Busty spex MILF schools teens during trio

Busty spex MILF schools teens during trio
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Team Players (Part 1 of Many) Chapter 1 Here I was, 38 years old, rehabilitating an injured leg. Divorced 7 years now, and really nowhere to go.

Until 6 months ago, I was an active team member of the Navy Seals. Unfortunately for me and two other team members, our truck hit an IED, Improvised explosive device, or a homemade bomb, near the Pakistan border in Afghanistan.

Now if you ever want a hell hole to visit, then just take a plane there. The bomb tore up the truck and my knee and thigh, in the process. One of my team lost an eye, and the other took shrapnel in his face, but was doing ok. For me, I was done being an active team member. This was all my life was to this point. Joined right out of high school, then became a Seal 3 years later. Married the woman of my dreams at 28, and then saw it come crashing down at 31. She couldn't handle the constant deployments and not knowing if I was alive or dead, when I was gone.

We dated 2 years before we married, so she knew what she was getting into, or so I thought. I'm Dan, 5' 10, 175 lbs of lean muscle, blond headed with blue eyes.

In 2 more months, I will have 20 years in. I was hoping after this last deployment, I could go on to teach at BUDs school, but now that is probably not going to happen.

I will walk with a limp the rest of my life, and will probably be asked to leave the service, or sit at a desk. To me, sitting at a desk is not an option.

After 6 months though of operations and rehab, I was told I could convelace at home. But for me, I really didn't have a home now. Both my parents are now dead, and so is my older brother. He lived in Virginia, which is where I was based. He was killed in an auto accident, by some drunk teenager almost 3 years ago.

John was 5 years older than I. He was married, and had one son, John Jr. His wife Jackie is a year younger than John and their son is now 21, and in the final year of college out in California, at Stanford. Jackie and I have always been on good terms and have remained close, since John's death.

She lives about 30 minutes from the base and has been a frequent visitor since my return from the Sand Pit, and countless hospital, and rehab stays. John and Jackie met in high school and were married a year after graduation. Jackie has always been kind to me, loved kidding around and when I was in my senior year, flirted with me.

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Jackie is not a model type of woman, but she is pretty and still carries the same figure she had when she first got married. She is 5' 7, 125 pounds, kind of flat chested, B cup, but a lovely ass. I always loved when she wears short shorts and shows off her toned legs and great ass. She keeps her blond hair short, like a bob cut, above her neck line. When she'd wear a bikini, she'd make any man hard. My ex used to complain that Jackie just like to flaunt herself, which I just laughed off.

The day after the doc's told me I could rehab at home, Jackie stopped by for a visit. I explained everything to her as to what I was allowed to do, and couldn't do, but told her I had nowhere to go, since I had always lived on base since the divorce. "You always have a place to go Dan&hellip. My house is plenty big enough. Remember, we have that in-law suite we built 10 years ago for your parents.

So just move in there Silly" Jackie said to me. "Jac. I could never impose on you like that. Last thing you need is a cripple around the house. I'll find something" I said.

This day Jackie was dressed in tasteful Khaki shorts and a button down blouse, but I could tell she wasn't wearing a bra, seldom does she, since her nipple wear hard and trying to rip through the fabric.

"You are such a Jackass, you know that? You are going to move in with me, and then once your rehab is done and the Navy figures out what they're going to do with your ass, then we'll decide what your next step is." she said in a tone like a mother. "But" I started to say.

Her hand went up, "But nothing… Fuck. you are hard headed." she retorted. Jackie was never one to mince words and she did like using colorful language, which was another thing my ex did not like saying or hearing. "When will they release you?" she asked, and I told her, "Tomorrow". "Good… I'll be here to pick you up." she spat out.

That was her final word, as she turned on her heels and left. I did find myself staring at her ass, as she left the room.

Of course my dirty little mind wondered if she was wearing panties, since I couldn't see panty lines, or was it a thong. John used to tell me she loves dressing sexy and loved to fuck and suck. He said she could go all night, if you let her. Chapter 2 It was now 2 months into my living with Jackie.

At first I felt like a home intruder, but after a couple of days, she made me feel welcome. I had the suite my parents used. My dad was a Veterinarian with a very successful practice, and mom, was the bookkeeper for him. Dad died from a heart attack almost 10 years ago, after having a stroke the previous year, and mom really couldn't take care of him. So they built this addition and moved them in and then mom succumb to cancer 3 years later. So Jackie and my brother were pretty much caregivers for 4 years.

The suite was nice. It had a small living room, a bedroom, and nice size bathroom. They all shared the kitchen and laundry room. At first I pretty much kept to myself and only went into the house section when I was hungry, or Jackie invited me to eat with her, which was often.

Jackie did not work, nor did she have too. John had a very successful CPA business and had a huge life insurance policy on himself.

Couple that with my parents money, which John and I split, she had no reason to work, and neither did I, for that matter. Plus, I was now at 20 years, in service, and I could draw retirement, even with a medical discharge. The house itself was pretty large. 4 bedrooms, 3 baths, huge kitchen and in the basement an entertainment room, with a huge LED TV and sound system. One thing I always chuckled about was their master bedroom. They had a 4 poster, king size bed, that had a mirror on the ceiling.

I used to tease John about it. But he would laugh and just say, "Trust me, She loves watching herself fucking". They also have a nice inground pool, a huge deck, complete with hot tub. Now that it was summer, she would be out there a lot. Many times, a lot of her friends would be over too. One in particular, Mandy, who is a real spit fire. She's married, but she loves to flirt, and one of those types that is touchy feely.

She's only 5'2, 130 pounds, but carries it well and has D cup breasts, and is a brunette. She and Jackie are quite close too. Always greet one another with a hug and kiss on the lips, and do the same when parting. Of course my mind wondered if they also slept together too. It would not shock me if they were bi. One thing about me now, is that I am very conscious of my wounds and the ugly scars I have on my knee and thigh region.

They are not pretty and it took me a few days to even let Jackie see them. So anytime any of her friends were over, I made myself scarce, especially if they were hanging around the pool. No way would I want to gross them out with my ugly leg now. One evening, Jackie and I were sitting on the deck drinking beers. It was a hot evening too, in the 90's.

I was wearing shorts, since it was just her and I. Jackie was wearing bikini bottoms and a t-shirt. I just loved looking at her tan legs. Toned, and long. John had to enjoy having those wrapped around his body.

"D" she's always said my first initial, instead of Dan. "I know you are pretty self conscious of your legs, but don't be. They aren't that bad as you think. I'd love for you to join us sometimes when I have my friends over." "Damn Jac… I don't want to freak them out… Give them nightmares" I said chuckling. "OH Please… I don't ever feel that way around you.

Look at us now. You are in swim trunks and that's it., and I haven't head to the hills. In fact, I think you look damn sexy, even if you are my brother in law. Oh and trust me, Mandy would love to see you naked and take full advantage of you.

She thinks you are super hot and would nothing better than to ride you all night." I just laughed, and damn near spit beer out my nose. "Christ, you really never did find a filter for that mouth of yours." I said. "Hey&hellip. I just say it like I see it. Plus you should hear Mandy. I toned it down&hellip. Look, I might as well be upfront with you." she said, taking a pause. "Mandy and her husband Jim, are in an open relationship. They swing. Up until John's death, so did we&hellip.

Shocking I know&hellip. Please don't judge us either. We loved it and only did that with those 2." she said "I don't judge Jac. You know that. John never told me that part of your life&hellip. To each their own, as long as no one gets hurt." I said. Then said, "Ok. I gotta ask… Are you and Mandy into each other?" Jackie chuckled. "That obvious huh?. Yeah!, We are Bi and enjoy sex with each other. In fact, it is the only sex I get. Mandy and Jim have a rule. No threesomes, but she is allowed to spend time with me, as long as Jim knows" I had to ask, "Why no threesomes?" Again, she laughed and said, "Mandy thinks it's unfair he gets to fuck two women, but she only gets his dick.

To be honest, she is wild in bed and I used to love watching her and John fuck." "Oh Wow&hellip. I could never see Linda ever doing that&hellip. Hell, I was lucky if I got it a couple times a week, let alone with another couple." I laughed as I said it. " I have no idea what you saw in her D. She always came off bitchy to us.

She would bitch to me about your deployments, and never around for her&hellip. We tried hard to like her and include her in family things when you were out of the country. But she always declined. So we gave up after a while." "Honestly, I'm not even sure now.

I guess I just settled back then. It wasn't fair to her or me&hellip. If you don't mind me asking, how did you and Mandy start." I asked. Jackie shook her head and laughed, but then her face got somber. " D…… About 3 years before John's death.

I know you didn't know this, but for last couple of years before Mandy, our marriage was shit&hellip. We hid it well from everyone… we just grew apart and then John had a couple of affairs that he told me about, a month before Mandy." " I'm so sorry Jac. What a jerk&hellip. I'd never think John could do that." " I thought that too&hellip. I mean I never said no to him&hellip.

granted, things get stale&hellip. Hell, I even let him try anal. But after a long weekend of crying and talking, and yelling, we figured out that, yes, we loved each other, we weren't in love anymore. We decided to wait until Johnny was in college or whatever he was going to choose after high school." She explained. " Holy shit Jac&hellip. I was going to lose you too? Fuck." I said I could see her eyes watering&hellip. " Oh D, I would always be there for you&hellip. But who knows what would have happened…&hellip.

Then one day, after the boys were back in school, Mandy came over to lay out and drink some margaritas&hellip. So you know we lay out naked so no tan lines&hellip. Well I bared my soul to her and we were both crying and getting drunk and she was hugging me. Next thing I know we were kissing&hellip. And you know, I liked it…&hellip. Then she told me she was bi and explained how her and Jimmy took up swinging with a couple from Richmond&hellip. She said it healed their marriage&hellip.

one thing led to another and she and I had sex right on the deck here&hellip. It was great, and to be honest, the best orgasm I ever had&hellip. Shit… I can't believe I'm telling you this stuff." I was turned on now and I know she could see my erection in my shorts, but made no comment about it, thank God. Ever since my divorce, the women I went out with always seemed to be like Jackie. To me, she set the standard. And now listening to all of this, all I wanted to do was hold her tight in my arms.

I'm sure though, she never allow that. "Anyways" she began again, " about 3 weeks later, and 4 more sessions with Mandy, I broached the subject of swinging with John…… When I told him, he was shocked at first, but then thought about it.

He always had a thing for her&hellip. I told him outright, that if we did this, he wouldn't need to find anything strange on the side. But, he couldn't get jealous when Jim and I were having sex." "Oh Wow&hellip.What more could he ask for?" I retorted "I know. Right?. The first time we were both apprehensive but after things got going, it was mind blowing&hellip.

Watching him and Mandy together really turned me on&hellip. Then doing it with Jim was awesome&hellip. He was the first man I was ever with, since John and I started dating in high school." She was lost in thought then, and I could tell she was getting a little worked up. Lord knows I was. Had she asked me right then to have sex with her, it would have been a no brainer. "So… Did this curb John's appetite for extramarital sex then?", I asked Her face drew somber, yet again.

"At first. Yes…… We had fun with them. Met up a couple times a month&hellip. In fact our sex life at home was even better, especially right after, and days after being with them&hellip. But, we didn't let the boys know about Mandy and I until a year later… That really turned the guys on." she said "I bet it did&hellip. I won't lie, I'd love to watch you two go at it." I said with a laugh. "She chuckled, "Oh.

I bet you would&hellip.Maybe one day. We'll see… Anyways… about 3 months before John's accident, I noticed he was falling into the habit he had when he was having affairs… Working late at the office, or business trips&hellip.

So my guard was up&hellip. Then" and she broke down now. She started crying. So I turned my chair to face her and got real close and pulled her into me and held her. I let her cry and just stroked her hair, as she buried her head into my shoulder.

After a few minutes, she pulled back, and wiped the tears from her face. "Sorry" she said…&hellip. "See, the night he died, he was hit pulling out of the Day's Inn, near Norfolk. The kid ran the red light and t-boned him. The police, after their investigation told me he was with a woman at the motel. Come to find out, that he worked with her. When this happened, he was supposedly fishing with a bunch of his friends up near Richmond." "Oh God… Jackie&hellip.

I am so sorry&hellip. He may be my brother, but you never deserved that treatment. What an asshole." I said. "Thanks D&hellip. Not many know that part of the story, and won't either&hellip. Johnny has no clue and I only tell people I trust&hellip.

Mandy and Jim know, and my sister Amy, and her husband… But that's it" Then I asked. "Have you dated anyone since?" She shook her head and frowned.

"About 3 guys. 2 never made it past the initial date. I mean they were nice and all, but just never had that "It" factor for me&hellip. Then about a year and a half ago, I dated a guy for 2 months…&hellip. He was really nice, and damn cute too… But once we had sex, he wanted to marry me&hellip. I wasn't ready for that at all&hellip.

All I wanted was companionship, and, you know, a little fun in bed…… How about you?. How come you don't have a woman in your life?" I laughed, then said, "I like how you turned the tables on me&hellip. But… After Linda, I never found a woman I could be with that could accept what I do&hellip. Sure, I had hookup's&hellip.

Especially at that one bar off base&hellip. They all know who the Seal's are, with hopes of landing one&hellip.And" and then I got quiet "Oh. Go On… don't leave me hanging shit head. I just bared my soul to you." I chuckled.

"Ok… Any woman I really wanted had to be like you&hellip. There. I said it." "Whatttttttt?.What do you mean by that?" she asked "Christ Jackie&hellip. Look… You are beautiful. Smart.

Fun to be around. Sexy has hell… So giving, and I love that you speak your mind and take no bullshit from people&hellip. There." She smiled, then said, "Wow…&hellip. I'm flattered, but I have so many flaws D&hellip. I never knew you found me this way." We then sat in silence for a good half an hour, just enjoying the evening. Then I got up and said I needed to go soak my leg and use the cream on it. Jackie got up too and then hugged me tight.

I could actually feel her hard nipples poking my bare chest. Then she kissed me on the cheeks and said good night. Laying in bed later, all I could think about was Jackie. I'd do anything to be her lover. As I thought about her, and even Mandy, my cock grew. So I stroked it to 2 orgasms that night. I also wondered if she was doing the same, thinking of me right now. Chapter 3 Three weeks went by and I had my appointment with the the Base doctor.

He cleared me for desk duty, but informed me that my days as an active Seal Team member were through. Then after that meeting, I went and saw my CO, who already knew of the outcome. He was sorry that this happened to me. "Rock" he said. Teams always give guys nicknames and mine was Rock. My last name is Stone. When I was in BUD's training, I was known as Pebble. But that changed once I made a Team. "All I have to offer you is a place on the Team as like a consultant back here. When they are out on a mission, you will work closely with the Spook advisor.

Try it out. If you don't like it, then we have two other options. Desk work and analysis, or retirement." I told him that I would weigh all my options and get back to him the first of next week. He did say he would like me to be part of the team advising them of tactical things.

Most Spooks (CIA officers), don't have the same field experience as one who has been in the trenches. When I was finished, I went to my barracks to pick up my truck. Jackie had brought me this morning, but I told her don't wait on me, since I had no idea how long this all would take. I was hoping to be cleared for driving, which I was. She had been bringing me in for rehab since moving out with her. It felt so good to be able to drive again.

Maybe it is the independence it brings, who knows. It just felt good. It was 2pm when I rolled into her drive. I notice that Mandy was over. Which made sense.

It was a gorgeous, hot day. Near 90 without a cloud in the August sky. As I walked into the kitchen, I could see them out by the pool, tanning. Both were laying on their stomachs. Jackie wore a yellow thong style bikini, and her top had the straps undone, off of her back.

Mandy, who has shoulder length brunette hair, had her hair in a bun and was dressed similarly, but hers was pink. Both ladies sported dark tans, and God, they looked delicious. I decided to change into swimwear and join them, after I did my swim workout. It really helped loosen up my knee.

After changing, all I could ask of myself, was that I didn't pop a boner in their presence. As I walked out with a beer in hand, I asked, "Mind if I swim a bit?" Both girls picked their heads up and looked at me. "Of course not Silly&hellip.

It would have been nice if you brought us a cold one too" Jackie said, then winked at me. "Sorry… I wasn't thinking… Be right back" I hurried back into the kitchen and got them each a beer, and missed them sitting up and tying their tops back on. Bummer for me. I'd love to see Mandy's tits&hellip. Hell, I would love to see Jackie's too. I then returned and handed them each a beer. "Woooohooooo Sailor Man&hellip. You can be my pool boy any day" Mandy said with a giggle.

I just rolled my eyes and jumped in the pool. They sat and watched as I went through my workout. After 20 minutes, I got out and sat down by them. Jackie asked how everything went. So I told them all that had transpired. Jackie and Mandy said to really think it over and do, for once, what would make me happy.

Not what my CO or the Navy want. Then Mandy excused herself, to use the bathroom. We told her to bring more beer. As she walked away, I had to look at her. Her ass was gorgeous. I would have loved being that piece of string hiding between those cheeks. "Great Ass, Huh?" Jackie said, with a laugh. "That obvious huh?" I said "Duh… She does have a great ass" Jackie said "Well… so do you&hellip. You really do" I said, as I looked her in the eye "Thanks Hun&hellip.

Had you heard our conversation after you jumped in the pool, it may have made you blush&hellip. As Mandy put it, "He could dock his boat in my port anytime he wants too". And she means that D&hellip. She thinks you are super sexy, and could care less about your scar&hellip. And truth be told, so do I… think you are sexy" "Thanks" I said, as I could feel my face flush.

Then Mandy returned and we got back to talking about what is to come for me. It was almost 5 when Mandy stated she needed to get home and make dinner, then give Jimmy his dessert. Both Jackie and I knew what she meant by that. I was thinking what a lucky bastard Jim was.

I had met Jim at a few party's when John was still around, so it's not like I didn't know him.

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I just didn't know he was into swinging. That Sunday, I got a text from my CO. He told me to check my email and get back to him. So I did, while sitting on the deck. My team was being deployed to Yemen. They were to do a snatch and grab of a ISIS leader who happened to be there. My job was to look over the plans and shoot holes in it. They were going wheels up that Monday, around noon, and I was to be in the OP's room when this went down.

I told Jackie that I what was expected of me, although I could not say what exactly was going to happen, or to whom. She fully understood, but was very happy I did not have to go along. I told her that I wouldn't be around until the mission was finished and the Team was back in CONUS (Continental U.S.).

The Navy is big on acronyms. If all went well, they should be back by Thursday. But, as I know first hand, Mr. Murphy always likes to show up and fuck with you. Mr. Murphy is Murphy's Law. What can go wrong, usually will. I had to be on base by 8am. I was up at 5:30 and did my workout I was doing from rehab.

Then a shower, and then eat a breakfast. When I got out of the shower and dressed, I went into the kitchen to find Jackie there, making breakfast. This in itself, was unusual. She usually slept until 8 or so.

She was dressed in an oversized blue silk shirt. She looked so damn hot. "What are you doing up?" I asked "I wanted to be up when you left and I heard the shower going, so I figured I'd make you breakfast&hellip. I know you D, you would have made toast and coffee and that's it&hellip. God. I haven't seen you in battle dress in ages." "Yeah… it's been like forever to wear them.

Thank God I didn't gain weight… Thanks for doing this." We both then sat at her island and ate. She asked if I had a place to stay until this was over. I told her I would bunk out at the OP's building, but I knew I wouldn't sleep until I knew they were wheels up and on the way back. But I didn't tell her that. When I was about to leave, she came up and hugged me, then kissed me on the lips. That was unusual.

Granted, we would hug at night before bed and then a simple kiss on the cheek, but never on the lips. "Could you call me a few times?

So I know you are ok?" she asked I looked at her like she was nuts or something. "Sure&hellip. But I won't be gone all that long" "I know… But I hate being by myself as it is, and having you here makes me feel safe&hellip. Plus Dummy… I am going to worry about you, no matter if you are in the US or on that plane." "Not a problem Jac… I'll call you a few times. And when I know I am coming home, I will let you know&hellip. I promise. She hugged me again. My hands went around her.

I was so tempted to let them float down to her ass and give them a squeeze, but I restrained myself. She kissed me again on the lips and I the left for my first day as a desk jockey, and not a member.

Chapter 5 The team was to fly into Saudi Arabia first, then do a night jump near Aden, Yemen, where this leader was located. The intel was supposedly good on his whereabouts and his travels. Before taking off, the LT, the team leader, saw me and was glad I was on the ground here to help this along.

He was one to never trust a spook. That evening, around 9pm, I called Jackie. We talked about a half an hour.

She was worried my leg was going to give me problems and get sore, but I told her it was fine and that I was just sitting around right now, since the team wasn't due to arrive until 2am our time. Before we hung up, she said she really misses me there. I told her I missed her too and promised to call during the day tomorrow, if I could break away. Tuesday morning was a rush. All the plans had been gone over, backwards and forwards, and I was confident, that if the intel was good, we'd have this guy bagged in 20 minutes after he arrived back to where he was staying, and on the exfil chopper to a waiting ship about 100 miles off the coast, that is part of the Lincoln Battle Group.

About 10:30am I called Jackie. She was glad to hear from me. She seemed really different. Almost like a wife and not just a great friend and former sister in law.

She did inform me that Mandy was coming over that evening, since Jim was going to some seminar in DC and wouldn't be back until the next day. I so wanted to ask if she was spending the night there, but that really wasn't any of my business. Although, I'd love to be there if she was.

At noon, our time, the team was up in the air. By the time they made it on the ground, it was 3am, Yemen time. The guy was supposed to be in his little villa he was staying at, but spook on the ground said he was still at some underground night club. I had to laugh, since these ISIS guys are supposedly so devout to Islam, and drinking is forbidden.

He's probably getting drunk and his dick wet. By 3:30, the team was informed that he was on his way back to the villa. Our guys were waiting for him. One thing about a snatch and grab, you want it quick and quiet. If a bad guy has a gun, you take him out before he pulls a trigger and gets everyone up. When the SUV pulled up, 3 bodyguards got out of the vehicle, then our asshole got out.

The Go signal was given.

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Before anyone knew it, the guards were on the ground. Our bad guy saw this and took out a pistol and knew he was in deep shit.

He raised the gun to his head and yelled out something in Arab. Jonesy, our sniper understood what was going to happen and shot the gun right out of the jerks hand, taking 2 fingers with it. It was a great shot. LT ran up and stuffed a rag in the guys mouth, to shut him up. Then gave him a shot, to knock him out. 6 minutes had elapsed now. The team now needed less than ten to get back to the exfil point.

They did that, no sweat. At the twenty minute mark, the team was on the helo, and over the water on its way to the ship. From there, they would transfer the carrier Lincoln and take a C130 back to the states.

Later that evening, I was informed that the team would not be taking off until tomorrow sometime, because of weather. So I went to the bunk room and called Jackie. It was just past 9, so I figured she'd be up. When the phone was answered, the voice was not Jackie's. "Hey Hey Sailor Man… What's shaking?" Mandy said. "Where's Jackie?" I asked "Right here… What. Don't you like talking to me Sexy?" she said and giggled.

She sounded a bit drunk. Jackie must have taken the phone from her, for the next thing I know, I hear "Hi DDDDDDDDDD&hellip. How are you sweetie?" "I'm good Jac&hellip. Sounds like you 2 are having fun." "Just a little" she said, then giggled.

…&hellip. "I miss you D. When are you coming home?" she asked. "Looks like Thursday morning… All is well, but weather is holding up the team's plane." I told her.

As she was talking, I thought I could hear a distinct buzzing sound in the background. I mean, since Jackie bared her should not too long ago, I knew these two had to be playing. "Fuck" I thought. I'd give anything to see that. In fact, I could feel the blood rushing to my now swelling cock. "Hey D?. Mandy wants your phone number&hellip. You okay with me giving it to her?" "Sure. I don't care. Lord knows why she'd want it." Then I heard Jackie giggle and saying something to Mandy, but it was muffled and I couldn't hear what.

"Well… I'll talk with you again tomorrow… Promise me you will call D… I miss you." "Miss you too Jac&hellip. Whatever you are doing. Have fun" I said. "Oh we will… We will" she said, then hung up. I was now laying in my bunk, back at the barracks the team stays at. I was the only one there now. All I could do was picture those two going down on each other. I don't have a clue what protocol is for wanting to have sex with your former sister in law, but God, I wanted her so bad and I would love to fuck Mandy.

It was past 11, and I was half asleep, when I my phone binged with a message. I grabbed the phone and opened the message. It was a picture. My mouth dropped open and saw cleary, Mandy, on her back and Jackie between her legs, with her face buried in Mandy's pussy. "Holy Fuck" I thought. All I could see of Jackie was her back and ass, and the back of her head. Now Mandy, I could see most everything on her.

Her tits were big and had silver dollar size areolas, which were dark brown, and dark brown nipples. She pointed the camera up at the mirror over the bed. Mandy also had a dildo place just below her mouth, where the tip of the toy was just below her bottom lip and she had her lips pursed like she was kissing me.

What a tease. I set the phone down and did what any red blooded man would do, jack off. I came so much from that pic.

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Wow. After releasing what seemed like a quart of cum, I tried to sleep. Bad enough the girls made me horny, but working stateside wasn't that great, then I lay there thinking about my life. One thing I do know, this being in OP's sucks. I missed the rush of being with my team. I know this was the first time, but shit, it hurt not being there. I have a lot of thinking to do.

Maybe just ride this out for a month, then decide. It's not like I need the money. My pension would be good too. Everything on that Wednesday was boring, from after action reports we had to do, to just sitting around waiting for the team to get back.

Once back, I would be allowed to leave, thank God. I call Jackie 3 times that day. She was delighted to hear from me. She said Mandy went home around 10 that morning. She never mentioned the pic that Mandy sent though. She either didn't know, or didn't care. That evening call I told her I was taking her to dinner tomorrow night. I mean she has been great these last few months, making sure I was taken care of, so I wanted to return the favor to her. Plus, I just wanted to be alone with her.

Chapter 6 When I arrived home, it was a little past 1pm. The team had landed at 9am, and after shooting the shit with them and going over some of the reports, I split. Jackie greeted me with a big hug and a kiss. Again on the lips. God, I wanted to slip my tongue into her mouth and kiss her like a man kisses a woman. But, I held back.

I figured if she wanted that type, she would initiate it. She was just going to start cutting the lawn. I told her I would do it. She has a lawn tractor for this, since she have over 2 acres. By the time I finished and then did some rehab work, I took a shower and asked if she was ready for dinner. She was wearing a light blue summer dress that look like it was soft cotton. It kind of hugged her curves, and of course no bra. She looked amazing to me.

I was in khaki pants and a green polo shirt and sandals. So off we went to this steak house a few miles away. Dinner was great and we talked about lots of things. She did ask a few questions about the mission, and I told her just some tidbits that I could get away with.

But most is top secret and to be never told. Not once did she mention her and Mandy, and what they did that night, except that she woke up yesterday with a hangover, from to many margarita's. One thing I did notice, and I believe most of the men in the restaurant, was that her nipples were quite hard and poking through the think material, because of the air conditioning.

I tried my damndest not to stare at them when we talked. I think she caught me one time though, but never made mention. Once we got back home, she poured some wine for us and we took our seats on the deck, out back. We started chit chatting about nothing really, but I could tell something was on her mind. "Dan" she said. Immediately, my body stiffened. She never calls me Dan unless it is serious.

She took a breath, then a swig of wine. "I know you have an open mind and you are always open and honest with me&hellip. Mandy and I were talking the other night&hellip.And" then she quit talking.

"Yeah… And?" I said. "Look&hellip. It's been ages since I had a man&hellip. I mean sex with Mandy is great, but I yearn for a man&hellip. Oh God… why is this so hard… Filter off" she said with a chuckle. "Look. I want to get fucked by a man.

I want a cock&hellip. Not some plastic one either. The real thing… So we, and I mean I, want to know if you would be my partner and swing with Jim and Mandy?. I mean, we both need to get laid, and she wants you so bad, and I would love to feel Jim again." I sat there and thought about what she just asked. I didn't know how to respond. Hell, I want to be that man. I was just about to say something when she spoke again.

"Never mind… It was bad idea… Please forget what I said or asked." I reached over and grabbed her hand. "Jac&hellip. I'd love to be with you like that&hellip. I was kind of hoping you and I could be lovers&hellip. So yes… I'd enjoy that a great deal." She looked at me, then asked, "Were you serious about you and I being lovers?.

Don't you think that could be a little weird?" "No.not in the least&hellip.I've always wanted to make love to you, even as a teenager… To me, you are the sexiest person I know&hellip. And the great thing is I care deeply for you, so I doubt we'd call it a fuck. More like love making." "Oh wow D&hellip. I never knew&hellip. You are right though, we couldn't just fuck&hellip. Let's try this and see how it goes though&hellip.

I won't lie to you, I do have strong feelings for you, but I just don't know if I could do it right now&hellip. So should I call her and say yes?" I felt a little dejected, but thought maybe we were with them once, she have a change of heart. If not, at least we'd both have fun. I mean Mandy is not one you's kick out of your bed, that's for sure. "Yes… call her… I won't lie Jac&hellip.

She is sexy as hell and I bet a lot of fun" I said. She giggled, "Oh she is fun… But be forewarned now, she really gets into her sex and is quite the mouthy one. Let's just say she gets real loud&hellip. And don't think bad of me either, so do I" "That's cool with me… Beats being with someone that just lays there and does nothing&hellip. Actually I am quite turned on now" Jackie then surprised me and reached over and rubbed the front of my pants, and squeezed me&hellip.

"Oh fuck" she whispered. Then shook her head, like clearing the cobwebs from her brain. "I gotta a question" I said to her. She responded by saying, "Shoot" "Did you know that Mandy sent a pic to me the other night?" I asked "Yeah… the little bitch… but not until morning&hellip. I was mortified at first… Then calmed down and actually turned me on, knowing you saw us like that. In fact, you will see that tomorrow night. We're not holding anything back." She then made the call to Mandy.

After she told her yes, I could her Mandy squeal in the background. I don't know why she is hell bent on fucking me. I'm just a normal guy. I'm certainly no porn star. I'm little over 7 inches and fairly thick. No woman to date, has complained. "Ok… tomorrow night at 7. Dinner and then who knows.If at any time you feel uncomfortable, we stop, or not even go forward with this&hellip. You sure about this?" "I'm sure Sweetie&hellip.To be honest… I can't wait to see you naked too." I said She stood up, and then grabbed my hands and pulled me up.

"If you think for a second I don't want to see you naked, you are crazy&hellip.I'm just not ready for you and I being alone and naked… To be honest here… You have me soaking wet&hellip. But please be patient with me… At some point, you and I are going to be lovers." Then she leaned in and kissed me.

When I felt the tip of her tongue touch my lips, my mouth opened and her tongue went inside. It didn't last long, but it was enough for me to yearn so hard for her. Especially when she moaned as we kissed.

Then she backed away. "One more thing&hellip. Mandy loves cum… I mean tasting it&hellip.So do I&hellip.

Now I better get to bed, before I do something I want to do, but may regret." "Ok&hellip. You better let Mandy know too, that I enjoy cleaning up after myself… That is if I am allowed to cum in her." "No worries there… We both had our tubes tied ages ago&hellip. And damn it… Quit telling me things like that." she said then walked back into the house. In bed, I had a raging hard on. I wanted to stroke it, but I also wanted to make sure I gave Mandy all the cum I could muster up.

Chapter 7 It was after 10 the next morning when I saw Jackie. She was preparing some chicken breast for dinner tonight. She looked pretty hot too, wearing a short, short pair of cut off jeans that did show some of her ass cheeks.

Her top was a simple short sleeve, button down shirt, that was tied up, from the bottom, showing off her tan belly. " Damn" I thought. Is she teasing me? I was wearing only a pair of loose fitting basketball style shorts, sans underwear. So if I keep staring at her ass, as lightly danced to the music she was playing, I was going to pop a chubby, and she'd definitely notice it.

" Morning Jac&hellip. What are you doing?" I asked. Jackie turned her head and looked at me. Then I heard a small gasp. " Oh, hi&hellip. sleep well?" She asked. " I guess so&hellip. Took awhile to fall asleep." I said with a slight grin. " I'm getting these breast marinated for dinner tonight&hellip. By the way, Mandy is stopping by in a bit&hellip. She borrowed my laptop the other day and was going to drop it off, since she out shopping" she explained.

Then she asked " D&hellip. You sure about this tonight?.&hellip. I just don't want to weird you out&hellip. I mean you are going to see a side of me you have never seen." I chuckled. " Jac&hellip. you are going to see a side of me you've never seen either&hellip. for the most part I'm pretty sure Mandy is going to keep me busy&hellip. But, I won't bullshit you, I'm dying to see you naked and enjoying what you are doing. Just quit worrying about it" " I guess I'm scared you'll think I'm some slut, which I'm not.

Very, very sexual, Yes&hellip. And Jimmy knows what buttons to push to get me going, if he remembers." She said with a slight laugh. I didn't want to tell her that I hoped it would bring us closer too. Maybe become lovers as well when she sees how I get Mandy off.

In fact I'd love to rip those shorts off, pick her up and put her on this island and eat her all day. " Jac… Sweetie… it's cool… and I'd never think of you as some slut… if you are, then I must be too…… I'm going to do a few laps in the pool." As I swam, all I could think of was tonight and how it would go.

My one worry was my knee. Could it withstand the rigors of sex. I mean it feels ok now, but I have noticed it is hard to kneel on it for any great length of time. If anything, I could bring her to the edge, while I stand, or she has to be on top. I was now laying on one of the lounge chairs, soaking in the sun.

Be nice if I could be naked and get rid of the tan lines. I usually tan pretty good. Not as dark as I have noticed Mandy, more on the lines of Jackie. My eyes were closed when I heard footsteps approaching. It was the girls, so I just kept resting. Next thing I know, one of them was sitting on me.

When I opened my eyes, I saw Mandy's cute face looking down at me. She giggled and said, "Now if you were my pool boy, you'd be naked right now, and I would be sucking your nice cock&hellip. Then we would fuck the rest of the afternoon." then laughed, as did Jackie. "She really has no filter, does she?" I asked… Jackie shook her head, "Told ya, No" I reached up and pulled on head to bring her ear next to my mouth.

I think she thought I was going to kiss her. Then I whispered in her ear, "Tonight. I plan on eating you until squirt your cum in my mouth… Then I am going fuck you until squirt your hot cum all over my cock and balls." She rose up then, sighing, then said, "Fuckkkkkkkkk… You do that, I'm divorcing JImmy and marrying you." then grabbed my now hard cock as she started to get off of me.

Her eyes got real big, then smiled big, and winked at me. After she left, Jackie came back out on the deck. She had a shit eating grin on her face, then I asked, "What?" "So&hellip. you're gonna make her squirt tonight huh?" she said, then smiled. "You two tell everything to each other?" I asked "No secrets between her and I, Darlin…… Plus, I want to see that… I've gotten her to squirt a couple of times over the years&hellip.

Here's a hint&hellip. Leave her clit alone for a long time and just bring her to the edge of cumming a few times." she said. I just looked at her as she walked back into the house. Before she entered, she looked back at me and said, "I do too…&hellip.

They'll be here at 6… we're going to swim some before eating dinner… Might as well leave what you have on." I laid out another hour, but did not see Jackie at all. I then left the deck and went back to my room and took a shower.

I signed on to work to see if I had any emails to reply back too. After seeing nothing of importance, I logged on to a porn site and brought up couples doing it. I found a couple of some homemade ones that were quite interesting.

As I watched, I had a hard time figuring out who was really partners in real life, but in both, the partners switched off a couple of times. So maybe I'll finally get lucky and get with Jackie. As I watched, my cock grew hard. Then thoughts of Jackie naked with me, having sex, were rushing through my head. But then, I thought, I will not force that issue. If she wants too, great, and if not, okay, but at least I'll have fun with Mandy, who I know for sure I will be fucking tonight.

Not sure why I did it, but I had to jack off.

It didn't take long either for me to low my load because of what I was watching and what may take place later. If anything, it may help with me prolonging my first orgasm tonight. Last thing I needed was to blow after a few minutes, like some teen may do. "Hey D" Jackie greeted me when I walked into the kitchen with just my Navy swim trunks and a blue t-shirt on.

Jackie had on this lime green thong bikini. The patch for the bottom barely covered her sex and I could see that if she wasn't bald there, it had to be a very small patch. I think the bald look is the sexiest. I'm pretty hairless myself but I do have some in the groin area. Being blond, you really don't see it much. Her top was just big enough to hold in her B cup breasts, but I could see her hard nipple sticking out, and could faintly see the dark areolas through the thin material.

"Hey Jac… Need any help with anything?" "Would you mind setting the table for later?. We're going to eat out on the deck, unless you think it is too hot… You know me, I love the heat" "Not a problem Jac&hellip. I like helping you out with anything…&hellip. And Jac?" "Yeah?" she answered "You look smoking Hot in that outfit" I said She blushed a little, but answered, "Thanks&hellip.

Glad you like it" Then I asked her, "So… are you nervous at all about what might take place later?" "Uh… yeah. A little&hellip. It feels like the first time to me, again&hellip. So yeah&hellip.But I think once we all get going, that will go away, and the margarita's will help too&hellip. You ever partake in sex with others nearby?" I got this sheepish look on my face, and didn't answer at first.

Jackie gasped, then laughed. "You shithead&hellip. Tell me about it… I know it wasn't with Linda." she said with amazement. "This happened about 6 months after the divorce&hellip. Three of us were on leave and went to some bar down by Virginia Beach and hooked up with three college students on spring break&hellip.We bought some beers for them and then they asked us back to their hotel room&hellip. Next thing we know, we were all pretty drunk and naked and having sex&hellip.

So yeah&hellip. I've had sex with others right there with me." "Aren't you the bad boy&hellip. Ok enough sex talk. I need to finish up here… They'll be here shortly." I set the table, plus took a cooler outside that had beer and wine. Jackie finished with making the margarita's and got everything ready so all she had to do is pop the chicken in the oven around 6:30.

I came back in and removed my shirt, since it was showing sweat stains from that small bit of work i did outside. When I removed it, I heard a gasp from Jackie. "You're pretty sexy yourself Sailor" she said. Just then though, the front door opened and in walked Many and Jim. Both were in shorts and polo shirts. I looked at Jackie, kind of asking if we were underdressed.

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Then I saw Mandy put down her purse and a bag she had, and started removing her shorts. Then her shirt came up and over her head revealing one of the sexiest bodies I have ever seen. Her bikini was white, thong style, but her patches barely covered anything.

When that suit got wet, it would reveal everything under it. Jim removed his shorts and he had on swim trunks as well, and got rid of his shirt too. I was relieved now. Jim is maybe 2 inches shorter than me, but may have 10 pounds on me weight wise, and has a small paunch in the belly region.

My brother was like that too. He wasn't in to working out, but he still in better shape than most men. Jackie went up and hugged Mandy and kissed passionately. When they broke, you could feel the sexual tension between them already. Jackie then greeted Jim, and those two kissed.

As they kissed, Mandy came up and kissed me too. It was very sensual and passionate. Our tongues danced with each other.

As we kissed, my cock was growing now and she pushed her body into me and moaned into my mouth. When we broke the kiss, Jim made a comment. "You two want to get a room right now, or save it for later?", then all of us laughed. Jackie suggested getting some drinks and head out by the pool.

I told Jim I had beer outside already to go. The girls each took a margarita, and then walked out the door in front of us. As they did, Jim made a comment "Those two have the finest asses God could put on women." he said.

Then turned to me and asked, "You sure you are good with this?. I mean, it's not for everyone, but Mandy and I enjoy it, and I know Jackie does too." "I'm good too Jim… as long as you are, then no problem from me." I said "Good… Let's have fun and make these two fine ladies cum all night&hellip.

Be warned though, Mandy is loud and she loves dirty talk&hellip. Jackie used too, but we haven't been with her in ages, so who knows&hellip. Just go with the flow, I say." We all sat and talked about things we all like to do, besides sex. Then after ten minutes of shooting the shit, the girls suggested cooling off in the pool.

So we followed them in. One thing Jim did say, was to always let the ladies lead us to when the sex starts. They both like being in control of that. There was some swimming and then throwing a volleyball around, and of course, splashing each other. I was correct when it came to Mandy's suit, you easily see her areolas, once the material was wet, Jackie's too, for that matter.

Mandy's nipples were on high alert and sticking out proudly. Her and I were down in one end of the pool, splashing around, when I grabbed on to her and picked her up, with my hands under her armpits, and picked her up over my head, like I was going to throw her.

She squealed and giggle, but I let her back down and into my arms, where I leaned down and kissed her again. Jim and Jackie were locked in a kiss too, on the other side of the pool. "Fuck Danny… your kisses take my breath away&hellip. Damn you are so sexy." she said "You are too Mandy&hellip. You are so beautiful… I hope I can please you tonight." "Look Dan&hellip. This is about fun… Sex is fun… Love making is for me and Jim&hellip. So I am a little different when we do that&hellip.

Don't get me wrong, we fuck too&hellip. Hell, we fucked for a good half an hour last night, after we got Jackie's call…… It's been a long time since those two hooked up, and those two have always had a great time together&hellip. But tonight, I am all yours… Hell, I bet we're so into each other we'll forget they are right next to us fucking their brains out." she said as she let her hand go under my waistband and encircled my hard on.

I moaned out when she did that. "MMMMMMMMM… you like that big guy?. Fuck Baby… you got a big cock" As she said this, I could see over her shoulder, Jim and Jackie getting into it too. Jim's hands were squeezing Jackie's butt cheeks and her one hand was down his shorts too, as they kissed. Mandy turned back to look as well. She giggled, "Guess they're getting reacquainted with each other&hellip.

Look Dan&hellip. I want this more than you know… I have only been with 3 men in my life… Jimmy, Our friends down in Richmond and your brother&hellip. And I have wanted you for years&hellip.

I really hope after tonight, this becomes a thing between us, like it used to be." "I guess the only thing that worries me tonight is how my leg and knee hold up. I'm not sure how long I can last on my knees… And I so want to pleasure you tonight." I said as I let my one hand get between her legs and started rubbing her pussy. She gasped as I did that and I felt her fingers squeeze my cock even harder.

We started kissing again, God this woman could kiss. Then I moved the patch of material to the side and slipped a finger in. She broke the kiss then and moaned. I looked at Jackie, who know had her legs around Jim's waist, but looking at me. She smiled, then turned back to Jim and kissed him again. Mandy's hand was starting to pump my cock, as I fingered her.

"Oh Fuck Baby&hellip. God you feel so good&hellip.I wish t was this cock was in me though." Then we heard Jackie call to us that she was going to put the chicken in the oven. We both said "Okay" at the same time and watched them walk out of the pool. Jim was playing a little grab ass as they got out, which made Jackie giggle. I was glad she felt at ease enough to play. I have to admit, I felt a little jealousy, which was stupid. I guess he was getting something I have longed for, for years.

"Dan. you better stop or I am going cum". So I did and we just held each other. " I think tonight is going to be great&hellip. I know you think I need a filter at times, but this is who I am… Take me, or leave me&hellip.

I love talking dirty… I love going after something I want… and I'm not lying, I want you… As for your leg, let's not worry about it&hellip.Way too many positions to use so we both get the best satisfaction" Then she got quiet for some reason, then spoke again.

"Dan&hellip. I think tonight is going to be so different than when John was involved… You two are like night and day&hellip. I'll be honest when I tell you, I really started to almost hate him, when I found out he was cheating on Jackie. Then after they made up and we started swinging.

I thought, great, this helped their marriage too. Then he up and did it again&hellip. Why?. doesn't make sense&hellip.

In short… Your brother was an asshole, towards the end&hellip. I'm sorry if that offends you, but that is how I feel, and it will be the last time I mention him&hellip. Well, except, that you are a lot bigger than he was." then smiled at me. "Trust me Mandy… You didn't offend me… My brother could be an asshole… I knew that&hellip. I just never knew the things he did until Jackie told me a while back&hellip. Had I known, I would have probably kicked his ass&hellip.

She is the greatest woman I know, along with you too&hellip. To be honest, after Linda, any woman I dated had to meet standards I set based on Jackie.

Hense me being single still… That and being a team member&hellip. That takes a special woman to handle that." "That was a good save by you Honey&hellip. God damn right, I'm one of the greatest." then laughed. "Let's go see what those two are up too&hellip. My money is on Jackie giving a blow job" As we walked out of the pool, Mandy stopped in front of me.

My head was ass high with her, so I lightly bit each cheek, which made her yelp, then giggle. As we walked in the kitchen, we startled those two. Sure enough, Jim was sitting on the island and Jackie had his cock deep in her mouth. Judging by his size, he was comparable to me, with me being a little thicker.

When Jackie heard us, she popped off of it and blushed. "Wooo Hooooo. Someone is getting an appetizer." Mandy said then laughed.

Jim just winked at us. Jackie asked them to start taking stuff out to the deck for dinner. I could see she was a bit flustered. I wasn't sure why. This whole evening was about doing things like this. Jim and Mandy got a different food stuff and went outside. Jackie was facing the stove when I moved towards her. I placed my arm on her shoulder and felt her stiffen.

I then spun her around to face me and kissed her. I was so turned on by everything, then seeing her do that. I needed her to know it was fine. When my tongue found hers, we really got into it. Her arms went around my neck and pulled me closer to her. My groin met her abdomen and started rubbing against it.

I finally broke the kiss and looked at her. I released her, and then picked up a tray she had prepared and carried it outside and joined our friends at the table. Chapter 8 Jim and Jackie sat on one side of the table, and Mandy and I across from them. Dinner was really good. One thing I always knew was that Jackie was an excellent cook. Jim and Mandy regaled us with funny stories of the first time they hooked up with their friends in Richmond.

One thing they never mentioned was the 4somes they had with my brother and Jackie. It was almost 8 now, and the dishes were in the dishwasher and all of standing around at the island. The girls switched over to wine, while Jim and I had a beer. None of us were drunk, but we were feeling good. Just enough to take the edge off. Mandy decided it was time to start and pulled Jackie to her and they started making out.

Before long, the girls somehow removed their suits and were naked now. Jim then dropped his shorts, so I did the same. We both had very hard cocks pointing towards the girls. "Oh Look Jac&hellip. I think the men are enjoying this&hellip.

Let's take this upstairs." she said, as the girls giggled a little as we watched them walk upstairs. The girls wasted no time on getting on the bed, where now they were more into kissing and fingering each other. Jim and I just stood by and watched. Mandy decided she needed to lick pussy now and straddled Jackie's face, in classic 69 position. Now this was a sight. If Jackie had any apprehension, it was long gone now. Both women were licking and sucking, and doing a lot of moaning in the process.

I was position right behind Mandy's luscious ass.I could see Jackie's eyes and nose, but little else, but at times I could see her tongue moving around. Jim moved around to watch Mandy's tongue work. Then I noticed him lean in and lick with her. That drove Jackie wild, having two tongues servicing her pussy. I leaned in and started licking Mandy's puckered ass.

When my tongue made contact I could hear say&hellip. "Fuck Yeah… Eat My Ass Baby&hellip.Ohhhhhh Fuckkkkkkkkk" It took very little time now for both girls to orgasm. Both were loud in letting know they were cumming. As they calmed, Mandy rolled off of Jackie and was lying next to her. I grabbed Mandy by the legs and pulled her down towards me some. Jim was wasting no time either and got between jackie's thighs and started eating her more. I could hear Jackie moaning and saying, "Oh God.

Right there Jimmy.Fuck yeah Baby… Right there" Now I normally would start slow in eating a woman. Explore some, before diving in. But this woman had me so turned on, and couple that with hearing Jackie enjoying herself, I had to taste Mandy now. So I buried my face between her thighs and started licking her smooth pussy.

I was so glad she shaves it, as does Jackie. Mandy tasted divine, as I ran my tongue over outer lips. Her pussy was secreting many of her juices from her earlier orgasm. At this point I did not care if she squirted. I just wanted to make her cum. Jackie was enjoying Jim tongue work too. She was moaning a great deal now, with plenty of Ohhhs, and awe's.

Same for Mandy. Her hands would grab my head and push it into her pussy as my tongue was licking and poking her. Then Jackie started to cum.

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"Oh Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk Jimmyyyyyyyyyyy… Oh Shit.Oh Shit… Cumminggggggggggggggg" I heard her yell out. If she had any weird feelings before, they were long gone now. My lips attached to Mandy's swollen clit now. As soon as I did that, she lifted her ass off the bed, and was feeding me her pussy.

"Fuck Yeah Baby…&hellip.Suck my clitty&hellip.


Holy Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Dannyyyyyyyyy" She yelled out and her body was shaking all over, as her orgasm consumed her. She didn't squirt, but did release a lot of her tasty juices, which I loved licking up. As I continued to lick, I finally noticed Jim was now laying on the bed and Jackie on top of him, with his cock deep inside her.

Mandy turned her head to see the action then. "That's it girlfriend… Ride that cock&hellip. Fuck him good Jac" she said loudly. I was standing at the edge of the bed, contemplating whether to get on and try and fuck her missionary, or lay down and let her ride me. She decided for me by scooting down so her ass was even with the edge of the bed.

Her eyes were smoldering, and she licked her lips. "Give me that cock, Sailor Man&hellip. I need you inside my pussy" Mandy commanded to me. As I moved closer to the bed, I looked at Jackie, who eyes were on us, or should I say, were locked on my cock and Mandy's pussy, as the tip just touched her velvety lips. I looked at Jackie still until her eyes met mine, then smiled at her, as she smiled at me too. I started pushing my cock deep into Mandy's honey pot. It was very wet, and really warm, as it encapsulated around my throbbing member.

For a 41 year old woman, her pussy is extremely tight. I looked at Jackie one more time and saw her head was going from side to side, with her eyes closed and gyrating all over Jim's groin, and moaning a great deal. "Damn Jac" Jim said… "Your pussy is so hot and tight&hellip.

Fuck… I've missed your pussy" he continued I looked down at Mandy now, and she was smiling, then said, "You like watching them, Huh Baby?.

It's hot watching another couple fuck next to you&hellip.Let's get them hot too, and Fuck" She was right, it was erotic to watch them next to use. Jackie was starting to slide up and down on Jim, but also kept watching Mandy and I. All four of us were moaning and groaning.

This position, with me standing, wasn't to rigorous for my one leg. Mandy had her legs bent at the knee so her feet were still on the bed. One hand was playing with her one nipple, as I continued with a nice rhythmic fuck. Mandy moved her head close to Jim's and they started kissing. It didn't last long because Jackie spoke. "Hey wench&hellip. Kiss your own man there… this one is mine tonight&hellip. Come on Jimmy fuck me harder.make me cum Baby" Then Jackie leaned down so her torso was on Jim and they started kissing as they fucked.

"Come on Danny&hellip. Fuck me harder&hellip. I need to cum again&hellip. Fuck my pussyyyyyyyy" Mandy cried out.

I started picking up the pace. Then I grabbed her legs, just behind the knees and pushed them back, so her knees were by her head, and started fucking her harder. Mandy cried out "Ohhhhhhh God Yesssssssssss… Just like that&hellip.Fuckkkkkkk" Then I heard Jackie crying out, "Oh God… Oh God…&hellip.Oh Shittttttttttt… I'm going to Cummmmmmmmmmmmmm" That must have sent Jim over the edge for he started pumping up, hard into Jackie, and she met his upward strokes by coming down on him hard.

Then he grunted and released his cum deep inside Jackie. I was getting close now too, as was Mandy. You could her our skin slapping together as we both built towards orgasms. Mandy cried, "Ohhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddd&hellip. Fuckkkkkkkkkk…&hellip.Fuckkkkkkkkk&hellip.Cum in Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" as she started her orgasm. Her nails were embedded in my forearms, like she was hanging on for dear life.

I felt that tingling sensation building in my balls and then felt the rush of cum getting ready to shoot. Not sure why I did it, but I pulled out and shot 6 good streams of hot cum on her breasts and belly, with the last one only making it to her mound.

As I stood there and opened my eyes, I could see Jackie staring at me, like what the fuck. Then I shocked all three of them, when I leaned down and started sucking up my cum from her body. When I got a good load and leaned over her and kissed her. Her mouth immediately opened and allowed the white nectar to drip inside her hungry mouth. I stopped then and repeated the process one last time.

When we broke the kiss, she giggled and said: "Fuck… I'm in love…&hellip.Jimmy. We're divorcing… You marry Jackie and I'm marrying this stud&hellip. Holy Fuck… that was intense" Her comment got us all laughing. I learned that trick a long time ago. Linda even liked that, when we did it on occasion.

I figure that Mandy was up for anything. Jackie had already dismounted Jim and was sitting next to Mandy. She leaned down then and kissed her passionately. In doing so, her legs spread some and I could see cum dripping out of her hole and down to her ass. I wanted so bad to get between them and lick her. I then moved onto the bed, on the empty side of Mandy now, trying to catch my breath.

My leg was sore, but it wasn't to bad. Though the next round she would have to do the work. Jim got up and got us beer and the girls wine, from the dresser they had placed it earlier.

Not a fan of warm beer, but no one felt like leaving the room to get cold stuff. I could hear the girls talking in whispers, but couldn't understand them. Then Jim spoke. "Damn Dan… Now I lost my wife&hellip.Seriously… You rocked her world just now, and no other has done that before… well, besides me and Jackie here… It was fun watching you two in the mirror up there." Mandy giggled, "Yeah… I love watching that mirror&hellip.Watching you two and seeing Dan's cock sliding in and out… Wooooooo Baby&hellip.This is a good time" Jackie made a pouty face and said, "I didn't get to see too much, being on top… Maybe this time I will" We all clinked bottles and glasses together and enjoyed some drink.

As we sat there, I noticed that I was still half hard, which is a good sign. I was also happy that this wasn't going to end yet. I could get used to doing this with them. I just wish I could have Jackie at least once. But if not, I'm not going to brood about it, for I am with one hellashish woman.

Jim is one lucky bastard. Then we all put up of drinks and continued to catch our breaths. Mandy was now sitting up, with her legs curled under her, and her body even with my hip.

She grabbed hold of my cock in one hand and started rubbing on it. Then she spoke up. "Well… that did answer one question I had tonight&hellip. See Dan&hellip. I love sucking cock… And, I love cum… But I won't let a guy cum in my mouth if he won't kiss me afterwards&hellip. So that answers that for me." then laughed, as did the other two. "Now. Let me suck this hard… So we can fuck some more" she said, then leaned down and started giving me a blow job.

Jim stood up on the bed and Jackie, while sitting there, took his cock in her mouth. Before long, Jim and I were back to full strength. Jackie then lay down next to me, at a slight angle, but our shoulders were almost touching. Her nipples were extremely hard too, which I did notice before, but really looked this time. They must stick out at least ¾ of an inch.

Maybe they look that big because her breast are not all that big. Especially when compared to my brunette dynamo, who's D cup breasts swayed all over as we fucked before. Both girls have dark areolas and nipples, which I love. Jim was kneeling between her legs and entered her.

With her knees bent and legs spread, he had no trouble finding home with her. Mandy too, had moved now and was straddling me and lowered her pussy down, and onto my hard cock. She gasped as she was fully seated on me. "Damn Danny… I love how big your cock is&hellip.mmmmmmmm" she moaned out "Trust me Baby…&hellip.

Your pussy is so tight and feels great" I said back to her. Jim and Jackie were lost in their own sexual escapade while Mandy and I were too. I mean I could her them going at it, but I was concentrating on looking at Mandy a great deal more. She either leaned down and kissed me a lot, or would feed me her nipples, which I enjoyed sucking and lightly biting.

Then would sit back up and grind her pussy into my groin, like she wanted more of me inside her. My eyes were closed at one point, when I felt a hand grab mine. I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror and saw Jackie smiling at me, as she interlaced her fingers with mine. We held hands as our partners pleasured us. Mandy even leaned over to Jim and kissed passionately. Jackie smiled more as she witnessed this and blew me a kiss.

I turned my head to look at her and she did the same and somehow our lips met for a kiss. I thought, "Wow", maybe I will have her after this. We were all into a good 15 minutes of fucking, when Mandy came down and put her head on one side of my head. Her arms snaked around my neck and held me. Mandy whispered "Cum in me this time Baby… I need to cum soon and I want you in me this time." "No problem Babe… Just move your pussy up to my face when we are done so I can clean your pussy up" "Ohhhhhhhhhh Goddddddddddddddd" she cried out, as she started to ride me hard now.

My hands grabbed her ass and helped move her body faster. I could see, out of the corner of my eye, Jim and Jackie embraced ina classic missionary position with Jim's arms around her neck and Jackie's legs locked around his waist, and they were fucking harder now too.

We all pretty much started cumming together. Jim was grunting loud now, and Jackie crying out long moans, so they were cumming. Mandy let loose a loud shriek as she started to cum, which made me go off deep inside her. This is the first time I came in a woman since my ex. I've always used protection when I was with anyone since the divorce. So it felt weird, yet really good. After a couple of minutes, Mandy finally moved. She was pretty tired, physically. I was winded too. I'm not used to this much physicality, since I no longer train, like I did with the teams.

Guess I better start working out more, like I used too, even if it only a time or two a month with them. Mandy then moved up and over my body until her pussy was over my face. I could hear both girls gasp as she lowered it down, and let me drink our orgasms from her fountain of love. Damn did this taste good. I did feel movement on the bed, so I thought maybe Jim and Jackie were going to start again. Mandy cried out again and her body shook from a small orgasm, then fell off of me to my one side.

That's when I noticed Jim and Jackie were gone. "Where'd the other two go?" I asked Mandy smiled, then said, "Shower… That's our signal that the night is done&hellip. Well done with you two, at least… JIm always saves one last fuck for me, when we play like this… So when we get home, I'll fuck his brains out&hellip. So let's go to the other shower" Jim and Jackie were in the master bath, and Mandy led me to the other bathroom that my nephew would have used.

Once the water was hot enough, we got in. We soaped each other down and then kissed again. She is one sexy woman and it was hard to keep my hands off of her. "So Big Guy." she said "Did you enjoy our playtime tonight?" "It was the most intense pleasure I have ever had&hellip. Maybe not the same rush I used to get when on assignment, but damn close…… And you… Wow… You are fantastic&hellip.

I hope you'll allow me this treat again." "Oh Hell Dan&hellip. I'll kill you if you don't let me do this again with you&hellip. Only Jim has made me cum the second time from fucking&hellip.

If we weren't going home soon, I'd do it again with you… What drove me wild was you eating your cum then feeding it to me&hellip.Fuck… That was totally hot&hellip. I can see us doing this many times&hellip. That is if Jackie still wants too." "Well… Hopefully she will… I know she was a bit nervous about this tonight, even though she said she needed it…… Maybe she is good for another couple of years." Mandy laughed, "Oh she needed it alright, and got it too&hellip.

She was into this tonight&hellip. Dan… Be honest with me&hellip. Do you have strong feelings for her, and not as a brother in law, but as a man?" "I think you already know that answer Mandy… Of course I do&hellip.I'd give anything to be with her, and not just sexually too." She smiled up at me, "Good&hellip.

She does too&hellip. She's just afraid you won't want her like that, and she doesn't want you as a fuck buddy&hellip.Like I think you and I are gonna become… But wants the whole package&hellip. Baby, she'll rock your world, in bed and out…&hellip.

Look she is my best friend and I know her better than anyone&hellip.Just be patient and all will work out… And yes… We will do this again, and many times, I hope" When we finished drying off, we went downstairs and into the kitchen. Jackie had a t-shirt on, that just covered her ass. Jim was pulling his shirt over his head, shorts already on. Mandy doffed her clothes then, and picked up their swimwear, and her purse. Jim grabbed my hand and we shook. "Great time tonight with you two… Hope you would like to do this again" he said.

"I had a great time… Thank you for including me." I said. Mandy came up and gave me a very passionate kiss and hug. "See you soon Sailor Man" then winked at me. Jim and Jackie just concluded their hug and kiss too, with Jim saying "Love You Jac." and Jackie saying it back. Jackie and Mandy kissed then, with both of them saying I love you's to each other. Then Jackie followed them to the door, as I heard Mandy say to Jim, "Take me home Stud, and Fuck me good".

After locking the door after them, Jackie made her way back towards the kitchen. I was still naked and felt naked now, since she was in that t-shirt.

I turned to head towards my room. "I need to massage this leg and put that cream on it. It is throbbing right now." is all I could think to say. Jackie just nodded and turned towards the stairs. We didn't even say goodnight to each other. I grabbed a wash rag, and wet it, and a dry towel, then headed into the bedroom.

I turned down the blanket and sheet and plopped down on it. I thought back to the whole night. But now I was worried about what Jackie was actually thinking.

As I massaged the leg, it felt a little sore. Then as I was reaching for the cream, which helps ease pain and soreness, Jackie came into the room.

"Need a hand with that?" she asked Not sure why, but her walking in and me being naked, I grabbed the sheet and pulled it up and over my bare cock. "Really&hellip. After what we all experienced tonight?" she said, then chuckled. "Here" as she stood there and pulled the shirt over her head, exposing her nakedness to me. Her nipples were rock hard now, and I just stared.

"Better?" she asked, as she sat down next to me and started rubbing my knee and thigh. Then she took the cream and rubbed it in.

She did slowly and sensually, actually. She looked at me and smiled as she did it. "So… did you enjoy what we shared tonight?. I certainly did." she asked in a soft voice "Yes. It was fun&hellip. You were right too&hellip. She is a spitfire, that's for sure&hellip.

You Jim seemed to enjoy it a great deal." She was now wiping her hand off with the wet wash cloth, removing any of the cream from her hand, then dried it off with the towel. Then her hand came down on my thigh, above where my scar is and started rubbing it lightly. My cock was starting to grow now because of this. I hope this isn't a tease again. "Honestly&hellip.

I had a great time. Especially after we got going&hellip.But, to be truthful&hellip. I had a pang of jealousy strike me twice tonight&hellip. Once in the pool, when I saw you two making out, and then when you entered her&hellip. I know that is dumb, but…&hellip." she said, then looked at my growing cock.

"It's not dumb… I had the same feelings going on too&hellip. When you two were making out in the pool, and then when I saw you get on him&hellip.I wanted you so bad then." I said. "Yeah… What was with that kiss, in the kitchen, after, you know&hellip." "That really turned me on seeing you do that&hellip. I just wanted you to know, I was cool with all of this&hellip.The whole night then was a turn on for me&hellip.But what really turned me on is when you grabbed and held my hand, then we kissed while those two screwed us." "Yeah&hellip.

That turned me on even more too&hellip. So will this turn you on?" She leaned over and took my cock into her mouth and started sucking it. It felt great what she was doing. Then she deep throated me. My hand went to her face and stroked it lightly, as she did this.


But I needed to know if this was a one time deal, or something more. "Jackie… Wait… Baby… Please" I begged. Her mouth popped off of me and looked at me. "D&hellip. what's wrong? Don't you like that?" she asked with a somber tone. "Baby… I'd love anything you would do to me.

Christ… I've wanted you since I was a young pup…&hellip. But I don't want this if it is a one time deal&hellip. I want you all the time, and not just sexually either." Jackie stood up, then moved a knee to the bed, and then straddled me.

Sucking My Cum Off His Dick

She was holding my cock up and positioning her pussy over it. She looked down at me with smoldering eyes. "Dan&hellip. Baby… I too want this&hellip. I've waited way to long, and then everything that happened tonight&hellip.Trust me, this will not be the last time we do this&hellip.

I'm yours for now on…… Take me Baby… Make love to me" she said as she lowered her wet pussy over my cock.