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"Malia. Would you please focus on the task at hand?" asked my frustrated mother as she lifted a box from the truck and carried it into the new house. "Aren't the movers going to do that?" I asked. "Yes. So get your tree and the two boxes that you have left for your room." I looked at the neighborhood as the autumn breeze caressed through my hair and along my cheek.

Such a nice place. It smelled like autumn. Every house was different.

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There were kids playing across the street in front of a gingerbread house. The mother was out front tending to her flower garden outside their front window. A couple two houses over from them were staring at us. As I looked at the homes next to us I noticed another woman staring as she got into her little blue Smart Car. It was parked next to a black BMW. My mother had to pick the two story manor with a very old Ash tree in front.

It was as bright orange as the sun. The house was old. 1800's old. So that with the fact that it was haunted meant a very good deal for us. At least financially. I was sick of moving. "Now, Malia." my mother demanded. I went into the truck and picked up my potted Rowan tree then followed her inside.

"You haven't seen inside yet, but you're going to love it. Such an authentic beauty." The first thing I smelled was moldy wood. "Authentic lung problems." I corrected her as I looked around the front room. Old faded wallpaper lined The walls. The stairs were wound and old dark wood like The floor. Someone had carved them. They were beautiful. The ceiling was leaking. I'm guessing from the bathroom above.

"They're going to tear that out and start fixing it tomorrow." she sat down her box and nodded towards the stairs. "I've already had your room done so you don't need to stay in a hotel while we renovate." I felt relief and gratitude. "Thank you, mom. It would have been fine if you didn't." "No, it wouldn't have. The room was a poster for tetanus and cancer caused by asbestos inhalation." I looked back at her before I headed up. "Mom, you bought this place?" She nodded. "I hope you like it here." "We're staying?" my heart sped with excitement.

She smiled brightly and nodded. I sat down my tree and hugged her. "Thank you, thank you!" "I want you to be out and about tomorrow while they start working on this place.

Start getting familiar with everything." she encouraged as she hugged me back. I moved back with a nod. "Okay, but what about-" She cut me off. "I already did multiple protection and warding spells. The Ash out front is nealy ancient, no Fae can enter without permission let alone anything else. Make sure you get a blessing before you use it.

Your little tree is healthy enough that it can part with a few twigs and leaves. Make the Mountain Ash. Keep it on you just in case." I nodded and picked up my tree before heading up the stairs. "Honey, there's a young ghost in the house. She's very sweet so be careful not to banish her by accident." my mother called up before going back outside. She knew I couldn't accidentally banish the spirit.

I looked through three rooms and found my mother had given me the master bedroom. It was beautiful. One of the other rooms was done but she was probably going to take downstairs. Mom likes being closer to the ground. I put down the tree by one of the Windows.

I had a small balcony. The Ash spilled onto. I could see the sky and the neighbors across and to the right of us. Mom had put a small table and cushioned chair out for me. I went back inside and looked up at the brand new skylight. She had made it pretty large for me. My canopy bed was in the corner of the room. The cover was tan and my sheets were turquoise blue. I had a black tall bookshelf against the wall next to the entertainment center.

All of my books and crafts were there in a box next to it. My dresser was on the other wall by the window and my walk in closet had quite a few boxes in it. I went into the bathroom. It was a large old bathtub that my mother had refinished and added a shower curtain. There were shelves for towels and a large cabinet. The bathroom had another large window. It was Smokey glass cut into the design of a large rose. I couldn't clearly see anything outside but it was still beautiful.

I looked for my speakers and plugged in my phone so I could listen to some music while I unpacked. I did my tree blessing and made some ash as I was instructed.

The ghost paid me a visit as I was hanging up my clothes. She didn't all but she listened and watched. She lingered quite a bit longer than I expected then knocked over one of my boxes on her way out.

The next day I went to the library looking for books on demons, Fae and other supernatural beings. I'd been avoiding reading about demons out of fear of what I would find but it would be better than not knowing anything. I wanted to know what creatures were in the immediate area which was usually my mother's department. She never wanted to tell me Because she feared me getting involved with any of them.

If I used my power, they would find me anyway. I had only slipped twice which caused us to move 2 of the 20 times. I was only a child when that happened. My mother had used magic to deal my powers until she could teach me better control.

I could use magic without issue or detection as long as I didn't do anything too powerful. The types of spells that would usually require a coven were off limits.

That was fine because why would I ever need to do that kind of magic anyway? A lot of times I didn't have to go through the rituals or preparation to cast. The laws didn't apply to me. Still, my mother taught me to show respect and gratitude to nature and the gifts I'd been given.

Gifts that I didn't want. Gifts that changed my life, kept me isolated and alone. My mother was Almeria Valerian. One of the most powerful Casters next to the Council and her own bloodline. Valerian was an ancient, royal bloodline. They were special. Our bloodline had the ability to blend with others. It didn't happen all the time and it was rare to be a success but it was possible.

Which had caused a war a long time ago. The elders had tried to keep it secret. And once my great, great, great, great, great grandfather found out by accident.

He made it his mission to end the confines placed on us. All to save his Weretiger and Caster hybrid daughter. After a 200 year long war, he succeeded in just that. My great cousin Akita was one of the Council members now. Casters and in humans lived longer than usual so she had created a family and a place in history as the first hybrid on council.

She made it a priority to make sure I was safe. I had a uncle who had mixed with a High Elf and had joined as one of the Fae military captains. We heard from a cousin that shed given birth to a Vampire hybrid. That was very new. My mother was half Fae, and happened to be one of the princesses of their realm. So when demons started showing up on the planet it was a shock to everyone. An even bigger shock when one of the 3 kings of hell got a hold of my mother and raped her, repeatedly(according to the council).

Yeah, that totally makes me feel like shit. She explained to me a long time ago that his power was different than ours. He had taken her heart and made it his. She never told me his name or what he looked like but she did tell me that because of that her love for me broke his hold on her. The council hid us both. She never have me details of her pregnancy or what I was like as a baby. She had no photos and refused to tell me which king he was.

His name. Let alone what he was like or what he wanted. Sometimes I felt like she missed him. I learned to leave it be. Even though it was getting harder to do so. I was 20 now. My mother was 22. I hadn't felt my demonic power for over 4 years and I hardly remember what it felt like. She told me I was a beacon to all supernatural beings when I was not under a seal. They were drawn to me whether they knew it or not.

They kept me in the dark about what was really happening. I know there was more to the story. I was sick of asking and tired of waiting. The seal felt like a block. It would flare up when I got upset and I never really felt like I was whole. Something was always missing. The council would be calling us in for a refresher soon. I could always tell when it was getting weaker. It was like it got easier to breathe, my vision was clearer. Maybe we weren't going to run anymore.

But I was tired of not knowing anything. I wanted to know who he was. Why was everyone afraid. The demonic activity seemed to have been calm for the passed 4 years. "You're into some dark stuff." said a man next to me as he looked over my books. His eyes were bright, deep green. He had unbrushed dark blond hair that fell across his eyes.

His 5 o'clock shadow was actually not dirty looking. He was very tall. At least 6.4" and we'll built. He wore a long black dress jacket and black pants and boots. He was so handsome and his voice was so deep. The energy to it was intense.

I stared at his lips for a moment then rose my gaze to his. My heart sped and I felt nervous. "Why are you talking to me?" I asked softly. He didn't seem to even care that I had been rude.

"You look lost." I shook my head. "I'm not lost. And I don't need your help." "You're not very friendly." "Should I be?" I asked as I lowered my book to the others. "When you're new to a location, it helps to make friends." I almost told him I was not going to be here long but I realized that I was. "You're a friend I'd want to have?" He nodded. "Unless you know about demons then I think I'll just go." I began to walk away when he said, "What if I do? Would you want to talk then?" I stopped and looked back to him.

".I'm listening." "Those books can tell you about some of them but sorting out which ones are real and which ones aren't starts to get a little rough." I sighed then looked at a small group of kids as they passed.

"Lets go to one of the study rooms. If you're wasting my time then I'm going to leave." He smiled a bright dazzeling smile that have me butterflies. What the he'll was wrong with me? "That's the furthest thing from my mind." We had gone up to the old westerns floor into one of the study rooms.

As he slid the glass door closed I pulled out a chair and say down. "What's your name?" He asked as he sat across from me.

I kept a soft tone and less attitude. "No names. Tell me about the demons." He nodded. "Fair enough. There are the low level shadows. The scouts, the named, Princes and the kings." I sat my bag on the ground as my heart sped.

I wanted to jump right into the kings but I stayed calm. "Tell me about the Shadows." He seemed very interested in me. "Shadows are almost not demons. They do the tracking and grunt work. Scouts are the enslaved lower level.

They have minds but they are owned by the Named. Those would be the major demons with power and sway. They are The ones with their names in those books. The princes and kings are in their mixed among the named.

There are a few princes but only 3 Kings." "Who are the kings?" "Osiris, Lucifer, and Hades." I tensed. ".could they come to earth?" "You think they are real?" he asked with no expression. I shook my head. "No, but if they were. Would they be able to come to earth?" "Of course. The princes and named can possess a body. I imagine if they ever decided to come top side that they would be more than capable." he leaned forward.

"Why do you want to know so much about them?" I was trembling. This is the most information I had gotten before and it was scaring me. "College paper." I answered as my phone vibrated.

My mom texted. *Code Black. Get your ass home now! I felt dizzy suddenly and picked up my bag. She could reach the council. That's never happened before.

Did someone know? I stood as anxiety hit me. "I have to go." "You should stay with me." He replied smoothly. "I have much more to tell you." "I can't. Thank you for your help." I ran out of the room as quickly as possible.

Why was I feeling so off? I could hardly focus as I ran out of the library. I made it to the park and stopped by one of the trees to catch my breath. I pulled out a bottle of mountain Ash from my purse. I noticed that the kids and parents expressions went vacant and they began to walk away. The area got darker and dark figures formed out of shadows.

I shook as I pulled the top off the bottle and put a circle around myself. They figures had glowing red eyes and they really were shadows. They had class and sharp teeth and moved unnaturally. I felt like they were familiar. They weren't attacking me. They just stood right outside the Mountain Ash. More and more came until I could not see anything outside them.

They were all different from one another. Different shapes and sizes. Their energy was like a miasma. I was breathing it in. My knees went weak and I fell into a sitting position. My seal began to heat up on the back of my neck and spread down my spine. I held the back of my neck and looked at the demons. "What do you want?" I shook. One of them slowly reached for me and hit the invisible barrier. It sizzled and burned but didn't seem to feel any pain.

One by one they all joined. The ones behind them climbed up and did it. They were piling onto the orb of my barrier. Killing themselves in order to break it. There were so many. So much energy. The heat crept into my face and down my arms and chest.

I saw the markings. A language is never seen. It was the first time I ever saw my seal. The demonic energy was pulling it out. I couldn't make them stop. Damn. What would they do if they got inside? Why was I reacting to them? My eyes began to sting and I started to rock back and forth. "Witches from across space and time. Ancestors and Ancients that made the Nine. Keep me safe from the harm to come, help me do what must be done." I hated making my own chants but I was beyond desperate.

I tried to make them move and nothing happened. Spells inside the ash should work. I'd never had it fail before. I'd never called upon the ancients either. Not had I been attacked by shadows. My body went hot and I cried out in pain as tears filled my eyes. "Mom!" The world spun and I collapsed into my back as I writhed in pain. "Help me!" The demons suddenly set on fire and burned away. They shrieked in agony as they faded. The burning became a bearable heat.

The man from the library walked through the ash with fiery eyes as he leaned down and picked me up. My body cooled and his eyes went green.

He held me close as he left the park. I knew he was special. He felt like he was mine and I had been waiting for him a long time. "If you would have stayed with me this wouldn't have happened." he said with a frown.

"Everyone left. They just got up and walked away. They didn't even try to notice." That was something right out of a horror movie. How was that even possible? "The shadows emit a miasma of sorts that makes any human leave without memory of why. They may get a light headache later but that's it." "How did you get through the ash?" I trembled fearfully. "Don't worry.

I'm not a demon." "Then what are you?" I asked trying to keep my eyes open. He leaned down and spoke in my ear. "We can get intimate later, when you're safe." I wanted to swear at him but my vision faded and I fell into darkness. I woke in my bed with a gasp and sat upright. My skin was hot still. I remembered everything. My hand went to run the back of my neck as my eyes watered slightly. I was really attacked by shadows.

My seal was damaged. "Where is My mother?" I looked around and everything seemed normal. Everything except the man from the library standing by my dresser looking at my jewelry. "She's resting downstairs. As far as she knows you just came home late and the text never happened." "I don't understand." I slipped a hand under My pillow and pulled out a four inch enchanted blade, holding it against My side under the covers.

He was so handsome.even turned away from me. He was far more powerful that I thought it he could walk through Mountain Ash just like that. "What's a code black?" I was going to lie but as I opened My mouth to do so, something else came out. "Demonic activity." My brows creased as I spoke and he turned to face me. "My mother wouldn't be sleeping right now." He nodded once and stepped forward.

"The demons you ran into were shadows. They have their orders and by the looks of it They were just wanderers. Unless they report back then no more will come.

I wiped your mother's recent memories of anything to do with demons. You're safe. It'll be like nothing ever happened." I felt fear of him as he explained and the more he spoke the more afraid I became. ".Who are you and why did you do this?" My voice was steady but more vulnerable than I meant for it to be.

"My name is Anubis and I am very pleased to finally meet you." he said as he sat at next to me on the side of the bed. I frowned even as I found myself trembling. "Anubis? Like the jackal in Egyptian mythology?" He smiled. "Not like." He took a deep breath, closed his eyes' and exhaled. "I am one of the guardians to the gate of the underworld." I knew what he was. "You're a hellhound." "Yes.

More or less." he shrugged. I went to get off the bed and he leaned over. Placing a arm across my upper thighs as he leaned over and looked into my scared eyes. "You called to me. In dreams and nightmares. I do not answer to the Kings. They may have a hold on a couple of the others but not me." My fear urged me to get away but my fascination demanded I stay. I looked back into his green eyes, "How do I know you're telling the truth?" "You're the one that brought me here.

Would you like me to prove it to you?" he seemed to hope I said yes. I knew he wasn't lying. How did I know that? ".yes." He took my chin firmly and I grabbed onto his wrist. The moment I touched him my heart sped and my body cooled. He couldn't be that ancient creature in mythology and movies. His eyes turned a fiery red and orange and the whites of his eyes went black.

I felt claws pressing lightly against my skin before his hand released my chin and caressed My cheek before taking hold of the back of my head firmly. His tan skin began to turn deep dark grayish black. The change crept up his cheeks and his hair went black and grew longer.

I saw his sharp canines up close as he spoke. "Shall I continue? I can't promise I won't hurt you if I continue to change." he licked my lower lip and I felt a rush of heat and energy.

Old was the wrong word.it was ancient. I looked up to his eyes and I felt his need like I had been in a desert for days with no water. "No.no more." my voice shook and His other hand caressed over my shoulder. Anubis. He was Anubis. His power both frightened and enthralled me. He smirked faintly, "Just a little more. Touch me, Malia." His voice was deep and thick with seduction.

I rose a hand to his black cheek and his lips brushed mine. A gasp passed my lips as I felt ancient Sand dunes under my feet, the scorching heat of the sun on my bare body, then he was there with a cooling touch as his arms wrapped around me.

He pushed me into the sand and forced my legs apart as his naked body moved over mine. "Stop!" I shook violently as I came back to reality and held the knife to his throat. "What are you doing?" I trembled with anger and fear. "Why would you do that? I read that you had a mate. Anput." He growled and grabbed My wrist. "She's been dead for a very, very long time.and it's been a very long time since I heard her name." "I'm sorry." His eyes went back to beautiful green and his appearance returned to normal.

"There's nothing to be sorry for." I began to lower the blade but he brought my wrist back up so I would keep the blade there. "You must understand. I am not human, in fact I'm sure I am more animal at this point. I've craved companionship not with demon and not with mortal. Something in between. You may have forgotten our time in dreams. but I have not. It is you I crave. Being near you in person, to smell you, to touch you, I may not stop next time." I pressed the blade to his throat, "Did you rape me in my dreams too?" "Of course I did." he said as if I should know that.

I frowned and even as my hand shook I didn't lower it. The pressure of his gaze on me was nerve wracking. How could I forget something like that? No, I wouldn't keep thinking about it. They were just dreams. I noticed dark blood oozing from under the blade. It was black! "Yet you claim to protect me?" "You belong to me. I protect what is mine." "I don't know you and I definitely don't belong to you." I glared angrily.

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He completely disregarded my words with a growing hunger in his eyes. "You're so afraid of me. It smells wonderful." Anubis ever so lightly pressed his cheek against mine. "You know me. You don't remember me yet but you will. Rape is such a basic term. What we have is much more than that.

So much more." he said and I felt a chilling shudder run through my body. His left hand slid around my back and his right easily pushed my hand away and I didn't resist.

I felt overwhelmed and completely over powered. I was. My blade would not have killed him and I couldn't have really done it. "Why don't I remember?" I asked in a soft voice as he held me close. I liked being in his arms. I liked how His smell reminded me of desert rain. Then why was I so afraid? How could this be happening? "Dreams are funny that way. You remember when you are ready to remember.

With practice you will learn not to forget them." he caressed my hair. Why did he make me feel so relaxed? The way he talked about our relationship in my dreams should have been more than enough to make me call the cops, get a restraining order, and use a forbidden protection Spell. Yet I was hugging him like I had missed him, like I knew him. My mother knocked at the door and I drew away from Anubis quickly.

I stood and spoke. "Yes." She opened the door and stood in her grey sweats and pink t-shirt. I waited for her to look at the creature on my bed that was bleeding black. Waited for her to get angry and start Casting.but she looked through him like he wasn't there. "Honey, I fell asleep.I'm sorry about that." Almeria didn't even notice Anubis on my bed right in front of us. "Chinese or pizza tonight?" I felt so confused but I answered, "Chinese." She smiled.

"Perfect." I glanced down at Anubis who was looking out the window. "I'll go order. Still want your usual?" "Yes, thank you." I replied as I quickly looked back to her. I didn't really feel like eating but I'm sure I would at some point. She nodded and left. "Why didn't she see you?" I asked. "I didn't want her to. So she didn't." I shook my head in disbelief. "You said I called for you?" He nodded. "Only you?" He shook His head. "Cerberus, Keme, Black, Dip and many others heard your call." I stepped back as he moved off the bed and stood menacingly tall over me.

"Why are you all in my dreams?" "Wrong question. Try again." Anxiety hit me like a freight train. This was not happening.Why was this happening?

"Get out! I'm not playing your games. Thank you for your help but I don't need you to do anything more." "You do need me. You're going to need all of us before this is over." "Why?" "Wrong question." Anubis stepped closer knowing well that I would step back.

I looked away and shook my head. "No. I don't want to do this." I shook as I stepped away again. "We're doing it. So, ask the right question. You know what it is." My gaze went to his. And I stepped back again. He followed. "Stop." "Ask me." he stepped forward. "Please." I stepped back and gasped as my back came to a wall. "You know what it is. Say it." I shook my head. He grabbed me by my upper arms abruptly and I winced. His power rushed me in a wave of warm energy. So old.so old. I felt my knees weaken and leaned against the wall for better support.

"Who am I?" He smiled and then went to one knee. His green eyes rose to look up at me and his hands curled into fists and pressed to the floor as he bowed.

"You are Death. Our beloved reincarnated." I sank to the ground and looked up to him as tears fell down my cheeks. "That isn't me. I don't want to kill anyone." "You've taken many forms over your lives.

Never have you been in such a human one. I suppose you wanted a change.but you are still the Beautiful Dark. And we are your guardians, your heralds, and Harbingers." he knelt down and ran his fingers over my cheek, catching a tear. He brought that finger to his lips and licked the tear away.

"I've never seen you so vulnerable. While I do enjoy it, I will allow you some time to yourself. You know how reach me." there was a rush of air and he was gone. I stayed where I was for a while and cried for a few minutes. This creature was convinced I was someone. I couldn't debt what he was. I'd seen him use his power. I felt it. He was ancient. I ate with my mother after I pulled myself together.

If anyone knew about this would be my mother and the Council. "The Council are expecting us in a couple of days to get your seal fixed." "Mom." I spoke as she got herself some more rice. She had no idea how damaged it was. "Yeah, babe?" "Have you ever encountered a Hellhound?" She took a bite of her food. "Yes. They are rare and more powerful than your think." "When did you encounter them?" She frowned and shrugged.

"It was a while ago. I don't remember much of the details." She was lying. I could tell by the time of her voice and how uncomfortable she was.

"Would the Council know?" I asked. Her eyes rose to meet mine. "Why are you suddenly asking all these questions? Did something happen?" I shook my head. "I was at the library doing research and I came across a very vague entry on Hellhounds. I thought you might know more. We've never talked about or studied them." I was lying now.great. She agreed. "I know. That's because they really are rare. They don't mess with the balance." "But they are inhuman creatures just like demons.

We don't study those either. Why?" "The council keeps the knowledge of demons. We're forbidden to it except a select few." I was getting upset and she was getting impatient. "Shouldn't we know about them? Like the three kings?" Almeria was suddenly afraid and trembling. "How do you know about the three kings?" I sat back with a frown. "My father is one of them. Isn't he?" "Malia." I snapped, "Isn't he?!" She looked like I had slapped her but she nodded.

"Yes." "I've heard your conversations. I have known he was a demon for a while. I just never knew the rankings. It would take a powerful demon to cross over and an even more powerful one to overpower a Caster like you. We wouldn't move every time we saw a shadow.

He's coming for me. No matter where we go." "What happened to you?" she was worried. "Tell me how it happened. Tell me which demon fathered a monster like me?" I saw a fear in her I had never seen before and then anger. "You're not a monster! Don't you dare think or say that to me again!" My eyes watered. "I must be for you to keep me sealed! I must be something terrible." "That's enough!" I saw her eyes glow and I knew not to say anymore.

More than that I saw Her energy. It was the color of sunset, and so bright. Her energy was unstable. She felt shame, fear, and love. So much love. I stood and stormed out of the house. I walked and walked. Was I really expected to remain ignorant and clueless?

I needed to know the truth. What would be the price for that? Lightening flashed across the sky and thunder followed so sound and powerful I felt It in the ground. It pulled my from my thoughts enough to notice id walked to down town. The area was still up and buzzing with people.

I walked by a club and notice a certain man amount the crowd. His eyes were blood red, he had a paler complexion and short black hair. He had on a black long sleeved shirt and dark grey jeans. I jumped as thunder clapped loudly and looked away for a moment. When I looked back he was gone. I walked away from the club quickly and did my best to get further away.

As I passed one of the closed buildings and powerful arm wrapped around my waist and a hand clasped over my mouth just as I cried out. I struggled as I was pulled back into a deep dark alley.

My seal stung on my skin and I shook and moaned in fear as pain spread. "You're a goddess and a goddess does not experience fear like this. Stop it." He growled in disappointment. I tensed as his voice crawled over my skin. He smelled like earth and lavender. ".I'm not your goddess. I am not death.let go of me." He whipped me around and pushed me up against the wall.

His eyes were glowing bright red with anger. "Name me." "What are you talking about?" "If you are my Beloved you will name me. If you are not I will kill you." I felt a rush of adrenaline and fear. "I don't know who you are. Please." He took a hold of my hair roughly and pulled my head back.

"If you don't know me then youre not her. And I will kill you for it." I had no time. There was no time. His head shot down and he bit into my throat. I screamed as my seal set ablaze and his angry energy engulfed me. He was mine. Just like Anubis. He fed on life, on the blood that kept everyone alive.

My angry and passionate Hellhound. How he had missed me. I felt his longing, love and fury. He tensed as he tasted his first rush of blood. His mouth locked and his tongue lapped back and forth as my blood flowed into his mouth. I knew him.a Name in my mind. The only name. "Dip." I trembled. He groaned as he took my jaw and his flames wrapped around us both.

I expected to burn but there was no pain. Only light. He withdrew his canines from my neck and I gasped. His eyes met mine. "How could you put yourself in such a vulnerable position?" His clawed hand scratched up my thigh to my hip and my markings appeared.

"I will remove these!" I was utterly overwhelmed and I said nothing. I tried to but I couldn't. He leaned back in an licked my neck making me gasp from the stinging sensation.

"I've missed you." he suddenly kissed me and I held onto his waist with shock at first. His lips were so tender. My heart sped and my stomach filled with butterflies as I kissed him back. It felt like the right thing to do. His lips pressed to mine and broke away only to return an instant later. It was such a loving kiss.

He had been so cruel yet he kissed me with such depth. My hands came to his face and his heart began to beat faster. I parted my lips as his tongue pressed to enter.

Even while I tasted my own blood I wanted more of him. I wanted what he wanted.

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And his only desire was to be with me. His hold on my jaw tightened as his free hand pierced claws into my thigh. Fire. My body came alive to burn as my markings glowed. "You cannot break that seal yet, Dip." Anubis spoke from across the alleyway. Dip broke our kiss and glanced back. "Why would I stop?" Anubis walked towards him with death in his gaze and Dip stepped away as his flames faded.

Anubis laid a cool and on my cheek and the markings went cold. I gasped and held my neck as my mind cleared. My hand lowered to his and held it with gratitude. Dip had complete control of me.

How far could he have gone? Was it his bite? Or just his power? How was I supposed to fight it? My Hellhounds were there to protect me but they expected much more from me in return. Had this been our relationship before? If so I wanted no part of it. "Once they are gone the Kings will know exactly where she is. Do you think you and I are enough?" "I understand. I will wait." Dip growled in irritation. "Are you all like this?" I asked as I stepped away from them both.

"Like?" Anubis spoke. "Predators?" "Yes." "Do you all want to Fuck and control me?" "Yes." Dip replied. "I don't seek to control you. Dip likes the defiance. You always put him in his place. You love us all and we all love you. There's no shame in that." Anubis said in such a smooth tone I almost felt relaxed about it. "And the Kings. What is it the want from me?" "Why did you choose that body?" "Assuming that I am who you think I am.

Why would I know that with no memories of anything beyond the life now?" "You are Death my Beloved. You chose a body from a bloodline capable of breeding and mixing with all species of creatures.

You wanted life. And so do they. But for a king to have that ability to breed with a Being like yourself." I was frightened. "Stop!." He did. ".why would I do this? If I knew the risks?" "You have us." Dip spoke. "Are you all wanting the same of me?" "We are the ones you chose.

We protect you and whatever you make." "So if the Kings get you and make you spawn their soulless babies we will have no choice but to serve them as well." Dip spoke coldly. "That's fucking great." I swore then looked away for a moment.

My hand came to my neck. "I've met a vampire before.and he was not like you. Why did you feed on me like one?" I asked Dip as my gaze went to his. "Lucifer managed to curse me when I refused his rule on me. I thirst for blood now. But it's not without its benefits." he answered and then pulled a handkerchief from his back pocket and handed it to me. "Would you like me to heal you?" I snatched the handkerchief and held it to the bite as I frowned.

"No, I'll heal myself." "Ah yes, you're a Caster. Tell me. What do you know of Hellhounds? Breeds, anatomy, abilities?" he was beyond arrogant and condescending. "Did I do something to offend you?" I felt a bit angry. "You just snatched me off the street, threatened to kill me, nearly followed through and then kiss me. What the hell is your problem?" "My problem is that you decided to put yourself in such a weak body.

If you wanted. Children we could have figured something out." he placed a hand on my stomach and backed me into the wall. "You kissed me back." "I couldn't stop myself." I said literally. He smirked. "Would you like to do it again?" his free hand rose and he ran a finger over the unwounded side of my neck.

"I can do more than a kiss." I slapped him and shoved him back. "Don't touch me!" Black blood formed in the lower corner of his mouth and he licked it away. "You won't always feel that way." "Maybe not but for now, I do." I sighed. "I'm going home." as I turned I saw 4 men coming into the alley. Anubis placed a hand on the middle of my back before I could move back. I felt their dark energy and intent.

It was familiar. I'd felt it before on he council. The one who approached ahead of the others was dressed in a white Abercrombie and Fitch shirt with blue jeans and a pair of clugs.

He looked like the poster boy for Dark Fae magazine. His hair was dark brown in a fohawk. His eyes were a creamy orange. The world would see them as whatever color they wanted but like kind would see them for what they were.

The one to his right had on a dark blue polo shirt and tan dress pants. Blonde hair beautiful face and creamy grey eyes. The left had a lighter brown hair and was a dark skinned man. He had a fade hair cuts and a face that would make feeding a easy pass time for him.

He had eyes of blue and gold. He was dressed in a purple puma shirt and black long shorts.

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The last one was slightly shorter than the others but larger build. His eyes matched the leader. His features were more masculine but attractive.

He wore a red Ralph Lauren shirt and black pants. "Do you know what they are?" asked Dip from my left. I felt my anger return. "Why wouldn't I?" He kept the his eyes on the ones approaching as he spoke. "You've forgotten a lot of things.

I'm just getting an idea for how much I'm going to have to teach you again." "I don't need you to teach me anything." "Yes, you do." I ignored him and his certainty. "They're Dark Fae.

But they aren't the ones in charge." "Doesn't matter. They're going to die anyway." Dip growled as he stepped forward. I stepped in front of him and looked into his red eyes. "You can't just kill people." "You deal with them or I will." I looked at Anubis and he bowed his head. "I don't mind. Do as you like, my love. You know where I stand." "We felt a rather large energy flare. Thought we should check it out." said the leader in a amused tone.

"But the scent of that blood as soon as we hit the alleyway. "I turned to him and his eyes widened slightly. "That was definitely your blood You're kin.but you smell like a lot more than that." "I am not dark fae. My mother is one the Council. We just moved to this area." He smiled and became somewhat excited. "You're one of the half breeds." he realized. His company started to talk quietly to one another. "You creatures are so beautiful.

Who is your mother? I'm sure I'll know of her seeing as my father is the Attendant that speaks for us. He's always wanted to meet one of the talented Valerian lines." "Almeria." I answered reluctantly.

"No Shit?." he frowned and tapped his chin. "Isn't she already mixed with Caster and Fae?." he looked at me. Why hadn't anyone noticed the two with me? I knew this was not going to end well. "Yes." He was having a fun time knowing he had trapped me into a situation. "Then what is your father?" "None of your business?" He smirked and placed a hand on his hip.

"Come on. Don't be that way. I'm just trying to get to know you is all." I gave a nod. "You really don't want to know me. I'm not a good person to get involved with." "Why don't you come spend some time with me and mine.

I'd love to take this conversation I a more intimate level." I scoffed. "That's not going to happen. Whatever you want to know you can ask of the Attendant of the Dark Fae." I didn't want them to get hurt but I could feel Dip's impatience growing. "Please. I don't want any misunderstandings between clans." "Are you really going to report us to your mother?" "If I need to." "You'll Let a vampire feed on you but you won't come with me. I promise it won't hurt." "There is no Vampire." I said with confusion.

The blond haired one spoke. "Aren't the mother and daughter like the same age?" "They can't be the same age, idiot. Unless her daughter aged at an increased rate. Which is unheard of." said the dark skinned man. "It's not unheard of." said the leader firmly as he stated at me. "There was one case. I'm sure you all heard the rumors about one of the kings crossing over and fucking a human. Mother was said to have died in childbirth. The baby aged at a rapid pace and supposedly the Council found this baby and put it down before it could grow in power and blah, blah, blah." he tilted his head slightly.

"I have a nagging suspicion that the mother wasn't human seeing as how a human can't even survive possession most times. Clearly the Council lied about killing that monstrous baby." He sighed.

"Oh, the things the Dark could do with you. And your mother." "I'm glad you're smart enough to figure all of this out. But you have no proof." "Almeria is the greatest Caster known. She's been off the grid for 5 years.

I don't know. If be pretty scared if a King came for me.What if he wanted to fuck her again? What if he tried to take you away? I would. Both you and your mother." I felt instant fury as he spoke of my mother. "Shut your mouth. You don't know what the fuck you're talking about." "Maybe the King wants to fuck his baby girl." My heart sped with fear and disgust and I lowered the handkerchief from my neck as my hands began to tremble with anger.

"Stop it, now!" "Which one is your father? I know Lucifer would have a field day with -" I punched him in the jaw and held my fist as pain coursed through. "Get out of here before I curse your dicks to shrivel and fall off!" The others backed away a couple steps.

The one I punched held his jaw as he straightened. "The only way we are leaving is with you nicely bound and docile. What a story this will be." "Unfortunately, none of you will be leaving." said Anubis darkly. They gasped. "Who the fuck are they?" I knew that Anubis had done to them what he had done to my mother. They were seeing them for the first time. "Your ushers to another life." Anubis replied as the whites of his eyes went black and his hues began to glow.

He was going to kill them! I took his wrist. "Wait. You can't-" "I can't let them live with the knowledge and their intentions for that knowledge." Anubis's voice had gone deep and layered as his power exploded. The dark skinned one dropped to his knees and bowed deeply. "Forgive us. Forgive me." "Get up. What is your problem?" "Never look the Hellhound in the eye, for know that when you do you shall surely die." he muttered with fear. Dip wrapped his arms around me from behind. "Be still.

It is already done." "No. No! You can't kill them. There is another way. Anubis!" They began to panic and run as soon as they heard his name. Dip held a hand over my mouth and Anubis snarled as he set his Living hellfire on them. As they shrieked and burned in agony. I screamed and struggled to get free!

They wouldn't even listen to me. Why? Tears streamed down my cheeks as it went silent and the fire died. There wasn't ash or even scorch marks left. The only one left was the Dark skinned man. He was on his knees clutching his hand to his chest. Anubis sounded quite deadly as he spoke. "There's only one way you would not feel my power.show it to me." The man showed an Ankh necklace. Anubis snarled and looked at us. "Finish him. I will take her. I focused on my energy and sent out a pressurized wave of raw power.

Knocking them back. I ran and punched Anubis. "I could have fixed this. They didn't have to die!" I sobbed then went to hit him again. He caught my wrist and pulled me to him. I pounded on his chest and struggled. "What have you done!" "I'm not finished." he replied.

I looked back and found Dip holding the man by his throat. "Memorim Delunk Oblit Tu man." I desperately focused on the man and what I wanted him to forget. All of us and even coming into this alley. He passed out. I cried for the Fae that had just been murdered over me. I shouldn't have tried to talk to them. I should have made them forget immediately. "They will know something inhuman killed these Fae.

And they will start a hint for whoever it was." I tried to pull away from Anubis. "You're both monsters. I don't want you here." "Better the devils you know, my love." he held me close from behind and Dip came to stand in front of me. "We should take her far from here and her mother." "If you even try to do such a thing I will never forgive you!

Either of you. I'll not leave my mother!" "Soon the others will be here and you won't have a choice." I held onto Anubis's arm around my upper chest and closed my eyes as I leaned back into him. I tried to call myself. His body and strength was absolute. Not as absolute as my will. When I spoke again I was calm. "You will not force me to leave my mother. She is all I have." "You have us." Dip sounded upset.

I caressed Anubis's arm. I felt such love for my monsters deep down. I missed them. "I know." Power as old as the first light in the universe lit a small fire inside as it woke. I opened my eyes as they stung l and the next words I spoke came without thinking. "I chose my form not because it was weak but because it was powerful.

I will be free soon enough. And you will remember in full who I am." my voice was not my own. It was me and something I couldn't fathom right now. It slipped through. For a moment, and instant, a reminder. Then the flame went out and I felt my neck. The pain was gone.I had healed. Dip and Anubis had gone silent. "Let me go." I ordered soft but firm. He did. I stepped toward Dip.

"I say you will not take me from her. And you say?" I had a smooth tone and a new awareness. They were mine. He didn't even hesitate. "I will not take you from her." "Thank you, Dip. In fact I think it's time she met you both." PT 2 Almeria* Anubis sat across from me in the large black chair.

It was night and the room had all the gear of a medically advanced hospital. There was a bassinet for me to lay her in but I couldn't bring myself to put her down.

The dark fae nurses were upset about it but the King had let me keep her. "You're very calm given the circumstances." Anubis said before he stood. I knew what he was but not why he was here. "If they find you here they will kill you." "They can't kill me. She is the only one with that power." He was talking about Malia. "If you're here to try and take my baby-" "No." he cut me off. "I'm here to help you. I know you are the mother of darkness reincarnated.

You are also Almeria Valerian. That was her gift to you. You get to choose." "Why?" "You know she is more than a hybrid. You know because she grew inside you. You're forever changed as her mother. None of them can be allowed to have her.but you knew that too." I looked down at my sleeping baby. He was right. I'd known since before She was born that we had to get away.

But it wasn't until She was born that the King's hold on me broke. She was so innocent and the life ahead of her was going to be so hard. I prayed I could get out. I prayed I could keep her safe. "You still haven't answered my question." "It is my purpose. I will get you both out and clear. You must keep it that way." he appeared over us both and ran his fingers over her for head. "One day she will call for me and the others. When that happens we will come for her. I will give you the means to keep her hidden until then." "He will never stop looking for us." "He can look but He will not be able to find you.

I can keep him from everything but your dreams." He kept his word and got us out. He gave me the spell to seal her powers. Not all of them just her dark ones. It took me and the entire council to make it work. 7 months before I laid in the bed with a chain and collar around my neck. It had been a couple of weeks and the chain had become an extension at this point. The king took it off when he felt like it. Sometimes so I can remember what it's like, Sometimes it's to use my power for him, Sometimes he gives me the opportunity to run.

I've tried a few times. But learned quickly that I wasn't going anywhere. This place was a maze when I could get through the door.

It only made sense when he was taking me out. I had on a black gown and no undergarments. He had me bathed the night before. He would not allow me to shower or do anything at all by myself. He had his two most trusted princes watching me.

Astaroth a Belial. Astaroth was vain and cruel, Belial was careful in his games. It was almost time for him to come. I was only afraid when I saw him. How could I not be?

He had crossed over and pulled me into his realm. It was supposed to be all fire and screaming people. He showed me that and it was the worst thing I ever experienced. It wasn't like that when he wasn't tormenting me. Maybe he just hid it. The demons hid their true form and this place was like a castle. When I looked outside there was.

Space. Nebulas and Galaxies. It was beautiful. I knew what he wanted but how could that be possible? I felt a rush of darkness and fear before he even entered the room. I pulled the chain for slack as I moved back on the bed. My heart sped and I tried not to cry. He entered the room a moment later and Astaroth bowed his head.

I didn't follow the gesture. I wanted to and I was supposed to but I didn't do it. The king was beautiful. Divine even. I could hardly stand to look at him long. I felt like I was unworthy of his magnificence. How ridiculous to feel that way.but I couldn't help it. He was there before I could blink. As he touched me adrenaline began to rush through my veins and I felt sick. His hand laid against my cheek so warm and welcoming. Then my collar fell away. I looked up to him and he took my jaw firmly.

"Do you wish to satisfy me?" he asked in a voice of raw, unfiltered power. I had to answer him. I had to say yes. I wanted to say no. I struggled to not speak for I knew I would say the wrong thing. Pain gripped at my muscles and I gasped as I fought his will. It was agony to deny him. Torment that I should have done anything to avoid. If I kept this up my mind would be next and I couldn't handle that long. Not after what he had done to me last time. My breathing quickened and I spoke, "Yes." with a trembling effort.

He smiled and it warmed my heart. Such an amazing smile. I should do anything to make him happy. Just for his smile. What a gift. "I'm very pleased with you, Almeria." He said My name in that heavenly voice. I had done something right. Stop! That wasn't right. "What is it tonight?" "Tonight, I make you mine. No more chains. No more games. You will love me. Just as I love you." Those words, he meant it.

He had never said it before now. I couldn't stand it. Tears spilled down my cheeks and I felt such contentment in my heart. Everything I had ever wanted from him in 3 words. "You.can't love." it couldn't be true.

He truly enjoyed how I was able to feel it all and know it's truth and still fight it. "I can. And I do." He kissed my cheek and spoke near my ear as his other hand slid around my waist and he pulled me to my knees. I ached for more of his touch. I never wanted him to stop. "Behold those who have come to bare witness." I looked as the door opened and all of his princes and named entered the room. They surrounded the bed and just watched.

Pure fear held me. He was going to keep his word. Tonight. Right now. No one was going to help me. My hope died in his arms. In his voice as he spoke. In his lips as they pressed to my throat.

"I will always love you." I felt something in me break and I rose a hand to finally feel his cheek. To enjoy him at last even if for a moment. In that one moment his eyes met mine and everything I'd fought, all the walls of build came crashing down and he took hold of my soul. His black endless eyes got an unbreakable grip. "Tell me." he spoke with his lips close to mine. I knew I'd lost. I'd been fighting for so long. He was pure comfort and relief. ".I love you." I felt his pleasure at this.

He had ached for my love. Needed it. His lips pressed to mine and I moaned with pleasure and relief. The pain. All of it was gone. No one and nothing existed but him, me and space. He took off my dress and I witnessed him in his naked glory. To share it with me. Only me. He wanted no other. How could that be true? He spread my legs and moved between them. I had never felt more human and unworthy. He was like a marble sculpture of a God given the form of man. None of this made sense. I knew what he wanted.

I had been in so much pain before when I tried to resist him. "You're safe with me. No one will ever hurt you again." he promised just as he began to enter me. The relief was gone. The pain and overwhelming pleasure that replaced it was unimaginable. My back arched up of the bed as my head went back and a scream ripped out of my throat. He was so large as my body wrapped around him and tightly took him deeper.

A darkness in myself came to life and my eyes stung as I accepted all of the pain he gave me. My heart was racing as my breathing grew faster.

I moved my body with his and he wrapped his arms around me. "My Beloved. Your eyes mirror my own." I knew mine had turned all black. He was fully sheathed inside me and I felt like a scream would rip from me.

"Will you make me like you?" "Is that what you want?" "No." He kissed me and stole my breath away. "Am I not your king?" I gasped for air and tears filled my eyes. "Yes.yes." The king ran the tip of his tongue over my lower lip with a smirk, "Tell me then. Does a King not need a queen?" I closed my eyes as tears rolled down my cheeks. My heart was in so much pain I felt I would die. I felt joy that He sought me for such an honor but the joy was not tightly mine. "Not me." "Only you." he began to moved his hip in firm rhythm.

I held onto him firmly and couldn't stop from moving my body with his. Even as I cried, even as my love for him grew with the pain and pleasure he gave me. If never felt more complete in my life as I did right now. "No more fighting, my Beloved Ammuna." he placed a hand over my heart and kissed me deeply. Overwhelming darkness and love began to consume me from the inside.

"Please! Stop." I cried weakly. As I was consumed a darkness in me was awoken and I knew him. My fear and resistance faded and I knew I was meant for him. He was mine. He rose my hands above my head as he kissed me and began to move harder. I knew I'd never love another like I loved him. We made love for what felt like ages and I finally lost consciousness. When I woke again I was without chains. My body was aching and bruised. And I was pregnant. Now I knew Malia was going to start asking questions soon.

After I'd lost part of my day I knew I wasn't going to take Malia to the council again. It was time to let the seal fall apart. Her Hellhounds were coming. I felt the presence of one last night when I'd gone up to talk to Her. I lowered my hand to My stomach and felt my own seal falling apart.

The thought of seeing him again both frightened and excited me. I had no need to follow the laws of nature while casting just as Malia didn't. The ancient spirit in me was a power beyond that.

My daughter. My Death. What would she become? I had done all of this so that she would know she was loved. So that she was not brought up by monsters to be a monster.

A knock on the door made me wince as I was startled out of my thoughts. I stood and opened the door. A tall man with light green eyes stood in the doorway. He had on all black. His hair was black and around his eyes was black. He wore a black long jacket and black jeans and boots. He was handsome. I felt his nature the moment he came to me door. I stepped back and gestured for him to enter. He came in and I closed the door behind him. "Which one are you?" "Black." "Shcuck." He took my wrist as I walked by.

"I know what you are. If I even doubt your loyalty to Her I will kill you." My eyes stung and he was thrown into the wall so hard he fell. I slowly came to stand over him. "You can't kill me. And I can't kill you. I know why you're here. If you ever touch me like that again I'll make you wish I could kill you." I knelt down and touched his cheek.

"The Mother of Darkness bit is a little cliche for me. Don't do that again." "Forgive me." He looked up to me. I nodded. "What's going on?" asked Malia as she closed the door behind her. I turned and stood. I could feel her companions with her. I knew my eyes were still all black and I waved a hand.

Anubis and the other one was revealed to my sight. "Mom.your eyes." Malia was afraid as she looked at me. I felt a jab of heartbreak. I closed them for a moment and they went back to hazel. I opened them and Malia hugged me.

"You're like me aren't you? There's something bad in us both." My eyes watered and I hugged her back as that heartbreak was healed in an instant. "I'm sorry." "It's not your fault. I just wish I'd known. It must have been so hard." I shook my head. "No. Not when I'm with you." I felt her smile and I kissed her cheek. She drew back and looked at the man on the floor. "Who is that?" My attention went to the Hellhound I had let in only moments ago.

"This is the Black Schuck." He stood and approached my daughter. He had pure love in his eyes. Just like the other two. "It's an honor to meet you." "You two have met before." Dip rose a brow. "I have not met her in this form. I can already tell she's not the same." he held out a hand. She looked at me and I have her a nod.

Malia took his hand. I could see that She recognized him more by touching him. He rose her hand and gently kissed her knuckles. Malia blushed and smiled sweetly. "You're all so different from one another. It's nice to meet you Black." her smile faded and she stepped forward and kissed his cheek.

Her attention went to me,"Mom, this is Anubis and Dip." I nodded. "Anubis and I have met." "You have?" "He got me away from the King and have me a way to hide you." She frowned and devastation appeared in her eyes as she realized. "You mean my seal?" her attention went to Anubis. "You did this to me?" "I did." I could feel her anger like a growing darkness. It tugged at my own. "Why- wait. So that my father won't find me?

If I am so powerful I'm sure I could handle him." "You couldn't handle him. You can't even handle us." Dip said. She snapped. "You think keeping me under a seal is helping?

It isn't!" Anubis touched her back and she slapped him. My heart sped and a moment later she shoved him. "Get away from me! I trusted you!" Her eyes met mine. "Both of you!" she ran up to her room and slammed the door. I jumped and stepped toward the stairs once. "Damn it." I swore softly with frustration. As I looked up I saw that Anubis was gone. Dip approached me. "Ammuna." I gasped and stepped back as I heard that name. It sent a shock of memory through me and I thought of Him.

"Where did you hear that?" "Why would I not know the name of the Mother? Lucifer spoke of her before he cursed me. She shall give birth to Death and all the other forgotten Gods. They call you the Mother of Darkness but it's much more than that.

Isn't it?" I shook my head. "It doesn't matter. That isn't who I am." He came to stand in front of me. "You're his queen and he will take you back.both of you." "He can't take me back there." "No.

But he can come here." he ran his fingers over my cheek and I looked away. "May I kiss you?" "No. You may not." I looked back to him and pushed him back. He caught both of my wrists and held them to his chest. "Just a small taste." I began to tremble and Black took Dip firmly by one shoulder. "She said no. Release her, now." Dip growled and let go. "My queen." he coldly bowed his head then went into the kitchen. I looked at black and softly said.

"Thank you. Malia* As soon as I had slammed my door Anubis was opening it. He locked the door behind him and I felt my heart speed as my mind began to race with the thoughts of what might happen. I really tried to stay focused on my anger and why I was mad. He took off his jacket and laid it on the dresser near the door. "Get out of my room." I said coldly. The right corner of his mouth rose in a smirk and he shook his head No. "You think I have betrayed you?" I frowned and kept my eyes on his.

Those green eyes of his were so intense. I was so upset I refused to focus on how amazing he was. "Didn't you." "Do you think that the King is not real?

That he's just a bad dream we all made up?" I didn't feel that way at all. "Of course not! I know they are real. I just feel so trapped. Like when I take a breath it is never whole. Its like part of me is missing. Its always so close but I never get to be complete. And you made it so!" I spoke with emotion as my eyes watered in anger and I looked away. Refusing to let tears fall. "You are Death and all that entails. Putting aside that the King would find you." he elaborated.

I noticed that was the second time he addressed the three kings as one. "Imagine everything around you dying because you are scared or upset. As a teen imagine you get angry at a friend or your mother and they just drop dead. I can imagine you frightened of yourself. Leaving a trail of death in your wake. I see you giving into darkness and fear because it would be all you knew. What do you think happens if Death is overcome by darkness?

I gave you the gift of a seal. Your mother made sure you kept it." My heart sank as the truth in his words and I sat on the edge of my bed. My anger was killed by reason. He was right. Was I ready now? "Why did you leave me after you helped my mother?" "I never left, my love. I watched over you and waited. We met in dreams. And I returned when you were ready. Ready for us, and your power." "How do you know if I'm ready?" I asked. He took off his black shirt and I saw the markings from past battles.

Hieroglyphs went down his chest, arms and sides. He approached me and I stood nervously. Watching in a completely different fear as he unzipped his pants.

My heart was pounding at the sight of him already. His body was perfectly tanned. Anubis looked like he'd he'd been carved from stone. "Are you ready?" He asked as his hands took my hips. His hold was so strong. I imagined us naked together, the caress of his hand down my back. Goosebumps rose all over and my face reddened. Was I ready for him? Would he stop if I wasn't? "What are you going to do?" I trembled. "I'm going to make love to you.

Then I'm going to fuck you." his hands ran over my lower back and he used both hands to grab my ass. I gasped and placed both hands on his shoulders, holding on as he lifted me. "This will destroy your seal. And when your seal goes. You will remember your dreams. You will be whole." "Anubis." I was scared. "The others." "I've slowed time for us. By the time we are done. It will only be moments for them. Its time for you to become a woman." he licked under my chin and I let out a heated breath.

"Take off your shirt." I was trembling but I lowered my hands and pulled off my shirt as he'd told me to do. I felt vulnerable but the desire for him was not lacking in any way. He looked at me for a while with admiration then suddenly lifted me higher. "Let me hear your pleasure and your pain.

Your voice is only for me this night." His mouth locked into my right nipple and my heart kept as pleasure shot through my body in electrifying sparks. I ran my hands through his hair as my head went back and I cried out in pleasure. His tongue circled and flicked back and forth. I couldn't keep in my moans.

I had never felt anything like it. One of his hands braced the center of my back as he sucked on my other nipple. I couldn't hold back my cry of pleasure. He lowered me to the bed on my back. Pulling off my pants as he did. If there was a King of the Hellhounds it was him. He Dropped his pants and looked very pleased as he saw me. Such little for play and I was embarrassingly ready.

My eyes went to his member and my face went hot. He was huge! That was supposed to go inside me? "Anubis." I shook my head and began to move away. He pushed my legs apart and moved between them. Feeling him there lot My fear on fire and I whimpered. "No!" "Look at me." his aura changed and I rose my gaze to his eyes. My chest rose and fell quickly. "Do you want to be with me?" ".

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I do." He took my hand and brought it to his member. I took him in my hand. He was hard as stone and heavy. I could almost wrap my hand around all of him. I began to stroke from his perfect head, down his shaft to the hilt, then back up. His breath quickened and I felt him tense slightly S his pleasure grew. My eyes met his and I kept moving my hand over him. "Why do I ache for you? I've never had you.

I've never had anyone." "You've known me since I was made. You are only years old physically but your spirit and soul has existed since life began. All that time and you've never taken this type of form. I don't call you my love as a nickname. You Are my love." His eyes changed. The whites of his eyes turned black and he held such need in their depths.

"What if I'm not ready?" "You will feel my inside you still. Do not tell me no. I won't stop this time." He sounded like he was afraid of that. I leaned up and kissed him deeply. As he kissed me back I moved his member to press at my entrance.

"I won't tell you to stop." I whispered heavily as our kids broke. He entered me slowly and I gasped and held onto his arms. It hurt to stretch so wide.

I tensed and he moaned. "Do not do that. Relax and accept me." My eyes watered as I looked up to him. "I do accept you. All of you." I gasped and shook as my hold on him tightened. I wanted him to be inside and do it quickly. As if he'd he'd heard my thoughts he kissed me tenderly.

"Do you love me?" "I do." "Tell me." his voice was heavy with desire and passion. "I love you, Anubis." He slammed into me and held me close as I screamed from the pain. He tore right through me and the pain was a mix of burning and being stabbed. I must have stopped breathing because he spoke next to my ear. "Breathe." I took in a breath and tears rolled down my cheeks. I had lost my innocence.

Not lost but given. I didn't want to give it to anyone else more than him. "Those tears Are not just from pain." I closed my eyes for a moment. "They are of happiness and sadness. Part of me is gone.but I am happy it's yours." He began to moved his hips in and out and while it hurt I moved with him. I felt so much. He went so deep.

I had never felt more alive. The pain began to go numb and then feel good. My heart sped. We were together. This was much more than sex. He had a part of me. While he was inside me He touched my very being. I felt his. Being together was intense and magical. I wrapped my legs around him and moaned as he went deeper and deeper.

"I love you so. Malia, my beautiful Death." he wrapped his arms around me. And I held him close. "Set me free. Please. Set me free." I whispered against his ear. He suddenly took me by my throat and pinned me into the bed. I gasped and held onto his wrist. Crying out as his body slammed into mine. His tattoos glowed and my body set on fire. I saw his skin begin to turn black then my head went back as the marking on me went ablaze. I would normally feel agony but he took my pain as he thruster deep inside and tore cried of both pleasure and pain from me.

The seal went cool and the etchings in my skin faded. I felt myself breathe deeply and fully for the first time and an instant later Darkness from the depth of my soul exploded through the room. I feel my eyes sting.

My aura was darkness as it spread through the house and out further. It was peace to know me, fear, hate, longing, relief, and sadness. But most of all I was home. All would come to me before it was over. I would have the world, the solar system, the stars and all of space. Even time would end. I imagine we would end together.

I looked at Anubis and knew he would be with me until it was all over. He was all of time. My truest companion until the end. I rolled him over and began to ride him.

"I've seen your soul. My Beloved Anubis." I smiled and thrust myself down harder making him cry out. I wrapped my power around him and pressed my hands to his chest as me head went back in ecstasy. One hand held my hip and the other pressed to the center of my chest, helping me to fuck him harder and deeper.

His hips went up to meet my rhythm as mine went down to meet his. I moaned and let out cries of both pleasure and pain. Anubis turned me and entered me from behind as he held me an a vice like grip.

Working his hips faster and faster. He held my throat against his chest and rubbed my clit as he moaned deeply. Out bodies both tensed and I know I was at my peek. The pressure became overwhelming and we both came. I screamed and he cried out. He was so hot as he filled me I could melt.

Sweat dripped from us both and he started to move his body again. "Anubis." I trembled. "We are not done." he slammed into me and I cried out. I woke up aching all over I had no trace of time or how long we had been together. Anubis was laying next to me.

His body was cold as ice. He looked like he was sleeping but he wasn't moving at all. My heart felt like it was going to stop and I checked for a pulse. Nothing. "Oh god. Anubis!" I shook his shoulder. Tears poured down my face. He was dead. I killed him. "No.

No! You're not dead. Wake up right now!" I began to cry as I caressed his cheek. "Please. You can't leave if I can't go with you." I began to shake as my eyes stung. I looked in the mirror on the closet door and saw that the whites of my eyes had gone black and my hues glowed a beautiful orchid purple. "Get up!" I slapped him. The plants in the room began to die. I felt the world shrink and go dark.

I couldn't kill him. I knew I couldn't kill him but fear was convincing me otherwise. How else would he be dead? The door cracked and then flung open. My mother was there with Dip and Black. I turned quickly and my mother gasped as she saw my eyes.

I pulled The sheet up to cover my nakedness. The darkness around me grew. It was Death. And it was spreading. "Stay back! Please. I don't want to hurt you." Dip pulled my mother behind him. "No." she protested. He looked at her. "If that darkness touches you. You will die, Almeria. If you die in front of her I doubt we will bring her down." She reluctantly stayed back.

Black spoke to me. "What did he do to you?" My heart hammered wildly in my chest and yet it was breaking. "He. He broke my seal.he Set me free." I looked down to him. "And look what I've done." "You didn't do that." Dip said as he stepped forward into the darkness. I covered my mouth expecting him to drop dead. He didn't. Neither did Black as he stepped into the darkness. "See.were fine." Black said softly. "What's happening?" My mother spoke. "Its been only a minute since you came up here.

There's no way you broke your seal and laid with him in that amount of time." she was very upset. "He slowed time." "That's impossible." growled Dip. Black's eyes widened, "Pull down his covers so I can see his mark." I did as he requested. "He has a seal just like you. He's altered it so that he can pull power through it. It's killing him." "He's already dead." Dip added. He shook his head. "Malia. Listen to me.

You are Death, but you are also life. You can take Death away." "I don't know how." tears streaked my cheeks. "You will. It will come back." He nodded towards Anubis. I turned around and as I saw him laying there I knew what I wanted and I knew what to do.

I moved to straddle his waist, leaving my body exposed. I took his chin and pulled his jaw down so that his mouth was open.

I willed the death out of him and back to me. It had to go somewhere. It belonged to me. I opened my mouth and inhaled slowly. Death left him in a grey cloud and came into me.

He took a breath and opened his eyes. His entire body went black and began to shift. Claws grew and he formed into the creature that had been painted on walls in ancient Egypt. The whites of his eyes were black and the green glowed brighter than ever. He snarled and grabbed me and rolled me onto my back. "No! Malia!" My mother stepped forward. "Stop!" I shouted at them. Dip held my mother back. "Come near us and I'll kill all of you!" Anubis snarled.

A green fire wall lit between them and us. It didn't burn anything but I knew it would burn them if they touched it. Anubis took my jaw firmly.

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"Who are you?" My eyes changed and he recognized me instantly. He pushed my legs apart. "Anubis!" I grabbed onto his wrist. He had lost some of his own time. Was that the result of manipulating time? "Stop!" "I've waited so long for you.You left me for centuries long." He growled as his clawed hands forced my legs further apart so he could move between them.

"I'm sorry. I'm so sorry." I pushed at his chest and felt the fine shirt black fur that covered him. "I'm here now. I won't leave you again.just Stop this. Please." He growled and thrust inside me and I screamed. He was so much larger. "No!" I heard my mother screaming.

He fucked me hard and angry. Tearing screams and cries of pain from my throat. Did I deserve this? I could feel centuries of his pain. And what he was doing to me paled in comparison. I still struggled. It wasn't me now.

I didn't do this. "If you want me to stop then consume me. That is the only way I will stop, my Beloved Death!" he spoke with two dark vibrating voices through his Jackal formed mouth. His claws had cut into my arms, legs and now he dug them into my hips. His fury and aura overtook my own and the darkness in the room faded.

My throat was raw from screaming and my body was weak from bringing him back. "I love you, Anubis. If you die I will die with you." I shook weakly He went still as the glow left his eyes and they widened as he remembered himself.

Black shifted into a large furry black dog and tackled Anubis off of me. Biting into his throat and shoulder viciously. Dip had bitten my mother and fed on her. He paid her on the bed next to me with an apologetic tone. "I didn't know how else to stop her. She was going to go in the fire." Dip had a busted lip and magically inflicted cuts all over him. Anubis tossed aside Black and got to his feet.

His body shifted back to normal. "That's enough." He warned. Black growled as Anubis stepped toward me. Dip picked me up and quickly moved away from Anubis. "Get the fuck back." Black leapt over the bed and stood in front of us both. He snapped at Anubis. "Better let things calm down." Dip warned and I began to cry silently as I buried my face in Dip's Chest.

Anubis grabbed his pants and left the room. "Black watch over Almeria." The massive creature nodded and set next to the bed. Dip took me to the shower.

Took off his clothes and got in with me. He was so cruel and cold on the outside but I could see how much he cared. He moved a hand between my legs and I crumbled to my knees. "You're bleeding. I just want to help." he helped me stand and my legs shook as I looked into his red eyes. "I know what you want Dip." He kissed my cheek. "Of course You do. You tell me to stop and I will." "Did my mother taste good?" I asked bitterly. He nodded and lowered to his knees.

"She tasted amazing. But it is you I crave." I looked away from him and let the water mix with my tears. "Dip. How long have you all waited for me?" "1000 years." I whimpered and covered my face.

He shhd me and placed a hand on my waist. "I'm going to make the pain stop." His hand went to my stomach and his tongue slid inside me.


I gasped and tensed as the sting shocked me. His tongue went as deep as Anubis had and he lapped at every inch of me. I should have been uncomfortable but I just brought someone back from the Dead and just got raped by an Ancient Egyptian God in his creature form. The pain faded and I felt my walls return to a smaller size. Soon I was fine and he was only pleasuring me. My hand came to his head and I moaned softly. "You don't have to." I gasped as an orgasm hit me hard and I came.

Dip washed me gently and then just held me. Black entered the shower and held me from behind. "Your mother is awake. She told me to leave her alone. Her neck has healed but she looks sick.

"I did not take nearly enough for that. I made her calm is all." Dip said. "She's very calm. She just went to get you a potion mix for your throat." Black answered. I nodded and took comfort in them both. "Thank you." We all dried off and I felt a old energy downstairs. I put on a pair of black and purple stripped leggings with a long sleeved black shirt. Dip wore a dark red shirt and black pants.

Black out on what he was wearing before but didn't put his coat back on. I ran down and saw a Native American Young man having tea with my mother. He had long dark brown hair tired back and a strong body. His face looked chiseled and beautiful. His eyes were a teal blue I'd never seen before but they were familiar.

He had on jeans and a white shirt with a large bird flying into smaller birds. I felt happy as I saw him and he smiled. "Hello again, it's been a while." "Keme!" I hurried and hugged him tightly. "Its so good to see you!" my eyes watered as I found such joy after just feeling so much pain. "What's happened?" "Anubis happened." Dip said coldly before going into re kitchen. "It's more complicated than that." Black added as he scratched his head and say by Almeria.

"I'm sorry I'm late." "It's okay." "Almeria. What is it?" asked Black. I turned and saw that she did look sick. "Mom." She shook her head and pure horror reflected in her eyes. "You have to run. He's coming." My heart sped. "Well you're coming with us." She shook her head. "I can't." "What are you talking about?" "The council knows your seal is broken.

So does he.

They will both come. I Will keep the council from finding you." "I'm not going to leave you. This isn't a discussion." Almeria stood and became as serious as death. "Don't forget who you're talking to, sweetheart. You may be Death but I am your mother!" she snapped. I went silent for a moment. I didn't usually talk to her with that time. I felt bad as I realized how rude I was being. ".Mom. You can't expect me to leave you.

It isn't right." "I know. A lot of this isn't right.you're not leaving me. I'm just giving you a head start." Anubis appeared from the back. He'd put on a white button up shirt and black pants. "The Council is coming for her." He looked at Keme. "She will not willingly leave." I looked back at Keme suspicious of the context of what he said.

"You're damned right I won't willingly go." "I will stay with her." Black said as he stood. "The council won't kill me. And if they try.they will lose." she sounded worried that they might. "They will kill her. So the king cannot have her." I rose a hand and they all stumbled back as a wave of energy burst shoved them. "There's no time." she looked at Anubis and nodded. "Take her far away. I will catch up." I shook my head and Anubis took me by my jaw firmly as he appeared in front of me.

His eyes glowed and I grabbed onto his wrist as his gaze pierced through my very being. I couldn't move. I couldn't even speak. Keme's hands gently took my head from behind and my mind went hazy before I passed out. Almeria* As soon as I had thanked Black for helping me. I felt my daughter's panic and heartache. The darkness that spilled down the stairs triggered My own and I ran up the stairs.

Dip and Black followed. Everything that happened happened so quickly. She was in bed naked with Anubis. Her eyes were glowing and Anubis looked dead. I could feel that her innocence was gone. Shed given it to him. Then she brought him back and he forgot himself. I will never forget the form he took.

The green wall of fire that formed and Anubis violently raping my daughter in front of me. I shrieked as Black held me from the flames. The house started to shake and crack around us. I had to stop him! My baby! *Kill him* a voice spoke to me and it was a voice I had both loathed and missed.

Tears ran cold down my cheeks as my viens began to turn black. She was in pain. I couldn't bare her screams. "Dip. Calm her before she brings this house down." He approached me and I rose a hand. "Sectium Emeritus." Slashes appeared all over his body. And I sent a wave of corrosive energy to cripple Black. He cried out and collapsed. Why were they trying to stop me? I turned to Black who was writhing on the ground.

Dip pulled my hair back and bit into my neck. His arms wrapped tightly around me from behind as he fed. He was not only feeding on my blood but my energy. My rage and desperation and darkness was drunken down.

I stopped struggling and the last thing I saw was Black shifting into a large beast. Everything went dark.

The king stood in the darkness. I felt like pure terror as I saw him. I turned and ran into the darkness. And even though I ran I wasn't going anywhere. I ran until I couldn't anymore and fell to my hands and knees with exhaustion. "Ammuna." his voice hit me like the purest and deepest intimacy. I held my hands over my ears as my blood pumped faster. "Don't. You're not real. You're a nightmare. Just as always. This time is no different." "You know I don't like when you say such things." He took my wrists and pulled me to my feet.

I gasped as I stumbled forward. My eyes watered at the sight of him. The feel of him. I had missed him in ways that words would do no justice. I didn't want to. "You can't have her." "I will though. I will have you both. My queen and my dark princess. She needs to meet her father." "No." His hold tightened and I felt shattered at the thought of disappointing him. "I thought you missed me. I know I've missed you." I looked at him as my eyes watered. "I did.I tried not to but I do." "Come to me." His hand came to my cheek and I felt a rush of warmth as he took me in his arms.

I wanted for him to hold me forever. He was like home after years of running and hiding. So welcoming. "I'm so close now." he caressed up my back and took the back of my neck. "Show me. I know you're still mine." His black eyes glowed and I cried out as he drew on my darkness and made it explode with life.

My eyes changed and mirrored his. As they changed and my energy have to his will I let my head call back. I wanted this, didn't I? I wanted him. His tongue licked from my throat all the way up the tip of my chin He suddenly bit into me and I moaned softly as I held onto him.

The echo of my Daughter's screams pulled me out of it and I shoved him hard enough that he let me go and stumbled back. My eyes widened as I saw black blood on his lips. No. He laughed joyfully. "Fight me if you must. You know you will fail." Wake up. Wake up. I say up with a gasp and held my neck. The wound was gone. Black sat next to me in his clothes. "Thank you again." "It was not a problem. Did Dip hurt you? You look sick." he replied. I shook my head. "In fine. You should go be with her.

I need to go get a potion ready for her throat." He left and I went downstairs. Anubis stood at the bottom of the stairs looking up to me with those beautiful green eyes. "You healed your bite?" he said darkly. I stepped down until I was right in front of him. "You hurt her." "That was not intentional. I did not expect to digress to that mental state." "Well you did." "Your mental state is different too." I tried to walk by him but he blocked me.

"Something has changed." I pushed him and he took both of my wrists and pinned me to the wall. I gasped and pulled at my wrists as my hands curled into fists. "Anubis, let go of me." I warned. He smelled along my neck and face. I looked at him to tell at him but his lips locked with mine and He forced his tongue into my mouth. I whimpered and my eyes widened as he fed me darkness.

My eyes reacted and my veins went Black. My entire demeanor changed. I kissed him back. *Consume him* suggested my Beloved through my mind. I fed him my Darkness and he was taken by it unexpectedly.

I pulled my wrists free and brought his hands to my breasts. I pressed my lips to his neck and he let out a breath. "Stop it." He warned. "No. I want to feel you inside me." "I don't want you." he growled as I pushed him into the couch.

"That's a lie. You may not want me in the ways you want her but I am Ammuna and you all desire me this way." my voice had over lapped with a darker one. I startled his waist. "Touch me, Anubis." I willed his darkness to take over and the whites of his eyes went black as he reached down and slid his two fingers inside me. I moaned in pleasure and kissed him as his fingers began to work in and out.

My free hand came to stroke his member before pulling it out. He was so hard. His fingers withdrew and he sucked them clean. I positioned him at my entrance then forced my body onto him. Sucking him in as he tore through me and I fucked him harder. He rubbed my breasts and his head went back as I willed him to get harder. The sounds were meaty and wet and I needed more. More of him and more pain.

"Anubis. Fuck me. I need your seed deep inside me." my voice was raw with need. He took my hips and slammed into me and I screamed out in pleasure pain. "Yes! More. Give me more." He growled as he fucked me harder and faster. I knew I was torn and bleeding but I needed him inside. I bounced on top of him and felt him enter my womb with each thrust.

I was going to devour him when he gave me his seed. Nothing would stop me. I needed him. All of him and I would have it. "Stop Ammuna. Stop!" he shook as his body tensed. He exploded seamen inside me and I cried out with utter pleasure as I get on him.

He kept coming and began to writhe as I fed on him. I came on his dick and watched him die. I continued to thrust into his hard dick as He died screaming under me. He gave me strength and power as I consumed his life. I blinked and it was the king there. He took my shirt and tore it open. "I love you so my queen." I smiled and kissed the love of my life. He slid into me and began to fuck me. Malia walked down the stairs and I woke with a gasp.

Covered in sweat. Black had gone in the bathroom but I had fallen back to sleep. The King was going to break me. I couldn't let him have my Daughter. I got up and ran downstairs. Anubis was at the bottom. "Your eyes." I felt my heart speed and I stepped back, closing my eyes. I took a deep breath to calm down and felt them return to normal. "I know what happened. I am not happy about it but I understand." He didn't listen to me. "He's in your head isn't he?" he reached for my cheek and I slapped his hand away.

I dreaded the thought of my dream coming true. "Don't touch me. I don't want to hurt you." "If anyone can fight his mind control it's you." He didn't seem concerned about me hurting him but I can't say I expected him to. I shook my head. "He isn't only in my mind. He's in my heart, Anubis. And that is much worse." He let me pass and I went into the kitchen.

After boiling some water and getting out some tea and cups I began to look through the potion options in the cabinet. I found one for anxiety and drank it. I began to calm down immediately as a comforting rush of warmth went through me.

Anubis stood behind me. "The council will be coming soon. They're going to kill her." I faced him and put a bunch of potions on The island counter. "You have go take her away from here. I will deal with them." "You mean to stay behind?" I nodded. "What do you think will happen if I don't? They will locate her quickly. So you will need to make her leave." I handed him a potion.

"They won't be able to find her if she takes this. Unless she uses her power. Even then she should have time. Give this to her once you are away from here." He took it and slid it into his pocket. "And what of the King?" I shook my head. "I plan to be out of here long before he arrives." There was a knock on the door. I went to answer but Anubis did it for me. A young Native American man stood there. He was very handsome. I knew he was one of Malia's.

This one has such a kind expression. And his eyes were a bright shade of teal. I let him in. "This is Keme." Anubis said to me. The young man bowed his head."It is an honor to meet you." I didn't like that but I acknowledged him still.

The Egyptian hellhound turned his attention to Keme. "I'm shocked it took you this long." He smiled softly. "The demonic activity has gone off the charts. There are demons wondering around. Named demons. So I got a hold of one in attempts to figure out how they are crossing over, plans and all that." He sat across from me on the sofa. "One of them told me about a weakened veil between our worlds. A prince named Belial interrupted the conversation." The mention of his name made me tense.

Our attention went to Malia as she came down the stairs.


As soon as she was unconscious Anubis picked her up. "She's going to have a fit when she wakes up." I warned. "I'll deal with it." He replied smoothly as he looked down to Malia. Dip spoke,"I am going to stay with you, Keme will keep Anubis from getting out of line.besides he's always been good at calming her down." "She's not the same as she was before." Keme looked from Dip to me. "She's got the same spirit and will but she's made herself near mortal.

That means wild emotions and all." "It will be fine." Black added with concern. "Find Cerberus. She should have been here already." Keme and Anubis left with my daughter and I managed not to start crying until they had been gone for a few minutes. I went to my room to change my clothes and grab some weapons. I had already changed into black pants and a white long sleeved button up shirt when Dip entered into the room.

I was loading my revolving pistol with different bullets. Silver, Iron, 2 Holy Water soaked elderwood wood, and two normal bullets. "She took 5 years years to fully mature to age 20. You're 22 now so The King for a hold of you when you were 17." Dip said as he watched me put on a double holster.

I had already set my second pistol with the same bullets. I tried not I think about it too much and just nodded. "Yes. He found me when I was 17." "You managed to become a successful woman before he even got to you." "I learned quick from my own upbringing." "How did it happen?

Did you dream of him first?" I strapped a sheath on my angle and slid in the enchanted athame. His interest was a little strong for my comfort. I Dreamt of him almost every night up until i met him. "Why do you want to know that?" "He helped make me into the monster I am now.

I want to know how he made you." I felt him at my back. I drew the athame and turned quickly with the tip of the blade pressed lightly to his jugular. "He did a lot of fucked up Shit." I said with anger. He looked into my eyes and he smiled.

"You love him, don't you?" "You and I aren't on that level. You don't get to ask me about those things." I pressed a little harder on the blade. "That won't kill me." I nodded in a agreement. "No.But It will hurt like hell. I mean that in every sense of the word. We've both felt that pain. Stay out of my lane or I'll remind you what it feels like to go back. Even if it's only for a short time." He rose his hands and stepped away with a smile then looked behind me.

"Black you're quite the watch dog. If I didn't know better I would say you have a thing for mama bear." He didn't deny it. "All the more reason to protect her even if it's from you. But she seems to be doing well with that on her own." "Yes, she is. What would Malia think of she knew you had a crush on her own mother?" Dip lowered his hands as he got out of reach. "She has never restricted us like that. I love her and I will always be loyal. It is not my motives that are in question here though." Black entered the room and stopped halfway.

He looked out the window. "I believe your Council is here." I went downstairs and opened the door. There was three of gen on the lawn. My elder Fae cousin Raylin. She looked like Charlize Theron in a white and blue suit. Her hair was in a bun. She was hundreds of years old and appeared to be in her late 30s. The other two men were the Elder twins. They were Elvin princes who looked like Daniel Craig. One with white eyes and the other had grey. "Hello cousin." Raylin said in a tone that made it clear that she didn't want to be here.

Her attention went to Dip and Black as they stood on each side of me. She focused on them for a moment and her golden eyes widened. "Hellhounds. In all my years I've never had the pleasure. Or misfortune." "Leave and you won't have to worry bout either." Dip offered. "Your daughter while amazing and special cannot be allowed to live. It's too dangerous." she said regretfully. "Raylin." They're job was to keep the really big and bad monsters from the planet.

They had no idea. They couldn't stop it. They had been here for a long time and no group of high profile creatures were going to stop them. "You know I won't give her to you. And I won't let you kill her." The twins stepped forward and Dip smiled. "Elder Elves. Now that I must taste of." One of the twins formed a magical whip and the other pulled a magical sword. Black went at the man with the sword. Moving with ease to dodge each slash.

They we're moving so fast. I heard the cracking of the whip and saw Dip and the other brother fighting. Raylin appeared in front of me and I rose a hand to use my magic. She struck me so hard I flew into the side of my house. I cried out as I hit the wall. I fell to my hands and knees and groaned as pain shot through my body. "Don't make me do this cousin." Raylin said softly. I looked up and aw her aura like a light on a dark night.

She lit the whole street up. No one would see us though. No one would notice anything going on. She was far stronger than me. I drew my blade as she appeared over me and cut across her side. I didn't want to kill her. And she didn't want to kill me. The difference between us is that she would actually kill me. Even though she didn't want to.

Duty over right and wrong. Duty over family. I dodged her first swing and slashed her other side as I moved passed her. She grabbed my wrist as passed and disarmed me.

Then struck me across the face onto the ground. I tasted blood as my face went numb.