Femdom supremacy pov joi

Femdom supremacy pov joi
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Fbailey story number 506 I Didn't Know Who She Was One night I stopped off at my favorite watering hole. It was a dive called "Fuc Kit." As you can see, it is a play on words.

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I couldn't believe that it was allowed to have that name so publicly displayed on a big flashing neon sign up high on its roof, especially with a lower case K and a capitalized I.

However, it was outside the city limits by all of two feet even though the parking lot was within the city limits.

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That particular Saturday night was amateur night, something that happened at the end of every month. Some lucky college girl would go home three hundred dollars richer. On those amateur nights admission was twenty dollars for men, but worth every penny of it. Ladies got in for free and drank for free, while us men were charged double for our drinks. Once again, it was totally worth it. That particular night thirteen girls signed up to dance and strip on stage for our entertainment.

Each contestant had to wear a Fuc Kit T-shirt and a Fuck It pair of panties. The owner insisted that it had been a printing error on the panties, he also said that they were too small for the real logo, but we all knew what it was all about. The thirteen contestants were brought out on stage in just their panties and T-shirts for a group picture.

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The curtain behind proudly displayed the Fuc Kit logo with Amateur Night above the girl's heads and the date was on a white card at their feet. The thirteen girls were lined up side by side facing the camera, then facing to the right, facing away, and finally facing left. Five by seven copies would be available to take home afterwards for just ten dollars, however we all knew that after they had performed and were nude the same pictures in eight by ten would be available for twenty dollars.

Those nude pictures always sold better. In the end the winner would usually pose for pictures with the guys for fifty dollars. Those were the ones that I would purchase occasionally, especially if the girl were the one that I had wanted to win. On that particular night one woman looked older than the others but she also looked much better too. As the girls got out on the stage one at a time they were given the choice of two songs.

The college girls all had the same taste in music and seemed to like the same half dozen that we heard over and over again. They all looked good but they couldn't really dance. I guess it didn't matter as long as they shook their tits and got naked.

The older girl was last. Later I found out that it was by choice. She came out wearing the panties but holding the T-shirt over her breasts. She wasn't going to waist any time getting naked like the other girls had. She had chosen Dominique as her stage name. Well it was quite obvious that Dominique could dance.

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The T-shirt flew right at me but some guy jumped in the way and grabbed it first. She looked disappointed that I had not received it. Anyway as she danced she could bring one leg right up straight against her body with her toes pointing toward the ceiling.

She did the same thing with her other foot and all without the use of the pole. After that initial stretching the music finally kicked in and that woman started gyrating to Elvis Presley singing Little Egypt. It was an old song about a stripper and it had a very nice beat to it too. Well Dominique certainly did justice to Little Egypt as she strutted her stuff around that stage giving every guy in the room an erection.


Dominique's second choice of songs was Wipe Out. The owner put on the strobe lights that hadn't been used in years and the audience went wild.

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Dominique was frozen in time about every second. She pulled her nipples, she spread her legs, and she even opened her pussy. Every guy in the place wanted to fuck Dominique. It was certainly no surprise when Dominique won hands down over the other girls.

She was so far out in the lead that it was really hard to figure out who was second and third runner ups. She posed nude with the other girls, she posed nude with the second and third place girls too, and then she posed nude with me. I was the only one that she posed solo with, even though there were numerous other requests.

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She placed her Fuck It panties on my arm and placed that hand on one of her firm breasts. Then she placed her hand on my crotch and told the photographer to take the picture. She even watched as he printed out one eight by ten copy and then deleted the picture afterwards. She signed it for me, put it in the envelope, and sealed it shut without me seeing it. As she handed the envelope to me she said, "It's all yours if you take me home and do what's printed on the panties in your pocket." There was a slight pause and then she added, "Twice tonight and once in the morning after breakfast." I smiled and asked, "What would you like for breakfast?" She smiled and said, "You." I took Dominique home.

She had taken a taxi to the bar and left her car in a parking garage downtown incase she had gotten too drunk to drive. That was when it dawned on me that I hadn't seen her take a single drink all night. Dominique was just as exciting in bed as she had been up on that stage. She let me do most of the work but that didn't stop her from participating. She wanted straight missionary sex the first time so that we could see the facial expression of the other during sex.

I could tell when her orgasms hit because her eyes would roll up under her eyelids, she would close her eyes, and then she would start to pant as her pussy closed in on my cock.

I couldn't hold out any longer and joined in on her third orgasm. She requested anal sex for our second time with her on top. After a short while she leaned backwards and played with her clit while I watched and fucked up into her asshole. After she gave herself two manual orgasms she rode me like she was trying to break my fuck stick off inside her rectum.

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After I had filled her up pretty good with what I had left, she licked and sucked my dirty cock clean with her talented mouth and tongue. She asked permission to use my toothbrush so that I would not have to taste her ass.

I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply. I had heard a guy once say, "I'd eat a mile of her shit to just to see where it came from." I had already been there and seen that so if it was good enough for her it was good enough for me too. It was!

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We slept in one another's arms all night long and in the morning I awoke to her sucking my cock. I had the sweetest dream just before I woke up, but an even better one knowing that Dominique was really in bed with me. After her breakfast we cuddled until I was hard again. For our forth time Dominique requested that I go from her asshole to her pussy on every other stroke and just as fast as I could. She wanted me to make her feel as if she were being double penetrated.

I did my best! Then we took a shower, she got dressed and called for a taxi. As we waited at the front door for her taxi to arrive I asked if I would ever see her again. Dominique replied, "If my husband ever cheats on me again we can make this a permanent situation." I replied, "I hope he does." She smiled, kissed me, and walked out to her waiting taxi. That afternoon I opened the envelope with our picture in it and took it out. I could not believe my eyes. It read, "Dear Fran, my real name is Sally and I am Bruce Levy's wife.


He cheated on me with his secretary so I picked you out for my revenge sex. I hope we did everything and I do mean everything. Please keep this a secret between the two of us. If he ever cheats on me again you can tell the whole world, starting with him.


Love, Dominique a.k.a. Sally Levy." Bruce Levy worked in the same department that I did. He was a real ladies man. He bragged about his conquests often at work. I would have to start wearing a tape recorder. I wanted Dominique or Sally a lot more than he did…and I was going to get her too.

The End I Didn't Know Who She Was 506