Pija de hombre maduro muy caliente que la pone muy duro

Pija de hombre maduro muy caliente que la pone muy duro
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"Fuck.I'm late" James thought to himself. James was 16 years old and he was late to school, again. He somehow turn is lack of punctuality a characteristic of his.

But of all things he never thought it would be this that would make him lose is virginity. He got ready as fast as he could, but he was an hour late. His parents were never home due to business trips, so he practically lived alone.

When he arrived at his high school he was caught by the principal.

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"Mr. James&hellip. Again? You know I can´t tolerate this anymore." He serviced me "I'm sorry Sir, I'm really sorry" "Too late for that, detention. whole day." He dragged me thru school. He opened the door "Detention zone" "Why the hell does this exist…" I though. I walked inside and he locked the door from the outside saying. "Ill open it later this day . when I feel you learned you lesson." The whole room was an old storage room full of boxers, closets and more furniture.

It had a big white board on the corner. "Aren't I supposed to be doing something? I really can't have to be here like 8 hours.I hope" again my thought began mixing. After 2 hours of desperation He sat down on a chair and began thinking about Rachel, again. Rachel is perfect girl; we all have one or several. He dreamt about her in ways he never though anyone else would.

He dreamt with the hottest fantasies he could just him and her. This time he got really hard with those thought. So hard he went to a corner and start touching his hard cock. Jerking under his jeans and boxer.

He got really driven off with it that he pulled his cock out and started jerking it faster. He was really enjoying it when he heard something on the door.

He quickly turns around and hides. The door closed again and he heard a female voice. "So … why are you in here?" The voice asks. He covers himself and when he thinks he is ok, he turns around "I was la…" is words stop him when he saw this girl, who was she he though "late I mean" he added "You were late? Geez you really have the principal on your back" she answered She was a bit smaller than him around 5,6", her hair was dark and shoulder length, straight, she was very hot her breast he couldn't tell the actual size but their were a b cup definitely and her ass … he hasn't seen it well.

But it was perfect. Her top and skirt really fitted her very well, so well he got caught staring "Like what you see? You can stare all you want we will be here for at least more 3 hours" she smiled The best of all things she had.

that James like.

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was her dominative look and attitude. He was getting really excited with this girl "Oh sorry I didn't mean too… well I meant … but I'm sorry" he replied "Don't be, I'm used, and honestly I like it" she shared He sat down on an empty table.

"So why are you in here?" He asked, he though her answer would be amazing but he never expected "He was pissed off at me" "Who?" He asks, he suspected but. "Jerry, the principal&hellip. " she said "Ok." he thought, "this better not be what I am thinking" "And just because of that?" He asked "Well… he likes me to be really pissed off and broken when he comes to fuck me… he hates attitude" she smiled again, evilly "What?

You and him? You do what? " I babble not believing, "Why are you telling me this?" "Well he doesn't like you …so if I tell you this maybe you can piss him off.

and I like to piss him off. I like it when he fucks me really rough" she said honestly James couldn't believe this. "How old is she?" he thought… and why am I so horny. "So I told you this. now why don't you tell who is the girl…?" She asked "The girl?" He answered "Or is it the guy? You were jerking off when I got here" she said James didn't answer "Oh come on don't be shy. I told you who I fucked … it's your turn" she ordered "It's Rachel" "Rachel Harris?

Fuck she's hot&hellip. You and her you fuck?" She gossips "Why is it you you and all the fuck things… I like her just that" he replies "So she fucks other guys and let me guess… you are saving yourself for her?" "It's nothing like that.

and I am not a virgin" he lies "Of course not… don't lie to me I can see it in your eyes… that look you are desperate for your time" she says James was getting really hard. She moves to him. "Why don't we do it like this… we have 3 hours to spend.

I want to piss of the principal… you want it to and plus you are really hard.


"She says as she puts her hand on his jeans rubbing his cock thru them. "What you mean? What you want to do?" He ask, getting really turned on She starts unzipping his jeans.

Pulls them down. He gets a bit uncomfortable. She kisses his boxers licking them.licking his shaft along them. She pulls the boxers down softly. She kisses his cock as she pulls them down. She licks the head. he was looking to her ass she had it sticking up in the air while bending down on his cock.

She kneels down and licks his balls. "Oh precum…horny boy! I'm Sofia by the way" she licks it off. "Ohm…" he moans "James&hellip.

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Nice to meet you" he moans She licks the precum and start jerking his cock kneeling down. James was really horny. A hot girl just kneeled down sucking his cock.

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She starts sucking it … all the way up and down. She was experienced. She went deeper and deeper. She bobbed the head. before going down again. She kept it for a while. James was getting very aroused he putted his hand on her head and forced her down. He didn't thought when he said: "That's it suck it …suck it " It was so dirty and strong… not like James at all.

He thought she would not like it…but after saying it she went even faster. James tried again "Suck it bitch" he ordered She moaned and sucked deeper twirling her tongue and twisting his balls softly.

It was time so he instinctively pushed her head on his cock and came on her mouth. She fought for a while but.then she gave up and starts sucking again "Ohhhhhhhhhh fuck yes…" he moaned "You asshole… you don't do that to a girl… I didn't say I swallowed" she fought He thought for a while on the answer… but he decides "What the hell" and tried "Slut swallow… aren't you a slut" She looked at him…for some time … her breast where slowly getting hard "Y.yes I am" she said softly but very aroused.

She never thought she was the one to submit.

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She had it all planed when she first spoke to James. "I was supposed to make him feel guilty and subdued and having him please me all afternoon so he Jerry could see and get man" That was her plan.

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But neither did James though to be this rough man. "Then don't get all angry" he said "I'm sorry . did you enjoyed it?" She asked "Yeah it was okay…" he said He could see he was losing her again.he thought he had to be rough again.


"But aren't your forgetting to clean it? It's dripping" he ordered She didn't say anything she moved forward and licked it clean balls, cock and belly, so hot, so sexy that is cock was getting a bit hard again. She was still kneeling when he said "I'm still a virgin… you were right . but I do know how to treat sluts so will you do what I tell you to?" He asked James was completely amazed what what he was saying … but he let it go he was so horny. "Yes.I'll do it … James… let me fuck you" she begged She was so horny she wanted his cock so hard… she never thought to be this horny other that with Jerry, the principal.

"Wait… first get me hard again&hellip." "Ok ill strip for you " she proposed "Yes that will do She moved in front of him. He sat on a chair and she started playing with her top She pulled it a bit showing off her perfect belly. He starts playing with his cock. She then pulls it off. Throws it to the floor and pulling her bra up … then pushing it down … unhooking it and dropping it. He was right perfect b cup tits. He got hard and started jerking to her stip.

She turned around and bent over&hellip.she had a hearth shaped tight ass. She grabbed and slapped it "What a slut "he though.

She pulled her skirt up showing off her g-string all sucked up in her ass.

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She pulls the g string down slowly&hellip.without taking the skirt off. She stepped out of it. She was wearing black heels … and with that black skirt… it made James really hard and throbbing cock precuming. "Come here" he demanded She walked and naturally sat on his lap grabbing his cock and softly pushing it inside her.

She sat down pushing it all in "He must be around 8 inch" she thought because she was very tight with it and Jerry was a bit smaller than 8. He moaned and starts pushing in and out. "Fuck me &hellip.oh fuck me" she moaned so horny Her starter humping and bouncing on his cock … faster each turn. He never felt so good before… he was so comfortable.

It was so good… he was almost near cumming again. He did not wanted to cum so fast "Off bitch" he ordered She didn't stop "Off" he got up He grabbed her head and bent her over a table He search for some rope… and order her to stay like that.

When he found 2 pieces of rope he tied her ankles to the table and spread her legs. He took off her skirt and slapped her ass. She moaned He slapped it harder She moaned harder He did it 5 times She moaned more.

He start folding her ass cheeks and pushing his hand on her crack searching, probing all of it She moaned continually. She was so useless… she could do anything but to be still and let him play with her body He pushed a finger in her cunt, then 2.

She moaned He pushed 3 and then 4 She was moaning loud now but he couldn't push it deeper He tried to push a fist. But it was too tight. Still he tried again "Please …ohhhh…" she moaned Not yet he though he pushed his hand back and slapped her ass "Moan slut" She moaned… he rubber his cock on her crack pushing it on her ass… just to try it.

"Please not the ass&hellip. Please" she begged but she was so horny se didn't stop him He pulled back and pushed it hard on her cunt, so hard and starts pumping in an out of her. really hard. She was so horny he was so horny… they were very close to cumming. They could feel each other. He went faster she moaned more… She cums and twists his cock… "Ooooooooooohhhhhhhh yes yes yes " she moaned He cums and tries to pull out.

cumming practically in her and on her back and hair… it was so intense for him and his shot was so strong he practically covered her back and hair in cum. He jerking a bit more dripping the floor&hellip.

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"Fuck so good…oh this was so good" he sat back enjoying it. She laid down resting her breathing.


The door opens&hellip.