Comendo a novinha crente em casa

Comendo a novinha crente em casa
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I heard the bell ringing. I knew that the boat would be here in a half hour or so. I noted my bank balance on the computer, our only outside contact with the world. Double checking the recent deposits totaling well over $135,000 dollars silently cursing to myself, that we were not charging enough. As it would barely cover our monthly expenses.

But, it had been a slow month for sales, vowing that next month I must raise our sales price to increase our profits. My business depended on keeping all my partners contented.

Leaving the office, I walked outside heading for the dock. I noticed that the workers in the hemp fields were diligently harvesting the plants. When one of the workers broke a plant, the crew chief was instantly chastising the older woman. Reminding her that survival depended on her not damaging the crops. Our ropes made of our hemp were famous for their, strengths and durability. Breaking plants means shorter fibers, means weaker overall rope products.

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I smiled as the crew chief fined her by adding an extra hour to her work day. The woman was about 40ish, slightly over weight. I made a mental note to double check our workers diets, I paid our medical staff, premium money to keep everyone here healthy.

Nearing the dock. I noticed that the passenger unloading, was being slowed by some of those not cooperating with the wardens. Let me explain, although the hemp and rope business, was our public profile, and we did well with it. It is a very loose definition of our services, for the lack of a better word. We are and have been, for over 100 years, Pirates.

We have taken our business to a strictly professional level.

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Our victims, are scrutinized long before they ever set to sea. We have various employees in many South Seas ports, relaying information on cruises, nature of cargo, where and when they sail and where they are heading.

Its not random were are very discriminating. I watched as 25 people were unloaded on to the dock. The wardens and thralls as we called them, were quick to line up our victims, brandishing cattle prods, and hand guns.

I hated this part, one person was always chosen as an example, even before unloading to demonstrate our resolve. This time it was a man about 30. A warden demanded he strip off all his clothes, when he protested as the first one almost always does, he is zapped by a cattle prod.

When he is strong enough to stand, he told to strip fast. I see he hesitates, looks at the warden, she draws her pistol and summarily shoots him in the head. Two thralls, quickly take the body to the side of the dock and toss it into the sea. It sounds heartless, but actually it is better for the survivors to understand that disobediences will not be tolerated.

It causes less scaring, and keeps the product worth more on the open market. Is it cruel, yes but what these future slaves do not know, is that all the passengers on their ship, who were not taken off, were summarily sunk with the ship. Dead men tell no tales. I notice that there are three males in their teens, they are pushed forward, and told to strip.

All three quickly obey. Our warden directs her thralls to put wooden bars behind their backs and to tie their arms, in front after being wrapped around the bars. Once secured, they are tied together and lead off to the male training center. The rest are females, I was happy to note that there were 12 who were younger than 13. Three were in their 30's and 5 somewhere in their twenties. Christie, out top warden, demanded that they all disrobe, they quickly did, the younger ones hesitating were helped by the thralls.

They were lined up and told to stand with their hands by their sides, some of the shyer ones were trying to cover their breasts or vaginas. The thralls held this wooden strips, they went down the line hitting hands and demanding that they hold them to their sides.

This was quickly done. I must admit this it what I liked best. 17 naked females standing in the sun, waiting for inspection, and classification. One of the twenty year olds had a clean shaven vagina. I always made these type first. The thralls are well trained. They know what to do without telling them. I stepped in front of this girl and told her to spread her legs, when she hesitated, a thrall quickly slapped her across both breasts with her stick.

The thrall repeated spread your legs while hitting her a second time, she screamed, but moved her legs apart. Now for the speech. It was always the same. I stepped back, "Ladies you have been chosen to join us on our island. As long as you follow your orders, your life from now on will be a life of luxury. Those of you who defy us, will be severely taught, that obeying is the only way you will survive. From now on you will not be allowed to have clothes, you will be naked, until you earn the privilege of wearing clothing.

Until that time, you will assume this position, (pointing at my twenty year old) when ever you are spoken to. Hand at your sides, with your feet spread at shoulder width.

When ever someone, A warden or a thrall wants to put their hands on you and touch you anywhere you will let them. You will be classified as to your usefulness to us. To demonstrate I step forward and put my hand on the twenty years olds vagina, squeezing her hard.

As she flinches, the thrall quickly slaps her again with the stick on her ass, Stand still she says, and straighten up, the girl wills herself still. As I move my finger into her vagina, I notice she bites her lip, Good I thought to myself this one will be first.

I motion to a thrall and she quickly steps forward and cuffs the girls hands together. The chain between the cuffs is 24 inches long allowing the girl to keep her hands at her sides.

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I motion and a thrall pushes another of the twenty something's forward. Her hands' are cuffed and a three foot chain is attached to the first girls cuffs, linking them together. I tell the second a girl who is a brunette, your vagina will be clean shaven, and you will learn to keep it that way.

The brunette says "who the fuck are you, and why do you think you will get away with this." The nearest thrall hits her with her stick across he bare breasts, and tells her you will only speak when asked a question.

The girl screams and the thrall applies two more powerful swats to her breasts. I tell all the women, from now on you all will be attached to another woman. What one woman does will affect you both. I tell Christie take these two to the fields and put them on the racks. Christie grabs the lead chain and pulls the two girls forward, their bare feet on the hot dock make them skip and jump, their bare breasts bounce ,as they walk away… The thralls are now hard at work.

Each girl is fitted with cuffs, and chained to another girl. Most of the young girls are crying, I tell another warden Angelique. Take them to the nursery. I'm left with 6 women, standing on the dock, four of the woman bodies are definitely out of shape, two are overweight, and their breasts are sagging.

Two have breasts that are not a firm as we like, also they sway to the side, this will be corrected. To these four I tell them, On this Island, you will be given one chance, to get your bodies into shape. Here we value a person's ability to improve their appearance and sexual talents, If you are not able to do improve,, well you have seen how we dispose of those who are of no value, pointing to the sea.

Where a couple of sharks drawn to the blood, were fighting over the remains of the first man. You will learn to take care of your bodies… you will exercise and learn to eat correctly, any physical defects will be corrected… one of your new abilities will be to be able to please any man to their fullest desire. If you choose not to do these things with your whole heart, you are of no use to us…You will now be taken to baths, and meals any disobedience will be severely dealt with.

The four are led away to the baths first then on to the training compound. I'm left with two twentyish girls. Both who were shaking and very nervous. You two will be given a chance to be surrogates to the younger girls, this is a great honor for new girls, you will become their mothers and learn to help them with all their problems and duties, I tell a thrall to take them to the baths and then the nursery.

The baths are where we process all new females. Except those for the racks. Here all the women are at first transformed. The younger girls are first they are all washed. They are chained by twos. Then they are given their hair cuts. All the younger girls are given military style hair cuts. Short only about ¼ inch of their hair is left. Looking and acting the same is an old mental ploy. When one girl is told to do something it is important, that the others identify with the 1st girl, obedience is drummed into them.

from the first day. Each girl is inspected, teeth, eyes, ears, nose, throat, no diseases are allowed. Their chests, waists, and hips are measured and recorded.

Vaginas are inspected also very closely. They must learn that people will put their hands on them anywhere. The young girls squeal and cry, but their legs are held open while another thrall put her fingers into the child vagina. This sexual inspection will be given to them everyday, so that soon they will expect to be fingered and allow it without too much complaint.

The idea is to get them to want to be inspected, as the thralls actually simulate them. The thralls are well trained, these girls are not to have orgasms, just yet.


The older women are next, the same is done to them all. there are more thralls as some most always resist. But added to their routine is when they are given hair cuts their heads are completely shaves smooth.

This is an easy way to discriminate the girls as to how long they have been here. None will leave until their hair has grown out. By that time they will have learned to obey any order. Their vaginas are also shaved, no woman on the island has pubic hairs. Not the wardens, thralls, worker breeders, mentors, or slaves. All women are at first designated as slaves.

They must earn any other designation. Here they are also drugged for their first time.


The drugs are a mild hallucinogenic mixed with a watered down cocaine solution. The girls will learn to crave this light mixture. Troublesome girls who never learn will eventually become addicts, to pure heroin. These will be sold at a loss, even the worlds worst brothels need fresh meat. Each girl is strapped in a chair with stirrups, Their arms are tied down and legs secured to the stirrups. It has been one of my many pleasures to watch these naked women scream and squirm.

Any reluctance by a woman is quickly rewarded with a thin wooden paddle 2" wide, with a hard slap to her vagina. The object of this first torture is to hit her vagina enough times as to make her so sore that she will not put her legs tightly together for many days. Each woman's nipples are then pierced, screaming and crying is not allowed, vaginas are slapped with the paddle many times.

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Most learn to grit their teeth to stop the screams, some don't. Next dildos are inserted and the thralls working them are experts, We need to know how long it takes for each woman to cum.

The first time all fight trying not to give in to what will be their only pleasure for months to come. But, they all cum eventually.

Pleasure and pain are our staples here. Then after a woman has cummed, the expert thralls quickly pierce one of their vaginas lips, the pain is started again. This pain and pleasure technique will be repeated many ties with them, both physically and mentally.

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Running this 26 square mile complex is a full time job. My next step is the men's quarters. These are the true pirates. They are the backbone of this operation, their rewards are very generous. The men's barracks are the most expensive building on the island.

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It includes four spa's, game rooms. There is an indoor pool, and sauna. The exercise room is fully equipped to handle, thirty men at a time. Exercise is mandatory, all men are required to be in top physical condition. The one true aspect of a mans training is to instill total ruthlessness.

Their job requires them to kill or be killed, and they must learn to do it without mercy. One of the men's perk's, is that they are allowed to have sex with any woman anywhere on the island, at any time they choose. Outside of their barracks are "The Racks". Punishment or training on the racks is brutal.

I watch as the three teen boys, whose hands are tied around a bar that goes behind their backs. The bars lock into two metal poles. Each teen boy is positioned slightly bent over with their legs staked three feet apart. Naked and with their penis's hanging down. All women workers are required, when passing the racks, to suck one of the boys penis's until he cums.

As they walk to and from the fields, we have learned that the average teen will cum about 15 times a day with this treatment.


It may sound like fun for the boys but their penis's will soon be sore and the pain will become unbearable. While a woman sucks one of the boys, a thrall with a dildo, will fuck his ass at the same time.

After two or three weeks in the racks these young men's bodies will be accustomed to cumming almost immediately.

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At the moment no new pirates are needed, these boys will become she-males, there is real money made off of them The two women from the boat are tied to "X" racks. With their arms above their heads, and their legs spread wide open. The thirty male pirates, are required to fuck these women at least twice a day. The X rack pivots, at the cross beam. So a woman's mouth and ass can be fucked with ease. This punishment, although extreme produces women who will learn to obey sexual orders immediately, The minimum time on the racks is one week.

When a woman, does not respond to this punishment, A train will happen, this is when all the men and the female thralls, with strap-on dildo's, take turns fucking all their holes until they are unconscious. This will happen at least three or four times a day, for a solid week. Once in a while a woman dies because of this, and she will make the sharks a fine meal. THERE IS MUCH MORE TO THIS STORY If SOME OF YOU WANT IT. THE MOST INTERESTING AND EROTIC PARTS HAVE YET TO BE TOLD. THE NURSERY, MESSHALL, AND BREEDERS PENS, ARE EXTREMELY LONG.