Young Lana deep doggy anal in bathroom

Young Lana deep doggy anal in bathroom
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This story is about how a innocent day at the beach with my girlfriend, her parents and friends turned into something that i didn't expect. (I've changed the names of the characters to insure privacy). It was a beautiful July 4 weekend and my girl Sarah had been invited to go spend the weekend at her Aunt's Cabin on the Lake.

Normally my job (catering chef) would never allow me to have a weekend in the summer (wedding season) off but on this particular weekend i was able to manage it and Sarah could not have been happier. It would be the first time that the two of us were able to go to her Aunt's camp together. The whole car trip up to the Lake she had the biggest smile on her face and she was so excited.

I couldn't help but be happy to seeing her in such a good mood.


The only real problem I had with going to her Aunt's camp was that there was going to be ten plus people there and no privacy to have any "alone time" with her at all. But any time I got to spend with my girl was good with me. I'm going to take a minute out of the story to just describe myself and my girl. My name is Tom (changed of course) 29 yrs old, 6 ' 7" and a bit over weight at 275 lbs. but am comfortable with who I am.

I have brown hair and brown eyes and not a super big penis about 6 inches with decent thickness. My girl Sarah was 5 ' 10" weighed about 150 lbs. and had just the nicest tits that i just loved to suck on. They were DD's and hung really nice with that little bit of sag but not to much that made them look droopy. The best thing about them was that they responded to touch so nicely and i can almost make her cum just form sucking and touching her breast.

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but what I really loved about my 33 yr. girlfriend was her ASS. See I love curvy woman and she had this juicy, scrumptious, wonderful ass, the kind that you just wanted to go and smack when she bent over. We finally arrived at the Camp on the lake where her Uncle met us with his boat, and after a short boat ride we were walking inside a lovely two story Cottage with water front views on both sides of the house.

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On the one side was a inlet form the lake nice and calm great for some swimming and fishing. The other side was the lake itself.

The view from the cottage was really something you could see miles down shore in both directions, waves crashing on the shore and boaters and ships off in the distance. The first night was what you would expect form a family weekend.

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As the rest of the family arrived there was the usual 20 questions to answer the typical "how have you been" "hows work" and that normal crap. After a lovely dinner which I played a major part in making(since i cook for a living everyone assumes that i want to cook on my days off too), we all settled in for a evening of cards, television and small talk (HOW UTTERLY FUCKING BORING). Sarah and I retired around 11 and took the opportunity to just lay in bed and make small talk with each other. Of course I tried getting some action but was thrown out at 2nd base.

We drifted off to peaceful slumber in each others arms. The next morning after a great breakfast (which thank god i had no part of) everyone decided what a great idea it would be to go swimming at the lake. Sarah and I agreed that it would be fun to go swimming and we changed into our trunks and everyone headed down to the water. I was wearing a plain pair of khaki shorts that I use sometimes for swimming and Sarah was wearing a one piece and really showed off both her cleavage and ass.

I made sure to walk behind for two reasons one I'm a gentlemen and I wanted to make sure she didn't slip on all the loose stone and secondly and more importantly I got a great view of her ass as she walked. In the suit she had on on her ass was doing one of those great side to side bouncing motions that just makes my cock twitch. Once we got into the water it felt wonderful. The water was a little cool which was nice because it was probably near 90 degrees outside and I felt hot and sticky.

It only took a few minutes for everyone to make little groups in the water. Thankfully Sarah and I were alone. Sarah and I started playing around and splashing each other like little kids in a backyard pool. Quickly it became me grabbing her waist and playfully dunking her under the water.

After a few dunks she must have wanted to get the upper hand on me so she wriggled herself free and dove under the water. Next thing I know she ripping off my shorts. And comes up form the water about ten feet from me. "Hey what the hell are you doing" I yell as loudly as I dare to her.

not wanting to draw attention to us now that I'm naked under the water. With a grin she says to me "What are you talking about?" "You know exactly what I'm talking about but if you want to play those games fine two of us can play that" And with that I ran towards her, as she turned to run away I dove under the water grabbing her leg stopping her and came up snatching her top straps and ripped them down to her waist.

"Oh I gonna kill you" she says while not trying to laugh. "Whats the matter did something happen" I retort. As she tried to pull her straps back up I grabbed her arms and spun her around so her ass was against me.

"If you need to cover those that badly let me help you" I whispered into her ear. I covered her breast with my hands and gently started to kneed the ample flesh in my hands.

I was slow and deliberate and did not touch her nipples at first, but after a few minutes of touching when I could hear her breathing getting heavy, I turned my attention to them and lightly squeezed her had nipples. "Oh you bad boy my parents are right over there how dare you" "So you don't want me to continue doing this?" As I twist her nipples again making her moan audibly.

"Oh I didn't say i wanted you to stop did I" With little statement I knew it was game on. As I continued to fondle and tweak her breasts and nipples I let my left hand glide down to her waist and slip under the bottom of her trunks. A slight gasp escape her mouth as she felt my finger tips start to penetrate her folds.

I slipped my middle finger into her love tunnel while my thumb gently worked her clit. Like normal this action had her moaning in seconds and she was starting to get really worked up. As I played with her nipples and snatch Sarah made a move of her own and grabbed my cock and slowly started to rub just the head.

After a bit of teasing her pussy with the tips of my fingers I decided it was time to make her cum. I moved the lower part of her suit to the side and buried my middle and ring fingers into her pussy as deep as I could.

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Sliding them in and out of her I kept my thumb on her clit. " me?" Shes gasps between pants and moans. "I think you know exactly what I'm doing sweety" I said back.

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"Oh.Tom this is so wrong" "Yeah but it feels so right" I could tell Sarah was getting close to cumming. Quickly I turned her around and dove under the water sticking my tongue into her hole and ran it around her clit. The second my tongue hit her clit I felt her shudder and her knees buckled. When I surfaced Sarah had a hungry look on her face. "Follow me" was all she said. With that she handed me my shorts and she put her suit back on properly.

Sarah walked out of the water and after a few awkward seconds of me trying to get my shorts on I was hot on her heels. She was almost at a running pace and I was walking in long strides to match her pace.

We got back to the cottage and we were barely inside when she turned to me and ripped down my shorts. "On the couch now" she had a an almost possessed look in her eyes. I sat on the couch and she walked over stripping her suit off.

She reached me and pushed me down immediately engulfing my cock with her mouth. She sucked my cock harder and with more intensity than I have ever felt before. She was taking my whole dick in her mouth down to the base.

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She had never done that before. After a few strokes she would take just the tip in her mouth and while rubbing the shaft with her hands she would do laps around my head with her tongue. Occasionally she would give my cock a light squeeze with her hand which she knew drove me crazy and would also fondle my balls. "So is getting you off in front of your Family and Friends all it takes to get you this horny" I say in a comical tone.

She looked up at me without taking her mouth from my cock and looked at me with eyes that said "Fuck you".


After about 5 minutes of her greedily sucking my dick she must of sensed my nearing orgasm. Sarah lifted her head and with out a word she quickly moved her body over my face and buried her juicy snatch in my face. "Eat me you son of a bitch" was all she said. And eat her i did. Her aggression had become a massive turn on for me and so i ate her moist pussy for all i was worth.

i loved the taste of her pussy, it has sweet taste like strawberries coated in honey. She always kept her pubic hair trimmed back enough for nice easy access too. I ran my tongue up and down the length of her crack over and over again. Each time I would dip my tongue inside her pussy so i could savor the favor of her juices.

When i reached the top of each stroke i would run my tongue around her clit teasing her a bit then enclose my mouth on her engorged clit and give it a little pinch between my lips.While all this was going on I took the liberty of reaching around behind her and started rubbing her soft juicy flash of her amazing ass cheeks.


Giving them little slaps every once in awhile. What started off as moaning had become almost screams of pleasure as her orgasm built inside of her. I knew she wasn't going to last much longer. I closed in on her clit and started a brutal assault of licking and sucking which drove her over the orgasmic edge.

"OH MY FUCKING GOD I'M CUMMING" Sarah screams out after about 3 minutes I didn't slow down I could feel her juices starting to coat my tongue more and more running down over my cheeks but kept my tongue buried in her.

I felt her hit another orgasm within seconds of her first. She was bucking wildly and screaming my name, but still I kept at her clit. I started plunging my tongue back into her pussy tasting her juices just for a second then I would dart back to her clit licking her until her pleasure was to much for her to handle. "TOM NO MORE.NO MORE.NO.MORE!!!!" With one final lick Sarah literally threw herself off of me to the floor.

She was lying on her back legs spread wide juices running on her thighs. She was panting heavily trying to catch her breathe. "Are you trying to kill me" she gasps out in between breathe. I respond to her "Now why would I kill the tastiest pussy on earth, besides we arent done yet" And with that said I quickly moved to the floor with her and got between her legs. I lubricated my dick with her excess of juices and slid my dick inside of her in one smooth motion.

Her eyes widened when she felt me inside and I could tell she had just had another climax. "Oh that feels so nice" She cooed. "I would keep it their all the time if it wouldn't interfere with day to day life" I said. "Oh stop with the jokes and just fuck me would you" she shot back. "Your wish is my Command" i said in a joking serious voice. I didn't waste anymore time I started to really let her have it.

I would draw my dick all the way out until only the tip of the head was inside then slam it all the way back in. I started slowly at first to get my rhythm down, but then started picking up the pace.

Stroke after I stroke I was moving faster and faster. Until I was a piston into her and the whole cottage was filled with the sound of my pelvis slapping against her juicy succulent ass. All Sarah could manage was a series of grunts and moans and the occasional "oh my god" while wave after wave of pleasure wracked through her.

To make matters worse for her i had taken my right arm and started tweaking her now very sensitive nipples. I lost count of how many orgasms she had, but now could feel my own building rapidly. "I'm gonna cum baby" I grunted out Now normally this wouldn't be a problem since we normally use a condom, but oops no condom on this trip. Before she could think I pulled out of her and my cum erupted over her neck tits.

Shot after shot of my cum covered her upper body until finally I just collapsed on the floor next to her totally spent. "Well I feel sticky" she said while laughing.

"You look sticky" I replied. "How am I going to clean all of this off?" she questioned me. "Well we are at a lake silly" And with that she put back on her suit and we walked back to the lake just the way we started with me staring at her ass. God this was gonna be a long day I hoped.