Twinks XXX He knows exactly what turns him on and they

Twinks XXX He knows exactly what turns him on and they
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It has been weeks since the last time i travelled but my next travel will be in a month's time. My wife has admitted that she is fucking my friend but they hardly do it since i am home. I want them to go further. I was thinking about a plan and i decided a plan. I had a drink with Mark and we were chatting and i casually how him how much he is enjoying the "married lady". He was rather honest with me and told me the frequency is almost none and he miss fucking her.

And i drop the bomb. I told him. I think Karyn misses your dick too. He was shock and he apologised to me continuously and said that he will stop it. I told him NO. I like it and i was the one that planned it all along. I wanted it to happen. He was not convinced and kept apologizing. I told him i am extremely happy to know he is fucking her. It took me the whole night to convinced him but i doubt he belief me. He avoid me for days. keep saying he couldn't face me and Hope i forgive him.

I told him I'm not angry. It was a weekend and i decided to get Karyn, my wife to invite him for dinner. But i told Mark not to let my wife knows i know she is fucking behind my back. i said she will stop doing it. He was good enough not to tell Karyn as she never brought the topic up about me talking to him. In short. I told my friend i knew he is fucking my wife. My wife told me she is fucking mark. But both do not know that they have openly confessed to me. So i got Karyn to invite him and i told Karyn, she has to make him come.

She somehow got him to agree. so it was a all set. I have something in my mind. We had dinner in the house as usual and mark was rather relax after a while knowing i wasn't going to confront him and my wife seems to be in good mood.

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so he realise there was no fighting about us and my relationship with my wife is intact. I started to pour some drinks. I am quite a good drinker and i got some China Liquor. it was rather strong. I got my wife to drink a lot.

she was relax as she has fucked both man sitting in front of her. She continued drinking and she told me she is cannot take it anymore. I told her we have a bottle more to go and she decided to go back to our room and she was knocked out.

When she was drunk. My friend again start to apologise and admit he has been avoiding me. I told him. Look. I want you to help me fuck my wife and I love it. I told him to follow me to the room. I tried to wake my wife up but she is completely knocked out. I told mark.

Let me prove what i want. I lift the blanket and my wife was in her dress. I made sure she wore a dress that day. I told Mark that i really wanted to watch him fuck her but i doesn't want her to know i will share her with another man. Hope he understand i have this weird urge. He kept quiet and i lift my wife skirt up to her waist exposing her skin colour cotton panties. i continue removing her panties by sliding it down her legs and off her.

she was completely naked waist down. i spread her legs wide and walk towards my friend. I said to him. U keep apologising to me. And i want you to know you owe me this much.

I want you to fuck her now. He hesitated and i went to lick her pussy and she was motionless. I said this is my only chance to watch her being fuck. He was looking at me with a question in his eye. I use hand gesture to urge him to do it. I told him that you told me you wanted to fuck her so bad and now is the time. he ask me if i was sure. I said yes!!! He move towards her and he took off his t shirt and followed and looked at me.

I sat down at the dresser's chair and start taking my cock to stroke it. he turn his face and look at my wife and he drop his pants and spring out his long dick. probably 8 inches. He look at me aagain and i smiled. he lowered himself towards her in a missionary position and position his cock to enter my wife. He stop looking at me and he entered her slowly but he get his cock in all the way in one slow stroke. my wife was motionless and he began to fuck her.

he was moving relatively slow but the strokes were long ones. he pull it out almost all the way and fuck it in slowly but hits his base. He went on for about a minute and i walk towards him. he look at me and i whisper to him that i want him to fuck her hard and i better be outside instead of being in the room after i hear my wife moan a little.

I told him i didn't want her to know about this. it has to be his secret with her. she must continue to think she is cheating on me. I went out to the door way and i was watching him from a distance. he continue to fuck and he start to pull her blouse to expose her bra. he was kissing her neck and said things like OH. Karyn. I miss fucking you so much. he kept fucking her in slow long strokes and he took his hands behind her back to undo her bra. my wife dress is around her neck and since it was a strapless bra.

it was very easy for him to take it off completely. he start kissing her neck and nipple. my wife began to moan bit more and it seems she is now more alert. I walk a few steps away to make sure she wont see me if she wakes up. He took my wife left leg and place it over his shoulder and he starts to fuck her harder now with faster strokes too. I could hear the slapping sounds and my wife is moaning soft but moaning.

And he continue taking her right leg and place both over his shoulder. i knew this will go in deep in her. my wife moans get louder and louder. she finally woke up and she was bit shock. she whispered to him. MARK!! HE is here in the house. are you crazy? He was so into her and he told her that i am knocked out downstairs. and he wanted to fuck her very badly. My wife knew i like it when she fuck mark so she was ok with fucking him but she didn't want him to know I allowed it.

Ask i told her as well. I do not want mark to know i want him to fuck you. so my wife knew even if i knew they were fucking. i will not walk in and get everything awkward.

I could still see them and because all the lights was off. she didn't see me. and even if she did see me. she knows i always wanted to watch. She lowered both her legs to the bed and return his kisses and he continue fucking. she continue moaning and Mark keep saying he miss fucking her and she replied, fuck me then.

Just fuck me. don't stop. I was so excited to see my wife really enjoying and i was hoping she will admit to me later that she did. she wrap her legs around his waist and pull him in.

Mark is moaning as well as now he knows he has the freedom to fuck her. he began to fuck her harder and fast. about a minute later. he stop and my wife turn over and went on doggie position. she lay her head on the pillow with her ass well position for him. He adjusted himself and place his cock into her pussy. and he began to fuck her doggie. my wife is fully awake now and she is moaning loud.

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I bet she is shy to let me know she enjoy so much as she place her face into the pillow and moan. mark move her to the edge of the bed and stood up giving him a better position. Karyn adjust to his position and she had her head up this time but facing the window away from the door.

Mark look behind and to look at me and i gave him the thumbs up and gesture to him to fuck harder. he started fucking her doggie with hard, deep and fast strokes. To know my wife can take his dick of that size amazes me. it went on for few more minutes before she lay down her head and he turn her over.

when he was doing that, i didn't want her to see me as she will face the doorway. I went to the side and i could only listen now.

I took a peek every few seconds and realize Mark was quite smart. he has turn her to the opposite end of the bed with her facing the window again. he was facing me.

and he fucked her facing me. he grab both her legs up and place them over his shoulder again and announce he is cumming. My wife was moaning and didn't bothered her. he was fucking and her legs went to wrap around him and pull him in and he again announce he was cumming and my wife didn't release her leg around him and he start to cum. When he came he quickly pull both her legs up over his shoulder and continue to fuck her deepest he could and cum deep inside her. The entire fucking was about 20 minutes.

I quickly tip toed and went back down and pretend to sleep. About 5 minutes later i see Mark came down and whispered to me Bro.


Thank you for this and i really love fucking Karyn. I told him. U need to keep fucking her and that's a promise. Mark left and my wife came down about 10 minutes after he went off. She came down in her dress and walked towards me. she try to wake me up thinking i was really knocked out.

I pretend to be awaken by her and smile at her. she told me to sleep in the room and not on the sofa. we went up and she didn't say a word. i pretend to trying to sleep and she turn over to me and face me.

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she ask if I'm awake. I said yes. She said.


Darling, Mark just fucked me. I pretend to be very surprised. Asking when? just now? here? she nodded and said yes. here on this bed. I show my excitement and ask her if she like it. she smiled and said. YES! It was a very good sex? I ask. sex or fuck? She said it was a good fuck. She said i felt so good and horny after drinking and i didn't know he fucked me till he was already in me. I ask how long ago did it ended. she told me about 15 minutes ago and she was honest. I kissed her and this time she didn't resist and she return my kisses and she moan.

I kiss her neck and move to her pussy. she use her hand and close her pussy with both hands saying she has not wash her pussy. She told me he cum in her. She didn't want me to lick her and insist me not to. she said please don't. I will feel very bad. So i ask if i could fuck her. she smile and i position and enter her. after a few strokes i could see lots of cum flowing out and she was moaning.

she told me that she love me. and i told her i love you too but u need to fuck mark for me again. this time on my request. she smiled. i cum in seconds and we lay in spoon position. She was very satisfied and i ask her what is on her mind. she turn to me and said. you want to know the truth? i said yes.

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she told me she want to meet mark again for sex. she is starting to crave. she said he was really good tonight. So i told her. why don't you stay over with him tomorrow night. she ask if im ok? i said yes. she smiled and told me that she would love to stay with him on Friday.


he is going on a trip with his buddies and hope she could follow. They thought it was not possible as I'm back. so they cancel the idea. I immediately tell my wife. She can do that. Just make sure she fuck him well.

she was so happy and she ask me again if she can really do it. I said yes. Knowing that mark knows i like to share her.

he will fuck her well for me. More to come next time. These are true stories.