Oficer of patrol agrees to help redhaired babe to cross the border

Oficer of patrol agrees to help redhaired babe to cross the border
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((((OK second part to Anya's story, I hope you enjoy it. And once again I would love to know what you think, good or bad. So enjoy)))) Breathing deeply Anya stared into the general direction the thought James must be in, but with almost no lighting and her glasses missing almost everything looked the same, black blobs.

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Tugging on the binds she felt them cut into her wrists, gasping in pain she realised she wasn't going anywhere. "James you know who my family are, and what they can do to you." Anya knew these words must have some effect, after all he wasn't stupid. The entire town knew her family was one of the most powerful around, they practically owned the city. And she could truly ruin James in every single way, but in her heart Anya knew that she could never do anything to him.

"We both know you won't do anything to me, what you thought I didn't know that you loved me. I watched you while you watched me' Anya felt his hand stroke her neck.

Rearing up she tried to bite him, only to have something soft but tight close over her eyes. Fully blind Anya fell back panting and almost gave into hysteria, but she would be damned if he would reduce her to that.

No she would fight all she could and if that failed, make sure he paid despite what it would do to her heart.

James didn't even wait for her to fully settle and calm down, he just placed his arms either side of her head and lowered his body onto hers. Blocking out all thought Anya tried to ignore how his cock felt against her pussy, she ached and he had barely touched her. Anya waited in anticipation/fear, for him to rip of her clothes and take her body.

Instead her just slowly rocked against her and kissed her neck, licked and nibbled his way down her throat and across the space where her top gaped open above her breasts. Before she knew what was happening James had ripped down the front of her top, twisting from side to side Anya tried to avoid him from opening her top.

Once again she felt the knife on her neck, forcing her body to still she focused on anything except what he was doing. Feeling the front of her bra snap open Anya took a deep breath as the torture device was removed. "Oh baby, do that again" growled James, his fingers slowly caressed around her nipple. Gasping she felt it shot throughout her body as her nipples tightened, realizing she was giving him a show. Anya forced her body to stop moving, "Fine if you won't move.

I will make you" crying out as he licked and sucked on her nipple, Anya felt heat travel instantly down to her pussy. "Don't act like this is what I want. You're a bastard James, and when I get out I will make you pay" screamed Anya as she arched her back, furious that he could rape her and make her feel like this, she just wanted it over.

His only response was changing breasts, and then she felt his hand slowly trail down her stomach. Moaning she felt her stomach shudder, it was a soft spot of hers whenever somebody touched her there everything shuddered. Chuckling under his breath he ran his hand down her stomach again, then trailed lower. Gasping as he ran his finger slowly down her pussy lips, it felt like bots of electricity where dancing on her skin wherever he touched. His knife slowly trailed down her stomach after his hand and cut the sides of her pants, reaching underneath her he ripped them off until she was clad in nothing but her underwear.

"Pretty" growled James, referring to her black underwear. He ran his hand down her pussy, as he applied a small amount of pressure Anya held her breath. And released it as a moan when his finger circled her clit above her underwear. "You're such a good girl Anya. I bet you only ever masturbate over your panties?

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But then maybe you do it that way to feel like more of a bad girl about to be caught' slowly his finger slipped under her panties and tapped her clit. 'Am I right?" murmured James, but before she could try to answer. James slammed his lips down on hers; it was nothing like in the romance books she read. It wasn't loving or caring, it was ownership and Anya felt like she was being marked as his.

His tongue gained instant entry with her surprised gasp and he slowly stroked it around her lips before meeting hers.

It was like nothing she had ever felt, she was shocked with the effect it had on her. Every nerve was suddenly alive as his tongue explored her mouth; he seemed to leave nothing un-touched. And all the time he was doing this Anya could feel his finger slowly circling her clit, like a maddening pattern created to entice but not fulfill. Breaking free of his kiss she bit him on the neck softly while she thrust against his hand, trying to get him to slip just one finger in her.

Instead he removed his hand completely, crying out in frustration Anya was a second away from begging when she felt the knife cut off her panties. Bare for the world to see she didn't even have time to be embarrassed before James pounced on her pussy, instantly going for the clit.

Crying out as he stabbed it with his tongue, before slipping slowly down towards her center. She felt his tease around the outside, realizing what he wanted Anya didn't even think to refuse. "Please James" begged Anya as she thrust her pussy towards his tongue.

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Chuckling he moved up to her face, placing his lips by her ears he spoke the one words she prayed he wouldn't. "Please what Anya? Do you want me to stick my tongue in your pussy and lick you till you cum all over my face, or do you want me to finger you until you beg me again and again?" growled out James as he traced the outline of her ear with his tongue.


"Yes" screamed Anya. "Yes what" asked James, moaning in frustration Anya rubbed her sensitive nipples against his bare chest.

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"Both please James fuck me" whimpered Anya, the thought of being ashamed didn't even enter her mind. This was right, he was right and he was exactly what she had been waiting for. With a hard kiss on her lips James moved back down her body, and didn't even wait before slamming two fingers inside of her. Screaming in pleasure and pain Anya bowed her back while attempting to get them higher into her, "Virgin" Anya thought she heard James say before he began licking her pussy.

Everything built up in her in great waves until she was almost seeing stars. James moved his fingers slowly in and out before removing them and impaling her with his tongue again and again. When she was on the brink of orgasm James moved slowly up her body, licking and kissing her softly as he went as if to calm her.

Whimpering Anya blindly sought his mouth, but all she encountered was air. Suddenly Anya heard a fly going down and boots flying off, then a shuffle and James body was back on top of her. Anya felt something hard slip against her pussy, something big, hard, thick and condom less.

"James wait, please I…I know I haven't done this before, but condoms you.


I mean you don't have one on" gasped Anya as he moved his cock against her pussy and entrance, then she heard him grow. "No condoms, not the first time, this time I want to feel every inch of you caress me as I slid in and out. And if something comes of it then good, because Anya you…are…mine" saying his piece James tilted Anya's struggling hips, pinned them and shoved his cock through her hymen and half way into her.

Anya screamed in pain as he forced his way inside of her, she had never felt anything like it. It burned but felt strangely right at the same time, and then he began pushing it deeper. Anya gasped as it roughly slid all the way inside of her, until his pelvis pinned hers. Head reeling Anya tried to sort through her feelings, but nothing was functioning because everything was now focused on what he was doing to her. "Oh god Anya you're so tight, I can feel every bit of you "moaned James as he slowly slid out, causing Anya to cry out.

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One of his hands left her hip while the other grabbed her breast and began massaging the nipple, with a sharp tweak on her nipple every time he slid out.

James soon had a pattern that had her thrashing trying to get closer, chuckling James as slammed down into her then tilted his waist so his stomach and abs rubbed her clit.

Body in over load Anya just laid her mouth open but she was unable to cry out, her body was on fire and screaming for release all coherent thoughts of fighting or begging gone. Then James pulled off her blind fold and shoved her glasses on her head, surprised as everything came back into focus. Anya stared into his perfect green ones as he pounded in and out of her, desperate to reach the same thing she was.

"Look at us" rumbled James through his teeth, straining her neck up Anya stared in wonder at his body taking hers. That was all she needed to go spiraling into release, neck thrown back she screamed at the ceiling as everything in her exploded in white hot fire. A few seconds later James followed, setting of another orgasm in Anya as she felt his cum splash against her womb.

Exhausted Anya collapsed back, legs still spread she had no idea what she looked like to James with their combined juices running out of her. James fiddled with the ties above her arms then the ones on her legs and suddenly she was free, something she thought she had wanted before she realized she needed to be tied up to accept James and even understand him.

"How long have you been planning this" asked Anya as he rolled her into his side, his arm on her hip and one playing with her breast. "Since that night you got excited when I held you down, it was then I realized you where mine. The last few years have been torture without you, but I wanted this moment perfect and it was. Now your mine Anya forever, no one will have you but me do you understand?" Forcing her eyes to meet his she stared back and realized she only ever wanted him.

"Yes James, I'm yours forever" whispered Anya before kissing down his chest; she was almost tempted to deny it just to have him 'rape' her again. But that could wait until later, after she had tortured him for a bit.