I want to rub my rainbow socks on your hard cock JOI

I want to rub my rainbow socks on your hard cock JOI
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I had inherited a steel guitar on my sixth birthday that had belonged to my late uncle. I also inherited my family's musical genes. By the time I was fourteen I had been invited to pick on stage with a local band. Millie liked to come out to hear me pick. She would get a kick out of openly flirting with me and pulliing pranks while I was on stage. Once Millie took my steel bar ( from which the steel guitar gets its name)and inserted it into her pussy and handed it back to me. Sandy the singer with the band was so shocked at what Millie did that she said, "oh my god, Bill did you see that?

oh my god that was disgusting". Of course Bill the bandleader hadn't seen it, he was too busy setting up. There was also a group of virginal teeny bopper girls who followed the band.

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Millie told me one night that I could fuck any one of tham I wanted to. She said it was because they were competing with one another over who would be the first among them to have a mutual cherry popping session with me. Not that I was a sex symbol or something, it was because I was a musician.

" apparently they think you're a virgin like them, ha if they only knew", Millie said laughingly. One night I was talking with the girls at the back door of a club when Millie pulled up in her red convertable with the top down.

Millie had a sly grin on her face as she motioned for me to get in. She pulled around to the other corner of the building into some trees where we were completely hidden from view. She threw the car into park and slid across the seat and was unbuckling my pants before the car stopped rocking. Millie immidiately started to give me one of her intense sloppy and loud blow jobs she gave me when she wanted to get me off quickly. As soon as Millie sensed that I was close she stopped and got up.

Millie had already taken her panties off before picking me up. She quickly pulled her dress over her head and jerked her bra up over her tits and was straddling my hard pulsating cock almost in one continuous motion.


She started to hump and gyrate in time with her trademark whimpers and the radio. Millie was moving like an out of control locomotive. I sucked her big tits and fingered her mountainous clit at the same time. Millie started to cum about two strokes behind me with a loud whimper followed by a gasp that could be heard a mile away. As soon as she came Millie climbed off and was bent down cleaning me up with her mouth. She finished and had her bra pulled back down and her dress back on and the car in motion by the time I had my pants back on and my shirt tucked back in.

"Wow, less than fourteen minutes; that's a record for us kiddo". Millie said as I walked back into the club. I walked back onto the stage just as the other band members were making their way back. Bill, the band leader said as he was walking up,"hey looky here, the kid's kinda flushed looking. You reckon he mighta got him some?" Sam the drummer answered "Ah hell no, he just got sunburnt thats all". Bill asked "Well hell, how's that possible, it's darker than Aunt Maudies outhouse out there tonight?" Sam shot back with " Why that's simple, the pussies on those horny little fillies he's a sniffin' around are so hot for him that they glow like the sun.

And all this kid's gotta do is just get close to them and he gets sunburnt". They all laughed. The whole time this verbal assault on me and horny young virginal girls was taking place Millie was standing in front of the stage grinning like a Cheshire cat. Oh yeah that was my cum Millie was licking out of the corner of her mouth. And that gob of cum running down the inside of her knee in that river of pussy juice was mine too. The back of Millie's property ended at an ally.

Across the ally was an apartment house. The same one Sis had lived in when she and I fooled around. Millie met a lady who lived in that building. Her name was Jackie. I met Jackie one Wednesday when I brought Millie's paper. Jackie was short, around five foot three or so. She was a little plump but not fat by any stretch of the imagination. Jackie had nice round tits that bounced when she walked. A narrow waist and big soft hips. The most notable thing about Jackie was her mound.

It was soft and fluffy and stood out noticably from between her legs. The seam of her shorts was buried deep between her puffy pussy lips. I thought that Jackie had one of those bodies that was made for sex, comfortable sex.

Her oval face and her eyes told me that Jackie was part Asian. Millie and I had planned for weeks to celebrate our first year of uninhibited sex with a trip to the beach. It was also Millie's birthday that weekend. On the Wednesday before our trip I asked Millie to stand naked in front of me. She thought that I was comparing her to Jackie. In a way I was, but not in the way she thought. "I'm comparing you to the Millie I first saw naked a year ago. I see now that you are more shapelier than you were back then.

Your tits are more firm and you have a much more stunning body now. It must be all the exercise you are getting, horizontal exercise that is. And you may be Cajun, but you're more Irish than you are Cajun. That bright red hair that hangs down almost to the crack of your ass, and emerald green eyes are proof enough of that.

And that red bush between your legs with a line of darker red hair surrounding your pussy is almost as if an artist painted it. It seems as if it is calling attention to that gigantic clit of yours. Ah Millie you are more lovely today than you were on that day I first saw you naked. First tasted you. First smelled the scent of your womanhood. First gave you my virginity". Millie walked over to me and stood in front of me close enough for me to suck her clit.

I pinched and tugged her nipples as I sucked her to an orgasm. I had Millie lay across her bed as I continued to lick her clit. I then started to do something I had not done before.

Instead of sucking I wrapped my lips around her huge clit and jacked her off with my lips. I used my thumbs to rub her vulva. When I started to fuck her with my fingers she went off like a pop-off valve on a hot water heater. Once in a while when Millie would cum she could squirt for an incredible distance.

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This time she squirted past me onto the window. After her orgasm subsided Millie looked at her window and started to giggle, then broke into hysterical laughter.

I was puzzled at her laughter until Millie said,"I wonder what that old dried up prune of a spinster next door thinks that is? She's always telling me that I'm pretty and young enough to get any man I want and asks why I allow you to hang around. The old biddy keeps the slicked up end of an old broom handle by her bed. Do you think she will figure out what that goo is running down my window, and why I allow you to hang around?" We both laughed until we cried.

We had lost track of time and were still fucking with her on top when my grandmother called. Millie never missed a stroke while talking to her. Millie let out a loud gasp as she came. "Oh my, that was close, I thought that I was going to cum with your grandmother on the phone. She would have known exactly what it was. A woman knows these things", Millie said as she got up. The plan was for me to ride along to D. C. with Millie when she went to work on Friday and to hang out at the Smithsonian until she got off work.

This saved almost four hours of driving for her by being able to head straight to the beach from Washington. My grandmother still had no idea what Millie and I were doing.

So Millie reserved two adjoining rooms at the motel so my grandmother would not get suspicious. On the trip down to D. C. in the morning Millie told me that she had a surprise for me.

"We have experienced a lot of firsts together you and I. Now we're going to experience something new, something that neither of us have ever experienced in our lives on our first anniversary of incredible sex". I racked my brain all day about what that could be. I was waiting by Millie's car when she came out of her office building.

We were off to the beach. We arrived at our motel a few hours later. As soon as we were in the rooms we opened the adjoining doors.

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We had planned to sleep in Millie's bed but also play around in mine as well. This way both beds were used and not drawing any attention to what we were doing. I was still a minor after all. Millie walked next door to a pizza shop to get us something to eat while I took a quick shower. Normally I would walk around Millie's house naked when we were alone but here Millie wanted me to keep my swim trunks on except when we were in bed in case anyone came to the door.

Millie came back with the pizza and soft drinks just as I walked into her room with my new red trunks on. Millie walked over into my room and closed the door and turned the light off for a few seconds. She came out smiling and said. " Tommy this will be perfect, the lights from the parking lot lights up the room enough for us to see when we start playing. I checked the windows when I brought the pizza back and I don't trust having the lights on when we are having fun in bed, I could see shadows through the curtons".

This surprise Millie had planned for us must really be something I thought for she had never been this worried about stuff like this before. After we finished eating Millie took her nightgown and robe out of her suit case and laid it across the chair in my room.

Then she went back into her room and turned her bathroom light on and the rest of the lights in her room off. Millie fondled my cock through my trunks and told me to get undressed and to get into my bed and wait for her.

With the door between our rooms open I could easily hear the water in Millie's shower running. My cock was already hard with anticipation wondering what her surprise would be. When the water stopped I grew antsy. A few minutes later Millie walked in naked. I was laying in the middle of the bed when Millie sat between my legs on her knees and looked down at me with a smile on her face. Millie started to twirl her head causing her long red hair to rotate around her head.

Then she jerked her head forward. Millie's soft red hair landed on and around my cock. Millie then rocked back and forth from side to side across me; her hair causing an incredible feeling in my throbbing cock as it brushed across me.

My cock was as hard as it had ever been and I was enjoying this new stimulation. Millie, ever so slowly lowered her head on each pass. By the time her mouth was at my cock I was in another world. Millie slowly took her tongue and traced around the head. Then down my shaft to my balls teasing them with her tongue. Millie took each of my nuts into her mouth and gently sucked them, then she moved back up my cock to that spot on the underside of the head that sent me into orbit.

When Millie finally took my cock into her mouth I was so close to cumming I was crazy. I started to fuck her mouth like I was never going to fuck again.

I was groaning and working my cock into Millie's mouth like a pile driver when I started to cum. Millie jerked back and pushed my cock away from her causing me to cum all over my belly. Millie got up and went into my bathroom and brought a washcloth back and cleaned me up. I was a little confused as to why Millie backed off me when I came, she had never done that before. Millie tossed the washcloth into my bathroom and reached out to me. I got up and hand in hand we walked into Millie's room.

There seemed to be a little more light shining into her room than was mine. Millie was in front of me when we entered her room. When Millie stepped aside I could see someone on her bed. As I looked closer I could see that it was Jackie, naked. "Wha." I gasped as I focused. Millie put her finger to my lips saying,"This is the surprise I was telling you about.

I remember that, I WANT TO TRY THAT, look on your face when Bill was talking about a threesome with two women who messed around with one another as well as him". Jackie patted the bed beside her as Millie led me to her bed. As I was setting down Jackie gave my cock a quick kiss. Jackie pulled me to her as I lay down. She ran her tongue around my cheek and kissed me on the lips as she held my head in her hands.

Jackie then leaned over and whispered seductively into my ear, " now you just lay here and watch for a while. When its time for you to join we'll let you know. But for now its just gonna be Millie and I.OK?" I nodded as Jackie turned to Millie who was laying next to her on the other side. Jackie slowly kissed Millie's lips and around her face to her neck. Then she nibbled around Millie's neck and ears while at the same time exploring Millie's body with her finger tips.

Jackie rubbed her fingers back and forth over Millie's nipples causing them to stand erect and so hard they seemed as though they would burst through the skin.


As Jackie's hand ventured lower on Millie's body Millie shuddered with excitement. Millie began her trademark whimpers as Jackie's palm brushed lightly over Millie's red fur covered mound. Millie was so aroused that even her mound quivered under Jackie's feather light touch. Jackie moved her extended tongue to Millie's nipples, teasing them, prodding them and then sucking Millie's entire nipple into her small mouth, areole and all.

The slurping sound of Jackie sucking Millie's large tits was nearly inaudible as Millie became more and more vocal with her whimpers and moans. A large wet spot was already forming on the bedsheets as Millie's dam was turning loose. Jackie slowly moved her talented fingertips to Millie's inner thigh. The whispery touch of Jackie's fingers was so light it was almost a tickle. Millie's whole body was in motion as she succumbed to Jackie's expert foreplay.

Jackie was devouring Millie's breasts. Millie winked at me as she opened her legs wider. I wasn't sure if this was an invitation or not so I slowly started to get off the bed, but Millie waved her forefinger indicating that it was not yet time for me. Then Millie tapped her clit with one hand and pointed to her eyes with the other.

I got the point. I took a chair from the table and sat it at Millie's side of the bed so I could watch Millie's pussy as she was becoming uncontrolably aroused. I have had my tongue in that pussy and on her huge clit but watching her clit throb with each contraction of her vagina was one of the most erotic scenes I have ever seen, before or since. Jackie stopped sucking Millie's tit long enough to see why I was moving off the bed.

She saw what I was doing and winked as she smiled and went back to Millie's breast. With each vaginal contraction Millie's clit throbbed, and her volcanic twat pushed out more hot pussy lava. Jackie must have spent fifteen minutes on Millie's tits. By the time Jackie started to trail her tongue down Millie's body Millie was ready to cum. And as soon as Jackie's fingertips began to massage Millie's bright red Gibraltar of a clit, cum she did.

Millie sent a huge sqirt of pussy juice flying over my head, and continued to spurt for several minutes with a contnuous moan that was as loud as I have ever heard her. Jackie was working on her own pussy with the fingers of her other hand at the same time. The short cropped jet black hair around Jackie's pussy was drenched with her nectar as she fingered herself to an orgasm.

After only about a minute of watching Millie's pussy twitch and convulse I started to jack off, cumming just seconds behind Jackie. The two women collapsed into an entangled embrace and me across the foot of the bed staring at two glistening pussies.

Within seconds Millie followed Jackie's lead as they turned themselves into a sixty nine. Jackie's tongue slowly fucked Millie's tight pussy as she gently rubbed her huge erect clit with the palm of her hand.

Millie followed suit, mimicking Jackie's every move. The race was on; the race to see who would cum first. My money was on Millie.

The two women were bouncing, humping and rolling their pussies into one another like two animals. Each trying to get the better position on the other's pussy. Licking, sucking and gurgling on each others pussies as both of their flood gates opened. Millie's long red hair was matted at her forehead with Jackie's sweet syrup.

Jackie's face and most of her head was covered in Millie's always overflowing pussy juice. They were like two children tasting candy for the first time, completely immersing themselves into one anothers womanhood. Jackie was not prepared for the amount of fluid that was about to drench her when Millie started to cum. She nearly gagged from the onslaught of Millie's cum blasting into her face like an open fire hydrant.

Jackie quivered all over as she let loose with her own drowning orgasm at the same time; it was a tie. Nearly half of the bed was wet in the aftermath of the two women's screaming, quaking, squirting explosion of womanly orgasms that lasted for a full four or five minutes before they collapsed into moaning heap wrapped in mutual pleasure.

Millie asked me to get us all a soft drink from the fridge.

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When I returned with the drinks they were propped up against the headboard. I sat down on the bed facing them, and as I did Millie opened her legs as I scooted close enough to rub her pussy with my heel. Jackie looked down at my heel massaging Millie's pussy then at me and back at Millie saying, "One hell of a talented kid you've got here", as she scooted down enough for her to reach my other foot with her pussy. I rubbed the two pussies with my heels as we finished our drinks.

Jackie then slid down on the bed and invited me to eat her pussy saying, "Now let's see if you can lick pussy as good as Millie says you can". Millie slid down beside Jackie and started to kiss and suck the hard nipples on Jackie's soft round globes. I started to lick Jackie's inner thigh and down her leg. I took my time as I worked my way back up her leg getting closer to the slightly darker skin between Jackie's legs and around her pussy.

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I traced across the open pussy and erect clit quickly, teasingly to her other leg. Then as I moved back toward Jackies weeping pussy I began to rub her mound at the edge of her hairline.

As I stroked her mound up and down I added a little pressure with the heel of my hand causing the lips of her pussy to gently rub her clit. Jackie was fingering Millie as I was working my way to her pussy. Jackie was starting to moan and Millie whimpered as she passionately sucked Jackie's tits. Jackie had pale skin which made the bright reddish pink of her pussy stand out even more. I could feel the heat emanating from Jackie's boiling pussy. I traced my tongue along the crease between Jackie's vulva and leg, it was incredibly hot on my tongue.

I encircled her pussy and when I made my way back to her vagina I inserted my tongue into her waiting inferno. Jackie was matching me stroke for stroke as I tongue fucked her. I moved my hand down so I could rub Jackie's clit which was like a glowing ember under my thumb. We fucked like this until Jackie came with a burst of juice. Before she could recover I landed upon her clit, sucking, swirling my tongue around her burning coal.

Jackie's clit was longer than Millie's, and narrowed into almost a point at the end. When erect it looked like the head of a spear sticking out from under it's hood. Then I started to flick my tongue back and forth across her clit. It became even hotter as I once again started to suck on it.

I inserted two fingers into her and started to finger fuck her, slowly at first. then increasing speed until I was fucking her with a jackhammer of flesh and bone. Jackie was flowing like a river and as I sucked up her juices with a loud slurp, spreading her pussy with my thumbs she screamed. Along with her scream came a flood as Jackie's entire body quivered as her orgasm raced through her.

I sucked her clit, a little harder as Jackie groaned, gasped and screamed through multiple orgasms. Jackie was quivering, her pussy spasms made a squishing sound and pushed out a flood of womanly ejaculate with each contraction. Millie had by this time moved down so she could suck my cock back hard again.

I was ready to fuck. Millie had me hard as steel and Jackie was wet and waiting. Jackie watched as Millie guided my cock into her still quivering pussy. We had rolled Jackie to her side facing Millie. Millie had her face in front of Jackie's pussy as I was holding Jackie's one leg up along my chest and her other leg was stretched out straight on the bed with me straddling it.

With each stroke my balls slid across her inner thigh next to her burning cauldron of pleasure. Millie's head was in a position where she could lick my cock and turn to Jackie's clit without getting in the way of our fucking.

My two middle fingers were buried deep into Millie's pussy and my thumb massaging her ingorged clit as I fucked Jackie. Within a very few minutes Jackie started cumming again. Her vice-like pussy clamped around my exploding cock. Millie pulled my cock out of Jackie and lapped at her pussy like a dog as my cum spurted onto Jackie's quivering pussy and her soft puffy mound.

I could feel Millies pussy locking tightly onto my fingers as she came as well.

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Jackie was moaning softly as Millie cleaned her pussy. Then Millie moved up to Jackie's face and cleaned her own cum off of Jackie.

Jackie returned the favor. All three of us got into the tub and washed each other before we went to bed in my room. Millie's bed was far too wet. We played around the beach all day Saturday and back to Millie's bed before dark. We ate crabs on the boardwalk before going back to the room, and each other after getting back. This time when Millie and Jackie fucked one another pussy to pussy with Jackie on top I stood along side of the bed between their legs that were hanging over the edge and fucked them both intermittently.

Then I fucked Millie while Jackie sat on her face. What a fucking weekend. Millie had started to date again shortly after that weekend and married again six months later. But she made time for me, and Jackie.

Sometimes both of us together, or just one at a time. As I said before Millie and I continued to fuck on a regular bases until I was 18, and at least once or twice a year until she moved away for a few years. I was the only male that Jackie would have sex with after that weekend. We had several threesomes with some of her women but it was never like the one with she, Millie and I.

I maintained the musicians lifestyle and eventually popped all six of those teeny boppers cherries, none of which had a clue about how to please a man. I was spoiled. I had a full sex life but nothing spectacular until my high school home room teacher.

That will be my next story.