Young hot gay black guys having sex first time Spanked Into Submission

Young hot gay black guys having sex first time Spanked Into Submission
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Vengeance 35 When? That was the million dollar question. We'd satisfied the who, that part was easy, I thought as I watched her scribbling down plans. A strand of hair fell from her loose pony tail. Not to be annoyed by trivial things, she tucked it behind her ear and kept writing. The what was equally simple, having bee formally proposed last week. Marriage. After the years of longing, trepidation, growing confidence, and the bold first step that had set us on our path, I couldn't help but look back with astonishment.

I always thought, 'wow, a million things had to go just the way they did so that we'd find ourselves where we are now.' It was almost overwhelming. Neither one of us were one for religion, or the religious aspect of marriage. We'd chosen the park, the hill where one of our first trysts had taken place.

The dished out area at the top would be a perfect setting for a small ceremony. The right combination of simplicity and beauty for the girl I loved. "That leaves when." She told me, stirring me from my thoughts. She set her planner down and slid her chair away from the table, looking at me expectantly.

"Do you think it's bad to do it sooner rather than later?" she asked me. "I'm anxious," she smiled, "but I don't want to rush into it…" I stood and moved around the table, around behind her.


I leaned over and kissed her cheek. Her hands wrapped their way behind her, around my head, pulling me closer. I pulled her to her feet, staying behind her, running my hands down to her hips. "That's right," I whispered in her ear. "Because neither of us are prone to hasty decisions." She raised her hands high above her head, stretching after hours of notes and calculations. Before she had a chance to react, my hands slid beneath her waistband, dropping her sweats to her knees where gravity did the rest of the work.

A split second later, they'd found their way under her shirt and in one smooth motion had pulled her tank top and sports bra over her outstretched arms. I spun her around, now nude before me and kissed her on the lips.

She stared at me, then down at her new predicament, then at me again. "That…how you can do that…is really hot." I lifted her up and carried her off into the bedroom. "Aahhh! She screamed as I suddenly tossed her onto the bed. Before she could recover, she found me on top of her, straddling her stomach and pinning her arms on either side of her head. I kissed her once more before quickly shedding my clothes as well.

"What, no rope, no contorting position? No two girl blowjob?" she mocked.

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I grabbed the back of her neck, pulling us close together. Before she could get another word out, our lips met, and my tongue forcefully passed between her lips. I ran it up and down the roof of her mouth, teasing an erogenous zone she probably didn't think I knew existed. "Jesus," she breathed as I pulled away for a moment. "No rope right now Babe. That'll come later…along with my blowjob." She giggled, "Yes sir." I rubbed my cock up and down the length of her pussy, eliciting a long low moan.

The more patient of the two of us, I kept teasing her, watching her lips part more and more, her back arch at greater and greater angles. She gripped my leg, "God, just fuck me already." I obliged, sliding it in, inch by inch until my full 6.5 impaled her, and stopped. I ran my fingers through her hair and kissed her again. "Missionary, are you feeling alright?" She teased again. "Tell you what," I returned, "you can spend the rest of the day hogtied, double stuffed and buried in Sarah's pussy…when you're not sucking me off that is.

Sound good?" She laughed again, the moaned as I slowly thrusted in and out. "No, I wanted to talk…so did you, don't lie, and I figured this would be a nice comfortable setting." "Oh god," she moaned as I continued slowly fucking her. "Plus like this, you know I'll give in to anything you want." "You'll do that anyway. Two weeks." "What?" she looked at me, pulled slightly out of her sex-induced stupor. "Marry me in two weeks. Sunday." "Jesus, you don't ask things, you demand them," she breathed.

"You're free to counter any time you want." "Now why would I do thaaaaattt!" While she was distracted, my fingers had slowly found their way to her clit. "Two weeks." I reminded her. She smiled up at me, as though the reality was just hitting her for the first time.

She'd been doing that a lot lately. "I love you," she said before pulling me close for a long passionate kiss. The rhythm of our love making matched the swirl of our tongues for several minutes as we hung together in that moment. "What's your dress look like?" She simply lay there for a few moments, biting her lower lip while I moved in and out of her. Finally, it seemed, she'd heard my question. "You…know…I…can't…tell…you…that," she managed to get out between breaths.

"How about your bridesmaid's dresses?" She looked me in the eye and grinned. "Slutty. You'll like them." I watched her breasts bounce as we both drew closer and closer. Her hands wound their way under the pillows to the headboard, giving the illusion of restraint. "God you're a good little submissive." She grinned, but her mouth quickly opened. "Oh god, oh god," she breathed. I felt her pussy start to tighten on my cock, and my own orgasm rise within me.

She tightened, I grew harder, both of us were moaning now. Finally, my resistance gave way as rope after rope shot into her pussy. The warmth and pulsating of my cock was all she needed as she started squeezing me, milking the cum out. We came together, each's orgasm elevating and prolonging the other. Every time her pussy contracted, it seemed my cock had another load of cum for her.

Finally, both exhausted, we collapsed on one another. My cock still twitched slightly, cum still oozing out. I kissed her cheek and lay there with her, on top of her, in her, next to her, relaxing for a while. * * * The next several days were a whirlwind of planning, inviting and ordering things.

Since it was to be a small ceremony, only about 30 invitations were sent. It was to be mostly family, and a few close friends. Sarah and Alyssa would be Ellie's two bridesmaids. Not one for tradition, I selected the person closest to me as my "best man." My sister. Neither set of parents were happy with that fact, but neither set played closely in our lives.

Hers weren't fond of her sudden change in lifestyle, major and location when she began dating me, and mine and I had spoken on a very limited basis since I opted to live near school and not return home. They would be in attendance, but would only do what they had to in the ceremony, nothing more. Between internships and jobs, Ellie and I had scrapped up a decent amount of money to get by on. Both of us would be graduating in a month.

I'd already lined up an engineering job, she was still looking. We were taking a week off classes for our honeymoon. Both of us had all but secured passing grades in the leftover classes we'd taken our senior year. "So, what's your wedding dress like?" I asked for the millionth time. "I told you," she said with a smile, "It's elegant…but delightfully slutty." "Where are we honeymooning?" She asked me for the billionth time.

"You'll love it. I pulled some strings with some people to get it." She'd planned most of the wedding, with minimal help from me, and I had, in return, taken over the entire honeymoon. We'd be gone nine days, two weekends endcapping a week of marital bliss.

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It wasn't all that difficult to set up, so I'd been able to keep her pretty in the dark. * * * The day had, at long last, arrived. We arrived separately at the hill. Two tents had been set up for each of us to prepare in. Even though we were hours early, most of the attendees had arrived.

There were the usual Hello's and tears exchanged with proud families. I took my time putting on my tux, knowing it would take her far longer to prepare than I. After several minutes, I straightened my jacket in the mirror and checked my watch.

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Between talking to my dad and sister, and procrastinating with a dozen other things I'd been able to stretch things out so that there was only a half hour left until we were scheduled to start. Five minutes later, the tent flap was peeled up and Sarah entered. It was all I could do not to stare. Ellie had picked out one hell of a bridesmaid's dress. It was bright crimson, with spaghetti straps.

Sarah's cleavage was so large it looked like it was in danger of falling out. The dress was barebacked, dangerously close to exposing the tall girls ass, with cutouts just above the hips.

I could only imagine what Ellie looked like.

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"She's ready to start now, if you are," Sarah informed us. I smiled. "Let's go." I walked down the aisle, smiling. Weddings are supposed to be for the girl, or so I'd heard, but imaging Ellie, I couldn't help but feel just as happy. I waited at the front for what seemed like hours before the music started to play. Everyone stood and turned as Ellie walked, accompanied by her father, and followed by Sarah and Alyssa. My jaw dropped in awe.

If Sarah was about to spill out, Ellie was positively defying the laws of physics. It would have taken an inordinate amount of willpower to raise my head those few inches to meet her gaze were her eyes not equally mesmerizing. Whether it was the rare makeup she wore, the dress, or simply the moment, they shone with something extra.

The fabric of her white dress was just barely see through. I could see the faint outline of her hard nipples through the bust.


It was just enough so I'd notice, and yet so slight that no one else would pay any attention. The dress fit her form perfectly, accentuating her curves and hips, somehow managing to be both flowing, and flattering to her gorgeous legs. She stood next to me, and her father took his seat.

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She grinned at Alyssa and Sarah and whispered in my ear. "I made them go naked under those." She grinned evilly at me. The preacher approached us and started in on the ceremony. We had it stripped down to the bare minimum, devoid of all the religious trappings and pointless traditions.

When it came time to read our vows, we turned to each other. She began, "You took life, and showed me, not only what mine was, but what it could be. In one moment, you lifted the blindfold I'd been wearing, and released the self-made shackles I'd worn." She leaned over and whispered mischievously in my ear, "and added some of your own." I look at her, an oxymoron of emotion, grinning, but tears running down her face.

I promise to, in being your faithful wife, repay all that you have given me…and face with excitement, all that we can create together." She was full on crying now, but her eyes remained fixed on mine with a fierceness I knew only I could inspire in her. I looked around at the crowd, the preacher, the bridesmaids, and the scenic view from atop the hill. Finally my gaze settled back on her. "I always hoped that one day I would find myself in this very spot, looking into those very eyes.

I think back to when we first started, what had to happen exactly as it did to bring us to this moment, well it just seems like fate. I think that's a testament to the strength of the bonds that tie our hearts together." She grinned at the mentioning of a few choice words.

"I promise those ties will not only strengthen, but grow more numerous. Whichever paths life has me wander, I promise to walk them with you." The look on her face told me all I needed to know about whether the words had their desired impact. Normally a model of stoicism, emotions were starting to run across my face as well. We turned to the preacher. " Do you…" I couldn't help but look at her as he rattled off a blur of words.

I became lost in the moment, what it signified, and everything that had led up to it. After several minutes, she turned to look at me. I smiled, slowly coming out of the moment.

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"I do." He turned to her, and the same words began to flow. This time we looked at each other. Seconds passed slower, and I thought he'd never reach the end, but finally only the wind made noise atop the head. Still dazed, she stood there for a moment, before giggling, realizing what she was doing. "I do," she said with a laugh and a wide smile. We slid the wings on each others hands.

"You may now kiss the bride." I tenderly brushed my hand across her cheek to the back of her neck, slowly pulling her closer.

We paused, an inch away from each other, before coming together in a fiery, passionate kiss that probably had parents covering their children's eyes. Sure enough, when we parted, most of the crowd stared up in shock.

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She laughed, then squealed as I picked her up and carried her down the hill to the waiting limo. We climbed in the back, sliding onto the bench seat. "You know where to take us," I told the tophat clad driver. "And you," I turned to Ellie, "are woefully overdressed." She looked nervously at the driver. The top hat rotated to reveal the tanned face and dark brown eyes of one Sarah. She smiled at Ellie. "Don't worry, he's all yours, I'm only taking you to the airport. Enjoy the honeymoon." Faster than I ever thought possible, Ellie peeled off her wedding dress and climbed into my arms nude.

She simply lay her head down on my shoulder as I held her. As they often do, pecks turned into fuller, deeper kisses, and my hands began to wander.

I cradled her in my lap with my left arm while the right slid down her stomach. One then two fingers slid quickly into her. She was dripping already at that point. I curled my fingers around to tease her g-spot while massing her clit with my thumb. Rhythmically, I brought her very close to orgasm in a hurry. The airport was only a twenty minute drive from the hill. "Uh, uh, uh," came several soft high pitched moans. It seemed Ellie had a different orgasm for each way she got off.

The subtle ministrations of fingers simultaneously tormenting her clit and g-spot brought about long, drawn out sessions, making her cum multiple times in creasing in intensity. The soft, almost cute grunts were the signs of the first.

I sped up, putting increasing pressure on both areas. My hand had begun to ache, but I ignored the pain. Her grunts had started to turn to screams. She gripped the handle above the door hard, writhing as I showed no signs of slowing. "Ahhh! Ahhh! Ohh Fuck!" She screamed. I heard a faint giggle from the front seat. Ellie's hips were thrusting hard into my fingers at this point while the sensations kept rising. She came a fourth time, panting.

I could tell she was gearing up one more. My hand moved furiously. Her eyes went wider and wider as she realized what was coming. "Oh God," it started as a whisper. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK!" The words blurred together, then lost all meaning and coherence as she simply screamed. Each contraction of her pussy brought a louder yell and more diverse stream of obscenities. A full minute after they'd started, she gave one last scream, tears streaming down her face, and collapsed into my arms.

I held her and kissed her once more, enjoying the dual sweetness and dirtiness of the moment.

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"We're here," Sarah called out. I helped a wobbly Ellie put on the shorts and spaghetti-string white tank top I'd brought for her. "You'll take care of the dress, right?" I asked putting it neatly on the seat. Sarah nodded. I grabbed both suitcases from the trunk while Ellie clung to me for balance and headed into the airport. Getting everything checked out and boarding the plane turned out to be far less of a hassle than I thought it'd be. In little over an hour and a half, we slumped into comfortable first class seats.

Ellie leaned over and curled up, placing her head on my lap. She giggled as her pillow grew significantly less comfortable. She rubbed it gently. "Take care of it later Babe, just rest for now." I wrapped my arm around her and started to doze off myself. The three hour flight would make a pleasant nap, and both of us had had an incredible, but emotionally exhausting day.