What I saw made my jaw drop almost to the floor.

They had the blanket spread out on the floor and Shiori was laying on her back with her feet and ass sticking straight up into the air. She had something metal stuck inside her pussy and the two boys were standing on either side of her with their dicks in their hands.

Apparently they had been jacking off with Shiori acting like a cum bucket. As soon as I stepped in there was a mad scramble by the three of them. Shiori quickly closed her legs, flipped over and stood up, pulling her skirt back down in the process.

Mark and Eric immediately went for their pants and yarded them up. "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU GUYS DOING!" I bellowed as an extreme look of fear wiped all of the color out of their faces and left them all standing there shaking in their shoes as pale as ghosts.

All three of them began looking back and forth at each other in an effort to come up with some kind of answer. Shiori fidgeted back and forth a little as the boys zipped their pants and stood with their mouths hanging open.

Behind them I could see that the wooden box was open, revealing a variety of porn magazines and a few of Kaykos' old sex toys. The one magazine that was open sat on the chair and showed a picture of three people in almost the exact same position as the kids had been in.

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I was almost ready to kill! Mark had not only disobeyed me about staying inside, but he had Eric in here with Shiori and had exposed her and their sexual escapades to his friend.

I almost couldn't think as I stood there and looked at the three of them. I was so pissed that rational thought escaped me. "Up to the house now!" I said as I stepped to the side and motioned for the door. "All three of you!" Eric and Mark both bolted for the door, almost knocking Shiori over in the process.

She moved a little slower than the boys but followed them out as I reached over and picked up the one open magazine. Kayko was going to absolutely flip.

I followed the three of them up the path and back to the house. Shiori seemed to be having some difficulty with the trek, but didn't say a word as she did her best to keep up with the boys. By the time we made it to the back door Shiori was crying. I think she had some idea as to the amount of trouble they were in.

I opened the door and stepped inside. "All three of you, in the living room and sit down." I commanded as I held the door open for the trio. Kayko looked super pissed now, but immediately focused her attention on Shiori who was now crying rather hard. As the three made their way over to the living room I stepped up to Kayko in the kitchen. "What happened?" she asked as she looked from the kids to the folded magazine I had in my hand. I put the brakes on the whole situation by first asking, "Do you think we should get Erin and Saki out of the house first?" Kayko was clearly at a loss.

"I don't know, why, what did you find?" she asked as she took the magazine from my hand. "The boys had Shiori down on the floor with something stuck inside her," I said as I directed Kayko to the page that the magazine had been open to. When she saw the image on the glossy paper I pointed to it and said, "They had her just like that and were jacking off on either side of her." I now got to take a good look at the picture. The magazine was called "Extreme". It's one of those really expensive magazines you can find in almost any top end adult book store.

The picture was of a woman, lying on her back, and she had a vaginal speculum stuck inside her holding her pussy wide open. The two men in the picture were standing on either side of her with their dicks in their hands, obviously jacking off. Kayko flipped the page to reveal the next photo.

In it both of the guys were ejaculating into the open speculum, filling the woman's pussy with cum. Kayko abruptly closed the magazine and headed into the living room with me right behind her.

Mark and Eric were both sitting back on the couch while Shiori sat perched on the edge with her feet apart. She was still crying and Mark and Eric both sported the look of dead men.

Kayko walked around in front of the trio and stood holding the magazine up. "Where did this come from?" she asked as her gaze switched back and forth from Eric to Mark. The two boys looked back and forth at each other before Eric finally spoke up. "It belongs to my dad." he said in a very timid voice. Well fuck me running! Now I knew what they had been hiding! Kayko dropped her arm to her side in disgust as she thought about what she was going to say next.

I stepped up beside Kayko to say my piece while she contemplated this whole mess. "Whose idea was this?" I demanded in a tone that actually surprised me. I was going to find out exactly who had conjured up this idea before heads rolled across the floor. "It was mine," Eric answered. "Yours?!" I said, completely exasperated by his answer. "What made you think of doing this?" Eric looked at Mark who just sat there looking straight ahead.

I think he knew that the fingers were getting ready to point at him and his ass was going to be removed from his body. He sat quietly as Eric began to explain. "Mark had told me about him and Shiori," he started after he glanced at the other two. "I asked him if I could watch while he and Shiori did it and he said yes." That one line right there was enough to get Mark grounded until he could vote. We had trusted him to keep this a secret, and now we had the positive proof that he had broken that trust.

Eric continued with an ever increasing amount of fear in his voice. "When we got down to the fort and they started to do it, I asked if I could try it too. Mark said no. He said that Shiori was his girlfriend and that he would be the only one to fu…make love to her." Well, at least Mark did have some kind of dignity in him.

(Note EXTREME sarcasm) "As they were doing it, Shiori motioned for me to come over to her and stick my thing in her mouth." he said in a very matter of fact fashion.

Kayko looked down at Shiori and asked her, "Is that true?" The still sobbing Shiori nodded her head yes, acknowledging that she had instructed Eric to come over and get a blow job. Now all three of them were implicated in this sordid mess. "When did this happen?" I asked just to confirm my suspicions from the day before.

"Yesterday, after the party." Mark answered. They still had a lot of explaining to do. None of this answered the question of what they were doing today. "So what was the deal about going back down to the fort last night?" I asked while looking at the two boys.

Eric started to speak but I stopped him. "Mark, you tell me." Mark swallowed hard before he started to speak. "Eric told me about the magazine and his idea," he said as he looked over at Shiori before he continued. "I told him that it would be ok so he brought the stuff over." There was an uneasy pause for just a moment before Shiori suddenly spoke up. "NO," she said in between sniffs, with a voice that was almost inaudible.

"I told them it would be ok." Kayko and I both looked at Shiori in shock. Why had she done this? Eric and Mark both looked relieved when our attention switched from them to Shiori. Our attention might have been diverted for a moment, but they were still in deep shit. "What stuff?" Kayko asked as she placed her hands on her hips and ignored what Shiori had said for the moment.

Mark looked up and pointed to the magazine, "That and the other thing," he said as he made a small motion toward Shiori with his head. Now the attention was on Shiori. "What is he talking about?" Kayko asked as she looked down at the frightened girl. Shiori began to cry again as she lifted the front of her skirt and spread her feet farther apart. Between her legs was the silver end of something stuck inside her.

Kaykos' mouth dropped open and her expression changed from one of an extremely pissed off parent to a mother who was concerned about the well-being of her child. Instantly she reached out and took Shiori by the arm and led her into the spare bedroom next to the den. Shiori followed with ginger steps as Kayko brought her into the room and closed the door. Now I had the two boys alone. "What the fuck is that thing in her?" I asked, letting some of my anger show through. "It's a Collins speculum," Eric answered.

"A Collins speculum?" I shook my head not knowing what else to do. "And just where did you get it?" I asked. "I think it's my mom's," Eric said.

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"You think it's your moms." I responded in exasperation. "And just how did you know what that thing is?" Eric looked at Mark before he responded. "The internet." "The internet." Well knock me over with a God damn building! He had looked the thing up on the fucking internet. "Yea," he continued. "I found it under my mom's bathroom sink and looked it up." "And so you just thought it would be ok to stick that damn thing into my niece?!" I retorted, ready to wring his head off with my bare hands.

"No," he said as a small tear appeared in the corner of his eye. "Mark wouldn't let me stick my thing into Shiori. So when I told them that I could get one of those things Shiori said it would be ok." That was the second time I had heard this story, so there had to be a certain degree of truth to it.

I was at a loss, and I mean really stuck. I had no idea how to handle this especially since one of the persons involved was not one of my kids. This was going to take some serious thought. As I paced back and forth, trying to figure out what to do next, Kayko and Shiori emerged from the guest bedroom. Shiori was still sniffling, but the primary waterworks had been turned off. In her hand, Kayko carried the speculum.

As she approached she held it out for me to see. "This was stuck in Shiori," she said as she set the stainless steel tool down in my hand. (I know they are made of stainless steel because I had to go and look it up after this whole mess was resolved) She looked at the two boys and let them have it with both barrels. "You two jackasses should consider yourselves lucky that you did not seriously hurt her," she hollered.

"You could have easily torn something inside her and we would have to take her to the hospital!" Both boys started crying as they looked from Kayko over to Shiori and then back at Kayko. "We're sorry," they both said, almost in unison. Now that the cat was out of the bag, Kayko and I were going to have to figure out how to handle this. We could ground both Mark and Shiori. But Eric was a loose cannon. All it would take would be one little slip from him and the law would be down on us like a ton of bricks.

Differences in culture be damned, we were in America and this sort of stuff just isn't supposed to happen. This was going to take some careful maneuvering. And in that brief moment, when it seemed like it was a hopeless mess, an idea came to mind. End Part 24