Cojiendo A Mi Novia Su Primera Vez

Cojiendo A Mi Novia Su Primera Vez
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10 Billion Dollar Blowjob Ch 3 Original story by Lisa. Frankel retired due to illness, and Lisa wrote a few stories herself.

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She based her character on the girl in this story; her real name was not Lisa. I have more on Lisa in the first paragraph of "The Necromancer and Lisa".

Lisa was full of ideas. If it hadn't been for her I probably would have just sat around for a year getting unlimited blowjobs from 18 year old cheerleaders until I picked one to give the 10 billion dollar prize money to and then sadly returned to my pathetic old life with nothing but a year of memories to jerk off too.

But she had agreed to let me keep all but a few million dollars of Mr Potter's money and was giving me the best damn blowjobs I had ever had. "I don't know what I did to deserve you," I said to her as she swallowed yet another load of my cum. "I'm not doing any of this for you," she said bluntly as she tucked her tits back into her shirt.

"This is all about revenge." Lisa had had a bad time at the hands of other women her whole life. They had been jealous of her natural beauty and sexual talents and had bullied and isolated her until she could stand it no more. When she heard about the 10 billion dollars on offer she knew there would be no end of women seeking the prize and she saw it as her opportunity to be avenged on all womankind by doing a secret deal with me.

"All those women have no chance of getting that money," she said.


"But they don't know that. I find it so delicious I could scream." We were on my front verandah and I could see the first girl of the day waiting impatiently by my front gate as Lisa got off her knees and sat beside me. "Another schoolgirl," I said looking at the file my agency had sent me on her. "Turned 18 yesterday," said Lisa reading over my shoulder. "I bet this is her first blowjob ever. She can't really expect to win." "They should teach fellatio at school," I said jokingly.

"To give these poor girls a chance." Lisa laughed and then stopped suddenly. "My God, why didn't I think of that before?" she said. "Blowjob school. We should do that. A school where these 18 year olds can learn how to do it before they come here. I feel ashamed of some of them watching them on you." "You could be their teacher," I said. "Oh how brilliant," Lisa said. "I could wear a strap on and facefuck them until they knew how to do it for real.

They'd still be virgins when they came to you but virgins with experience. It's perfect!" "But they'd never do it," I said. "They all think they're experts." "Don't you believe it," said Lisa. "That's bravado. Deep down they are totally insecure about it. Besides we simply tell your agent it is now a prerequisite of any girl who wants to suck your cock that she has to go to the blowjob high school first.

One week's training. My God it's a community service." Once Lisa gets an idea in her head there is no stopping her. She was onto the agent within minutes and by the end of the day had secured the rent to an old closed down high school on the edge of town. Within a week her school was open and over-subscribed with the most beautiful 18 year old girls in the country. "I can't believe it," I said as Lisa blew me before leaving to go to her first day at the school.

"A few months ago I was an unemployed loser and now I have a girlfriend who has set up a high school to train 18 year olds how to blow me so they can compete for 10 billion dollars that they secretly have no chance of winning." Lisa moaned contentedly and the thought of my good fortune was enough to make me cum in her mouth again.

As always she kept sucking until the last drop of cum had left my cock, then swallowed and sat up. "You going to come for the first day?" she asked. "I'd love too," I said. I had a 8 a.m appointment with a 19 year old nurse who was waiting for me at the front gate as we left the house. That nurse was something else. If it hadn't been for Lisa she may have had a real shot at the money.


Fantastic set of natural tits and deep blue eyes and blonde hair. "Come with us," I said taking her by the hair and dragging her to the car. "You can suck me in the car." Lisa got in the driver's seat and I sat in the front passenger's seat with the nurse cramped up on her knees at my feet sucking my cock as we drove.

I had my fingers wrapped tightly in her hair and slammed her head up and down on my cock as we drove. "How many girls in the school?" I asked Lisa.

"97," said Lisa. "Take it deeper bitch," she added to the nurse.

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"He likes to feel it in the back of your throat." The nurse gagged as Lisa reached over and helped me force her head down until her nose was buried in my pubic hair. We held her head down there until we reached the school. I delicately got out of the car, dragging the reluctant nurse along with me, her head still bobbing up and down on my cock as we walked through the school grounds.

There were schoolgirls everywhere outside, all dressed in the tight white shirt and red and blue checked skirt that Lisa had decided on as a uniform. It was a fairly typical school uniform except for the handcuffs that kept their hands tied behind their backs at all times.

"No hands, no cum dodging," was actually the school logo. The nurse and I followed Lisa into the school building and the main assembly hall. I had the nurse kneel in front of me as the school bell rang for the start of the school day. The girls filed in until the room was filled with the sexiest 18 year old handcuffed schoolgirls I had ever seen. Lisa stood at the front of the hall and told them all to kneel which they did.

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The sight was too much for me and I cried out as an intense orgasm ripped through my body and I came in the nurse's mouth, my hands forcing her head down until she had swallowed every drop of cum. "Good morning, girls," said Lisa.

The nurse stood up. "How did I go?" she asked, but I ignored her question and moved forward to the first line of girls. It was like looking at a display of the world's finest breasts.


The girl at the end of the line looked up at me nervously as I undid her shirt and pulled her tits out into the light. They were just perfect, so perfect I had to squeeze and then suck them as the girl tried to listen to Lisa's opening address.

"As you can see," Lisa said. "While you are a student at this school your body will belong to him. You shall know him by no other name than Sir and you shall know me only as Madam.

If you follow all instructions and listen to what we have to say, by the end of the week you will have learnt how to give a blowjob and will be well placed to win the 10 billion dollars." I couldn't go past this first girl.

She was just too perfect with big dark eyes and black hair tied up in a ponytail. The nurse hadn't made it out of the hall yet and I was already desperate for my next blowjob. "Do you understand?" Lisa asked the girls. The girl went to say "Yes, Madam," with all the others but didn't get past "Yes," before my cock was buried in her mouth.

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She looked up at me unhappily as I gripped her ponytail and forced my cock into the inside of her left cheek, causing it to bulge out in the shape of my cock. "Sir has decided to give you a free demonstration of how he enjoys his blowjobs," Lisa said. "I suggest you all pay close attention." The girl went bright red as every eye in the hall became trained in on her as I relentlessly pounded her mouth with my overworked cock.

Try as she might she didn't have enough experience to keep from gagging as my cock moved from her cheek to the back of her throat, her big dark eyes on me the whole time. "Now," said Lisa coming over. "This girl has some very good tits but is failing to make effective use of them.

Sir finds it very stimulating to see some movement in a woman's breasts while he fucks her face. If she were to slightly rock her body in time with his thrusts she could create a level of bounce in her breasts that would add to Sir's enjoyment." And Lisa began to rock the girl's body slightly for her and sure enough her tits began to bounce in perfect rhythm with my thrusts. I felt another orgasm build and the girl winced as cum burst out of my cock into her mouth.

"Swallow it!" Lisa ordered, sensing the girl was about to spit, and with an enormous effort the girl managed to swallow my cum.

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"Not bad for a first go," said Lisa. "Though I am sure Sir would have every reason to feel offended by the distaste she demonstrated for his cum. Unless that is rectified you will never win the money." And so the school day began. I have to admit I have no idea how Lisa did it. She had this whole school planned and up and running in only one week. I had decided that Lisa was right, I was a little pissed off with the look of distaste in that girl's face when she swallowed my cum so I followed her to her classroom.

There were five lessons a day, each taken by a specialist porn star teacher we had agreed to pay ten million dollars at the end of the competition. They were some of the hottest female porn stars in the business who'd all been smart enough to know there were easier ways to make money than chasing it in a contest. They would teach the girls in: Deepthroating Swallowing Ball licking Roleplay Titfucking As the girls were to live on site for the week, the end of the day wasn't actually hometime.

This was what Lisa called The Open Range where the girls were free to move about the site but were there to be used by either me or her as we saw fit. They were to sleep in three to a room dorms to which we had the keys and any time I felt the need I could take them as I saw fit.

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The real beauty of all this was that any one of them could walk away whenever they wanted. It wasn't rape because they could all say no. But with 10 billion dollars as bait we never lost a girl.

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On that first morning I walked behind my new favourite girl (besides Lisa who I loved deeply) and fondled her soft breasts as we walked. We sat down in a classroom and the teacher (who has to remain nameless for legal reasons) came into the room wearing a dildo strapped to her waist like a cock. She was so hot and the girl's tits in my hands so fine that I was hard again already.

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I sat at a desk and directed the poor girl's beautiful face back down onto my growing cock. "I see some of us have started early," the teacher smiled, looking at the head bobbing up and down in my lap. A blonde girl beside me shifted uncomfortably in her seat as I opened her shirt and pulled out her tits.

The girl sucking my cock had already improved greatly and was rapidly flicking her tongue around my dick as I forced her head up and down. It was without doubt the sexiest moment in my life to that point having my cock sucked by a beautiful teenage brunette, while playing with a blonde's tits and, after a brief introductory talk, watching one of my favourite porn stars facefuck an 18 year old girl with a giant dildo.

In fact each girl had a dildo so all around me girls were learning new oral skills - all in preparation for the day they could blow me. It was the most perfect moment in my life and I cried out in praise of Lisa as I came in the girl's bobbing mouth again.

Little did I know that things were about to get even better.