Mensajito de whatsapp de monica galindo

Mensajito de whatsapp de monica galindo
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This is about the first third of chapter 6. Because of the nature of the story, it's a lot harder to continue here on


I always knew that there was a possibility of this so it has not come as a surprise or anything. Regardless, at the end of this preview, I'll write down where the rest of this chapter as well as the ensuing series will be. Thanks. I'll still do my best to read and comments and suggestions here so please leave them if you wish!

Enjoy. I walked back into the dining room with a massive smile on my face, most of it genuine too. Even the conceited comments from Jason, just minutes earlier, didn't bother me. If anything, I was more horny than angry; my pussy still on fire from the little exhibition I just put in front of my husband. "Help yourself to cream and sugar" I said, placing a cup of coffee in front of each person.

"Oh, you're not staying to have some?" Gary asked, seeing me make no indication to return to my seat. "No, I don't like having coffee at night. It'll keep me up, unable to sleep" I said, smirking at my husband.

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"I should get started on the dishes anyways" I said, reaching for a few. Chris must've heard me from the kitchen, quickly offering his help as we cleared the plates. I was looking forward to having the chance to relieve him from all the teasing I had done throughout the evening, but the men surprised me by moving back into the living room quicker than anticipated. Chris, who had reluctantly agreed during dinner to watch the game with them, joined my husband and his friends in front of the TV as I slowly worked by the sink.

However, it didn't take long for me to notice Chris shooting me stares and looks. "You're making it too obvious staring at mommy like that!" I texted. I looked over to him, grinning when I saw him pull out his own phone and smirk at my message. "Can you blame me. You look so sexy!" he answered, smiling up at me.

Before I could respond, Gary got up out of his seat on the sofa, moving towards the kitchen. "Just getting some ice, coffee's still a little hot" he said. I nodded my head, forced to temporarily stop my texting and re-focus on the dirty dishes.

Yet, from the window reflection in front of me, I could see Gary staring at me from behind. Typical. It was less than 20 minutes ago that he told us about his family trip to Hawaii over the winter break and how it was a wonderful time for him and his wife.

Now here he was, staring lustfully at my ass. He hadn't even made an attempt to get ice, just standing next to the fridge, watching over me.

I don't know if it was the wine or because of how horny I was, but I remembered my son's words earlier about loving how slutty I acted.

I took one glance over at Chris, seeing that his eyes were still on me, and decided to have a little fun, satisfying my own exhibitionist side. I pretended to fix my T shirt, at the same time pulling it slightly up, revealing a little bit of my lower back. But more than that, I knew that the straps of my G-string were now easily visible above my leggings, leaving no need to imagine what I had on underneath.

Fuck, I felt dirty! Purposefully teasing and showing myself off! I wasn't even sure how Chris would respond, but given how clouded both our judgements were, I was confident he would be turned on. As for Gary, there was no need for me to guess; from the window reflection I could see that his mouth had gaped open, his expression changing from a stare to almost a "hunger" look. I only let his eyes linger for a few seconds longer before, turning around to face him, forcing him to abruptly turn his attention to the ice maker on the freezer and return to his seat.

"Do you like how naughty mommy is?" I texted. I watched as Chris read my message, looking back at me in the kitchen and gulped, nodding his head yes. "Yeah, my baby boy likes seeing mommy act like a slut?

Knowing that I only want your cock!" I texted, reassuring him it was just for fun. Again he nodded. "Are you hard right now, honey?" I asked rhetorically. Chris was sitting by himself on the two person sofa, body slightly slanted away from the other men and towards the TV, with a pillow on his lap.

Jeez, I wonder what he could possibly be hiding? "I want to fuck you so bad mom!" he responded back. God, that got my heart racing even more! Now, with the added encouragement from Chris, I had even more reason to give in to my exhibitionist side. "I want you to meet mommy in the bathroom in 5 minutes!" As soon as I placed my phone down, I roughly pinched my nipples, tweaking them to ensure they stood out in my little white T shirt.

I walked towards the living room, both equally nervous and turned on, wanting all their eyes to be on me.

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"Let me get those. I'll have a re-fill in just a few minutes, as soon as the coffee's ready" I smiled, acting oblivious to how I was dressed. Gary and Jason stared at me wide-eyed; one at my chest, and one at my exposed navel, only being able to nod as a response.

Even my husband, sitting on the single Barcalounger on my right, was looking at me speechless. I paid no attention to them of course, turning all my focus over to Chris. "Honey, do you want anything? Some soda or juice?" I asked casually, making my way towards him.

I kept my eyes on the TV momentarily, pretending as if I was actually watching, all the while I ruffled Chris' hair. Slowly, I slid onto the armrest. Not the empty seat next to Chris, but the armrest, ensuring that our bodies would be right next each other, connected.

Gently, I placed Chris' hand and forearm on my thigh, deliberately making both our guests green with envy! "uh, no.

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I'm okay" he muttered. "Sure?" Yeah" "Ok, just let me know if you are honey!" I smiled, pulling him in for a hug. I played it off as just a normal show of affection, ignoring the fact that I basically took my son's head and pressed it into the side of my tit; all with three grown men watching of course. "Enjoy the game! I'll be back with more coffee in just a bit!" I said to the audience, planting a small kiss on top of Chris' head and standing back up.

But before I left the room completely, I couldn't help but tease them one last time. "Oh! Shriveling already, I just watered you!" I sighed, closely looking at the leaves of my houseplant. My back was directly facing all three men. And without even looking, I knew Jason and Gary were leering at my ass. I was in the bathroom maybe two minutes when Chris came knocking. "Couldn't wait honey?!" I teased, letting him inside.

"Fuck, I can't believe you just did that!" he exclaimed, hands instantly pulling my shirt up so he could play with my tits. "Did you enjoy seeing mommy tease them? Because I sure did!" I giggled. "Ooh! I think you did!" I said, my hand instantly feeling up his hard cock. Chris didn't answer, gently spinning me around. I knew what he wanted, my hands rushing to my hips, slinging my leggings and G-string down to my ankles.

Turning back around to face Chris, I quickly hopped onto the sink countertop, my feet kicking away my bottoms. "Look, how wet mommy is!" I grinned, spreading my pussy. "uughh!" Chris moaned, dropping to his knee and lapping at my cunt.

"MMmmm!" I exclaimed, hand running through his hair, tugging and pulling. I wanted to make sure that when he left this bathroom, all three men outside would see how messed up his hair was, asking themselves "did…did his mom just do that to him? What were they doing?!" "Come on, honey! There's not much time!

I want you to fuck me!" I exclaimed, tilting his chin up so I could look into his eyes. "I want you to stick that think, juicy cock inside mommy's pussy! Make mommy scream loud enough for all of them to hear!" I could tell Chris was turned on hearing that, his eyes widening as his cock twitched in his sweats.

In a heartbeat, he had them by his knees, stepping forward to line his dick up with my pussy. He plunged in immediately, covering my mouth at the same time. I moaned right into Chris' palm, biting on his finger to keep me from screaming. Once my initial reaction subsided, Chris started pumping, very quickly working up to a fast pace.

He was trying his best to fuck me without making any noise, but with how horny we both were, that was nearly impossible; his thighs slapping loudly against my ass every time it thrust forward. I did nothing to help solve that, sexily biting down on my lower lip and demanding Chris to continue with my eyes. 'Uuughh! Yes! That's it, honey!! Fuck mommy's pussy just like that!!" I moaned, tweaking my nipples.

Being so close to climaxing, I wrapped both legs around Chris, pulling his body even closer, tightly against mine. That seemed to send us both over the edge.

"AUuuggh fuccckkk!" he exclaimed quietly. I felt his cock pulsing again and again inside me, emptying an entire evening of backed up cum into my pussy.

It felt like he would never stop, shooting load after load, until finally it started pouring out of the side of my opening. "Holy shit! Fuck, that was amazing!" he panted, pulling his cock out. It was an absolute mess, glistening in the mixture of our love juices. I immediately pushed him back, hopping off the sink counter and cleaning it off with my mouth. It tasted better than any dessert I could ever make!

"Mom, we need to get back! Dad might come check on us!" he smiled, panting. I nodded my head, scrambling to get my leggings back on. "Ok you leave first honey. Mommy will be out in a bit!" "Sure!" he said, fixing his sweats and exiting. When I returned back to the kitchen, Chris was already back to his previous place on the couch and there didn't appear to be anything off; the men were still talking as they watched the game, with Gary and Jason still taking to occasional glance at me as I prepared coffee in the kitchen.

I wonder what they would say if they knew what just happened in the bathroom minutes earlier. That even now, while I prepare their drinks, my pussy was filled with my son's cum! The thought brought a very naught idea to my head, giving me the perfect way to get back at my husband. I looked over to the living room, making sure they were all still pre-occupied, before sliding my hand down my leggings. I very carefully fingered my pussy, scooping out most of my son's creampie and dumping it into Charles' cup of coffee.

Quickly, I grabbed a stirrer and began stirring, making sure it dissipated into the black liquid. And then, as if that wasn't enough, I wiped the excess cum on my fingers around the rim of the coffee mug. I smirked, realizing that this would mark the second time my husband had tasted Chris' jizz. But I guess the first time shouldn't count, he was passed out and unconscious, with me kissing a mouthful of Chris' cum onto his lips.

So this time, I would make sure to catch every detail. I carefully carried the tray of coffee back into the living room, ensuring that my husband got the right mug. "Thanks for the refill" Gary said. "My pleasure!" I grinned, taking a seat next to Chris.

While the men enjoyed the game, my eyes were mostly on Charles, watching as he took his first sip. Right away, he stopped, moving the cup down as he stared confusingly into it. He could tell something was off, but not exactly what. It took everything I had not to laugh out loud, turning my gaze away from him just as he looked suspiciously over at me. But with no proof or acknowledgement from me, he pushed the thought of any tampering away, taking another sip.

Fuck it felt good seeing my husband ingest his own son's cum! I was even more horny now, especially knowing that after all the teasing and showing off of my legs and ass, our two guests were most certainly going to be keeping a careful eye on me.

I was determined to flirt with Chris even more now; make them eat their hearts out before the night was over. To start, I casually propped my feet onto the coffee table in front of me, almost putting them on display. Chris, sitting on my right, noticed almost immediately, looking at me. I responded with a slight smirk. Gary and Jason noticed too, taking small glances at my legs and the only exposed skin area, my dainty little feet.

So since they were all I had to work with at the moment, I put it to use. Casually, I reached forward for an orange and began to peel, all the while teasing them with my feet; scrunching the soles and rubbing my toes softly against each other, as if I were massaging one foot with the other.

And unlike Chris, I knew that it was more than likely that both these voyeurs had no such fetish for feet, that even a nonsexual part of my body was getting them worked up. They couldn't keep their eyes away, both paying more attention to me than the game.

It was exhilarating! My husband noticed too, a combination of being anxious and scared plastered all over his face.

In his mind, he figured I was doing all this on purpose just to get back at him. But the reality was, that was only half true; the other half was simply my exhibitionist side coming out for some fun. And after seeing how turned on Chris was from it, there were very few speed bumps to slow its desire.

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With their attention on my lower limbs, I took the opportunity to grab a sofa pillow, gently placing it between Chris and I. He looked nervously at me, knowing that I had other plans, just not what. "Do you want a piece honey?

It's really sweet!" I smiled. "Sure" he mumbled, holding his hand out. I just laughed, taking a piece of the orange and feeding it directly to his mouth. As I pushed the fruit past his lips, I made sure to stick the tip of my index finger as well. "How is it? Sweet right?" I smirked. "mhm" he nodded, chewing the piece slowly. Seeing how tense Chris was, I decided to wait before doing anything more with him.

So for the next few minutes, I kept my eye on the TV, head turned away from Jason and Gary. Yet I could just feel their eyes on me, even through their loud conversation; looking at my nipples poking through the tight t-shirt, long sexy legs tightly wrapped in skintight leggings, and my cute watermelon-red colored toenails. Even the way I was eating my orange was sexual, small tiny bites, purposefully showcasing my tongue. Every once in a while, I would shoot a grin to my husband telling him "I bet you wish you could take back that kiss now!!" When my orange was finally finished, I took Chris' left hand and swung it around my shoulders, allowing me to snuggle against the side of his body.

No, it wasn't anything too sexual; Chris' hand was on my shoulder and upper back.

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But this was clearly an act that I should be doing with my husband, or maybe if Chris was 4 or 5 years younger.

But at his age now, I knew it would make the men sit uncomfortably. I could hear it from the slight lull in their conversation. Each person taking a little longer to respond to one another as their minds were on other things! I bet Jason and Gray would give half a month of their salary to switch places with Chris now! Fuck, it made me feel so slutty, knowing these married men wanted me! But that was just teasing. No matter what their thoughts on me were, I was interested in just one cock! A cock that I was determined to play with right now!

Slowly, I slid my right hand underneath the well placed pillow, using my upper body to block any proper view while my lower body captured their attention. For a few second I just held it there, letting my palm rest on Chris' thigh, my eyes looking around the room to see if anyone noticed. Unlike with my earlier actions, I had no intention of being caught doing this. And despite every rational, high thinking part of my brain telling me to stop, I couldn't.

My finger seemed to have a mind of their own now; fueled by a combination of lust, excitement, and revenge.

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Chris knew what was coming, his face completely turned towards the TV, barely able to move. I could feel how stiff his body was, yet as my fingertips slid closer to his crotch, it became quickly apparent that another part of his body was stiff too!

There was no need for me to get him ready, uh-uh! Chris was already hard, his cock dying to burst through those cotton sweatpants. From how close our bodies were, there wasn't enough space to jack him off, but that was okay; I just wanted to play a little. Gently, I massaged his dick from the outside of sweats, rubbing the head and shaft. He naturally tried to lean away, but considering I was snuggled right next to him, I moved right along with him.

"Keep squirming and you're gonna make everyone look, honey!" I whispered seductively into his ear. "Or maybe that's what you want?! Do you want mommy to jack you off in front of your dad and his friends?" I asked, reaching for his waistband. Chris twitched a little, enough to catch the attention of my husband sitting across from us. He couldn't tell what was happening, but from how close my mouth was to Chris' ear, knew I whispered something to him.


"Hey uh, dear. Do you think you could get us a few more beers?" he asked nervously, trying to separate us before anything more happened. "oh, I just got comfortable" I said playfully, my fingers now wrapping around his son's cock.

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I couldn't exactly start pumping, at least not using my wrist, so with just my fingers, I gently jerked Chris' cock. "hmmm…how about at the end of the half? Can you guys wait that long?" I smiled, looking to our guests. To lessen their attention to the pillow, I pulled my right leg onto my left knee, acting as if I was examining my pedicure.

They easily took the bait. "uhm yeah" Jason said.


"Yeah that's okay. Probably shouldn't have too many anyways. Wife will yet at me!" Gary joked. I faked a smile back at him. "I wonder what your wife would say now, seeing you stare up and down my body" I thought. "Great! I'll probably head upstairs anyways! Don't want to impose too much on your guy's night!" I said, while still masturbating my son. "Nonsense!" "We love your company!" Jason answered. "Yeah, sure! It's my company that you love" I thought.

"No it's quite alright! 1 half of basketball is all my attention can hold anyways!" "Ok, If you want dear" my husband quickly answered, a slight smile coming across his face. I'm sure he was dying to get rid of me! "You should come too honey! I'm sure with you here, their conversation is a bit filtered!" I smiled at Chris, squeezing his shaft.

"Ugh! Ok" he nodded. I don't know if I've ever seen a smirk disappear faster than my husband's did. It was just a few short minutes before the horn blared on TV, the time on the half hitting triple zero. I slowly got up and removed my hand from Chris, getting the men another 6 pack before saying goodbye.

As soon as I was upstairs, I took off my leggings, leaving them by the foot of the staircase. I took another few steps, heading towards Chris' room, and discarded my t-shirt. Next, came the bra, and lastly, as I reached Chris' door, slid my G-string off and hung it on his doorknob.