Teen pov tit fucks cock

Teen pov tit fucks cock
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"So you're going off to college," Mary Peters said to the young man who was painting her house. "In another couple of weeks, ma'am," Kerry Kimball replied between brush strokes. "My, my," she sighed while fanning herself with a folded newspaper. "It seems like just yesterday I was holding you on my lap and feeding you milk and cookies." "Yeah," he said with a nod, "I remember, they were chocolate chip." She smiled to herself and after a moment's thought asked, "Say, how about I whip up a batch right now?" His mouth actually began to water just thinking about those warm fresh cookies!

"That sounds great, Mrs. Peters!" the nineteen year old replied enthusiastically. "And I hope you've got some ice cold milk to go with them!" "I'm sure I do," she answered while heading back into the house. "It will take about an hour, I'll call you when they're ready!" For the next hour or so Kerry continued painting the trim up under the eaves. He actually had forgotten all about the milk and cookies until Mary Peters opened the front door and offered, "Come and get it, fresh right out of the oven!" Kerry climbed down off of his ladder, and after cleaning off his hands entered the house and meandered his way back towards the kitchen.

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The moment he was inside his nostrils were filled with the sweet aroma of the best chocolate chips cookies you could ever imagine! He turned the corner into the living room and stopped short in his tracks when he found Mary Peters sitting in her oversized easy chair with a plate of cookies and a glass of milk on the end table next to her chair. "I thought we'd do things like we did when you were a little boy," she said softly.

"What do you mean by that?" he asked a little bit warily. "Come on, up on my lap!" she ordered. "I'm way to big for that!" he replied.

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"Nonsense!" she shot back. "To me you'll always be that little boy, now hop to it!" She held out her arms in anticipation, and for some reason he sensed a definite air of sensuality wafting around the room. "Come on," she coaxed, "be a good little boy and come to Auntie Mary." In almost desperation he tired one more tact. "My clothes are covered with paint," he said a matter of factly, "I don't want to get you nice dress all dirty." "Well then, we'll just have to do something about that won't we?" she replied.

"What?" he replied softly.

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"I guess you'll just have to take off your shirt and pants," she replied. "Y-you're kidding!?!" he asked in desperation. "No, I'm afraid that I'm not!" "What the heck was going on here?" he asked himself as Mary Peters calmly undid his belt and shoved his pants down around his ankles.

With his shirt already off he was standing there in only his socks and white cotton briefs. "My, you certainly have grown up," she mumbled while casually reaching out to caress the front of his shorts. His whole body stiffened as her delicate fingers grazed the across the head of his rapidly expanding pecker. He wished desperately to be somewhere else, but was too late for that as the fifty five year old widow slipped her hand inside of his shorts grabbed his thick erection by its thick shaft.

"You are a very well developed young man!" she enthused while giving his erection a nice hard squeeze. "Do you know what I'm going to do now?" she whispered. He had a pretty good idea that it wasn't being served cookies and milk! "I'm going to slip off these shorts," she responded, "and then I'm going to put you into my mouth." "Y-you're kidding!" he gasped as his prick popped out into the open air. "No, I'm afraid that I'm not!" she replied as her head dropped down towards his groin.

"I'm afraid that I'm not!!!" Kerry's spindly legs buckled slightly and a long low groan gurgled up from deep in his throat as the hot mouthed senior citizen slid her warm wet mouth over the purple head of his fat hardon. "M-my god!" he gasped. "N-never in my entire life…&hellip." "You mean I'm the first?" she asked softly while nuzzling his manhood. "Y-yes, I've dreamed about it, but I've never really been on a real date." She twirled her tongue over his velvety head before asking softly, "Have you ever seen a woman naked?" "No," he replied softly, "never." "Well," she commented gently, "I guess we're just going to have to do something about that." "What, what are we gonna do about it?!?" he moaned.

"I have a very large breasts," she replied while ignoring his question. His eyes nearly popped out of his head when he looked down and saw Mary Peters casually sloughing of the top half of her dress. "See my bra?" she asked sweetly. "It's a 42 double D." "Do you think I should take it off?" "Oh yesssssss!" he hissed while fisting his hard organ.

"P-please, take it off and show me your tits!" "My late husband used to call them tits," Mary said softly while reaching around to undo the four catches. "It's nice to hear a man talking about them again." "I-I'm gonna cum!" he groaned when the two massive mammaries fell out of the over sized cups.

"I can't help it, ohhhhhh, her it cums!!!" It had been a long time since the old woman had seen a hard cock erupting it jizz, so in a flash she maneuvered her boobs directly in line with Kerry's one eyed snake. "That's a good boy," she cooed softly as his hand literally flew over his thick piece of gristle. "Cum all over Auntie's big tits!" She reached around and grabbed him by his slim ass and pulled his pecker directly into her massive cleavage.

The second his straining head touched her spongy breasts his cock shuddered hard before a it rocketed load after load of hot sperm down into the valley between her immense knockers. She held his ass in a vise like grip to keep his still pulsating member buried in the folds of her heavy hanging boobs.

"My, I hope you still have some of that left for my pussy," she sighed while releasing him form her grasp. Just hearing her talk of having him inside of her was enough to bring his semi erect member back to life.

"Oh, Kerry," she sighed, "I'm sure gonna miss this when you go off to school." "R-really?" he asked.

"Oh yessssssssss," she moaned while leaning back in her chair before slipping out of her dress and utilitarian style of white cotton panties. "Is it like you thought it would be?" she asked while giving her hair pie a quick fingering. Her legs were splayed wide apart offering him a perfect view of her gray hair covered vagina. He stared at it curiously while replying softly, "It's much hairier than I thought it would be." "My husband always liked me to wear it natural," she offered while diddling her hard clit.

"Some women shave them, I just never had any cause to." "Do you like it?" "Jesus, you're kidding right?!?" he asked with a groan. "I can't believe how good it looks!" "Then can you do me a really big favor?!?" she asked pleadingly.

"Anything at all!" he quickly replied. "Thank you, dear," she sighed, "now please, get on your knees and use your tongue on me." "Y-you want me to put my tongue into your…&hellip.?" he tailed off. "In my pussy," she rejoined. "Don't you want to?" she asked a little sadly. "Oh no, I mean yes, I'll do it right now!" he stumbled. "You've always been such good boy," she sighed again while he took his place between her plump thighs. "I'm not quite sure how&hellip.," he mumbled while nosing around her open crack.


"Here," she replied while grabbing him by the back of the neck, "let me show you." It was truly like a duck takes to water! Almost instinctively Kerry's tongue slithered up and down Mary's puffy hair pie. "My god!" she gasped.


"I'd almost forgotten how wonderful a good cunt lapping can be!" Even though it was only his first time at sucking pussy, Kerry knew that he was hooked for life! He was slipping into a state of sexual delirium that could only be sated by the incredible taste and aroma of fresh hot cunt! "Okay, young man," she sighed, "find my "little man in the boat"." "What's that?" he asked softly while nuzzling his nose into her steaming cunt.

"It's the little nub right at the top of my crack," she offered. "Yeah, that's it, flick your tongue over it, ohhhhhhh fuck is that nice!!!" "It really feels that good?" he asked inquisitively. "It feels fucking unreal!" she moaned while arching her back and jutting her crotch forward.

"You suck me so welllllll!!!" "I-I'm glad you like it," he whispered between licks. "It's better than anything I've ever tasted!" She settled back into the chair with her huge tits cradled in her arms while waiting impatiently for her impending climax. "I-I'm almost there&hellip." she moaned.


"Yes, yes, do it harder, oh yeah, right there!!!" Kerry had never seen or heard a woman climaxing, so he was a little taken aback when out of nowhere her body literally lurched out of control while her cunt pulsated wildly into his open mouth!

"My fucking god you little cunt lapper!" she shrieked.

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"I'm cumming all over your hot cunt sucking tongue!" "A-are you all right, Mrs. Peters?" he asked with real concern as she panted like an over worked steam engine. She rolled her head to the side with a Cheshire cat smile on her face and replied, "I've never felt better in my life." "But do you know what would make me feel even better?" "No, what?" he asked weakly.

"Mama needs a big hard cock inside of her," she whispered hoarsely. "Ohhhhh, it's so wet and tight!" he moaned while the first several inches of boy cock slid into her drooling organ.

"And you're hung like a fucking horse!" she sighed. "Oh god do I need a good fucking!" "I-I' don't know how long I can hold it!" he panted.

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"That's okay, darling," she replied softly. "But do it hard and fast until you do!" "Like this?" he asked as he began pistoning in and out of her gaping pussy. "Oh yesssssss, just like that!" she groaned.

She couldn't believe how big this skinny eighteen year old's pecker was in proportion to the rest of his body! It seemed like half of his weight must have been concentrated in his thick hard erection!

"Some little college coed was going to be the happiest girl on campus!" she said to herself as her pussy began convulsing around the massive invader. Feeling her cunt collapsing around his prick was more than the poor boy could take! Their eyes locked together as each of their sex organs wrenched hard in a brutally satisfying orgasm that left poor Kerry collapsed in a heap on Mary's huge pillow like chest!

"W-wow!" he sighed.

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"So that's what all the excitement's all about!" She kissed him on the mouth and then offered him a hard nipple while replying, "And that is exactly what all the excitement is about!" A few minutes later she felt him stiffening in her well fucked cunt and whispered, "And I think we're going to be getting excited all over again!!!" THE END