Wsw hooker drains my knob and balls

Wsw hooker drains my knob and balls
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We sat in church listening to a sermon on the bonds of family, both Momma and I wearing sunglasses and feeling rather ragged. We were both suffering hangovers, but the nature of our hangovers were very much different. Whilst Momma's head was pounding after along hard night of drinking; my body was aching from a long hard night of being pounded. Sitting in the pew I couldn't believe I was no longer a virgin!

The last 24 hours had been very intense and I felt as if they were happening to someone else. I had always planned on saving myself for marriage, but I admitted to myself I loved what had happened and I wanted more and more sex.

It was hardly this secret ritual between married couples that the church had taught me. It was hotraw sex, oure fucking and I wanted to do it again. But not today, I was way too sore from last night when Bill and Denny had deflowered me, both my pussy and my ass. I was also sated, for the first time in the last couple days I wasn't feverish around Momma. I finally had gotten a taste of her as well in last night's debauchery; albeit she was drunk and obviously didn't remember what had happened.

I had my cake and ate her too. The rest of the day was quiet, we had brunch, and hung out a bit. The trailer was very quiet that day as we both recovered on our own way. I don't think we spoke more then a dozen sentences to each other the entire day, Momma and I were very comfortable in this silence. It was rather nice. Heck, we both hit the sack early and I had the first good nights sleep in what I thought was ages.


Monday morning came and I had survived the weekend, I had even managed to recover from my sexual ordeal for the most part. But my ass was still rather tender from the two big black cocks that pounded the hell out of it. And I woke up horny, it was only Monday though and I doubted Momma was going to bring home some men for me to sneakily on the side. I suppose I would have to settle for masturbation. I woke up and diddled myself for an hour or two before eventually getting out of my room and facing the world, but Momma was already gone.

There was a note on the kitchen table from her, in it she wrote that she was going into the city today to get some stuff for her boss and to pick up the special order bra's for me. This was very good news for me, I was tired of having to tape my boobs down with gauze to give them support, or having to wear bras whose cups were far too small for me. You see, I am a busty woman, always have been. I started blossoming when I was 12 and it seemed they grew huger every day.

At 16 I was already a 32F. Yes, you read that right.32 F. Tiny body, huge comic book sized breasts. Fortunately for me, they never got any bigger as I grew older. Except when I was pregnant with the twins. The constant backaches and underwires digging into me were a daily nightmare .but hopefully with the new bras it would be a thing of the past.

That left the entire day to myselfbut there was only so much cleaning and watching TV one could do before getting completely bored. So I decided to sit out on our little deck and read a book.

I had just settled into reading Wuthering Heights when the next step of my journey boldly announced itself. Yelling and screaming erupted in the trailer across the road from us, it was bit ramshackle in comparison to ours, with a Confederate flag decorating the side. The voices were a man and a younger feminine voice screaming at each other.

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This wasn't entirely new, I had heard them yelling before. Mainly the man calling the younger voice a slut, the younger feminine voice calling him a fat drunk lazy prick. This time was no different.

Except this time, the door burst open and the bearer of the younger feminine voice came stomping out. She was easily my age and very pretty.

Flaming red hair, pale skin dotted with freckle with almost a tomboyish figure. He hair was in pigtails and she wore daisy duke denim shorts, a tied off top and was wearing what would be called " shit-kicker" boots. " Fuck you, you inbred pig, I'll see who I want, when I want!!! She cursed over her shoulder She went to the couple steps that led off their little deck and sat down on it. She fished a pack of cigarettes out of her pocket and lit one up. Beside her was a cooler sitting on the deck, she opened it and pulled out a can of beer which she proceeded to take a log swig of.

She then looked up and across the lane at me. " What the hell you looking at Big Tits?, " the redhead said staring at me I was in a bathing suit tanning at the same time, so it was a little hard to conceal what she was talking about.

I closed my book and almost subconscious tried to cover my boobs with them, but you would have needed a road map to cover my bust. I looked over my sunglasses and said meekly if politely, " I'm sorry, was just seeing if you were okay." She took a drag off her smoke and said" Yeah, I'm fine&hellip.thanks" The redhead said "thanks" almost as if she wasn't used to saying very often, or at least earnestly. We sat there silently for a momentthen the redhead took a swig off the beer can.

I suppose my concerns about being trailer park trash were somewhat overblown, if there was trailer park trash, it was staring at me. " You're the new girl here, living with Dee, right?"the redhead asked "Yes, my name is Charity, Charity Jones, pleased to meet you." I said politely again The redhead smiled at this as if there was a laugh behind the lips. She was rather pretty when she smiled I thought. " Faith, Faith O'Reilly, guess I'm pleased to meet you too," the redhead introduced herself enunciating the * pleased to meet you* distinctly as if trying to caricaturize it.

With that, Faith grabbed the cooler and walked over plain as day to our deck and sat down in the deck chair next my beach lounger. She sat down and extended her hand to me. I took her hand and we shook politely. Close up Faith was rather attractive, with cute freckles along her nose and the most brilliantly sparkling green eyes I had ever seen.

She ahd a girlish figure after all, she was just rather toned and smaller busted then myself. Faith obviously kept herself working hard, yet her hands were very soft.and firm. "So, you're Dee's kid, must be fucked up finding your long lost mother and shit", she asked Clearly Faith wasn't one for pulling punches. Crass as she was, I knew right away the I liked her. " It definitely is weird, I'm still trying to adjust."I answered right back "Yeah, if my Mom ever came back and took me away, I don't know…," Faith trailed off looking blankly at her home across the lane, " fuck it." We sat there in an awkward silence for awhile, Faith took a swig of her beer and emptied it and reached into the cooler and pulled out another.

She offered me one, but I politely shook my head. " No thank you, I have my iced tea", I demurred " Iced tea? Oh come on, don't be a pussy, have a beer." Faith was rather insistent and tossed me a can.

I caught it and opened it, a little bit sprayed out on my chest. " Shit, sorry about that" Fait said and fished out a handkerchief from her back pocket and bold as you can be, proceeded to wipe the beer off my boobs. My eyes bugged out and I had to laugh, this gal was certainly bold " Damn you got big titties girl" Fait said putting back her handkerchief, " wish I had a set of jugs like that" Even with the redness in my cheeks I smiled and responded, " They're more trouble then they're worth, back aches, tops that barely fit, etcetera" " Shit girl, but you can get what you want with those boobs, don't underestimate the power of big boobs over the minds of men>" We both laughed and sipped at our beers.


Faith was right, I had seen it growing up with the ditzes at my father's events. The women were usually stupid as dirt, but they could smile and show cleavage and the busty chicks could get whatever they want. I certainly wasn't stupid and I was definitely "bigger" then most of those bimbos, it gave me food for thought We chatted and drank away at our beers and got to know each other a bit better.

While we had big differences we found we had the same sense of humour and we both had fucked up family lives. I obviously didn't tell her about wanting to fuck my Momma, but I told her about my manipulative father's lies and the jail and having to move. In turn Faith told me that her father was a drunk racist pig and her Mother had left him a few years back. We both watched the same soaps and she was really into classical literature herself as well.

Faith pulled out a home rolled cigarette and lit it up and took a deep drag. Faith held the smoke in her lungs and then expelled it.

The smoke was rather pungent with an almost spicy spell to it, she then handed it to me. " What is it?" I asked curious " Mary Jane"Faith said still holding it out " What's Mary Jane?" I asked cautiously taking the 'cigarette'.

" Pot, weed, marijuana" Faith said, " are you saying you never had it before?" " No, " I meekly answered embarrassed at my lack of experience " Try it, it's a good way time to kill time in this shithole." Considering the new experiences of the last few days I didn't even think about twice about taking a puff on the joint.

Instantly I started gagging and coughing.

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It made my eyes water. I couldn't figure out what the huge appeal to this was.

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Faith just laughed and took a drag herself " Just give it a couple minutes" Faith said smiling She was right, it hit me quick. My eyes grew a bit heavy and felt like I was floating just a little bit and everything just felt so good.

Whatever awkwardness I may have had was quickly gone and I felt plain old groovy. " Wow," I said with a stupid smile on my face. " Yeah, its good shit" We sat there for awhile passing the joint back and forth then sipping on our beers. It wasn't a bad way to spend a day I was thinking, Faith did have a good point. I looked at herr and saw her eyes were just as heavily lidded as mind and a bit red.

She had a lovely oval face and her lips were full and ruby red. Like two big cherries. Faith looked back at me and smiled.

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Then Faith leaned over and kissed me. Smack full on the lips. I was startled for a moment and almost pulled back, but suddenly realized I wanted her to kiss me. I wrapped my arm around her neck and pulled her close.

Faith pushed my lips open with her tongue and pushed it deep in my mouth lashing her tongue on mine. We hotly kissed and I pulled Faith even closer into me. That's when Faith toppled over me and since I hadn't let her go we both went toppling over, knocking my lounge chair over in the process.

The beers in our hands quickly decorated us and we collapsed on the deck nearly falling off it. She was on top of me and we just started laughing hysterically and couldn't stop. Faith started kissing me again but I pulled my head away. " We should, like,umm.go inside or something" I tried reasoning in my baked state.

" Good idea" Faith laughed and struggled to her feet pulling me up with her. I led Faith inside knowing full well where this was going. Once inside Faith pulled me close to her and started tonguing my mouth hard, I was all but beginning to melt.

Damn this girl could kiss. She defltly undid my bikini top and I felt her hands go to my breasts. She knew what she wanted and was clearly no stranger. " You stink like beer, lets go have a shower"Faith whispered in my ear. " Uh-huh" was all I could muster as Faiths fingers went straight to my nipples. She pinched my nipples between her thumb and index finger lightly but firmly. It sent a spark through me and shivers down my spine.

Then just as quickly she let go. I motioned towards where the bathroom was and she headed straight there. Once inside the washroom Faith wasted no time getting undressed. She had a lithe body, fit from exercise and pert little breasts. Her skin was a creamy white, I don't know how she managed not getting a tan in this climate though.

Her red hair a s hocking contrast to the rest of her body. She quickly ran the taps as I got undressed too, having no fear of my sexuality since Saturday nights adventure. "Fuck you have a sexy body" Faith said I turned to her and saw her leaning against the shower wall playing with herself. One hand rubbing her clit and the other tugging hard on a nipple. The spray of water made her glisten. I stepped and leaned into Faith to give her a hot kiss.

Faith pulled me in close by my ass gripping both cheeks in her hands as our tongues fought vigorously together. Her nipples were rock hard and pressed into my ample bust. She swiftly gripped by in one hand by the hair and pulled my head back and start kissing and nibbling on my neck.

She was so in control right now and I loved it. Shivers ran through me as she took my body for a spin. She bent her head down and then grabbed one of my heavy breasts and flicked a nipple hard with her tongue.

It sent a jolt through me and I pulled her head in closer. Faith went crazy for my big tits, mauling them sucking hard on my nipplesrubbing her face on them. She even made be laugh when she pushed her head between them in what she later called "motor boarding". Then Faith went down on my body and then went down on me. I gasped as I felt the redheads tongue nestle right into my cleft, her tongue hungrily lapping at my pussy.

Her lips found my clit and begain to suck hard, flicking her tongue around it and over it like chainsaw. I gripped the shower road and began to shake as I came all over Faith's face. I gasped and moaned as my redheaded friend took me to new heights. She then pushed a finger between my folds and deep into me, she twisted and curved her finger and started thrusting in just the right magical spot.I thought the fellas from Saturday were good but Faith was amazing. I eventually came back to reality as Faith made her way back up my body kissing my all over on the way up.

She kissed me hard and then softly. " That was amazing, " I whispered to her " Lets get to bed, I want to see that blonde head between my legs"Faith said We turned off the shower and got out of the tub. Not even bothering to dry off. I led her to my bedroom and she quickly pounced on the bed. Faith pushed all the teddy bears off the bed and lay back on the bed.

She propped up herself up on some pillows and stretched her thighs wide. " Alright Charity, get on this bed and eat my pussy." Music to my ears. I crawled up in the bed and in between Faith's thighs.

Unlike Mom she had a full red bush and I began to understand the appeal of shaving. I kissed the inside of either thigh, feeling her muscles get taught in anticipation and made my to her pussy. The lips were inflamed and Faith subtly grinded her hips towards me. II moved forward and kissed her clit like a long lost lover. " That's nice", Faith sighed I teased with my lips and alternatively flicking her with my tongue.

I lashed her folds with the tip of my tongue and went back to flicking her clit like a cat toy. Faith grunted and groaned under my ministrations. " Suck my clit", Faith told me I listened to her as I was still new to this girl/girl thing and sucked her clit hard between my lips and started slurping at her clit with my tongue as well.

She grunted and bucked and gripped the back of my head and thrust my face into her now sopping pussy. Her juices began overflowing and I found myself having to swallow her juices as they flooded into my mouth. It was hot and sweaty and sticky and juicy. I loved it.

I pushed an index finger into her and could feel her pussy contract around it like a vice, I tried the trick she did on me and curled my finger up and started thrusting it back and forth in and out of her.

Faith began to shake and quiver and her legs tightened " Oh fuck oh fuck cummmmmmming" Faith moaned And did she ever, Faiths legs shot out and I started thrusting my digit harder and hand harder into her. She shookshe groaned, he back arched. Finally she collapsed.

I softly gave her pussy a few more laps and came up and cuddled beside her. Faith stroked my hair and pulled me close. " That was amazingthank you Charity" " You are so welcome, Faith." ----------------------------------------------------- Faith had recovered some weed from her shorts and we were laying on my bed naked sharing a joint, stark naked.

Faith lay behind me and I was between her legs laying against her torso. She kept toying with my breasts, trying to cup them in her hands as we talked.The occasional nipple tweaks were naughty too. " Just so you know, I'm not a dyke", Faith told me matter-of-factly.

" Me either, " I said taking a puff and passing it back " I love pussy, but I really love the cock", she said as if having to defend herself " Who doesn't?" I giggled and handed her the joint.

Faith took a deep drag and ashed off a bit in an empty beer can we were using as an ashtray. " How many guys have you fucked?" she asked " Two", I answered, " how about you?" " Five" another puff and a pass Five? Wow, she was experienced .I felt like I had to say something to impress her, I didn't want her to think I was some backwards kiddy. The things we say or do under peer pressure still make me shake my head, but I was a teen after all.

" Yeah, but my two guys were a threesome" I smirked Faith all but sat up bolt upright, " No fucking way!!" " Yes way" I smugly replied " Losing your cheery in a threesome, totally fucking hot, you lucky bitch." " Thank you… Ow!" She had pinched my nipple for being so cheeky.

" Yeah, but one of my guys was a guy with a big fucking cock" " Both my guys were black guys with huge cocks.and we fucked in my Momma's bed" Faith laughed and then said" Wait a've been here a week and you fucked two guys in your Mom's bed. Shit girl, you are a slut" " Not yet" We both laughed and kissed again and Faith started fondling me and we were about to get busy again, when she broke away and said " I want to fuck you where you got your cherry popped" Bad girl, I thought to myself.

I explained to Faith that Momma always kept her door locked and there was no way in. She got out of bed and told me that she had yet to meet a household lock that she couldn't get past.

I couldn't stop her if I tried. So I followed Faith into the hallway. All Faith did was use a bobby pin from her hair which was still bound in the pig tails and wiggled it around in the lock. Momma's bedroom was dark and lush as before.

The zebra print on the bed. The big TV. This time I looked around and noticed the mirror on the ceiling above the bed and the video camera on a tri-pod facing the bed. " Your Momma has a fuck pad" Faith said bounding onto the bed and almost rolling off the bed as it sloshed under her. I hesitantly joined her on the bed, but Faith was being a nosy little busybody. She told me that you don't get chances like this all the time and found a couple remote controls.

She flicked on the tv and then flicked on the VCR. She even managed to turn on the tape. The last thing being we saw on the tape was seeing Denny walk over to the camera and from what I guessedturning it off.

" Ooooh.looks like we got a show", Faith said rewinding it It took me a couple seconds to realize what Faith was actually rewinding. It was clear that Momma had taped her last fuck sessionbut I was in it! I tried wrestling the controller away from Faith but she kept teasing it, I was getting desperate but after about 20 seconds of rewinding she managed to hit the play button.

" Oh. My. God." Faith clearly announced the words in a state of shock. I glanced at the screen and my worst fears came true. There I was, nestled between Momma's thighs eating her pussy out like a mad woman, Denny and Bill were in the foreground stroking their big black dicks. This was it, my secret was out and I was going to sent to jail or to an asylum. This was horrible.

" That is so fucking hot, shit you and your Mom are sexy bitches" The words didn't make sense, she should have flipped out. I opened my eyes and saw Faith kneeling on the bed watching my sex session with Momma and the boys.

Not only that but my new redhead friend was playing with herself as she watched. " You just love that pussy" she was saying to me transfixed on the screen " You don't think I'm a freak" I meekly asked Faith hugged me close " Hell no, I've been lusting after your Mom for years" We both laughed at this and I felt a weight began to lift off my shoulders, and Faith continued " Besides, you didn't even know she existed till a couple weeks ago, its freaking incestyes, but you hardly know the woman.why not fuck her." We both laughed again and Faith pulled me on to the bed to watch the show.


We propped ourselves up on some pillows and watched the show. Faith stretched an arm between down between my legs, and I did the same to her and we slowly teased each other's pussies and watched my fuck session. Faith really got juicy and wet when Denny and Bill started fucking me again and I felt her shake and cum under my fingers as she watched them fuck me. " Fucklook at those dicks.what I would give for some black dick." I guess I wasn't the only slut in the room.

I looked around to grab my beer, not realizing I hadn't brought it in when I noticed something on a nightstand by the bed.

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It was a big black latex dildo with two ends. I pulled it off the nightstand and rubbed it across Faith's pussy. " A black dick like this?" " Oh fuck yes!, " Faith exclaimed grabbing it from me. It was quite flexible we noticed as it bended a bit when Faith grabbed it and a wicked smile spread across her face.She got up and and straddled me and grabbed the dildo and bent it in a curve and slowly pushed one of the fake cocks heads into her pussy with a groan.

Then she did something naughty. Gripping the base middle of the dildo, she got between our thighs " scissor-style" and pushed the other dildo cockhead into me. Then Faith started pushing the latex dick into me and with every thrust she in turn was also getting her end of the dildo pushing into her wet depths. This was nasty and a lot of fun. She kept a firm grip of the middle of the dildo and another on one my legs for traction.

And she began to " fuck " me with that cock. All the whilst she started talking dirty to me, asking me if I liked fucking her big dick. All I could was moan and make agreement sounds as she really began to have her way with me. So I decided to return that favour. " Don't you love having a big black dick in you, " I moaned back to her. That set her off, I saw Faith shake in her tell-tale way of cumming so I kept it up.

" Ride that big black cock bitch" I hissed up at her. Faith's mouth opened in a noiseless "O" as she came and then fell back on the bed. But this time it was my turn to have my way with her. I pushed her onto her back and started thrusting the dick into her, calling her a white slut that wanted a black cock. This sent her over the edge and I trembled through a few mini-cums myself.

When she started going limp on me I stopped and pulled " our cock" out of her and myself. I straddled her chest and placed the dildo between her my legs and looked down at her. " Suck my cock bitch" I said pushing the latex cock head to her mouth The look on Faith's face was priceless and absolutely obedient as she sucked on the black cock head, licking all of her own pussy juices of the latex length.

When I felt she was done I pulled away and lay down on the bed beside her. " That was intense", Faith sighed nuzzling into my breasts " We should find some guys to fuck together, " I suggested " Totally"Faith agreed. " We're taking this tape so my Momma doesn't find out what I did to her" " She doesn't remember?" " Nope, too fucking drunk" Faith mulled on this for a second then came out and said" You totally have to fuck her" " Yeah, I do, I just don't know how", I answered " You don't know how yet.I'll help " Faith kissed me softly I kissed her softly back then said, " Thank you, I guess I just gotta have faith." End of part 3