Massiven Schwarzen Möpse Zwerg Großen Weißen Brüste

Massiven Schwarzen Möpse Zwerg Großen Weißen Brüste
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I come from an unusually weird family! It's a statement that took me a long time to say. The unusual circumstances started out before I was born. My mother is a proclaimed bi-sexual lesbian. Her lifelong partner was a woman I came to know as Aunt B, the B standing for Becky.

Aunt B was a girl that lived down the street and was never actually my aunt, but it was easier to explain when I was growing up why mom lived with another woman. Mom and Aunt B became friends in the first grade and since then have become lifelong partners. Mom says her love for sex and pussy started near a river behind my grandparent's home in the seventh grade. It was a hot summer day when my aunt and mother were talking about how boys could take their shirts off and girls couldn't.

Getting angry at the fact, mom decided to take hers off and my aunt soon followed. One thing led to another and before the summer was done, the two girls were rarely dressed around each other. The two have always stood by the fact that they have never denounced boys by making a pact if one them was to have sex with a boy the other had to also. It was a pact that they would later regret. During their last year of high school, Aunt B and mother decided to attend a nudist colony for the summer.

Telling their parents it was a cheer leading camp, they took off with very little luggage. At the camp mom met this old man named Charles whom she spent a great deal of time with. As the story goes, mother eventually agreed to have sex with him as long as he would also fuck her friend in reverence of their pact.

Of course Charles agreed and soon the three of them were fucking every day. When the summer was up both mom and my aunt were pregnant. Upon their notification, my grandparents kicked both the pregnant girls out of the house and onto the streets.

With no money and nowhere to go, the two traveled to find the old man (later my dad) and notify him of the pregnancy. As luck would have it dad not only owned the nudist colony but he turned out to be a billionaire making his fortune in oil.

Upon telling him that he was soon to be a father not once but twice, he rejoiced and hugged them both. Feeling relieved mom told my dad the story of how they had no money and nowhere to go. He immediately gave them a 10,000 acre ranch that once had produced oil. In the middle of the property was a tall mountain called Salt Mountain. It was once a salt mine that my dad had converted into luxury condominium apartments. I have always related Salt Mountain to the likes of living in Batman's bat cave.

The inside was a condominium complex of ten units that were fit for a king. Each unit had electricity generated from a collection of solar panels in a field outside so it was very green living. There were glass tubes that went through solid rock providing natural light inside the living quarters and a huge heated indoor pool with a slide that snaked in and out of the rock the mountain provided.

There was little need to heat or air condition the underground palace as the temperature stayed 72 degrees year round. Salt Mountain was a dream cum true for my mom and aunt. The only problem I ever had with where we lived is explaining it to others.

Nobody believes you! After giving mom and my aunt a place to stay, dad gave them more money than they needed because neither one of them worked again. How much money remains a mystery to this day as I have asked a million times and never been given a figure.

He signed over ownership of the property and money to the two pregnant women and asked (dad's nudist ideology's coming forward) that they remain nude while living in the mountain.

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Mom frowned upon this since she wanted a somewhat normal upbringing to her newborn child and the two sides met halfway agreeing to just remain topless at all times while on the ranch. There was another section of their written agreement that was to make mom and my aunt a sexual slave to dad's desires when asked. The details are fuzzy and mom refuses to talk about it.

All she tells me about it is "I'll know when the time comes", whatever that means. With the final details in place, mom and my aunt signed themselves into a life of luxury and gave birth to two healthy children, myself and my step sister Jessica or Jess as she was called by most. Dad who could of walked away and never been seen again became as much a part of our lives as anybody. There was a runway on the back of the property where dad would fly his private jet to and from Salt Mountain when he got a break from working in the oil business.

He was always busy making more money but seemed to make time to see my sister and me. My mom and aunt ran around topless as agreed and if they did have a shirt on their breast were always visible. I remember one shirt my aunt had "Ohio State" written on the front where the two "O's" were cut out for her tits to make their appearance.

I didn't realize how lucky I was to see boobs when I was younger. Mom's breasts were the same size as my aunt's and they were bigger than most women I have ever known.

I never saw mom or my aunt wear a bra much so the size is hard to tell about, all I know is when they ran or walked quickly the massive melons would dance in unison up and down, a mesmerizing act for any normal human male who likes the opposite sex. At the age of five my dad came by one day with a couple of girls who were eight years older than Jess and me.

Their names were Maria and Anna. Dad asked us if it was alright if they were to stay a while. We quickly agreed knowing we would have new playmates to play with.

As time went on, I found out the two girls were twins and actually illegal immigrants from Mexico. Their mother and father were killed trying to cross the border and escape from drug lords they owed money to. When dad found the girls near an oil rig on his property he decided to return them to relatives in Mexico.

As he found out later, the drug dealers had killed much of the girl's relatives since they didn't have the money to pay the debt owed. That's when dad decided to raise them himself with the help of my mom and aunt. It was a family secret keeping Maria and Anna. They hardly ever went anywhere and mom and my aunt home schooled them while Jess and I went to a public school. It was to protect them from being deported back to Mexico where dad was convinced they would be killed by the same people who killed their family.

Maria and Anna were treated differently around our house. At the age of 13 both had a pretty big rack growing on their chest as they were forced to live by dad's topless house rules. Surprisingly when dad wasn't around, I noticed mom always touching their breast. Aunt B was soon to follow as I caught her once molesting Anna through her underpants with her shorts around her ankles. These things happened quite often and as I grew accustomed to the fondling of the girls, it wasn't long before I was wanting in on the act.

One day I wondered into mom and my aunt's bedroom and found a DVD by the dresser. Thinking it was a home movie I took it to my room and decided to watch it. My mind went numb when I saw mom holding down Maria and my aunt eating Maria's pussy through her panties.

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Maria was 14 at the time and I watched thinking she was being raped. It soon appeared different as I heard mom say "let's loose the panties honey." I saw Maria lift her bottom up and pull the garment off without anyone restraining her. Her fur covered pussy came into view and I saw the flash of a camera appear in the distance.

Maria smiled pulling the fur covered lips apart along with her legs. I heard footsteps coming outside my bedroom door and quickly turned the video off and later returned it, burning the images to memory. Some years later at the age of 21 Maria and Anna were hired to be our maids and live in the luxury of Salt Mountain.

Dad had somehow managed to get them citizenship and they both attended a local university achieving some of the highest academic grades possible. They both loved it here and I know everyone loved having them around. I often called them our sex pets as anyone could touch them anywhere and the girls wouldn't mind. Mom was the worst as I caught her numerous times pulling the girls panties down and fingering their pussies. She tried to hide it from me but I soon caught her and got a female anatomy lesson out of the awkward situation.

I guess she thought it would diffuse the event if I was educated from her embarrassment somehow. As time went on I was eventually touching the girls like my mother after she persuaded me to try it. If Maria and Anna were ever uncomfortable about the arrangement they never told anyone and I once heard them telling mother they hoped to have babies by my father or myself.

The thought of having babies made me rethink any possibilities of having full blown sex with either Anna or Maria. I just wanted to enjoy my time as a youth.

Not long before my 13th birthday, I heard mother yelling one morning to get up and get ready for school. I knew I couldn't go since I stayed up late playing video games instead of studying for the big math exam. I yelled down at mom I wasn't going I was sick. She rushed to my bedside as I put on the best fake cough I could muster.

In nothing but lace panties mom asked what was wrong. I told her I was burning up and sick. She left my bedroom and returned with a thermometer I was hoping to heat up on a hot light bulb, like the scene I saw in the movie ET some years ago. I opened my mouth waiting for the instrument while mom giggled flicking the glass vile in mid air. I looked at mom with a puzzled face and asked what was wrong? She replied that the oral thermometer was broken and all she had was a rectal.

I looked at her in horror as there was no way she was touching my butt not alone viewing it. Mom sat down beside me and put her hand on my forehead trying to diffuse the awkward situation.

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Breaking the silence she told me that there was nothing in my underpants that she hasn't seen before and if I didn't do it she would be forced to send me to school. I crossed my arms and held my ground hoping for another alternative when mom chimed in with another offer.

She offered that since she was going to get to see mine, she would show me hers. I considered her offer for a couple of minutes and without a moment to spare agreed to her proposal. She stood up and before anyone changed their mind quickly took her last remaining undergarment off making her totally nude. I could see her triangular patch of hair covering the slit in which I was born from.

I starred at her cunt and as I fell in a trance she asked me if I would like a better look. I nodded while she took two of her fingers and formed a V separating the lips of her mound covering and revealing her clit and fuck hole. It took maybe a few seconds but it seemed like forever when I felt mom tugging the waistband of my boxers down and then completely off. She started talking to me as if I was a young boy again in this stupid childish voice.

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"Well there is Mr. Penis all grown up, long time since I have seen you", she said while patting my embarrassed naked hard cock on the head. I tried not to say anything as mom was having a good time looking at my naked body. "Time to take Mr.

Bottom's temperature", mom said ignorant of my further embarrassment. Mom laid down facing the ceiling next to me on the bed. She instructed me to straddle her head in a sixty nine position with my ass in the air and after doing this she made several small circular kisses on the head of my cock. Getting back to business I saw between mom and myself, the rectal probe being inserted in my exposed bottom. Mom looked me in the eye and winked as if everything was OK, when she asked me another silly question.

"Want to see mommy's hairy pussy up close while we wait for the thermometer to register?" I shook my head yes as mom reached down between us and spread her hairy pussy lips apart once more. "That's it son, get a real good look at mommy's hairy cunt". Mom started rubbing herself in front of me getting it nice and wet when she softly said something I was hoping she would say. "Looks like someone will be staying home from school", mom stated taking the thermometer from my ass.

We both got up and dressed while I stayed in a state of shock of not only being able to stay home but also of what I had just witnessed. It took a good long jerk off session in the bathroom that day to clear my mind. After that day, things changed between mother and myself. She often ran around the house scarcely dressed and nothing but see through panties. One time she came down to breakfast in a body stocking that allowed her tits to hang out and (to my disbelief) in between her legs a crotch less design.

She would sit with her legs crossed so nobody could see her pussy and just when I was looking, she would spread her legs and flash me her pussy. I had to constrain myself not to throw her down and fuck her, after all she was my mother. Mom began a campaign of touching me whenever she liked just like Anna and Maria. I didn't mind it because it felt good and mom often did it through my boxers in private. That soon changed when she felt me up in front of Jess and Aunt B.

Privately Jess told me I shouldn't let mom do that, but I just ignored her reasoning thinking she was jealous Aunt B didn't do the same to her. Progressing over time mom was taking my cock out of my boxers and fondling me in front of the others. Nobody said a word as nudity had been long accepted within the confines of our private bungalow.

After school mother and myself would exercise together by jogging through the salt tunnels in the mountain. It was a great workout not to mention seeing mom's tits bounce. There was usually nothing sexual going on between us as mother and I took our workouts seriously.

One afternoon at the end of one of our workouts mom and I decided to explore one of the many shafts in the mine we had never been through. Off to the side in the dark was a foreman's office that looked to be left exactly as the day the mine operated. It had old computers and filing cabinets just sitting there like someone had left for a few minutes and would be back. Mom found the light switch and turned on the lights to the surprise of both of us.

"The lights still work", mom stated. I looked around and noticed a door that said medical on it. "What's behind the door mom", I inquisitively said. Mom opened the door and inside was we were greeted with a doctor's exam room. It had the exam table, gloves, stethoscope, and all a medical professional could hope for.

Mom looked at me with this little girl grin on her face. "Want to play doctor?" she said as I stood admiring her naked tits. "Sure", I said jumping up on the exam table. Mom put on a white medical lab coat with her back to me and when she turned around I noticed she was naked except for the coat.

I deducted that she removed her jogging shorts sometime while I wasn't looking. "No big deal, nothing I haven't seen before", I thought to myself.

Mom did the medical routine of taking my pulse, weight, and reflexes but when it came time to take my temp I knew what was next and so did mom.

Without a word I turned over on my stomach and put my 13 and a half year old bottom in the air as mom tugged my shorts and underwear down as far as possible. With mom fondling me so much in recent times, the thought of being naked in front of her was nonexistent.


She put the thermometer in my bottom and began feeling me up once again getting my cock hard as a rock. After a few minutes mom took out the thermometer and declared she had detected a problem.

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I grew nervous as I thought she might be on to something when she asked me to stand up on the floor. I jumped off the table and mom took my previous spot facing the ceiling and laying on her back. I grew confused on what she was doing when she asked me to get back on the table and straddle her chest facing her feet. I did as instructed and noticed mom grab a tube of KY from the stainless steel table next to us. Letting the lab coat she was wearing fall to the sides and expose her naked form to me once again, mom began squeezing gobs of lubricant between the valley of her breast.

"Ever titty fuck?" she asked while giggling. I shook my head no as she placed my hard prick between her breast and with both her hands closed the globes of flesh around my manhood. It was a little awkward at first but mom took her breasts and began massaging my cock to a hardness I never knew I could obtain.

I starred at mom's pussy as she spread her legs as far as possible. It was too much and in an instant I felt a tingling sensation in my cock I had never felt before.

I grunted as white stuff began to flood from my penis all over mom's breast and on her belly. It was the first time I had ever cum in my life. Mom had me jump off and back on the floor as I looked over the mess I had made.


"Sorry mom, it's never done that before", I said nervously that she would be upset. "It's OK baby, you're just becoming a man and it's normal for men to shoot like that", mom said softly.

I looked at mom as she sat up on the table and spread her legs playing with herself with one hand and playing with my spunk on her tits with the other. Mom grabbed a big glob of the white stuff off of her breast and showed it to me sticking to her fingers on her left hand. Without a word she leaned back on the table and gave me a front row view to her fuzzy cunt once more.

She then spread the furry lips with two fingers from her right hand and began rubbing my sperm on her fuck hole with the left. The mesh of pubic hair and my white spunk made me want to get a camera and take pictures for prosperity purposes. Mom then took one of my hands and guided me over to her breast rubbing on my newly deposited baby batter. Looking at my fingers for a satisfactory amount of cum, mom guided my digits down to her matted pubic area and spread herself as far as possible once again.

Using my sperm coated hand for lubrication; she guided my fingers one at a time into her fuck hole. "Oh yeah", was all mom could get out as I finger fucked her. After ten minutes of playing with mom's pussy, her eyes shut and her breathing grew more rapid as I knew she was having an orgasm.

Then I noticed mom's muscles inside her pussy clamp hard upon my digits as she screamed uncontrollably. After the orgasm and coming back to her senses, mom slid off the table and stood on her feet while hugging me. Our naked crotches were rubbing together when she looked at me with a serious look and said something that I will always remember. "Look we need to be careful son; I'm not on any birth control yet." I think the statement was more for herself than for me, but if you were to compare our sexual encounters to a locomotive, we both knew we were headed for a train wreck resulting in an unwanted pregnancy.

In other words we just couldn't control ourselves so I decided to be the grown up and avoid mom for a while. At the end of the month after our sexual encounter mom informed me she wasn't pregnant.

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I tried my best to steer clear from her in the hopes of not repeating the occurrence, but she had other plans for my sexual growth that I wasn't aware of. Continued in part two…&hellip.