Horny teen Ariel Stonem gets her pussy plugged deep with a cock

Horny teen Ariel Stonem gets her pussy plugged deep with a cock
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You are walking on beach when you see me sitting by myself, looking sad and staring out at the water. You walk over by me and say hello. I look up and say hello back. You say that a beautiful lady should not be sitting by herself, looking sad and ask where my husband is at. I say that I have no husband and you ask why I have a ring on my finger. I say that I am alone and that my husband is back in the States. You ask if you can sit down, I say sure and we keep talking.

After while of talking I tell you that I came home from work earlier one day and find my husband fucking his ex-girlfriend in our bed. I start to cry and you ask if I am okay. I say that I am fine and continue saying that I watched them for a minute before saying anything. They both jump up and grab the blanket. I start to yell at my husband and ask him what the hell he is doing. He in reply says that he was getting action until I came home. He tells me that he is not sorry but that I should lie down so he can finish getting off.

I say that he can go fuck himself and walk off. The next thing I know, I am at the bank withdrawing all my money and end up here. As the sun begins to set, you ask if you can buy me dinner. I say that we just met and that I am not sure if I should.

You say that you would be the perfect gentlemen and that it would just be dinner and that we would be in public. You ask where I am staying and I say just down the beach at a resort. I give you the room number and you ask how long I will need to get ready. I say an hour and you say you will pick me up then. You knock on the door and when I open it, you just stare at me.

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You say that I look beautiful (I am wearing a nice black dress with small straps and black sandals). I tell you that you look nice as well (you are wearing a pair of nice black pants and a nice black dress shirt. You ask if I am ready to go and I say yes, let's go. You say that you want to take me to eat at a nice place so we get in your car and drive to a place called the Waterfront Caf?

You tell me to stay in the car so that you can open the door for me. Our booth is in the corner of the caf?hat looks out over the water. We order our food plus some wine and continue our talk from the beach.

I ask you why you don't have a girl-friend and you say that you had one but she cheated on you so you broke up with her. We are one in the same you say. Our food comes and we talk more while we eat. When we are finished, you ask if I would like to try some dessert and I say no thank you and that I am fine.

After a few minutes you ask if I am ready to go and I say yes. You pay for dinner and buy a bottle of wine, two paper cups and we leave. We get in the car and you say that you want to show me a little bit of the island. I say okay and that for some reason I feel safe around you.

You smile and say you are glad I feel safe with you. After driving for a bit and seeing the sites, you ask if I am ready to go home and I say yes but that I was wondering if you would like to walk on the beach with me, that we could sit and have some wine and watch the waves roll in. You say that you would like that so we head back to the beach where we met. When we get there, you park in front of the hotel and I go in and get a blanket for us to use while we are on the beach.

We walk a little further down the beach and when we find a spot, you take the blanket and lay it out for us to sit on. I hand you the bottle of wine you bought earlier so that you can open it then I had you the cups so you can pour us some.

By now, the sun had almost completely set and you could see most of the night stars, they were so bright that they lit up the beach. I lean back on my arms and say how beautiful it is. You look at me and say yes the night sky here is beautiful but that I am even more beautiful. Blushing, I smile and say thank you. As we are sitting there, we continue to talk, getting to know each other; you telling me of stories about the island and me telling you about where I grew up.

While you are talking, you notice that I sit up and look at you. You ask if I am alright and I say yes but that I was wondering why, after spending all day together, you have not tried to kiss me or anything. You say that you said earlier you would be a gentlemen and that is what you were doing. You ask me if that is what I want, for you to kiss me and I say that I must confess that I have been wondering for some time now what kissing you would be like; what your lips would feel like and taste like.

You move closer to me, taking my face in your hands and pulling me closer to you, you kiss me. Slow at first to make sure that it is what I want.

You break our kiss, move back and see that my eyes are closed.

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You ask me if I am sure that this is what I want and I say yes. You pull me closer to you and kiss me again, this time our lips stay together longer. The kiss becomes more passionate and you slide your tongue into my mouth. You wait to see if I pull away but I don't. You lay me slowly back on the blanket, never breaking our kiss. After a few seconds, you pull away and ask again if this is what I want. I say yes and pull you down towards me, so we can kiss again.

I pull your shirt up just a bit so that I can feel your skin. You ask me if I want you to take your shirt off and I say yes. After you do, I move my hands over chest and say how nice it feels.

You say thank you and kiss me again. After a few seconds, I move my lips to your ear and then slowly kiss my way down your neck, and then down your chest. You moan and say that it feels good.

I move back up and we kiss again. You move your hands to the straps of my dress and slowly slip them off my shoulders, never once breaking our kiss.

Once you have my breasts exposed, you move your lips down my neck, licking and kissing your way to my chest. Moving your hand up, you take my left breast in your hand, rubbing the nipple with your fingers. I let out a soft moan and you move your head down to take my right nipple into your mouth. From the moan you hear from my lips, you know that I am enjoying it. After my nipples become hard, you move back up to my lips and we kiss again but you leave your fingers rubbing my nipples. The kiss is more passionate this time.

You move your right hand from my breast and slide it down my leg to the bottom of my dress. Putting your hand on my thigh, you raise my dress as you trail up my legs.


When you reach my panties, you can feel how wet I am. You begin to rub me through my panties and I moan while we are kissing. As you continue to rub me, you can feel me getting wetter. I move my hands down your body until I reach the top of your pants.

As I feel for the zipper, I find something else instead, your very hard and throbbing dick. I stop kissing you for a second and you ask if I am alright. I say yes but that the size of you through your pants just caught me by surprise. I ask just how big you are and you say 9 or so.

You say that we can stop at anytime if that is what I want but if we continue that you will be very gentle with me. I don't say anything so you kiss me again. You slip your finger inside my panties, running it up and down my lips, hitting my clit as you do. I moan again and you rub your finger around my clit, making a circular motion.

After a few seconds, you slowly spread my lips and gently slide your finger inside of me. We don't stop kissing so you know that I am okay with this. As you begin to move your finger in and out of my wet pussy, you move your lips from mine and trail with your tongue down to my breasts; taking in one nipple and then the other.

I begin to move my hips and tell you how nice it feels. You say that you want to see my pussy so together we remove my panties. You are now in between my legs but you are sitting on your knees looking at me. I ask if you are okay and you say yes but that you want to know what I taste like. You then start to kiss your way up my thigh and when you get to my pussy, you part my lips and lightly run your tongue over my clit. I jump a little and moan.

You lightly run it over my clit again and again I jump and moan. One more light lick then you part my lips and stick your tongue inside me. I arch my back and moan loudly, not caring who hears me. You begin to fuck me with your tongue, every few minutes taking your tongue and running it over my swollen, throbbing clit. By now, my moaning is getting louder and louder making you lick my pussy faster and faster.

You glance up to see if you can see my face but you see me rubbing my nipples, pulling and twisting them.

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I beg you not to stop and say that I am getting close. You smile to yourself and continue to lick my pussy. As my body begins to tremble, you move your hand in between my thighs and start to finger fuck me while licking my pussy.

As my moans get louder, you take my clit into your mouth and the instant your tongue pushes on it, I grab your head and push it against my pussy. I start to grind my pussy against you, moaning so loud that I am surprised no one heard me.

After a few minutes, I moan that I can't take it anymore and start to cum. To both our surprise, I squirt in your mouth and down your chin.

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When I have finally stopped shaking, you move from in between my legs and sit up, asking if I am okay. I say yes so you lean over me and kiss me. After I finally gain control over myself, I break our kiss and say it is my turn to please you. Sitting up, I reach for your button and zipper, undoing both and pulling down your pants and your boxers.

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You sit down and finish taking them off. The whole time I am just staring at you, thinking to myself what a gorgeous body you have and that I cant believe I am about to enjoy every inch of what you have to offer, which kind of scares me as well. You notice me staring at you and ask what is wrong; I say nothing is wrong and that I am just enjoying the view.

I move up to kiss your lips and then start to make my way over to your ear, then your neck, then your chest and down your stomach until my chin hits your dick, which is still rock hard. I kiss the head of your dick, tasting a little bit of pre-cum and then kiss my way down it.

Instead of kissing my way back up it, I run my tongue back up to the head. You moan just a little and tell me that you want me to use just my mouth and not my hands. Thinking to myself that it might be a challenge to do that because of how big and thick you are, but also thinking that I was sure as hell gonna try my best.

Returning my focus back to your dick, I continue to kiss my way down and lick my way up. I do this for just a few more minutes before taking the head into my mouth. You say how warm my mouth is and good it feels. Little by little I take more and more into my mouth until I have all I can take into it in it (this leaves about an inch or two that I can't get in my mouth). Sliding my mouth back to the head, I swirl my tongue around the tip before taking it into mouth again.

Closing your eyes, you moan again. I repeat what I just did, moving back to the tip, swirl my tongue and take more into my mouth. I slowly to lick and suck on your dick, not moving very fast and having a hard time trying to keep my hands off of you.

I start to go just a bit faster, bringing my mouth all the way to the tip and going back down. I try to take more and more into my mouth so that I can have it but you are so big that it won't fit. While I am sucking on your hard dick, I can hear you moaning…which is in turn, making me horny again. Without warning, you put your hands on my head and start to thrust up, trying to cram it all in my mouth.

I gag just a little because of how big you are but don't stop sucking on it. You repeatedly fuck my mouth, the thrusts becoming faster and harder. I can tell you are getting close because of your breathing and I am anticipating the taste of your cum.

A few minutes later, I feel the first drop of cum in my mouth and before I know it, you are shooting stream after stream of your hot sticky sweet cum into my mouth. Without missing a drop, I swallow it all and then lick my lips when I'm done. I kiss the head of your dick and then flick my tongue over it, just to watch you squirm. You pull me up to you and kiss me, not caring that I just had what seemed like a pint of your sweet cum in my mouth.

I reach down and notice that you are still hard. You say that you want to feel my pussy, you want to know what it feels like wrapped around your hard dick. I tell you that you have to be gentle because of your size and you say that you will be.

You tell me to get on top so that I can control how much is going in or get off if it hurts too much. I say okay and then straddle myself over you. Taking your dick in my hand, I start to rub the head back and forth over my lips, lightly touching my clit. You call me a tease and say that you want to feel me on you. I say okay and put just the head inside of my pussy, noticing what a tight fit it seems to be.

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Slowly sliding down, I take a little at a time inside of me until I have almost all of it in. I don't move for a minute, trying to get use to your size when you ask me if I am okay. I say yes and start to move up and down on your dick. You ask if you should move or if I think you might hurt me and I say you can move but please just be careful.

Slowly you start to match my rhythm and soon we are moving as one and instead of pain I feel pleasure. I bend over to kiss you and instead my boobs land on your face. You move your mouth to my nipples and lick one then the other. I let out a small moan as you move from my nipples to my neck, kissing your way to my mouth. The kiss isn't soft and tender like they were in the beginning, this time it was harder, rougher.

This makes me move faster, taking more and more of your rock hard dick in my wet pussy, almost slamming myself down on it. After a few minutes of this, you stop moving and in one swift move, flip me on my back while still in between my legs.

You look at me and see lust in my eyes and then pulling all the way out, slam yourself into me. I scream out, not sure if it's because of the pain or the pleasure, but it doesn't matter because you pull out and slam into me again.

"oh God" are the next words out of my mouth before you slam into me once more. This time, you just lay there, not moving. I start to move under you, thrusting my hips up against you, grinding my pussy against you. You take this as a notion that I was enjoying what you were doing so without warning, you slam into me again. I scream again only this time, it's followed by "fuck me harder and faster" and "don't stop". Grabbing my legs, you put them over your shoulders and thrust deeper into me.

After a few seconds, I start to thrust against, making you go deeper and deeper until it feels like no more of you will fit. With each thrust, my moans get louder and louder and you whisper to me that someone is going to hear me and see us and that just makes me moan even louder.

You can feel my pussy tighten around your dick and you know that I am getting close to cumming again. As my orgasm gets closer and closer, my moans start to get to you and you can feel the head of your dick start to tingle. Asking me if I am ready to cum, all I can say is "oh God yes, fuck me…fuck me harder".

You say you are close to cumming and I say that I want you to cum in me, that "I want to feel your hot cum in my pussy" and then say I can't get pregnant. You are surprised but relieved. You feel my pussy start to milk your dick and know that I'm getting real close.

My moans are so loud that they are echoing into the night sky, giving away what we are doing. As I feel myself at the point of ecstasy, I feel your dick start to throb as you slam in and out of me and know that at any second you are going to cum too. I try to hold off so that we can cum together but hearing your moans get louder and deeper push me over the top and I cum before you, again squirting pussy juice all over you.

This triggers your orgasm and you bury your hard throbbing dick as deep as you can into my pussy and shoot all of your hot cum into me. When what seems like every drop is in me, you fall on top of me and we just lay there, our breathing fast.


After a few minutes, I start to move my hips against you and ask if I may have some more. I say that the feel of your dick still me is making me want you again and you say you are glad because you are still hard and want to fuck me some more.

You give me a long passionate kiss and then pull out. I ask what is wrong and you say nothing and that you just want to "sex" me from behind.

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I'm not to sure what to think at first but sensing my hesitation, you say that all will be fine. I tell you that I trust you and you smile saying good. Once I am on my knees in front of you, you grab my hips and pulling me back towards you, you shove your tongue deep in my pussy.

A shock runs through my body and I let out a little moan. You reach around and start to play with my clit as you shove your tongue in and out of my pussy. When I start to grind against you, you know that I am ready for more. Positioning yourself behind me, you place the head of your dick against my pussy lips. Slowly you push the head in and I thrust my hips back at you, taking you by surprise and making your dick go all the way in.

I tell you not to move and to let me fuck you and you say okay. I keep thrusting my hips back against you until you can't take it anymore, grabbing my hips, you push into me as I am thrusting back. Being in this position makes you go into me deep and I let out a loud moan.

While we are fucking like this, I feel a slight pressure between my "cheeks" and realize that you have your thumb there. I tense up a bit but you say that you aren't going to hurt me that you just make it more pleasurable. I say I trust you and you say good. With every thrust in, you push your thumb a little more into my ass.

Soon, you are moving your thumb in and out of my ass, matching our rhythm. After a few minutes, I feel you pull your thumb out and ask why, saying that I was enjoying it. You say that you wanted to use a longer finger and slowly start to put your middle finger in place of your thumb. Within a few minutes, our thrusting is back in pattern and taking advantage of my enjoyment, you slip another finger into my ass.

I feel a slight pressure but don't say anything. You think to yourself, if I can get one more finger in, you can slide your dick in my ass.

Taking your time with the third finger, you slow your thrusting and gently work it in. I say it hurts a little but that I'm okay. We start fucking faster and faster, but your fingers are gentle in my ass. You see my hand disappear and realize that its between my legs, playing with my clit. You lean over me and whispering in my ear, ask me if you are gentle if you can put your dick in my ass. Hesitantly I say yes but that you have to be very gentle because I have never had anything that big in there before.

You pull out of my hot wet pussy and gently remove your fingers from my ass. Placing the head of your dick against my slightly opened hole, you push the head in. I gasp a little but say that I am fine and to give me a sec. I feel you push a little more into me and then more until finally it is all in. I tell you not to move and to give me another second to get use to the whole thing. After a few seconds, you ask if I am ready and I say yes. Our rhythm is slow and gentle with you pulling your dick all the way out my ass and pushing all the way in.

Still going slowly, you reach around and begin playing with my nipples. In crossing, my hand brushes yours and you smile, knowing that I am gonna play with my pussy again.

I let out a moan and tell you that I want you to fuck me faster. You grab my hips and start moving faster and faster. I stop moving for a second and you ask if I am fine, which I say yes and tell you to keep fucking me.

You do and rather then meeting your thrusts, I start to thrust back against you, making you go deeper and deeper into my tight ass. Yes there is some pain but it feels so good. Reaching around, you move my hand and tell me to let your balls hit my clit. I do and with every thrust into my ass, your balls hit my clit just right, sending little shocks through my body.

You lean back over me and start to rub my nipples again.


With all the rubbing and thrusting going on, I tell you that I don't know how long I am gonna last. You say that aren't sure either and that my ass fits your dick like a glove, nice and tight.

We start to move faster and faster, your dick thrusting into my ass harder and deeper with every thrust. I start to moan louder and louder and tell you that I am getting close. I say that I want you to cum with me. You say that you are getting close and ask where I want you to cum.

Through my moans, I tell you that I want you to cum in my ass. I reach between my legs and start to rub my clit, within seconds my moans turns to screams and I tell you to fuck me faster and harder. After a few more thrusts, I cum hard and you feel it spray all over your balls and legs. You feel my ass pulsating and as it grips your dick, you say that you are gonna fill my ass up with your hot cum.

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You start thrusting into me like a mad man and just as you shoot your cum into my ass, I cum again, spraying it all over your legs and balls again. We both collapse onto the blanket, you on top of me and just lay there.

You ask if I am okay and say that I am fine and that I want to go swimming. We get into the water and wade out until it is up to our chests. You pull me closer to you, giving me a long sensual kiss. I wrap my legs around your waist and feel that your dick is hard again. I reach between us and slide your dick back into my pussy.

I say that I want to make passionate love to me in the water and you do. We finally make it back to my hotel room just as the sun comes up and everyday until I am SUPPOSE to leave, we make love and fuck like crazy. I never did leave.