Cfnm sluts have a blast using toys

Cfnm sluts have a blast using toys
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I woke up, not sure where I am. At first, I wasn't even sure who I was. But that came back to me before long, I was Jessica Thorton-Pierce, 19-year-old heiress to the Thorton-Pierce family, and the last thing I remember was. sipping that drink while looking into that Russian exchange student's eyes. The realization that I was drugged comes with the realization that I couldn't move, tied hand and foot to a chair but otherwise naked.

I wasn't wearing a blindfold, but the room was too dark to see around in.

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I could have been anywhere and I was all alone. I'd like to say I was strong, that I sat up straight and worked on an escape plan, but instead I broke down in tears.

I don't know how long I was there, but it felt like forever at the time. Eventually the door opened behind me and the lights turned on, blinding me.

There was a thunk in front of me, and when my vision cleared a man was sitting there. He was shirtless and well-muscled, with dark blue eyes and brown hair, but after I noticed the knife in his hand I had trouble watching anything else.

"Do you know why we've taken you?" He spoke in a Russian accent, but I could make out his words. "No. no, why did you kidnap me? Let me go, I didn't do anything!" There was a man sitting in front of me with a knife in his hand and I was terrified. "Don't worry, little one. We're a very honorable sort of criminals. Once your parents pay the ransom, you'll be a free little lass.

Of course you'll have to stay here until they pay, and I'm afraid my job is to provide your parents with a good reason to pay. Smile for the camera." He reached above him and opened a slat in the otherwise stark concrete wall, revealing a camera behind some glass. He knelt down behind me and put his head next to mine, making us both pose for the camera. He put his knife to my skin and started to lightly play with it on my flesh. I froze, trying to keep all my blood inside my body.

The knife slid down to where my hands were bound and it rested at the base of a finger. "Little one, do you know how sometimes a finger will be cut off and sent to the family to prove a point?" I closed my eyes and braced myself, sure he was going to cut me. Instead, the knife cut upwards, cutting the rope that tied my hands to the chair, leaving them tied together.

He grabbed them and roughly pushed me off the chair, letting me crash to the ground, my feet still tied to the chair. A hand grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, making me look at the camera again.

"We don't do that. We fuck our little girl victims until they scream, and that sends a plenty fine message to the families. The best part is, we don't run out of fuckings like they run out of fingers. Today, you're lucky.


We'll start you off with something simple. You're going to suck my cock, then I'm going to cum on your face, and then you're going to drink my cum for the camera. And don't think about biting my dick. I'm not allowed to kill you. but I'm allowed to make your screams of pain so loud your parents will hear you from here without a camera.

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You got all that you fucking little cunt?" I started crying again, and my assailant used the opportunity to shove his fingers in my mouth and force it open all the way. He pushed me around until I was in profile for the camera and he dropped his pants. Out sprang a cock that looked dangerously large. Without ceremony, he shoved that cock into my mouth and started pleasuring himself with my mouth.

I closed my eyes and cried silently, the tears rolling down my face around the cock violating my mouth. He pulled out, and started rubbing his cock on my face, collecting tears on it, before he shoved it back into my mouth. I felt his hands grab my head and start pushing, then his cock pressed on the back of my mouth, making me gag on his cock. He just kept pushing however, and eventually he popped into my throat with a grunt. He forced his his forward until my nose was in his prickly pube hairs, then he just contentedly waited.

I couldn't breathe, but I didn't have enough air to struggle, so I just looked up at him, panic consuming my mind as the world started to fade to black. I woke up to my assailant slapping me with his dick and shaking my head by my hair.


He made me look at the camera again before pulling me onto his cock again. This time he held my hair and used my head to fuck his cock, shoving it all the way into my throat then all the way out, forcing me to try to do all my breathing in the short moments when his cock wasn't occupying my throat. It didn't work and the world began to darken again.

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This time he pulled out in time to keep me awake and contended himself with cockslapping my throat as I gasped for air, coughing from the rough strikes to my slender neck. He grabbed my chest just under my arms and picked me up, holding me facing the ceiling.

My mouth was placed in front of his cock and I knew enough to wrap my lips around it and let him thrust my body towards him, shoving his cock back into my mouth. My nose nestled in his balls and I could smell his virility while he thrust into me. I became aware that he was walking around the room, rotating me for the camera no doubt. One hand moved from my back to my head and the other went to his dick, letting most of my weight collapse to the ground.

I groaned as he jerked off his cock above me, knowing he was about to cum. When his hips jerked and his hand stopped at the base of his shaft, the white cum started pouring out of his cock.

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It didn't so much shoot on me as it did pour down from his cock onto my face. I'd never seen so much cum from one man before. He started to aim his cock and he poured it onto my forehead and worked down my face, coating my eyes, covering my nose, and letting cum fill up my mouth until I had to swallow a mouthful. He grabbed my face and held it upwards, with a barked command to drink. Too terrified to argue, I started licking my own face as best I could, catching it as it dribbled down my face.

Eventually I was able to open my eyes and I came face-to-face with the camera that had been filming me.

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I jumped and just then a moist towel was clamped onto my face and darkness fell again. I woke up some hours later, tied to the chair again and this time, my room was lit and there was a television in front of me.

My Russian was sitting next to it, waiting for me to wake up. Now that I had awoken, he grinned slightly. "I hope you slept well, little one. Now, I have a special gift for you.


Your parents just received this video, along with a note we wrote detailing our demands. If they are smart, you will be gone tomorrow. If not, then I guess I get to enjoy a little pussy, yes? Anyway, let us watch." He turned on the television and to my horror I was watching a full-color recording of my earlier fucking. My Russian was darkened out tastefully, so he wasn't recognizable.

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Subtitles played on the bottom of the screen, no doubt to scare my parents more. His cock looked even bigger on the screen than it did in real life, and a subtitle indicated it was ten inches long, meaning most pussies can't fit all of it.

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When I passed out on the video, a subtitle showed pointing this fact out, and mentioned how easy it would have been for my Russian to kill me right then. When he just pulled out and started cockslapping it seemed a great mercy.

As I woke up my face was turned to the camera to make it clear that I was in fact still living. His orgasm scene and my drinking the cum was left without comment and I will too.

He left me there, and turned off the lights, but left the TV on, and the video started to repeat.

I must have fallen asleep, because he woke me up some time later by grabbing my hair and pulling my head back to look up at him. He grinned. "Start getting wet, little one. Your parents did not pay today."