Legal age teenager rubs slit and moans

Legal age teenager rubs slit and moans
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As Suzie and the boy walked along the beach towards the inlet, she found herself slowly losing her nerve. It was as if there were a battle raging within her breast. Outwardly she seemed so calm but inside, she was in turmoil.

Once again her moral code began to exercise its will. What was she doing, walking naked along the beach with a mere boy . what would the people at the hotel say if they saw her now. Obviously drunk, with evil intentions. She should be locked up, a woman like that is dangerous. The water lapped gently up against their feet as they walked along the beach to the inlet, the water was gentle but inside of Suzie the ocean was fierce.

Waves of emotion and shame were dashing against the walls of her soul. She was hopelessly confused, the alcohol had fuzzed her brain, her emotions tortured her already turbulent desires.

She was lost and confused. One part of her thirsted for this young boy, hungered for him, died for him and the other part of her was horrified, amazed, astounded at her lack of control. Her whole body shook with desire, the sensations springing up from her loins were almost more than she could bear and she felt at a total loss to stop them. But stop them she must she thought as they neared the inlet. Yes, stop them she must. She had to get mastery of the situation, mustn't let it get away from her!

Mike was a beautiful, innocent young boy, that was all, how could she think of seducing him, it just wouldn't be fair .! But in actual fact Suzie had little chance of mastering the situation. She was controlled by her fantasies, whether she liked it or not. She had masturbated with this boy in the realm of fantasy and now here he was in reality . she couldn't escape. Suzie ran her hands along her body and felt the warmth of her flesh, her body ached to be touched, yearned to be held.

Now, with Mike walking along side of her, naked in the moonlight, she knew there was no chance of escape. Destiny would have its fling! "Well, shall we go in together?" "Okay," the shy boy said, hesitantly. They quickly plunged into the water in an effort to dispel their shyness and swam with ease across the inlet.

Suzie was a strong swimmer and pulled ahead of Mike. Then turned around and spurted back to him, almost touching his body as she reached him. They played in the water for a moment like dolphins and Mike tried very hard to overcome his rising desires. Holy shit! Her tits were thrusting right out of the water, their nipples seemed to be asking to be touched.

He couldn't help but be aware of her gorgeous, yellow skinned ass which he saw every time she flipped in the water, and her cunt, which he couldn't quite see but knew it was there, nestling in the warm black mound of her pussy.

Ohhhhhh! . shit . he was beginning to get a hard on being so close to this gorgeous hunk of woman. He'd been fully aware of Mrs. Wong's gorgeous body ever since they came to the hotel. How could you miss it, her bikini was hardly more than a handkerchief and he saw a lot of her anyway because of Wendy. But this was the first time he'd been alone with her . and certainly the first time he'd seen her naked tits and cunt. Funny, but something was telling him that Wendy's aunt wanted him to look at her.

Holy crap! What was the world coming to. First his uncle makes it with Wendy and now he . now he was swimming naked with her aunt. What could she possibly want with a fourteen year old boy anyway?

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But then was it usual for a man to fuck a thirteen year old girl? It sure was a weird world, he thought . All the time Mike could feel his penis rising, hardening, throbbing and excitement was building at the base of his spine.

He tried banging his legs together in an effort to deflate his cock, but it was of no use. His cock was growing with every moment and desire was beginning to flood his loins. What if he had misjudged the situation .

What if she had nothing sexual in her mind at all, after all a skinny dip was quite a natural thing. What was he going to do about his cock when they reached the cave, he certainly couldn't hide it. Suzie was once again gripped with tormented desire. She just couldn't let herself seduce an innocent, young boy. She had a perverted mind, there was no question of that and she just couldn't corrupt a young boy because of her lust. She would just have to fight her desires, that was all.

"Come on Mike, I'll race you to the cave. Ready, go!" Suzie was a good swimmer and she reached the cave before Mike did. The tide was in but it wasn't too deep around the mouth of the cave and their feet could touch the bottom.

There was also a slab of rock they could pull themselves up onto, if they wanted to! Suzie grabbed hold of Mike's waist in a playful manner and tried to duck his head under the water and they both laughed, they sure were having a lot of fun. Mike in turn tried to duck Suzie and for a moment they flailed wildly, then they both grabbed onto the ledge and let their legs dangle in the water.

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So there they were in the water, their bodies close together. Mike felt Mrs. Wong's hand come in electrifying contact with his thigh, brushing along it only inches from his still hardened young penis. Her free hand seemed to linger there for a moment and then moved away. Mike's body burst with the shock of a thousand volts of electrical impulse, he had to bite back his tongue in an effort to stop it wanting to suck her gorgeous tits, bobbing just enough on top of the water to be driving him out of his mind.

Take hold of yourself Mike told himself, it was just an accident, she didn't mean anything by it, or did she? Suzie felt the warm water lapping sensually around her body, arousing her, pulling her.

She gazed at Mike's smooth hairless flesh and felt ripples of desire flood through her. Her mind was reeling with passion and she could think of nothing but this delicious boy, the leanness of his body, the remembrance of his satiny thigh against her hot, searching hand.

Her eyes hungrily devoured him and as if in a dream she found herself inching closer and closer to Mike until she was almost pressing all of her lushly mature figure against his slender body. "Enjoying yourself Mike?" she asked cautiously.

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"S-sure am," he answered. His voice quivering with emotion. "I'm having a swell time, Mrs. Wong." "Oh, I'm so glad, Mike, so very glad." Mike's voice had a hard time coming out of his mouth, his tongue seemed to be swelled up and the inside of his throat so dry, it felt like sandpaper. He sure wished she wouldn't stand so close to him, she was even closer now then before. Her breasts were almost touching him, her nipples hard and pink and inviting seemed to be quivering, touch me, touch me.

He could smell her, too, Jesus! She smelled like cunt. His cock was harder than a baseball bat, its pulsating shaft rising up along his belly. God! If it got any longer it'd be touching her naked belly and then she would know for sure what was happening to him.

But Suzie already knew. She had noticed the burgeoning throb below the water, and the slender erect outline of his boyish cock was driving her mad up inside her hotly hungering cunt! Her shameless heated loins needed little to stimulate them before this . and now the bulging hardness between his youthful loins increased her obscene lusts to the boiling point!

"Let's play some more!" the passionate woman suddenly said, grabbing the boy and pushing him away from the rock. Again they both ducked under the water. Mike twisted his body, feeling her surge against him and then .

and then her fingers brushed right against his blood-hardened, pulsing cock! And the fingers lingered there, massaging gently, caressing with an almost maddening slowness that sent wild, burning sensations flooding through his belly and inexperienced mind.

Mike's mouth opened in a reflexive gasp, and the ocean water poured into his throat gagging him. He coughed spasmodically fighting his way to the surface, hacking and spitting. Suzie came up with him, and they held onto the rock again, the naked firebrands of her breasts pressed up against his chest.

She moved her thigh up against his crotch and pressed once more against his painfully throbbing penis. The astonished teenager sucked in his breath, afraid his cum-filled testicles were going to explode and fill the water with his jism!

What was Mrs. Wong trying to do to him? "Do you like that, Mike?" she cooed at the boy. "L-like what?" he managed confusedly. "You know what I mean," the salacious woman purred at her niece's boyfriend, a part of her mind in shock at her own lewd words. "Touching your penis, caressing it, Mike, that's what I mean, and you do like it, don't you?" "I-l don't know, I mean ." "You know you do, dear boy," Suzie teased, and her hand moved to his aching hardness again, stroking it lightly beneath the water.

"And I know you do, because I can feel you've gotten . aa . nice, hard . erection!" "But, wow, Mrs. Wong, you shouldn't ." "Of course I should, Mike . It feels good to you and to me, and there can't be anything wrong with that, can there? Trust me, Mike, dear-heart.

I'm older and wiser, and know what's best for a growing boy ." "But . but ." "Just relax, darling boy. Mmmmmm, isn't it gooooood .?" "Y-yeah, I guess so," he groaned in bewilderment and sudden passion.

"But I can't take much more of it. It aches, Mrs. Wong. What you're doing to me makes me ache all over!" "Oh, you poor darling child!" The seducing woman moved her fingers more firmly over the young boy's lust-hardened penis, measuring its tempting length with her thumb and forefinger. The sound of the boyish groans of excitement and the feel of his slimly quivering hardness in her hand sent wicked thrills up the length of her spine. She thought guiltily for a moment of what she was inciting this vulnerable young boy to do, and then of the shock it would be if somebody did catch them now.

Yet the momentary shame she felt seemed strangely to excite her all the more. "Poor darling," she replied again. "Then we'll simply have to do something for you, won't we?" A twinge of self-consciousness washed over Mike as he watched in stupefied wonderment as Mrs.

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Wong's soft fingers gently closed around his throbbing, blood filled shaft, and her lust-filled eyes seemed to widen in delight at the sight and touch of his penis. "Mike," she whispered urgently, "climb up on the rock, my darling . climb up now ." Quickly they climbed up onto the rock and found to their delight that a good portion of it was covered in soft, green moss. The night air was warm and windless, just perfect. "Oh, my little lover, your cock is so handsome!" the older woman gasped as she stared down at his still jutting erection.

Mike could still not believe this was happening to him. Suzie took hold once again of his hardened cock and began to tenderly move her grasping fingers up and down over the firm outer skin, manipulating it back and forth in wondrous delight.

"Your beautiful penis is exactly the way I hoped it would be, darling .!" Suzie was lost in the ecstasy of the moment. Yes . here was the cock she didn't have to fear!

It was just the perfect size and shape to release her, hard and hot and ridged along the white shaft from the wide base upward, then more spongy and soft- appearing at its blunt, crimson head. Excitedly, the raven-haired beauty drew the uncircumcised foreskin downward from the mushroomed head, feasting her eyes on its entire exposed tip, while Mike's young body jerked to the rhythm of her fingers.

Holy Motherfuckin' shit! First his uncle goes and screws his girlfriend and then, holy crap! There he is with his girl's aunt jacking him off! Things just couldn't be happening like this, but they were!

. This was all real! Mrs. Wong was stroking his hard swollen rod as if she were loving it! He stared down at her hand, watching the older woman and ravening in the obscene sensations she was sending through his immature flesh.

He felt her hand move away from his pulsing hardness, leaving it standing straight up, and hard like a spear thrusting from his loins.

He turned his eyes to her face to see her lovely lips twisted in a strange smile, and as he watched awestruck, she began to run her hands over her large ripe breasts. "Mike my darling boy, yes, darling boy," Suzie whispered hoarsely. "Look at me, kiss and lick my olive-skinned body with your eyes, my love." Suzie lifted up her breasts and Mike felt a wave of excitement shake his entire body. Her pink, hard, pulsating nipples aroused him beyond his wildest dreams.

Suzie watched Mike's innocent young eyes sparkle with delight at she presented her nipples to him. "Look at my titties the way your uncle wanted to look at them ." Suzie felt her body on fire with the power of her actions, she saw the lust written all over the young boy's face and she knew he wanted her, he wanted to plunge his young cock up inside hotly hungering vagina just as much as she wanted it.

She also knew that he was confused at his own passions and that if she wanted to, she could put a stop to the whole affair right now. But she couldn't . not now . she wanted him too badly, yearned to feel his penis in her hands, in her mouth .

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everywhere. An uncontrollable wave of desire swept over the older woman . she would possess him . whatever it took .

possess him she would! As the anguished boy looked at the older woman, he couldn't help wondering what would happen if she knew about his uncle fucking the tits off her hot little niece. What would she think? Suzie Wong felt herself possessed of demons and began to roll her hips and buttocks with a slow, squiring motion that caused her breasts to sway and dance lasciviously on her chest.


"Oh God!" gasped the boy. His girlfriend's aunt was exposing her black-haired snatch to him and everything! He could even see her wet pink slit between her hair-lined pussy lips, and now she was moving still closer to him!

"We're both naked and excited, Mike," she whispered, taking gentle hold of his stiffened young cock again, and rubbing it between her teasingly clenching fingers. "What would you like to do about it, darling? What do you think it would be fun to try?" "Oh! Wow! I do-don't know ." the boy choked, his straining eyes feasting on her softly swaying breasts as she leaned closer to him. His immature brain reeled with confusion, unable to fathom what she was asking. His eyes flew around the vast, deserted ocean around him-everything was silent and empty around them .

Still, he couldn't forget the fear of what would happen if they were discovered. The voluptuous woman lay down on the soft bed of moss, still warm from the day's sun, and gently pulled Mike down alongside her.

She held him close to her and circled her long legs around his narrow young waist. Then she steered his boyish penis into her cuntal slit until he could feel the swollen head of his wildly pulsing cock touching the soft pussy hairs covering her fevered vaginal lips. She used her fingers to move the blunt tip of his slender hardness up and down between her wetly throbbing cunt, provocatively undulating her hips in a circular motion beneath him as she locked her legs tightly around the boy.

"What's the matter, Mike?" she moaned against his ear, breathing liquid fire along his beardless cheeks. "Haven't you ever heard of fucking?" "Jesus! Mrs. Wong!" Mike gasped in shock from her obscenity. This was one hell of a lot more than he'd ever wished for, even when beating his own cock at night in bed. But Goddamnit! He was scared! Scared shitless! He hated to admit it, but crap, this was too much to take. And yet the delicious pressure of his girlfriend's aunt fondling his cock and whispering lewd words into his ear was more than he could fight against!

What's gotten into everyone anyway? Christ, the whole fucking world seemed to have gone crazy-wild!

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"Fucking!" Suzie hissed invitingly. "Fucking into a beautiful woman's cunt with that wonderfully hard young prick of yours! Don't you know what fucking is, Mike?" "W-well yes, sure I do, Mrs. Wong," he blurted out with stunned passion, his face aflame with embarrassment. "But I . I've never done it before." "All the better dear boy, I'll show you all about fucking," she promised sensuously. Mike realised suddenly that she was quivering violently against him, her thighs moving harder and more urgently into his loins.

"You want to fuck me, darling child?" he heard the woman breathe deeper this time. "You want me to show you how? " "I-l," Mike stammered, the obscene temptations she was offering exciting him senseless. "I guess I do." "Then tell me, Mike! Tell me!" "Crap, I . I wanna fuck you, Mrs. Wong!

I wanna fuck!" The words flowed out of him in a hoarse cry of lust. Shit, he was so excited he was already about to cum. "Oh God, then let's do it!" Suzie mewled out into the air, unable to hold back another second.

She flicked her naked hips up with a sudden thrust, driving his youthful cock into the hungrily gaping mouth of love-starved pussy. Little warm waves from the ocean washed up onto the moss and then subsided. "Ahhhh," she moaned as Mike felt the warm elastic-like sheath of her cunt slip wetly over the swollen head of his penis. Then, miraculously, his painfully aching cock was roaring up into her hotly clasping pussy to the full depth of her belly. It seemed tight at first as her cuntal muscles clasped the full length of his rigidly throbbing hardness, but then it abruptly became easier as the heated slickness of her passage surrounding him lubricated the way.

Jeez, he was fucking her! He actually had his pecker up inside Wendy's aunt and was fucking her just like his uncle had fucked his girlfriend. Crazy! And man, it was damned good . and he didn't want it to be the one and only time either.

To think that he had been missing something like this wild, hot- feeling all this time! Well, he wasn't going to let it get away from him ever again, no sireee! "Oh. Mrs.

Wong! Oh, I like it! I like it!" he gasped breathlessly, flexing the head of his cock with eager experimentation. "I like fucking you!" "Ohhh, I knew you would, lover-boy!" she moaned back in squiring delight. "Now, move back and forth, in and out of my cunt! That's it, that's the way! Now you're fucking. Oooohhhh! God! In and out! Pump me, Mike! Pump my cunt with your prick until your sweet cum fills my pussy!" "Yes, ma'am!

I'll do it just like you say to!" The fourteen year old boy needed no coaxing, feeling the hot fleshy mouth of her pussy gliding against his rock-hard penis while he thrust in and out between her opened thighs over and over again. Wow! Nothing had ever felt so wonderful to him before in all his life!


He strained with his hardened shaft forward with all the young strength in his lean hips and thighs, reveling in the forbidden act of which he was a part, deriving further sensations and just tonight he had watched his uncle fucking his girlfriend, just like this!

Suzie continued moaning her enrapturement, her smooth velvety legs enveloping the teenager's waist in a death-like grip of passion, her hips churning around and around. The hot satiny folds of her hair-lined vagina held him, squeezing tightly around his virile column and milking it already of its first tentative dribblings of seminal lubrication.

Now she felt like a woman, healthy and enjoying sex at last, loving this handsome young boy's magnificent penis as it drove ceaselessly in and out of her erotically quivering belly with growing skill. She reveled in the abandoned lust she had been trying so hard to deny herself! It was passion alone, passion for its own sake, and that was all she cared about!

Mike could feel his wildly beating cock growing and expanding up inside of her soft fleshy warmth until it felt as if it were going to burst from the pressures building in his cumfilled balls. He rammed into her with increasingly hard strokes, his slim hips pounding wildly as he tried to bury more and more of his adolescent erection deep up into the hotly moistened walls of the older woman's tightly clasping pussy.

Crap, any second now and he was going to cum! He was going to cum right up inside of Mrs. Wong's snatch and fill up belly like he'd always wanted to do to her niece's cunt!

Man, of man, was it ever gooooddddd . "Ohhhh, fuck me, lover-boy! Fuck me and cummmmmm!" Suzie wailed into his ear, her hips like a separate entity now, her churning ass-cheeks gone mad as she twisted and contorted, opening her legs around his waist and squeezing them closed, endeavoring to take even more of his hard pistoning shaft into her belly.

Suddenly she cried out, "Ohhh, I . I'm almost cumming. You're making me . cummm! Almost . yesss! Yes, oh yes! Aggghhhh!" Her naked body heaved towards his as the first delicious throes of her orgasm rocketed through her, spurring the youth on, locking him into her insanely quivering cuntal flesh.

In that moment, Danny felt his own cum boil over, exploding along the passage within his wildly jerking penis and bursting forth from the widened opening in the tip like a volcanic eruption, flooding her inner cuntal walls with hot, boiling semen. The older woman was mewling with total surrender, total satisfaction, total satiation, urging him incoherently never to stop filling her cunt with his fresh, wonderful young sperm.

Finally the boy collapsed on top of his girlfriend's aunt. His penis began to deflate, and finally slid out of her tightly clasping cunt to trail long sinuous strands of his sperm like thin, white sea weed from her vaginal opening.

Shit, what a ride! He couldn't wait to get a hardon again so he could screw Mrs. Wong some more! But a warm lethargy poured numbingly over his flesh as his passion waned, and the boy nestled in contentment against her warm naked breasts while Suzie held him tightly, a great sigh of contentment escaping from his lips. Suzie's mind was slowly returning to the reality of the situation. She had just been fucked and fucked damn well by a fourteen year old boy. She knew that she could never erase that memory from her conscience.

She looked down at their naked bodies still entwined upon the moss. She looked at her teenage lover, the nephew of the man who had almost raped her that very day and she realised that she would never be the same. Her sense of decency and respectability had gone forever, now filled with the warm, innocent sperm of an unsuspecting child, she searched the recesses of her wicked mind for an answer to her actions. She should feel ashamed and disgusted only .

Only . Only she didn't, she just didn't feel bad about it. She felt wonderful, euphoric, she felt as though she were floating upon a cloud.

There was no self-hate, no loathing sense of corruption of molesting. Just total and reading euphoria. She looked at Mike and she saw that there was no outward show of contempt and revulsion on his features, either. He adored her, it was written all over her. She was a goddess to him . a goddess! Suzie was amazed as she looked at him, he had become a man.

He didn't look like an innocent boy anymore, now, as his dreamy eyes traveled over her nakedness he was a man, a man who knew of his power. "Oh Suzie, you're so beautiful, you take my breath away, I never dreamed I could be so happy. You fucked me so fantastically, gee, you fuck so good." Mike leaned over and kissed the older woman on the cheek.

"You sure are something else," he said enthusiastically. "Oh Mike, oh Mike!" Suzie whimpered, clutching his naked young body tightly to her breasts and kissing the crown of his head.

How was it possible that this thirteen year old boy had been able to do what dozens of men hadn't been able to do, awake her sensuality.

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Repressed for so many years, she now felt free and this boy, barely into his puberty, had given her a new lease on life . a meaning which now seemed so empty without his slender penis to fill her ravaged vagina.

Her forbidden lust was now at large and desire filled her and clawed at her brain. Oh God! What a corrupt and depraved woman she had become!

She must have Mike again and again and not only Mike but other men. Now her cunt wouldn't be satisfied with her fingers it would want to be fed again and again. She knew though that men would always take her brutally, it was only boys like Mike and her boy from so many years ago that would please her.

Oh yes, it was boys, boys she wanted . already she began to feel her cunt throbbing with desire, desire to be entered, taken, fucked again and again. "Come darling boy, let's swim back to the beach," Suzie said invitingly.

Already seeing in her mind how they could . they could . "And then .?" the boy teased. "And then," she smiled, "we can fuck again. I know you can get another hard-on Mike, and then you'd like to fuck me again, wouldn't you?" "Yes!" he answered breathlessly, his eyes shining.

"Shit, yes, I would, Mrs. Wong!" "If you're a good boy," she giggled, rubbing his deflated penis lightly with the tips of her fingers, "I'll play with your prick until you get it all nice and hard for me again.

Would you like that, Mike?" The older woman grabbed the young boy and pressed her body into his, grinding herself as far into him as she could. At the same time she grabbed his cute little ass and started to rotate it in her hands, edging between his legs until she could almost feel his prick.

"You see, darling boy, I told you I could make your darling penis good and hard again," the older woman said lasciviously and she felt the boy's cock throbbing into her body. "Oh Mrs. Wong, you are it, you are really terrific, I can't wait to fuck you again .

fuck . fuck you again. I want to make you cum as you've never cum before, I want you to explode into a million orgasms." Mike could hardly believe his own words but he knew that he meant every last one of them.

"Oh darling boy, you will, you will!" Suzie threw herself into the water. Calling over her shoulder, "Quickly, let's swim back to the beach as quickly as possible, I can't wait to be taken by you again." Then suddenly they were both in the ocean again, looking at each other knowingly, their eyes meeting in the promise of a wildly screaming second cum for the both of them when they reached the shore.