Sex craving lady man going bad

Sex craving lady man going bad
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In my dream (though I didn't know it was a dream), I was in front of a hotel room that had the number 69. I walked over to the door. I held my breath and listened, expecting to hear something. But there was no sound, no sense that anyone was inside. After a few seconds I knocked three times but no one answered. Next, I tired the knob. It turned, and the door opened soundlessly inward.

The room looked pitch black at first, but I could see a single candle light managing to find a way to light up the room just enough for me to see a women figure sitting on the bed.

"Don't turn on the light," said the woman's voice coming from the bed. I recognized it immediately. It was the waitress voice from the restaurant. I let go of the knob and began to feel my way towards the voice. I could hear the sound of bed sheets shifting as I got closer. "Do you hate me?" "Is there a reason I should hate you?" I asked. "I'm just confused about everything." "No and I'm sorry you're confused.

Do you want to know who I am?" the woman asked. "That would be a good start." I said, but my voice sounded uneasy in the darkness. "Unfortunately I can't tell you what it is.


I know you very well. But I don't know me." I shook my head in the darkness. "I don't get it," I said "And I'm sick of you and Aeron with these stupid riddles and half ass stories. I need something concrete that I can understand. That's what I want." The woman seemed to wring a sigh out of the core of her body. "Jaden I want you to discover my name. But no, you don't have to discover it.

You already know it. All you have to do is remember it. If you can find my name, then I can get out of here. I can even help you become a God. If you want to truly master your powers and learn who you truly are, try hard to discover my name.

You don't have much time to stay how you are now. Every day you fail to learn who you are he grows stronger and I grow weaker. I walked closer to her.

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"Tell me," I said. "Where is this room?

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How long have you been here? What do you do here?" "You have to leave now," said the woman, as if she had suddenly recalled what she was doing before I entered. "If he finds you here I don't think I'll be able to protect the way I am now. He's more dangerous in this world thank you think. He might even be able to kill you. I wouldn't put it past him.

"Who is he?" The woman didn't answer, and I didn't know what to do or what to say. The silence was thick and suffocating but soon I felt warm lips pressing against mine. "Tell me Jaden would you like to hold me in your arms again? Would you like to put your dick inside me again? Would you like to kiss me all over? You can do anything to me, you know. And I'll do anything you want. . things that human girls would never do for you. I'll make you feel so good you'll never forget it.

If you-" Without warning at all, there was a knock at the door. The women then grab my hand out of the darkness. "Come this way," she whispered. "Hurry before he comes in here I'll lend you some of my power." Her dreamy voice lost its sexuality now. The knock started again. "Hurry," she said.

"You have to get out of here fast. This is the only way." I felt the woman's tongue enter my mouth. Warm and soft, it probed every crevice and it wounded around my own tongue. This heavy smell of flowers petals stroked the walls of my lungs. Down in my pants I felt the need to cum. Clamping my eyes closed, I fought it. A moment later, I felt a kind of intense heat on my eyes.


It was odd sensation. I felt no pain, only the awareness that there was heat there. Soon everything was gone, the woman's tongue, the smell of flowers, the need to cum, the heat on my eyes. And when I opened my eyes I was inside my room.

It's been a while since I had a long and vivid dream like that. My heart was still ponding after I woke up. I took a hot shower and when I got out and wiped the steam from the mirror. My eyes were as red and beautiful as full bloom red rose.

I almost lost myself in them. After I got dress I heard a car horn outside. I looked through a crack in the window blinds. It was Eden black Mercedes Benz in the driveway.

The driver door opened and Eden stepped out, wearing sunglasses, as always a suit and a tie to match. After glancing at the window I was looking out at he took off his glasses and slipped them into his breast pocket. Then he looked back up at the window I was at and shouted, "Jaden let's go out today just me and you okay.

It's not fair you only spend time with Aeron. Today is my turn to teach you. But be easy on me I'm fragile." He let out a warm welcoming laugh. "Make sure you wear something cool." When I got into the car Eden asked me bluntly, "Have you ever tried to fuck a girl without using your gift?" "No." "You really do have a lot to learn." He laughed.

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"How can a God be better than a human if he never lived a human's life? Have you ever been to a bar?" "No I've never been to one, until recently I was always protected by my mother." "Listen I'm not like Aeron. I'll make sure nothing like that will happen as long as I'm around. But right now I'm going to teach you a few things. First deactivate your powers. The longer you use it the more often you will have a craving for sex. Second whenever you have sex with a girl while in your god mode you take away her ability to love again." "Take away their ablitly to love?" I asked shocked.

"How should I put this?" he asked himself as we pulled up to a stop sign. "The feelings we make people feel when we use our powers is kind of like microwave love." "Microwave love?" "Love takes time to develop; it is not a process that can be accelerated. Loving someone deeply requires taking the time to truly know them. It takes honesty, it requires some risks and it takes a tremendous amount of trust. After all of that comes in to play you finally get to make love.

But as you know we skip all of that and almost forcefully make someone fall in love us and we fuck them. So it's like a drug and when you can a person a drug that makes them feel good all they will want is to taste that same feeling again. Do you understand now?" "Yes I understand a little bit now." "Good," Eden said with a smile.

"We're here." When we got into the bar he made it seem easy, almost too easy, with all the excitement of beer and shots going around.

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He found a pair of girls, talked to them, drank, and we went to the hotel across the street to fuck. The girl I ended up sleeping with was dressed ready to go out and told me to hurry up as we left the bar. She was wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a zipper jacket. She looked cute just not as cute as the other girls I've slept with recently. But she was attractive nonetheless.

This girl had big eyes and small lips. Her hair was dyed with golden highlights. And very small tits maybe an A cup at best. I felt awkward when I first arrived and appeared clueless on what to do. She became a bit annoyed. I undressed. Then I asked her If I could see her naked?

And she complied. She gave me a short blowjob while I grabbed her breasts and touched her nipples. Then she asked do I want to be on top? And I said "sure why not." We did missionary for 3 minutes and then my dick slipped out. I couldn't feel much pleasure due to the condom being a little too tight. Then I attempted to doggy style her to no success. I felt awkward and my dick went limp. Plus her trying to rush me every minute didn't help. I tried to put it in but it kept pushing off to the side.

No luck there. So I asked her to go into missionary position again. This second time I penetrated her with good rhythm and I could hear her moan softly and her face getting red. She touched my chest and hips.

Then she let go and I pressed closer against her, now breathing on her neck. She closed her eyes and I put my hand on her head softly. I knew I was doing well at this point because I found my rhythm.

Slowly but surely my started to move on its own, and I could tell she was enjoying it, her wet juices were soaking the sheet underneath us. With a hand on each tit I pulled her down so the every inch of my cock is in her. Now she starts to rock back and forth, working herself around my dick. With gradually longer and longer strokes we found a good rhythm. A few minutes later she blows my mind when she asked "how about this," and pulls my dick out only to it press against another hole, swallowing my cock in her ass.

God, it was tight! Who was this girl? It only took a matter of minutes before that tight ass of hers had me ready to bust a load. Her ass was too tight and she was squeezing me too much and my cock kept popping out unless I was deep inside of her. It was time. I was going to cum and there was no holding back. She asked me if I wanted a hand job. I said okay. Then she jerked me off without the condom using her mouth and went crazy with it. She bobbed her head for about a minute and I started to moan.

"Was this the first time you ever anal?" She asked. "Yes, but I bet it would feel much better without the condom." She giggled and then she went very rapidly on my dick and made me cum. After I came when spent the whole night holding and touching. It was the first I slept peacefully in days. I hated the morning after. I woke up and found myself with a strange girl sleeping next to me, in a room the reek of alcohol, and my head was in a hangover fog.

Soon the girl woke up and started to look around for her clothes and while she was getting dress it was like she was a different person than the girl I talked to last night.

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"I hope we used a condom last night. My boyfriend would kill me if I had another guy kid while he was away fighting in overseas." She said as she redid her make up in the mirror, making me regret that I spent the night with a woman like this. A few minutes after she left I got dress and went outside only to have the sunlight stab my eyes with sunlight.

"Ha-ha seemed like you had a good night brother." Eden said while handing me a bagel and a cup of coffee. "So how was sex without the help of Master Cupid?" "It was awkward, usually sex feels ten times better and I usually know what I'm doing but without my powers I felt like a fish out of water." I said as I took a sip of my coffee. "Why do you go through all of this when you can just control them?

It almost seems pointless to go through all of this bull shit of buying drinks, getting a hotel room, making her feel good before I can have sex." "It proves I'm still human being," he said. "There is absolutely nothing to gain from sleeping with one strange woman after getting them drunk. It just tires you out and makes you disgusted with yourself the next morning." "So why the hell do you do it?" "I could say the same to you.

You abused your power when you first found out about it. What we did yesterday was no different from what we do when we use our powers." "But that's different." "How is it different?" Eden asked.

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"I don't know." He patted me on top of my head and said. "Jaden look, when the sun goes down. The girls come out and drink.

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They wander around, looking for something. And we as Men not gods can give them that something. With our powers it becomes easier." "So we're only here to fuck woman?" "Not exactly, deep down I like to believe we were given these powers to assist Master Cupid. And to give Humans the true taste of love." "What do you mean by the taste of true love?" I asked.

"I guess it's easier to show you than explaining it.


You see that woman walking down the street." Eden pointed to a woman walking down the street wearing a pair of jeans with a white blouse that showed her nipples. "Yeah," I said. "Good, now I want you to focus and activate your powers.

But this time when you do it I want you to become one with master cupid. Don't treat it like a curse and accept is as a gift. And say Cupids Blessing" I did as he said and closed my eyes and let the powers of cupid take control of my body. When I reopened my eyes I saw pink and blue chains floating in the air. "What is this?" I asked "This is the true power master cupid wanted us to use.

We have the power to control the human's heart. But focus Jaden this takes a lot of power to perform. So be careful. I need you to focus and try to find that woman chain of love. Remember the girl's chains are pink and the boys are blue." I focused my eyes closely on that woman and slowly separated all the pink chains from hers and when I finally separated her chain from the others I gripped hold of it.

"I did it Eden! What do I do now?" "You can do two things with that chain. You can keep hold of it and make her your loyal slave or you can grab a blue chain and combine them together so she can meet her true love. It's up to you." He said with a smile. As I held on to her chain I could see little clips of her life rushing inside of my mind.

That's when I made my decision. "I want to help her find true love." I grabbed a random blue chain that was floating in the sky. "What do I do now?" "Just say you have my blessing." "You have my blessing." With that said the two chains molded together and became one. "This proves you're still a decent human being," he said. "Congratulations. You did well brother.

Now come here before you get weak." He said with concern as he stuck out his hand. "What do you mean I feel. . ." My legs grew weak and I fell to the ground. "What's going on?" "This is cupids curse.

You have to take someone love to give someone true love."