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Raven Riley  Liz Vicious and Brandi Love
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Ashley And Sarah are like any other twin sisters that have a normal life but inside Sarah head she likes dominate other girls and Ashley the Submissive They are both 5'5 Ashley is 36 C Sarah has 34 C breast size slim figure both dirty blond Ashley has hazel eyes Sarah has light blue eyes One day Ashley comes home from school and Sarah is on the couch watching and t.v and then Ashley goes into her room to change out of her School outfit and joins Sarah on the couch wearing short shorts and tank top and Sarah wearing her jeans and Tank top.

While they watch t.v Sarah pulls out and a folder and hands it to Ashley.

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"Here you go you might need to look at these Ashley."Ashley looks at them and her mind starts racing "Where you get these from?" She asked calmly. "I won't show mom or dad you had these huge fines from speeding unless you do as i tell you to do" Sarah goes into to the basement "Ashley Get down here now!" she demands from Ashley but Ashley follows here sister down to the basement where there a tons of torture devices said get all nervous "What you going to do to me I'm your sister I don't want anything bad to happen" Sarah comes out of the darkness wearing her Red Latex suit and she pushes Ashley into the wall where handcuffs are dangling from the ceiling and she hand cuffs her into place.

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"Now my little trouble maker what should I do to you" She goes into a closet full of :Whips, strap on, Anal plugs, and Nipple clamps. Sarah starts cutting way at Ashley Clothes and shredding them in-front of her, and putting a set of nipple clamps on Ashley nipples just tight enough they start turning purple.

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Sarah whips Ashley with her barb whip just enough that it take some skin away Sarah voice starts getting angry at Ashley "ya you like this bitch you like getting whipped" harder and harder Sarah whips Ashley starts to cry begging for mercy and Sarah changes whips for her metal spank paddle and undo Ashley hand cuffs and drags her to the spanking bench and Sarah Spanks her right in her sweet spot and Ashley starts crying softly "No more Sarah Im sorry I won't speed again" sarah like "Bullshit!" she spanks her harder till her ass turns dark red.

after the spanking fest Sarah starts rubbing Ashley pussy and it just soaking wet "Ooo my sister pussy just soaking I think i got a cure for that" Ashley has a hard time sitting down on cold chair but then Ashley spread her leg and she start rubbing her pussy Sarah see this and goes "WHAT YOU DOING your not allowed to rubb your pussy" In her angry voice so Sarah blind folds Ashley "There now you can see what im going to do to you" Sarah Guides Ashley to the bed that down there and she hand cuff her hand and legs wide open "There now you can't go anywhere " Ashley tries to move but she can't and she feels a something huge inside her pussy "Sarah what is that inside my pussy it feels soo big!" Sarah shoves it deeper and Ashley starts scream "IT soo big It hurts" while sarah keeps going and it touching up on Ashley cervix "Oooo It all the way in" Ashley shaking hard "please take it out it hurting me" Sarah like "Ready for the real fun" The dildo starts twisting slowly and Ashley starts hearing a grinding sound "Sarah What you doing OO FUCKK that feels soo good fuck me with your new toy " sarah speeds it up slowly "Oooo you like that don't you" Ashley start screaming at top of her lungs loudly "Don't stop harder HARDER" Sarah turns it on full blast and starts moving it in and out while Ashley starts cumming hard "Fuckkk Im going to cumm hard Sarah keep going " Ashley body starts shaking out of control and she squirts all over Sarah and passes out "Ooo Good girl!" Ashley laying there all passed out while her legs are wide open Sarah comes over and starts licking her pussy trying to wake up Ashley with her tongue licking her clit hard and Ashley wakes up jolts up shaking "O my god Sarah what was that my pussy feels soo warm and we" Sarah starts sucking her pussy and leans over and gives Her a long kiss and takes off her Blind fold and shows her the dildo she used "Hey what i used inside you " Starts spinning it and Ashley eyes widen "That was inside me no wonder it was amazing" Sarah undo the hand cuffs and tosses Ashley new clothes "Mom and Dad want you for something and no I didn't tell them about your issues with speeding tickets" Ashley gets dressed slowly as she tries to walk to walk but can't she has to crawl up the stairs and she shaking and tell our parents "can it wait I need to take a shower okay" Our parents go "okay we be waiting for you " Ashley and Sarah go up the bathroom strips naked Sarah gets naked and turns on the hot water while Ashley slowly to undress cause of her pussy that so red and puffy.

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"You okay Ashley " Sarah said in a soft tone voice. "Ya i just feel soo amazing right now but I'm good and feel stretched out " They take a long hot shower together and they get dressed and goes into her bedroom after she tells our parents in the morning okay gives them a nice kiss good night

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