Alone Bhabhi With Devar Hot Sex Scene

Alone Bhabhi With Devar Hot Sex Scene
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I had been looking forward to this night for a while. As a 16 year old kid, any chance you got to hang out with the apple of your eye was always met with excitement and wonder. Will this be the night we take it to the next level? How long will I last?

Hope fully she's not on her period.

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all these thoughts and questions raced through my head as I eagerly sat waiting for a text from Brittany. Then my phone rang. Hey. (It was Brittany) "Whats up? " I know I said we would hang out tonight, and I hope you still want to, but Erin's mom just called my house and apparently some thing happened with her grandma.

She is gonna have to staying the night. "Oh.I mean, I still want to, but how are WE gonna hang out?" Call up Steve? They should be able to keep each other company. "Alright ill see what I can do" Erin and Steve met a few weeks ago at this party we were at.

There was a mutual interest between the two of them, and they both knew it. However, they never really hard a chance to spark something, so i figured he would be down to hang out and see how the night went. I was right. On the way to Pick up Brittany and Erin, I told Steve my plans for the night. "Alright look man, I'm trying to get with her tonight. So lets find something to do, so that we can entertain them for a while before we each go separate ways with our girls" He nodded and agreed.

As we pulled up to Brittany's house, the two girls came out of the back door around the side of the house through the dark. They stumbled along seemingly tripping over each other as they reached the car. At first I thought it was kind of odd, but quickly brushed it off due to the darkness, and normal teenage behavior.

It was about 11 at night and they were actually dressed quite sleazy. Short shorts, low cut shirts with their quaint breast eager to poke over the edge, with heels made it seems like they were going out for a night on the town. We still hadn't figured out what we were going to do. After pulling out of her neighbor hood and some small talking including Brittany complaining about how her mom wouldn't let her do something, I decided I had to ask about the attire.

"What's up with the outfits?" I ask, half expecting the answer I'm about to hear.

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"Ohh do you like them?" Brittany says "We decided we were gonna dress like sluts tonight!" Erin exclaimed. A great sign of things to come I thought.

As we drive around, I tell them "I'm not really sure what were gonna do tonight, but well figure something out. Im still waiting on a call fr.And then it hits me. I smell a strange but familiar aroma drifting from the backseat, as I look back there to check if what I thought I smelt was actually that, I see Erin passing what looks to be a bottle of water up to the front seat where Brittany was sitting, confirming my suspicion.

"You guys got vodka and your not even gonna share it with me?!? I barked towards the back seat in jest. "Your driving" I hear Brittany stutter from my side, making it clear she had been pre-gaming before she even got into the car.

I reluctantly let out a "I guess" wishing Steve would have drove. "Besides, if we cant find anything to do, just drive around for a few hours and well have fun on our own ".

Just what I needed to hear. We continued to drive through the surrounding area.

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After about an hour, with the three of them drinking throughout, I decided to park at a local school and give my feet a rest. As we sat there, me examining the situation and realizing there isn't really any way im going to be able to get Brittany alone that night, settle in on the idea of just hanging out. Meanwhile, Steve, who is alone with Erin in the back seat, apparently got a little too aggressive with his fondling and made Erin feel uncomfortable.

After about another 15 minutes of us just hanging out at the school bullshitting, Erin says to the group "Ughh.


that alcohol is not sitting well in my stomach. Brittany you wanna go back to your house soon?" "Sure" I hear from my right. With that I figured the night was done, and said "Alright for sure". I turn on my car and put it in gear reluctantly heading back towards their homes. On the drive home, I realize my proximityand decided to drop off Steve first. Since this meant doubling back on the way home, Steve figured I would do this and got out of my car without any question when I pulled up to his house.

As I pull away, from the back seat I hear "Thank GODDDDD" Confused I ask "what?" Erin explains that while everyone was talking, he had been essentially groping her the entire ride.

She was uncomfortable, wanted to get away from him, and had faked being sick hoping that I would drop him off first.


Exactly what had happened&hellip. "Wow… " I muttered. (Steve had been my wingman on a couple different occasions and this was the first time I had ever heard of anything like that) I continue driving and we find ourselves at the same school we were at just minutes before, parking in the same spot. I figure since we weren't given any trouble last time, might as well stick with what works. Shortly after arriving, me and Brittany begin making out in the front seat while Erin "rests her eyes" in the back seat.

As the making out got more heated, and the chub in my below the belt continued to grow stretching the athletic pants I was wearing. I feel a hand begin to stroke my rod.

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I sit back as she takes her desires out of my trousers, and into her mouth. Her small mouth and lips could barely wrap the girth and length that my penis carried. Growing up, I had always heard stories about my families "genes" and how were blessed underneath the "jeans". My confidence continued to grow As the strokes got faster and my shaft got wetter. I couldn't help but think of Erin who was in the back seat alone, no doubt hearing the accompanying slurps and smacks that a mouth makes when its sucking on a large cock.

Little did I know she had also heard from Brittany the details of my sexual tool before the night had even begun. As I sat there having my cock worshipped by this eager teen, I started to wonder how I would be able to make this fun for all.

Erin was spread across the back seat on her back with her head behind meand her feet towards the other end.

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Impulsively, I took a shot in the dark, leaned my chair back, and twisted a left nipple through a shirt, not sure what the response would be… It worked. We began making out almost immediately The passion that was arising in the car made a light fog appear on all the windows.

Brittany continued sucking my cock, as Erin moved her wet tongue down my neck. Realizing that this position would not work in the long run. Two in the front seat, one in the back, I tell Brittany one second as I get up and reposition myself in the middle of the back seat. From there she follows me and climbs in back. All three of us now comfortably sitting. Erin on my left, Brittany on my right, and me in the middle as the women began to attack my cock with there lips tongues and hands.

The new experience that my cock was going through was riveting.

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The view I had with two asses on both sides perked up in the air putting their jaw line in perfect alignment for sucking was something I had only seen in videos up to this point. Two mouths and tongues licking each side, one stroking, and another cupping overloaded my senses as I approached the hurrah. I simply let my head fall back and enjoyed the feeling. As I came closer to climax, I gave the appropriate warning, not realizing I was basically shouting.

"I'm bout to cummmm!! Sure enough, it was met with a simple "mmm hmmm" .The women continued sucking and stroking, as I lost comprehension of who was doing what&hellip.

My mind fazed&hellip.


And then EXPLODED as my initial load of gooey cum shot straight into the air landing on their hair. The stroking and licking continued as gush after gush of reward was offered to their stroking hands and succulent lips/cheeks. When I came back to reality, Delighted in ecstasy, I look down and see the women kissing each other, licking the cum off of each others cheeks and fingers. As they slurp up the last of the load from the missed targets I begin to slowly come to my senses, and enjoy the scene made just for me.

When all the cum was cleaned up, without hesitation, Brittany jumped back into the front seat and said, "NOW we can go home". I slug out of the car and walk back around to the drivers seat as I buckle my trousers. A slight smile cracked through my jaw, and we all three drive back to her house in silence.