Me stripping clothes off and showing my body

Me stripping clothes off and showing my body
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I was finally starting my life. I was 22, and had just moved into a rental house that a coworker lived next door to. She got me an amazing deal. Rent was only $520.00 when it could have easily been $1,100.00. My coworker, Loretta, was a really easygoing chick. She was 46 year old 5'3, half-white, half-Hispanic woman, but her face could have passed for 35.

She had a slutty look about her that I loved. She had two adult sons, and no husband. She had a mom's body. She had fairly skinny legs, and kind of a small ass. She also had a muffin top. Her best assets, however, were her tits. Big, natural 34DD boobs, with that perfect natural sag.

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She knew her tits were great too. She was always showing them off in a low cut, spaghetti strap shirt. To be honest, other than the occasional, dirty sexual fantasy, I never really thought much about her until I moved next to her.

I was just making conversation with her one day at the retail store we work at, when I mentioned that I was looking for a place. "The couple next door from me just moved out. I am friends with the owners. Maybe I can talk to them for you." She said. "Yeah. That would be great.

I can really only afford like 600 bucks a month though." I replied. "I will give her a call and see what she can do." "Thank you so much, Loretta." I gave her my number and told her to text me when she talked to the land lord. Three weeks later, Loretta and I were neighbors. She even helped me move in. The second day I was there, I was hooking up my TV in my room when I looked out the window to my left.

I realized that I had a perfect view of Loretta's bedroom. I could see she was in bed, taking a nap. I went back to hooking up the TV, but the thought kept crossing my mind that eventually, I would probably catch a glimpse of her naked.

I kept glancing back to my left, hoping that day would come sooner rather than later. I finally got my TV hooked up, and got up to find my playstation to hook up when I turned left and saw Loretta waking up. She removed her blanket and much to my pleasure, she was topless. As she sat up, saw her bare chest for the first time. Her nipples were huge. Nearly three inches in diameter, and they were dark and defined. My cock began to grow, as I began rubbing it. Before long it was at its full 8 inches and hard as a rock.

She got up and walked around, looking for something. She was wearing a lacy black thong, as he walked around topless. At this point I was sitting on my bed, staring at her, with my cock out in my hand.

I hoped she wouldn't look my way, yet at the same time, part of me wanted her to know I was stroking my cock to her.

As her back was toward me, she bent down to pick something up. Her ass may have been smallish, but damn it looked good.

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I wanted to pull that thong out of her ass crack and bury my cock deep in her pussy from behind. As she stood back up, she had her matching black bra in her hand, and I watched her put it on before she walked out of her room.

I laid back and unloaded streams of hot cum all over myself. The next day at work, every time I saw her, I began to chub up. I couldn't wait to get home and watch her window. Unfortunately, nothing interesting happened for the next six days. However, I now had a new hobby, and I was going to watch her window everyday until something happened.

And on the seventh day, something did. It was about seven o'clock on Friday night. As soon as I got home, I was treated to a show. I walked into my room, and looked across to her window, and there she was, lying on her bed, completely naked.

Her legs were spread wide and I got a clear view of her beautiful pussy.


It was covered in black hair and she was rubbing her clit. Before I knew it I was sitting down with my cock in my hand. She inserted her middle finger into her pussy, and clenched up as she did. I envied that finger. I imagined it was my cock going into her warm cunt.

After thoroughly working her pussy, she stopped for a second. "What the fuck are you doing?" I whispered to myself. She reached over into her nightstand and pulled out a long, purple dildo. Oh yes. She was about to shove it into her hairy cunt. As she turned her head back, she saw me watching her. "SHIT!!" I thought as I fell to the ground, hoping she didn't see me, even though I know she did. I try to peek up again, slowly so she didn't see me. She was no longer there.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!!" My boner is instantly gone, and fear sets in as I lay there on my floor. What is going to happen at work? People are gonna think I am some creep. I am fucked. *DING DONG* the doorbell rings. "SHIT." Well she knows I am here. I have to answer. I make my way downstairs to the front door. I take a breath and answer it. "You enjoy the show?" she asks in a raspy voice that instantly turns me on. I was expecting her to scream at me. "Loretta, listen. I am so sorry. I&hellip." She walks into my house and interrupts me.

"Answer the question. Did you like watching me play with my pussy?" she asks in a demanding tone. "Were you stroking your cock while you were watching me?" "Well… Yeah.

It was hot. But I promise it won't happen again." I say.


"Why not. If you liked it, why won't it happen again?" She asks. I am stunned. "Because I violated your privacy. It was wrong." I reply "What if I like being violated?" My cock twitched at this, as she moved in closer to me, her tits resting just below my chest. I was finally picking up what she was saying. She was the dirty slut I always thought she was. I leaned in and kissed her. Her lips were soft and moist.

I pulled back. "Before we do anything, this is our secret, ok? No one at work or anywhere else finds out about this." I said. "Of course not. Now give me your cock, Dave." She begs. She begins to undo my belt, but I stop her so I can remove her top.

I need to see those tits up close. I pull it over her head and they fall out. "My god." Is all I can say as I grab her right tit, and work as much of her nipple as I can into my mouth. I am finally sucking on this woman's tits.

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"Oh yeah. You like those fucking tits baby?" she says in her sexy, raspy voice. I unlatch from her boobs so she can finish getting my belt undone. I remove my shirt. She kisses my chest as she unbuttons my jeans. she moves down on her knees and pulls my pants and boxers down. My cock falls out and hits her in the chin. "WOW!!" she says, licking her lips. "It's big." She says, as she strokes it. "Why don't you give that cock a little taste, baby." She runs her tongue across the underside of my shaft and works it all the way to the tip.

I flinch as she laps up the precum with her tongue. "MMMMM… That's a yummy cock, baby." She says in approval. She then takes my whole cock way down into her throat. I grab her by the hair and guide her head back and forth. She swirls her tongue around as she moves up and down my fucking dick. I begin thrusting my hips as she sucks me off.

She reaches her hand up between my legs and puts it on my ass and pulls me closer, forcing me deeper into her throat. I feel her rub my asshole with her middle finger. My balls smack her chin with every thrust. I pull her head, and thrust harder. "AGGGHH GHHHAHHA" She chokes on my cock. But I don't relent. The sounds she makes choking on my dick only turns me on more. "Keep chocking on that cock, baby. I wanna cum in that slutty little mouth." She moans into my dick in pleasure.

She works the tip of her middle finger into my asshole. With her other hand, she cups my balls. She pushes her finger deeper into me, and twirls it hitting my prostate. This sets me off. I pull her head as close as I can so my cock is as deep as it can possibly be and I hold it as I shoot off a huge load in the back of her throat.

"AGGGGHHHLLLHGHGHHGHH" She chokes and coughs as I shoot cum into her mouth. "UHHHHHH YEEEAHHHHH OHHHH" I grunt, filling this mom's mouth with my seed. I hold her head there until I am finished with it. Most of my cum seeps out of the sides of her mouth and drip down her chin. I pull out my cum and spit covered cock. And she gasps for air as I do. "OH MY FUCKING GOD. You taste so good." She says out of breath. I take my fingers, and wipe my cum off her face and put it back in her mouth. She sucks my fingers clean, without hesitation.

"You don't want to waste any." I say. "Now it's your turn." I need a few minutes to get it hard again. I lead her to my bedroom. I watch her as she looks across to her own bedroom.

She looks so sexy wearing nothing but baby blue cotton short shorts. "You really do have a good view, don't you?" she says, with a grin. "The best." I reply. I walk up behind her and kiss her neck, as I reach around with both hands and grab her tits. She moans as I pinch her nipples gently. Her ass presses up against my cock, still covered in cum, leaving a wet spot on her shorts. I kiss down her back, all the way to the waistband of her shorts.

I reach up with my hand and push her back to bend her over. She rests her elbows on my bed, leaving her ass up. I pull her shorts down, exposing her ass. Her asshole is tight and puckered, and covered with a little bit of the same black hair covering her pussy lips.

Her pussy is visibly soaking wet. I breath in. The smell of her wet cunt and hairy asshole turn me on even more. I can't resist it anymore. I bury my face in her ass. I start by licking her wet cunt lips, drinking up her pussy juice. She pushes her ass harder against my face. I shake my head left and right, licking her sloppy pussy as my nose rests on her asshole. I smell her ass with every inhale.

I love it. My cock is rock hard again, but this is way too much fun. I run my tongue up across her slit to her puckered little shit hole and I give it a lick. She reaches her hand back and pulls my head harder against her ass.

"OHHHHH yeah baby. You like the taste of my dirty little asshole, don't you? Eat that fucking ass, baby." She demands. I do circles around her hairy little ring with my tongue, tasting every bit of this woman. I flex my tongue out and begin jabbing, punching this little asshole with it. I push my middle finger into her ass, stretching it out a little bit. With her little hole opened slightly, I shove the tip of my tongue inside. Every time I lick her, she tastes better.

I go back to my fingers, this time working a second in her ass. That's it I want my cock in there. I stand up. She knows what I'm gonna do. "MMM Shove your fucking cock in my asshole baby. Fuck that ass!!" She demands. I comply, forcing her flat on her stomach in my bed. She pulls her ass cheeks apart and shows me her stretched out asshole. I push the head of my huge cock in her asshole, slowly.

She gives a little shriek as I enter her. It is then followed by a sigh of pleasure. "Mmm that's it, push your fucking cock in there." She tells me.

I push my cock in. I feel her warm asshole squeezing my dick. I am balls deep in her ass. I thrust with all my weight, fucking her harder and harder with each thrust.

The room smells like a slutty mom's asshole. I pull her head up by her hair and kiss her neck. She turns her head to the right, giving me access to her lips. I kiss her lips. I still taste myself in her slutty mouth.

I keep thrusting, my balls slapping against her ass with each thrust. "UHhh UHh. You're a dirty little mommy, aren't you" I say. "Ohh Oh Uhh. Yes BABY. Fuck this little mommy's ass. This mommy loves cock." I fuck her, face down for another minute.

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With my cock still buried inside her shit hole, I move her to the edge of the bed. I sit on the edge with her sitting on my cock. I reach around, playing with her tits as she bounces up and down on my cock, moaning and screaming in pleasure. With my left hand still playing with her tits, I reach around to her crotch with my right. I begin to rub her clit as she bounces. I feel her her tighten up. "OHH MY GOD I AM FUCKING CUMMING!!!" She screams.

I don't stop rubbing her pussy as I fuck her ass. I feel her pussy juice go all over my hand and lap. "Holy shit." She says. "Lay down on your back." I say She gets off my cock and lays down on the bed.

I move up toward her face, and put my ass-covered cock in her face. "Taste your ass." I demand. "Ohh yes. I love the taste of ass." She says, all too eager to taste. I put one knee on each side of her head and push my cock downward into her mouth. I hump her face with full force, slapping her face with my ballsack, and shoving my cock down her throat again.

The sound of her gargling my cock damn near makes me cum, but I hold back. I don't wanna cum in her mouth again. I want to fill her pussy. I pull my cock out of her mouth and move down. I put my face between her legs, and lick her slit, before shoving my tongue in her pussy, trying to moisten her up enough to take my cock but she was already plenty wet. "Lay on your back. Let me do this." She says. I do. She reaches down and puts my cock into her warm, wet pussy.

She begins to grind back and forth on it. Seeing this older, naked woman on top of me, with her tits jiggling with each bounce is enough to set me off, but I am able to hold on. I look down to see my big, young cock being swallowed by this sexy, hairy cunt. I reach up and grab her left tit with my right hand, and use it as a handle as I thrust upward into her pussy.

I cant hold on much longer. I flip her back on her back, with my cock still in her, And begin humping the shit out of her, fucking her harder with each thrust. Her tits bounce with each pump. Her face has a look of total euphoria, eyes closed, biting her lip. We sound like two animals, grunting, moaning, screaming.

She screams louder, as her pussy tightens up around my cock. "FUCK. HARDER… HARDER. Don't Stop. I'm Cumming. CUM INSIDE ME!!!" she begs. "Yeahh… You want My cum Baby!!" As she tightens up, it sets me off. I give her three more thrusts, and I unload in her. Stream after stream of hot jizz in her cunt. I keep pumping her until there is nothing left.

She is so wet with our combined juices, I fall right out. As I pull out, much of my cum seeps out, covering her hairy cunt lips.

She reaches down and scoops my cum in her hands and licks it off. It is so hot. I lay on my back exhausted, when I feel her mouth wrap around my cock again. I look down and she looks up at me. "Don't wanna waste any, right?" She says with a smile. "You are FUCKING amazing." I tell her. "Likewise." She replies. She lays beside me curling up to me and I kiss her, shoving my tongue in her mouth, tasting everything we had just done. "We Are definitely gonna keep doing this, right?" I ask.

"Only if you still want me." She says. "Of course I want you. You fuck like a porn star. Why wouldn't I want you?" I ask. "Well, I know that hot, new girl at work, Mandy, wants to fuck you." She replies.

Mandy is an incredibly hot 18 year old brunette, who I would not mind fucking. "How do you Know?" I ask, curious. "She told me. And I know this is just sex, but I don't want you to fuck someone else behind my back while we are fucking." She says. "Well, the only way I am fucking her is if we fuck her together." I say. "mmmm. That is an idea." She says with a slutty grin. She is into it.

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Loretta lays on her side with her naked ass towards me. I snuggle up and reach my arm across her tits, resting my hand on her left one. My semi hard cock nestles in her hairy ass crack, and begins to get hard again. We sure as hell aren't done for the night.