Raphael Marquez sucks cock and gets fucked anally

Raphael Marquez sucks cock and gets fucked anally
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Passed Out in the Woods Chapter Three Waiting an entire week was hard; I was also hard thinking about it. Why did she only go up there to drink on Saturday night? When Saturday did come I went up to check but there was no one there.

I decided to come back in an hour. As I was headed down the hill I walked around a turn in the path and there she was. She had the same two six packs of beer and while she seemed surprised to see me she said "Hi." I had to tell myself to be cool. Just act natural. So I said "Hi. Wow! That is a lot of beer. Are you planning a party?" Did I mention that I babble when I am nervous? She laughed and said "No, it is all for me. Why? Did you want some?" I told her I had never had beer but I would love to try one.

Where I got all this confidence I don't know. Maybe it was because I had already fucked her several times. She seemed to be thinking about what I said. "I have a place where I like to drink near hear. Help me carry these and I will let you try one." I wasn't sure where this was going but I seemed to have committed myself. I took one of the six packs and told her my name was Mike. She said her name was Karen. She led the way and I watched her but as we climbed the hill.

I pretended not to know where she was headed. She entered the hidden clearing and I commented "Wow! This is a nice spot." She sat down and handed me one of her beers. "Here is your reward for helping me." Then she grabbed one for herself, popped the top, and took a swig.

I opened the beer and carefully took a sip. It was nothing like the taste of a soda, bitter instead of sweet. Karen started asking me how old I was, where I went to school, and did I have a girlfriend? I told her that I had never had a girlfriend but I sure hoped I would soon. She laughed at that. By this time she was one her second beer and I had only taken a few sips.


My tummy felt a little warm from the drink and I was thinking that talking with her was fun. OK, maybe not as much fun a fucking but I had never really talked with a girl like this before and she was being very friendly. We talked some more about movies and some gossip about her friends.

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Gradually she was doing just about all the talking and I was just nodding, saying "Wow!" and other appropriate comments. About her fourth beer she looked at me in a different way. "You've never had a girlfriend?" I shook my head no. "Have you ever kissed a girl?" I shook my head no. "But it sure looks nice." I might not have kissed a girl but I had fucked one so I didn't feel too embarrassed about not kissing. She got quiet for a minute.

Looking down at her beer she spoke. "That is terrible that you have never kissed a girl." She took a long swig, finishing the beer. Karen looked up at me. "I think we should do something about that." I smiled at her. "It is pretty bad. I agree it needs to be taken care of." I found a flat spot to set down my beer and then moved to kneel in front of her. Karen smiled at me and then tilted her head towards me. I carefully leaned in until our lips touched. I could see she had closed her eyes.

Pressing more firmly I allowed my tongue to slip between my lips and barely touch hers. I moved it around her lips with the lightest touch I could. She pressed her mouth harder against mine. Finally I broke the kiss and sat back. She exhaled before opening her eyes. There was a sparkle to her smile. "That was a pretty good kiss. Are you sure you have never done this before?" I gave her a serious look. "I was trying my best. Was it really good?" She copied my serious expression.

"It was OK for a beginner. I think you need practice though." I leaned in to kiss her again and this time put my arms around her. As I again touched her lips with my tongue hers came between her lips and they began to dance together until mine was in her mouth. She didn't taste bad; maybe because I already had been drinking beer myself. In fact the taste and the kissing were turning me on.

I felt her arms go around my waste and pull me closer until my chest was mashed against her breasts. I responded by roaming my hands up and down her back, reaching down to squeeze her butt and then up to gently hold her head as I finally broke the kiss.

Tilting my head I nuzzled and kissed her neck. Karen continued to hold me tight. I kissed up her neck and then sucked and nibbled on her ear lobe. She had an earring that got in the way so I had to work my teeth around it. "Damn you're a quick learner." There was excitement in her voice. I stopped nibbling her ear long enough to say "You are just a great teacher." Then I moved back to kiss her again thrusting my tongue into her mouth. One of her hands moved to grab mine and direct it to her breast.

I cupped her boob and pressed it against her. My hand had been on her boob before but it was such a turn on that she wanted it there. I dragged the palm of my hand across her shirt where I could feel the hard bump of her nipple.

She groaned into my mouth.

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At this point I am wondering if I am going to get lucky. I know I need to be confident but on the other hand if I push to fast she might get scared and stop me. She liked me kissing and fondling her boob so I will keep doing that for a bit. I slid my hand to her other boob and played with it until the nipple was hard.

Then I took that bump between my thumb and finger and gently squeezed it. She let out another groan and started to lean back. I moved with her until we were both laying down.

I had one arm around her neck and I pulled our faces together as I continued French kissing her.


My other hand roamed from one tit to the other pressing, rubbing, and pulling on her nipples. At this point I felt her hand move to the front of my pants and press against the erection that was threatening to burst through the zipper.

I thought this made it a sure thing. We were going to fuck tonight! She started rubbing my cock and while it felt good I was afraid I might cum in my pants and ruin everything. But then her hand stopped and she said "Damn! I didn't bring any protection.

We can't fuck." My mine split in to directions. She wants to fuck me! It is all ruined because we don't have protection. Of course I thought of my box of condoms hidden near by but how would I explain that? I am trying to think of a way and she must of thought my preoccupation was disappointment. Looking up at me she said very seriously. "I know how you feel.

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I wanted to fuck so much." She paused and then continued. "I could suck you off though and if you want you could eat me." My smile must have been enough of an answer because she moved down to start opening the front of my pants. I was thinking this was better than I had hoped as I had already fucked her but never had a blowjob. When my cock sprung free she grabbed it and sucked it into her mouth and started bobbing.

I guess she had done this a few times as she had no hesitation. I was overwhelmed by the sensations and trying to hold back from cumming too soon. She became even more aggressive and I knew it was hopeless to try and delay.

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I blurted out "I am going to cum!" and she kept right on bobbing up and down as I spurted into her mouth. After I was done she slowed and then slipped her mouth off my dick. She turned to the side and spat my cum onto the ground. Then she took a sip from her beer, swished it around her mouth and swallowed. Moving up she snuggled against me and began kissing me.

OK, maybe she didn't swallow but it was still a great blowjob. And rinsing out her mouth before kissing me was nice. I lay there thinking about whether to suck on her pussy. I figured I owed her for blowing me and learning how to eat pussy was something I should learn to do. I whispered in her ear. "I want to eat you but you need to tell me how to do it." She gave me a quick kiss and then started pushing down her pants and undies.

Damn this girl was eager. Karen lay back, spread her legs, and, in an excited voice, said just start licking me and I will tell to do next. I moved between her legs and stopped with my face inches from her pussy. Her sent was strong but sexy.

Moving closer I stuck out my tongue and licked upwards along her slit making sure I ended each stroke on her clit. I alternated licking each side and the middle until she started to move her hips. Allowing saliva to moisten my tongue I moved up to her clit and began tracing circles around it gradually zeroing in until I was rubbing it directly. Every bit of spit in my mouth went onto her button and soon the entire area was slippery wet. Karen was breathing hard and making little thrusts with her hips.

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Gradually she became more turned on and thinking it was time to move to the next level I placed my lips around her clit and began to alternate gentle sucking with firm licks. After a few minutes she hissed "don't stop!" as if I would. I sucked harder on her clit and began lashing my tongue across it.

She froze, and then began bucking under me and I held on tightly while focusing every attention onto her engorged clit. Eventually she started to slow and I gradually backed off until I only my lips were pressed against her. She seemed done so I pulled away. I used the arm of my short to wipe my face. I was soaked. Then I found my beer and took a swig to rinse out my mouth.

Crawling up beside her I kissed her deeply and then lay down beside her. When she had her breath back she spoke. "That was fucking fantastic!" I nuzzled her ear. "You forgot to tell me what to do!" Karen laughed. "Are you sure you never did that before?

You must have a natural talent." I sighed happily at her praise.

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We lay there for a few minutes and then she asked "Are you hard again?" I was trying to figure out how to ask if she would blow me again and here she was asking me. "Eating your pussy got me all turned on." She moved down, grabbed my prick, and started licking it.

She was gentler this time and seemed to want to make it last rather than rush to get me off. I lay back and gazed at the stars as she began sucking up and down my shaft while licking the head.

She sucked me for a lot longer than I though I would last. Finally I told her I was getting close and she sped up and sucked even harder. That took me over the edge and I spurted into her mouth three times before relaxing. She leaned to the side and spat but then moved back to suck on my dick as it started to shrink. Finally she opened another beer, took a long drink of it, and moved to lay near me. She continued to sip her beer as she snuggled next to me. "If you want to meet me here next Saturday I can bring protection." Damn, if I hadn't cum twice already that would have made me hard.

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"I would like that a lot. This has been the best night of my life." OK, so I had already fucked her. Doing it with her fucking back was still something to look forward to.

I waited until she finished her beer and then told her I had to get home or I would get grounded. She asked couldn't I stay a little longer but she knew I couldn't. We kissed for a while more and then I said goodnight and left. She was starting another beer as I walked away.


On my way home I thought how stupid I had been to sneak around fucking her while she was passed out when it had been so easy to get her to agree to it.

Then I remembered how naughty it had felt and how I had just fucked her anyway I wanted and decided it had not been a mistake. Besides, if I had never fucked her I would have been too shy to have talked to her. Anyway I was really looking forward to next Saturday.